Maldek was once a planet in our solar system, when war broke out, maldek was destroyed.
The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the remnants of the planet.

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The existence of a planet between Mars and Jupiter is predicted by Johann Titus and based on numerical distances
It was studied among the planets at the time.
Astronomers began searching for the missing planet and found an asteroid belt instead.
About 95% of the thousands of asteroids or small planets that have been discovered in our solar system since then are part of this main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

George Hunt Williamson in his book flying saucer give named Maldek to planet 5,
Here I use a theory that is a summary of a speech given by Fred Brown, of Natal College of Education in Durban, South Africa, about the "origin of Pluto."

"Between Mars and Jupiter, there are more than 2,000 asteroid belts, ranging from small pebbles to massive rock masses
of about 500 miles. Most astronomers believe they are the remnants of a planet that once existed there," he said. They exist, but they are kind of disintegrated.

he said: "The mass of this mysterious planet can be calculated to some extent by an accuracy of about one and
two-thirds the mass of Earth,”

"Now, if the mass of all the asteroids gathers (that's an estimate), they're only slightly more than one-tenth the mass of Earth.
However, if the masses of all the moons and asteroids and plutons are added together, they will take up about
one-third of the Earth's total.
Can Pluto be part of a mysterious planet that has decayed?
Also the moons of all the other planets? Who would have guessed that our moon is one of the largest remains in Maldek?

In fact, the trip to the moon in 1969 can be described as a
"return to the crime scene."
(Friends,the realities of the moon aren't what you've seen on most and maybe all of the research pages so far, so you need to have basic information to know the facts of the moon and what's going on there, and maybe one day the last thing I tweet
is about the moon.)

It is speculated that the farthest planet, Pluto, is not really the planet of the solar system, but an asteroid or a spaceship, trying to create space for itself.

Pluto has certain properties that indicate that the planet or asteroid is not normal.
By law, there should be no planet there at all. Iron-like density.
This suggests that the planet should look like a metal ball about half the size of Earth.

This disorder can be explained if Pluto was the main nucleus of the exploding planet, and if this planet exploded,
some parts must have been fired from the solar system.
The meteorites now visible around the solar system may be part of the eruption, and the comets may have been composed of gases and dust from the planet.

This happened 500,000 years ago, when the solar system was very
young (interestingly,scientists have theories that the moon was located in this place 500,000 years ago).
He thinks the planet's crust, which we call Maldek, was asteroids ,and Pluto was its central nucleus.

Phobos and Dimos are said to be Mars' moons of artificial
After the Maldek exploded, they were built by the Martians and placed in orbit to stabilize Mars in their orbit and keep it in the solar system.

According to a group of Christians, the Bible explains that the "War in Heaven" was a nuclear war with Mars ,
that Destroyed the Red Planet from any life there.

Enormous destruction in heaven was Mentioned in the Old Testament, but many now believe it could have more meaning.

"And the war was in heaven," Michael and his angels fought the dragon.
The other part reveals:
"But he wasn't strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven."

Some Christians and theorists now believe that it was a "war" in heaven that took place on Mars and destroyed civilization on the Red Planet.
Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist in his book Death on
Mars, says that the nuclear isotopes on the Red Planet are similar to those on Earth from hydrogen bombs, and that "Martian civilization is apparently due to a catastrophe across the planet" They died of unknown origin.

According to the Planet X News website,
the war was an interplanetary battle between Mars and Maldek.

The website claims that there was a war between humans living on Mars and reptiles that occupied Maldek.
While Maldek was completely destroyed, Mars remained uninhabitable, forcing the inhabitants
of the Red Planet to move to Earth, building two ancient cities and civilizations, Lemuria and Atlantis.

he said: "The reptiles were trying to control Mars and exploit their resources, including mineral resources,"

Extraterrestrials regularly transmit information about
this war to humans by religious prophets.

"Prophets then describe these 'views' in the ancient text." According to Dr. Brandenburg, if we do not learn from the signs of the hypothesis of the end of Mars, the earth could suffer a similar fate.

"The discovery of a dead
civilization on Mars, the end of which was apparently catastrophic and for unknown reasons, reinforces our understanding that the universe could be a dangerous place and requires a serious response from the human race," he wrote in his book. "It is likely to be reduced.
It is possible that we will be destroyed in the same way."

The rebellious inhabitants of Maldek were at war with each other to end.
They ruined their planetary life so much that it eventually fell apart. It is speculated that Pluto is a prisoner for the most backward and
worst inhabitants of Maldek, given Pluto's choice as the lord of the underworld in mythology and astronomy.

Maldek was a prosperous, green world, and people who had not reached a truly advanced culture, but had reached a stage where they had many opportunities and made
life easier for everyone. They studied philosophy and had sciences like ours, but they were more advanced than us in many ways.
The planet was so mechanized that robots took care of all serious tasks. Its inhabitants had developed space travel technology, they could
control their climate to forget about drought and famine. They had reached a complete selfishness and sought to enjoy fleeting pleasures like most people on earth today.

Despite advanced intelligence, they tend to be evil and disregard God. They allowed their instincts
to rule over them.
They did not fight among themselves, but alas that only people of the earth are on the battlefield among themselves.
people of Pluto and remnants of Maldek are dangerous creatures and can be attributed to any action that harms people on Earth.
The only reason they do not harm other residents of the system is that they know that these creatures have evolved and that any attempt to conquer them will be fatal. But their fate is sealed.

So here's a good reason why Pluto is trying to conquer Earth.
If the current evil leaders in Pluto know that their planet will be in the dark outside during a major system change, they are looking for a safe haven on one of the system's inner planets.

Finally, note this from the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah points to Lucifer, which shows
that this is not the manifestation of Satan in the origin of the earth, but on another planet in the solar system.

Isaiah the prophet wrote: “How did you fall from heaven, O Lucifer?
How did you come to earth, and how did you weaken the nations? "
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