The REAL REASON the Left has pivoted from their FAILED insurrection (Trump BEAT their long planned attack on America in THREE DAYS) to #DefundThePolice is the same reason they began THE CARAVANS on the US Border in 2018-2019.
To overwhelm & collapse their Target.
Heard anything in the News lately regarding the Border?
No, right?
That's because President Trump won THE BORDER WAR.
I live in South Texas.
When President Trump deployed the US Military to bolster CBP & ICE everything was restructured TO BE EFFECTIVE.
No old "College Try"
Powerful Truck mounted Cameras were deployed that can see for miles in all weather & at night.
Drones were used to cover hillsides & Valleys the cameras couldn't see though.
Dogs & roving patrols circled in the gaps between perimeters.
Detentions skyrocketed.
What the (International) Left was doing I called the PATTERING RAIN Strategy. 100's of Groups of Coyotes & Illegals crossing over every week into TX, CA, NM & AZ.
This is textbook Cloward & Piven.
To bring enough moochers over to collapse Social Services & Welfare.
The cumulative effect of these #'s was staggering. Especially in California which is an indicator of what the Left wants for all Americans.
If you're familiar with either Thomas Wictor's threads or those of his #1 Fan @Cosweda the state of California is dire & growing worse.
But the unleashed CBP&ICE, with Military back up was EFFECTIVELY interdicting the "Pattering Rain" of Illegals.
The (International) Left switched strategies from the Pattering Rain to THE FLOOD.
Caravans of TENS OF THOUSANDS were ***funded & formed*** to batter the US Border
These Caravans were funded by "Catholic Charities" & International Aid Org. that are actually nothing more than Marxist Fronts.
The Left, FURIOUS their efforts were being thwarted said
"OK, interdict THIS!!!" & unleashed THE FLOOD.
For a time the Border was overwhelmed.
For months as the situation worsened Schumer & Pelosi mocked "racist" Trump for talking about a "Border Crisis"
inferring that there was NO SUCH THING.
Then, when it became too great to ignore they EFFORTLESSLY pivoted to blaming him for it.
After almost 6 months of struggling with the Caravans & overwhelmed Staff & facilities President Trump's strategy paid off.
MEXICO began halting & turning the Caravans back.
The Cameras, Drones, Patrols & Dogs as well as THE WALL
also stemmed THE FLOOD.
President Trump won.
SO THE MSM DROPPED THE STORY since it would no longer hurt the Trump.
Why am I revisiting a past TRUMP VICTORY almost no one realizes?
Because it's happening AGAIN in a FAR more insidious manner.
#DefundThePolice is the SAME STRATEGY brought to you by #MarxistSWINE!
Now the YUGE MOBS they ginned up are milling about, chanting & yelling at cops but the
Arson & Looting stopped almost overnight.
Yes there are instances of arson & looting now but they are infrequent & isolated.
Nothing like May 27th, 28th or the 29th.
So now we get the NEXT PHASE=an escalation/response to America defeating their GLORIOUS REVOLUTION!
What Defund the Police actually is is another attempt to OVERWHELM Federal Law Enforcement.
Trump/Barr activated over 1,000 Federal Swat/Tactical Teams in lieu of the Army.
These Teams, instead of the TANKS & MACHINE GUNS the Left expected, are restoring order.
So the (International) Left now has ALL the Governors & Mayors of Blue States & Cities STAND THEIR POLICE DOWN, defund them or "finesse" them into quitting.
Do you see it yet?
The Federal Teams & Agents will now be FORCED to remain IN SITU to maintain the Peace the Left is now determined to wreck.
For weeks or months, maybe years.
These Teams are from all over the Nation. There will be fatigue & attrition.
So the Left is piling on.
Ok, Police THIS!"
The goal is to overwhelm the Federal Teams.
As the ACTUAL local Police are defunded, quit or twiddle their thumbs.
All of it, to defeat Trump in November & if he's reelected?
To make Blue Cities UNGOVERNABLE.
Like NYC under Mayor Dinkins.
"No one can govern NYC!"
@RudyGiuliani proved them wrong & for that, they'll never forgive him.
That's ok, Rudy's busy exposing their ACTUAL Ukrainian corruption.
But the fact remains, The DNC is now determined to WRECK their own Police & allowing Rioters & Looters to run amok.
Until you submit.
From Pattering Rain, to FLOOD.
From organized insurrection to CONTROLLED CHAOS
their intentions have never wavered.
As long as America is a Constitutional Republic grounded in
So President Trump is going to render them POWERLESS.
After he's reelected in a TRUMPSLIDE there will be a brief & UGLY spate of violence.
The Beast, you see, must ensure you never ever EVER enjoy the fruits of American Liberty, Prosperity or Stability.
As long as they are denied power you cannot be ALLOWED to #SHINE.
What President Trump has been incrementally doing since he took Office is carefully, STEALTHILY yet relentlessly removing their ability to impact your life.
They have sent three "EVENTS" at Him (& US!) to stop it.
Each "Wave" has failed.
You are witnessing the (International) Left's LAST HURRAH on US Soil.
All their (demonic) Influence.
Their $$$.
Their Bought or Compromised Politicians.
Now entire City populations are being HELD HOSTAGE by their insane determination to "get Trump"
SOMETHING is about to SLIP.
When it does the DYNAMIC of everything unfolding will change.
President Trump isn't playing with the lives of the American People, the Left is.
They were warned to STOP.
They haven't.
All WILL be well.
The #Reckoning is nigh.
People in Deep Blue Cities have forgotten #2A & declared #1A hate speech.
They elect Democrats over & over regardless of the results.
So now the CONSEQUENCES will be seen, heard & SMELT as a vile & despicable Foreign Influence, MARXISM is rooted out the STENCH will sicken them
This was all preordained the day Trump won the Presidency.
These WAVES of Chaos were anticipated (not the exact form, of course)
President Trump & the Nation will come back stronger than ever.
It doesn't FEEL like it now, as the MSM spit venom & hate 24/7.
Stop listening.
President Donald John Trump is a once in a MILLENNIA Figure.
We have lucked out beyond all imagining & prayers are being answered.
The Wicked, Insane & Despicable will still be here,
Their ABILITY to impact your life will be utterly WRECKED!
(even in Blue Cities!)
THIS new development falls right in line with Blue Cities "finessing" Cops into quitting.
Brooks was a VIOLENT ASSHOLE who fired a Taser point blank into that Officer's Face.

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