to clarify that is part 1/5 of my comic and it’s for the research project i mentioned a few weeks ago! about the impact of colonization on filipino american identity especially in young people
using my self as an example, the comic will focus on the different ways colonization devastated each side of my ancestry and trickled down into my own life, but very differently
comparing colonization in the philippines to colonization in north america is very different. as a cherokee woman i know what it means to be cherokee, but do i know what it means to be filipino? what is being filipino without colonization?
to elaborate on this- i don’t /fully/ know what it means to be cherokee, all of us who are disconnected don’t. colonization has made it so that we never fully will. i know my people and who i am, but i do not know my language fluently or everything about our history
i don’t want that to sound like i’m the cherokee expert or something because i am not at all. not in the slightest. i have so much to learn and decolonize. i was just saying i know what being indigenous means. but i don’t know what being indigenous filipino means
i can call myself indigenous to america. but can i call myself indigenous to the philippines? that is an identity i have never had. it’s like saying you’re native only by blood but no connection
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