We now know they had the Iceberg's location pinpointed for the crash, but first they had to weaken Titanic to make sure.

01/05/2017 Coal Fire Helped Sink Titanic
Photos and eyewitness testimony from the time prove a fire critically weakened the ship. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/coal-fire-may-have-helped-sink-titanic-180961699/
Did you know Titanic's FIREMAN (coal fire manager) was John Podesta https://encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-survivor/john-alexander-podesta.html

Grandfather of John Podesta? (Nicknamed Skippy = Ship Master)

14 = 14th John Podesta? + Fish (Titanic op: Sleep With Fishes)

Podesta said in speech his granddad was a "ship unloader"
Did you know the owner of Titanic was in a financial crisis in 1912?

Titanic's identical sister ship Olympic had been hit by British Navy & they refused to pay for damages.

Must see documentary.

Bankruptcy or insurance check?
You may think that's contrary to the Federal Reserve op, but you have to think bigger.

Ordering a ship to crash into the Olympic (and refusing to pay) is how they forced the ship owner into the operation.

It gave him a ship to sink for insurance.
On board Titanic there were the most notable people against the Federal Reserve being created, including the heir to the richest man in America decades prior.

Hollywood framed the rich passengers as evil & surviving. As Q says "opposite is true" "What is a psyop?"
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