Meatpacking workers are mostly immigrants & instead of protecting them, regulatory agencies *weakened* safety during pandemic to keep the plants open. These unsafe plants then spread the virus into rural areas.
More than 35% of federal inmates tested for coronavirus were positive, according to data from The Bureau of Prisons.

As Dostoevsky said: 'The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.'
Staggering layoffs and the complete and total failure of state's unemployment system:

This is Kentucky. Ppl have had to wait in line for days to get help for claims they had filed in March & April.
Economic meltdown was entirely preventable with income-support that most rich countries rolled out. Millions of Americans have no food in the pantry to feed their kids. No money for rent. Can't pay their mortgage, student debt, or medical bills...
Instead, US threw the most vulnerable people to the wolves. Food banks, senior centers, health facilities, childcare programs still haven't received bulk of relief funds.

$850 million for food banks, but less than $300 million has been sent out so far.
The scandal of preventable socio-economic collapse made lockdowns unbearable. It means anger at recession, racial injustice, & elite betrayal is only going to surge going into elections as federal support payments dry up & savings run out. Thread ⬇️
24/"Reopening" debate:

By April even thru economic pain & inept relief, 68% of Americans (~45% of Republicans) prioritized health. Conservative networks (Mercer etc) within GOP manufactured protests and ended restrictions by May.
"They were pressed up against the glass.They were furious & also afraid. You could see the fear in their eyes. They don't know what has happened to them. And they are looking to their political authority for some kind of relief & they are singularly unable to provide it" @MkBlyth
Fiscal Austerity State budgets:

"We tasked states with fighting this terrible problem: their budgets are collapsing because they live & die by tax revenues...they are trying to fight a pandemic & they are laying off public workers"
@ProfNordlund @Mkblyth
This scientifically informed NYT piece connects all the blunders. How different would things be now if 'Cordon Sanitaire' epidemic control strategy in Xi's world-historical 3rd Feb speech was acted upon in Europe & US? #viraltime
Excellent piece by @edyong209 on US' scandalous handling of coronavirus. An autopsy of what went wrong - "every unattended weakness and unheeded warning". Decades of neglect created a brittle system in danger of collapse that no amount of dollars could fix
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