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jimin was draped over him, chin tucked onto his shoulder and body pressed up against his back. Jimin had been needy all day. He would be calling out for him if he couldn’t find Taehyung,

latching onto him at any given opportunity. He’d get pouty and confrontational if Taehyung denied him anything... and Tae was eager to toe that line. He really liked pushing Jimin to that point.

So when Jimin tried to snake his arms around Taehyung’s waist, he was shrugged

off. Taehyung only glanced back levelly, taking in Jimin’s crossed arms and stormy expression with glee. It was so easy to work him up, especially when he was in a mood like this.

It was just amusing to Tae that it was so public today.

They had come forward about their feelings not too many months ago. Both of them feeling more than just ‘best friend.’ It was a relief, but it had also made them more frustrated than ever.

They’d decided to keep things platonic despite how they felt. It would just

be easier that way. Supposedly the temptation would be weaker if they didn’t take anything further.

Except they both /knew/. And that made everything more difficult.

And because they were best friends, they knew what each other liked. Which was a dangerous game to play.

They knew what drove each other crazy. They knew what touches and looks and behaviors would make each other go absolutely wild.

So maybe in weaker moments, they’d kissed, breathing hard and heavy in quiet hallways.

They felt the same for each other, but they continued to

deny themselves. They both were really questioning that decision, now, and how much longer they’d be willing to play that part.

Because Jimin now, poking and prodding, drinking him in, /demanding/ attention - well, it was one of the things that made Taehyung go wild.

And whenever Jimin decided to be a brat, Tae’s mind would flash to conversations they’d had before. About what they like. About what turns them on. They would give more than they should have, in those conversations. Testing the waters. Seeing how the other reacted.

How they liked to be touched. How they liked to be talked to. Dangerous conversations.

On his best behavior, Taehyung would retreat to his room and get himself off to the notions of Jimin on top of him, whimpering and needy and begging. Because that’s what Jimin liked.

And what Jimin liked was what Taehyung liked.

On his worst behavior, he would get too close, pressing their bodies together, and he would taste Jimin for himself, murmuring all the words the other boy liked to hear. And then they would break, realizing their mistake, and

hating each moment they’d agreed to keep being just friends.

Taehyung thought he wouldn’t be on his best behavior today. Even with a full stadium and cameras on them, Jimin /wanted/. And Taehyung was not a strong enough man to deny him anything.

They’d been messing around all day, goofing off and teasing each other. Sharing music, dancing. Jimin was pulling Taehyung along with him wherever he went. Strong little hands grabbing him by the waist, touches signaling more than words were allowed to.

The guttural want in the pit of his stomach was growing more and more unrestrained as the day went on. And Jimin kept pushing it.

‘I like being punished.’

The words Jimin spoke to him one night kept replaying in his head over and over.

As Jimin kicked Tae’s water bottle across the floor, his eyes spoke it then too, his lips curling in a dare.

And well, Taehyung may not be on his worst behavior... but it still certainly wasn’t his best.

Jimin just grinned, reaching out his hand as if to confirm it was meaningless, that neither of them would cross that line - not /here/. But Taehyung only heard Jimin’s words rolling through his mind and saw the fire in his eyes and soon enough they were both on the ground.

Taehyung was straddling him. It was just playful. Just messing around. He played it up like they were just two friends smacking each other around. But Jimin’s eyes had dilated, and his body was taut, and Taehyung thought, god, if he looked this fucked out now...?

When he removed himself, going to retrieve the water, he didn’t miss that Jimin stayed. Curled up. Waiting.

He threw it again and Tae’s eyes darkened. “Jiminah...” He looked down at him and the blonde giggled nervously, moving his arms in front of himself defensively.


And he didn’t quite recognize himself, though Jimin’s eyes shot open as he was pushed over. He spanked him once and Jimin yelped.

Twice. Jimin tried to turn back, now, though Tae saw the blush on his cheeks forming. He roughly shoved him back.

Three. Four. Five.

Jimin reached his hand back as if to stop it, as if he wasn’t living for the punishment for his behavior, as if he didn’t want Taehyung’s hands on him even in front of all these people - maybe especially in front of them.

As if, when Tae threw his hand off and delivered

the final slap to his ass, it wasn’t Jimin himself who whispered out “six.”

Taehyung blinked before quickly maneuvering himself away. He had to be smart, still. It looked innocent. Just two ordinary friends.

But the air had changed, and a line crossed, and Taehyung...

he didn’t think he could play this part anymore.

So when they got home that night and Tae went to his room to get ready for bed, he was glad to see Jimin couldn’t either, perched on Tae’s bed.

“Taehyungie...” He whined, bulging straining his sweats, sitting up on his knees

And desperation leaking into his voice. Taehyung thought he might want to hear Jimin whining his name forever.

Jimin cupped himself, lips parting, and eyes trained on /him/. “Please.”

And it was just two strides before Taehyung was standing above him, leaning down to

messily capture Jimin’s lips against his own. They groaned simultaneously, the want building up into something with far too much pressure. They couldn’t hold back anymore, but that didn’t stop Taehyung from asking, even as he pushed Jimin back and climbed on top of him.

“Are you sure, Jiminah?”

And he’d pulled back, looking at him carefully with his hands fully clasped around his face. He looked perfect in his hands.

Jimin nodded, turning to kiss those long fingers before taking one into his mouth. He didn’t break eye contact

as he sucked it in, fitting two deep into his mouth, against his tongue, drooling. Taehyung groaned, shaking his head as he slowly thrust against him. "You're evil, you know? Irresistible, and evil."

Jimin smiled around his fingers at that, making as though to remove them.

"Ah," Taehyung started, smirking, rubbing his fingertips against his tongue. "You weren't very good today, so... I think these should stay here for now." Jimin looked up at him with wide, blinking eyes, whining around the fingers. He nodded and Taehyung smiled, leaning down

to kiss his forehead.

"Good boy."

And Jimin's hips stuttered upward at that. More words that Taehyung had memorized that he knew unraveled the perfect boy before him.

When he did remove his fingers, his hand moved quickly to tangle through the pretty blonde hair.

"You really made a scene there today." Jimin breathed, arms wrapped tightly around his neck and pushing their bodies close. He was rocking against him, seeking friction, seeking contact.

Taehyung murmured into his neck, dropping his lips along the warm, smooth skin,

"You wanted me to."

And Jimin laughed breathlessly, head falling back against the pillow. "Yeah, I guess I did. Still... very bold." He grinned and Taehyung matched it, nipping at the skin on his chest. His hands pushed up Jimin's shirt and oh,

they /wrapped/ around Jimin's waist.

His cock twitched at that, squeezing his grip tighter and causing Jimin to moan quietly. "Fuck," He let out, nuzzling his face into his chest. Jimin laughed lightly at that, burying his hands in Taehyung's hair.

"I like touching you so much. I wanna touch you all the time." He moved his head back just enough so he could slip Jimin's shirt off fully, sitting for a moment in full admiration. His hand splayed out over his abdomen, covering its full expanse.

"I like you touching me."

Their eyes were big as they took each other in and Taehyung wondered if this was real or just another very vivid sex dream. But Jimin pulled him down and kissed him with the full extent of his love and Taehyung had to believe that he was here, in this moment.

Jimin grinned, pulling back and he shimmied up the bed a bit so he was no longer underneath him. Taehyung frowned at that, ready to admonish him for it, but Jimin just shook his head. "No, I wanna... lemme show you."

Taehyung looked on in wonder as Jimin turned around,

and shimmied out of his sweats. He wasn't wearing anything under them and god, Tae's mouth was watering now, he was sure. "I think your ass is art." He murmured, moving forward and hovering his hands just over it. Jimin looked back over his shoulder, smirking.

"It's still pink from before, baby. You really did a number on me."

Tae blushed furiously for a moment, glancing down and seeing the splotchy marks on it. He moved his hand tentatively over it, just gently brushing over the skin.

His arousal was ungodly at the notion that

he'd left a mark.

He wanted to leave another one.

His hands gripped his ass firmer than, making Jimin groan from the touch. Taehyung was sure this was where his hands had belonged all along as he massaged the bare skin. Then, after a moment, he ran a thumb down the split

of his ass and Jimin collapsed forward, kneeling on all fours now. "F-fuck," He whimpered, head hanging, and Taehyung had never felt so powerful.

He was still fully clothed, with Jimin shirtless and pants around his knees, before him. Bending over because of his touch.

"You're sure?" He had to ask again. His voice was deeper now - rough.

Jimin pushed back against his hands in response, looking back desperately. "/Please/. I want you so bad."

Taehyung kissed his bottom at that, causing Jimin to giggle from surprise. "We're so stupid."

Jimin could only laugh in agreement before he was choking on it. Taehyung tongued the line of his ass, hands still gripping him tightly. He grinned where his face was pressed against him before delicately lolling his tongue around Jimin's entrance.

Jimin was crying, now.

And Taehyung pulled back immediately, eyes big with concern. “Hey, are-“

“Fuck, no, please,” and he was practically glaring back at Tae, tears pooling in his eyes. “No it’s good, it’s, I just... I want it, I want you. So bad... I’ve wanted you for so long.”

He realized the tears weren’t from pain or discontent - they were from how desperately Jimin wanted him.

Yeah, Taehyung could relate.

It would be easy to give in to anything Jimin wanted. Bury his tongue inside him, touch him all over, make him come over and over...

But Jimin had been bad. And Jimin liked being punished.

So Taehyung drew back fully, sitting back and appreciating the sight before him. Jimin, with his face against the pillows, his beautiful gorgeous round ass pushed up in the air, everything visible to Tae.

For Tae.

He didn’t even touch him, just taking in the way Jimin shivered under his gaze, pretty pink hole clenching in front of him.

God he was not strong enough for this.

“Are you gonna touch me?” Jimin’s voice was soft like a plea and Taehyung’s cock twitched.

“Do you think you deserve to be touched?”

Jimin pouted at that, lifting himself up on his arms. He wiggled his butt a little. “I got myself all ready for you before you came, so you wouldn’t have to work as hard. I think I deserve a treat.”

It was almost funny how they were talking to each other. It sounded like too much- like one of their role plays. If Taehyung has any clarity in his mind, he wouldn’t be able to take him seriously.

But his brain was just a horny fog because yeah, god, Jimin was here,

flaunting himself in front of Tae, prepped for Tae, wanting Tae, needing Tae.

“Maybe you do.”


The sound his hand made against his bare ass was almost as erotic as the noise Jimin made because of it. This needy, wanton cry.

He brushed his fingertips over the pink mark he’d left, watching the goosebumps he created. Jimin moaned, and Taehyung grinned. He brought his mouth to the red spot, sucking lightly. His teeth nipped at the tender skin.

“F-fuck, please... Taehyungie...”

A weak man, indeed.

He let his thumbs press into the slopes of Jimin’s ass, reveling in how well they fit against him. Jimin belonged right next to Tae. Right against him.

Tae’s tongue glided gently down him, right over that pretty pink that had him drooling everywhere.

Everything about Jimin was pretty. He thought about how he somehow even tasted pretty as his tongue slipped against his rim, delicate against him. He thought, even those choked, guttural noises Jimin was making were pretty.

He moaned Jimin’s name into his ass and that...

/that/ was enough to do both of them in. Jimin moaned loudly, unabashedly, and Taehyung dipped his tongue in fully, tasting every inch of Jimin that he could. He wanted all of him.

“y-yes, yeah, oh my /god/, why... how are you...” Jimin was babbling, head buried in his arms.

He was sobbing from the pleasure and from the relief. The tension they’d foolishly let themselves create for months ... years.

Reluctantly, Taehyung pulled himself out of Jimin, not before licking another stripe against him. “Jimin, I...”

Jimin paused at that, glancing over his shoulder where Taehyung had sat back, looking honestly stricken. “Baby?” Jimin murmured, turning so he could face him, hands on his cheeks.

Tae shook his head a little. “I wanna make sure this is... right. That we do this right.”

Jimin giggled lightly at that, pressing him closer, licking his lips. He tasted himself on them and groaned, shining at the head of his cock.

“This is right. We’ve basically been dating for years. I promise you... I /promise/ you... I’m not gonna regret fucking you.”

Taehyung smiled at that, pressing closer, capturing Jimin’s lips and leaning him back against the bed. His arms caged Jimin in and he took a moment to pull back, just allowing himself to admire everything beautiful before him.

“I love you.”

They spoke at once, laughing.

“I love you,” Jimin repeated, though he squirmed under the intense gaze. His arms were thrown up above his head, sprawled out and ready to let Taehyung do anything he wanted. Taehyung wanted to do everything. “But if you don’t do something soon, I’m gonna lose it.”

He grinned, leaning down to capture Jimin’s lips again, deepening the kiss. His teeth caught on his bottom lip, sucking it. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” he groaned after releasing it. He pulled back and Jimin tried to follow him, pouting when he wouldn’t let him.

“Open your mouth for me.”

Jimin’s eyes widened, though a smirk quickly fitted itself on his lips. His mouth parted and Taehyung dragged his finger across his bottom lip, reveling in the push back. So fucking beautiful. He wanted to kiss it forever.

Jimin realized what he

was doing quickly and obliged as two long fingers pressed against his tongue. Jimin closed his mouth around them, sucking mercilessly. Taehyung felt his tongue circle the fingers and he fucked into his mouth with them, gently first.

Taehyung glanced down.

Jimin’s other hand had moved down between them, stroking himself and Taehyung shook his head. “No.”

He snatched his wrist and pinned it to the pillow. Jimin groaned in frustration, not stopping his work on Taehyung’s fingers. “You don’t get to touch. You were bad.”

He smirked, Jimin staring furiously back up at him, but he moved to start mouthing down his jawline, along his throat, nipping at the warm skin. “So, dating for years, huh?”

Jimin snorted at that, though he didn’t get a chance to respond as Tae lifted his waist.

He placed a pillow under him and Tae sat up again, watching carefully as he removed his fingers from Jimin’s mouth. His eyes were blown, lips red and puffy, and spit connected them against his fingers. He looked ruined and they had only just started.

Taehyung thought,

being with Jimin, seeing him like this, kissing him, fucking him, loving him, it would be the best thing he’s ever done.

“Yeah... dating. Labels are stupid anyway.” Jimin breathed out and Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from kissing him again, and again, and again.

He could kiss Jimin for hours and be content. But his fingers were slick from his mouth, and Jimin had been waiting for this. Waiting for him.

Taehyung thought maybe there was nothing more beautiful than seeing Jimin throw his head back against the pillows, gasping

in surprise and pleasure as Taehyung’s long finger pushed into him. Maybe he only wanted to hear those whimpers and panting for the rest of his life. “Good?” He murmured, kissing his chin, his cheek, the corner of his mouth.

“G-good... fuck, yeah, Tae, it’s good.”

His own cock strained against his clothes as he felt the tightness around his finger. It was slick and gorgeous and Taehyung wanted to fill every inch of him. Jimin was pushing back against him, desperate little noises falling from his mouth.

“You wanted this before, didn’t you? My hands on you - /in you/ - in front of all those people?”

Jimin gasped and Tae teased another finger, tentatively pushing it just at the edge. Jimin nodded and he fit it in alongside the other, curling them as he thrusted once, hard.

Jimin pressed his arm to his mouth, crying against it. He didn’t need to hear him say it to know, he always understood Jimin, but he made sure to ask anyway. “Good?”

“Yes!” He sobbed out, hands moving to tangle into Tae’s hair. “Yes, oh my god... more...”

“Answer me first.”

Jimin blinked, some of the tears in his eyes glittering on his eyelashes, glancing at Taehyung questioningly. His fingers had paused.

“Did you want them to see?”

Jimin exhaled shakily, “F-fuck...” He nodded slowly, steadying his hands, looking directly into Tae’s eyes.

“Yeah... I wanted you to show them I’m your’s.”

Taehyung lost it at that, crashing down and kissing Jimin fervently, desperately, lovingly. “Shit,” he painted, catching his lips over and over, “shit, you’re so hot.”

Jimin giggled.

His arms wrapped around Taehyung’s neck, pulling him close so he could speak into his ear. His teeth grazed it, a shiver running through him then. “You want them to know? That I’m all your’s?”

He licked the edge of his ear before biting it gently, Tae groaning miserably.

Jimin pulled back, eyes sparkling. “You wanna make me your’s?”

They watched each other for a moment, Taehyung thinking - I want you to be mine. All mine. Always. Forever.

He pulled out of Jimin before adding a third finger, a choked laugh emitting from his lips.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He murmured before pushing against the fingers, groaning deeply. Jimin glanced up at him through lidded eyes, soaking him in. He flickered down his body before raising an eyebrow.

“I wanna see you, baby. Can I see you?”

Because Taehyung was fully clothed, though Jimin’s hands curled underneath his shirt, pressing into his warm skin. Eager.

Tae slowly pulled his fingers out, cherishing the little noises Jimin made because of it. He leaned back then, tapping them to his mouth.

Parting his lips, he let just his fingertips rest between them. He was overwhelmed by the taste and smell of Jimin, heavy around him.

The sight of it caused Jimin to swear, eyes big as he tore Taehyung’s shirt off as quickly as possible.

When he leaned back, he paused.

Tae was a little insecure about being shirtless, just knowing he wasn’t seen as having the perfect body.

But the way Jimin looked at him in that moment, he thought everything about himself must be perfect.

Jimin’s gaze was unending, taking in every last inch of skin. His little hands splayed out against him, sliding around his waist, up his chest, in little circles on his stomach. Jimin curled forward, placing gentle kisses against his cute little tummy and that -

/that/ was what made Taehyung blush.

Hands bracing his smooth waist, Jimin looked up at him and it made him breathless. Jimin marveled back.

“You are so beautiful.”

Taehyung answered with his own hands framing Jimin’s cheeks, bringing him close. He smiled.

“You make me feel it.”

And it was cheesy, gross, they’d probably make fun of each other for it later. But it was good. It was perfect. He was so in love.

When they kissed again, it was through smiles.

They didn’t break the kiss, deepening it as Jimin’s hands roamed down again. He pushed them under the band of Taehyung’s sweats and squeezed roughly when they found his ass. He pulled him closer to him and Tae groaned, biting Jimin’s lips in return.

“Fuck me.”

Taehyung stuttered to a halt mid-grind, blinking down at the beautiful boy under him. Again. “Are you-?”

“/Yes/, Taehyungah. God, there’s very few things I want more.” He smiled up at him, kissing his lips so so lightly. His fingers trailed down his skin.

They created a trail of goosebumps with them, Tae whining a bit as they played with him. Jimin’s eyes were big and innocent, but he saw the mischief leaking from behind.

“Are /you/ sure?” And Jimin’s voice was smaller, lips sticking out in a slight pout.

He knew entirely what he was doing. Taehyung didn’t hesitate to fall for it.

Everything was fast, then. Like there wasn’t enough time in the world to get as close to each other as possible. Jimin hurried the sweats off of him and their bodies crashed together

in moans and sweat and panting. Taehyung had never felt more right than he did pressed against Jimin, nothing in between them.

“I knew you had a big dick, but /baby/.” Jimin laughed, littering every inch of him with kisses. Taehyung was on his knees, straddling him, and

Jimin smirked as he reached his hand to massage the skin just around his cock. Taehyung had a hard grip on Jimin’s waist, whimpering a bit at the faint touch. Jimin quirked an eyebrow, glancing up at him. “You want me to touch you, baby?”

Taehyung felt winded.

He nodded weakly - so weak for Park Jimin - and the laugh he got in return made him feel a little dizzy. Jimin didn’t break eye contact, his fingers gently grasping around his length. He was barely touching him and Taehyung was losing it completely.

He thought, until

Jimin’s perfect fucking mouth wrapped around him.

He hadn’t broken eye contact and Taehyung felt the air catch in his throat, hands burying themselves in that pretty blonde hair.

When Jimin moaned around him, taking him deeper as he adjusted to the feel of him

in his mouth, Tae couldn’t hold back his own. He groaned Jimin’s name as he took him deeper and pulling back quickly. He sucked in as he pulled off, a little popping sound airing around them, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of Jimin’s swollen lips.

Jimin blinked up

at him, head tilting a little. “Am I doing good?” He opened his mouth again, dragging his tongue up from the base of his cock to the tip. Jimin mouthed him, tongue circling his head. His fingers clenched around the base and Taehyung didn’t miss how they couldn’t quite wrap

around it fully.

“Yeah, Jiminah, fuck...” His fingers threaded through the hair, massaging his scalp. “The best. Doing the best.” And Jimin hummed in satisfaction at that, pursing his lips around his head, practically kissing it as he leaned back against the pillows.

“Want you. Please?”

And how could Taehyung deny him anything?

He met his lips again, something so tantalizing about tasting himself on them. He pulled back, smirking a little, even as lost in love as he was.

“You’ve been so good. You want me to take care of you?”

Jimin nodded, lips parted, drawing Tae’s eyes to them with every movement.

“Just- just want you to take care of me.”

The ‘always’ went unspoken, and understood.

Taehyung blinked, suddenly embarrassed, however. “Ah, Jiminah, I don’t have-“

Jimin laughed, still striking Taehyung deep with how breathless it was, how it sounded while he was under him, and his eyes sparkled. “I... told you, I came prepared.”

Taehyung’s eyebrows rose when Jimin pulled the condoms out of the pockets of his discarded sweats.

Jimin looked a little sheepish - a little mischievous. “It was, just in case.”

Taehyung snorted, kissing him again, simply because he could. “The way you were acting when I walked in here? You knew what you were doing.”

He kissed just under Jimin’s chin, pinching the skin very lightly with his teeth. It still drew a sharp breath from the blonde. “Is it all going according to plan, you little devil?” Tae hummed against his skin, Jimin craning his neck to allow more access.

“Almost,” Jimin breathed, lifting his hips to press into Taehyung. They both groaned, seeking contact. “But if it were up to me, you’d have been fucking me already for at least ten minutes by now. /at least/.”

Taehyung smirked. “Baby’s so impatient.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “You knew this, and it still took you that long to take your clothes off.”

He couldn’t help the laughter spilling out, biting his shoulder playfully. “Yeah. I like watching you not get what you want.”

There was a sharp pull at his hair.

Jimin’s hands, tangled in his hair, and pulled him back, eyebrows raised expectantly. “You’re not getting what you want either, asshole.”

A big, boxy grin split onto Tae’s face and Jimin’s eyes widened a little, taken out of the moment as he stared at him in wonder.

“Aren’t I?”

Jimin quirked an eyebrow at that, amused even amidst the confusion. Taehyung smirked into his skin, relishing in every bit of Jimin. “I get you under me, begging me... you’d probably do anything I asked.”

Tae’s eyes focused on Jimin’s throat as he swallowed.

tw// light choking kink coming up

Jimin scoffed, though his disdain didn’t sound as believable as he’d liked. “Please. As if.”

Taehyung kept smiling, pressing open mouthed kisses down his neck. He dragged his fingers across his skin, brushing his cheek
before they rested loosely around his throat. Jimin swallowed again, biting his lip. Still, he tried to maintain himself as he glared up at Taehyung.

“No, you’re kind of a brat, huh? You wouldn’t give me anything easily.” He tightened the grip slightly, meeting his eyes.

Tae sighed happily, leaving a small kiss on his collarbone when he felt Jimin’s cock twitch against him, body writhing as he tried to hold back. “Right?” And he rubbed his thumb down the front of his throat, lightly pressing.

Jimin couldn’t suppress the whine, shutting his

eyes furiously. “Asshole.” He breathed out, thrusting upwards. Taehyung roughly grabbed his waist by the other hand, shoving him back into the bed. Jimin practically growled at that, eyes opening to glare and only meeting a wicked smile.

“Mm...” Tae considered, licking his

lips. Jimin watched every moment. God, he wanted to devour him. “Yeah... but you like it, right?”

Jimin pouted then, trying to turn his head to look away, exhaling sharply when Taehyung pulled him back by his chin. “Don’t look away from me, baby.”

He saw the resolve breaking in Jimin’s eyes, conflicted, warring with himself on whether to give in.

Jimin hated losing ... but if he got what he wanted, then was it really a loss?

He nodded, and Taehyung kissed him gently. “Good boy.” And Jimin whined again, tearing at

his lips. “Please...” he murmured, bucking his hips up again. Taehyung didn’t stop him this time. Instead, he lifted himself, appraising the boy below him. Eyes big, lips swollen, every bit of skin Taehyung had easy access to.

His hands found purchase on his hips again and

Jimin fully groaned, frustration and want peaking. His hands wandered, grabbing every part of Taehyung he could. When Tae didn’t move or reciprocate, Jimin threw his arms up in exasperation, huffing. He grinded against him once, eyes pleading. “Tae, fucking, /please/.”

“I love making you squirm.”

Jimin was panting a bit, mouth parted further and tongue hanging out. His arms were thrown up above him, tightening his grip around himself as he tried to maintain some level of sanity.

“But I-“

“But you said please.”

Jimin’s head fell back, neck straining. Tae slowly pushed two fingers deeper into him, watching him carefully, darkly. Jimin shuddered against him, meeting his thrusts deliberately.

“More. You. All of you.”

His eyes filled with heat, staring down Taehyung.

Taehyung couldn’t help it. He smiled, so damn fondly. He loved him, and it struck him in the oddest of moments, in little things. Like Jimin demanding more, when Taehyung wanted to give him the world.

He’d always had a tender heart. It was just even softer in Jimin’s hands.

Tae raised his eyebrows, amusement filtering in. Jimin refrained from rolling his eyes, though he mirrored his smile. Endeared by everything. “...please.”

Laughing, Tae nodded as he kissed his stomach and delicately removing his fingers. He put three in his mouth,

soaking them in his spit and Jimin watched desperately. “God, you... are so beautiful. So fucking hot. Gorgeous.” Jimin groaned, spreading his legs further in encouragement.

“So are you, angel.” He thrusted three fingers in, continuing to kiss along his stomach, his waist

as Jimin cried out. Desperate, needy sounds emitting from his lips. Hungry. His words spilled out in fragments, but he could make out pieces of “more” and “please” and “oh my GOD” and he complied.

He liked what Jimin liked.

Tae curled his pinky under his other fingers,

making sure to ease them in carefully. Making sure Jimin was okay. Making sure he felt nothing but incredible.

“You gotta tell me if it’s good, baby. Talk to me. Is it good, my love? Wanna be so good for you.” He murmured as Jimin went rigid, mouth open in cracked gasps.

“Y-yes,” he finally managed, adjusting to the feeling, slowly relaxing around him. Jimin’s groan came from somewhere deep inside when he tightened himself, testing the sensation. “Am-mazing, Taehyungie.” His voice was small, eyes shining, and his hands moved to cup his face.

“Amazing.” He repeated breathily, and Taehyung smiled even brighter.

He let Jimin continue to adjust to the feeling of four fingers as he crawled up the other man’s body. He made small circles with his fingertips inside of Jimin, creating stuttering, gorgeous sounds

from the older.

Tae sucked lightly on his bottom lip, breaking away so he could murmur against his ear. “Put it on for me, baby.”

Jimin took a moment to register his words, mind resetting with each pump of his fingers. He blinked, dazed, before blindly reaching out

for the condom wrapper. With multiple, devastating expletives, Jimin managed to tear it open with his teeth.

“You feel so fucking good.” Taehyung thrusted his fingers deeper each time, creating longer and louder whines from Jimin in return. “Can’t believe you’re mine.”

“All your’s,” Jimin managed out, his fingers shakily drawing over Taehyung’s cock, the head slick and messy. He pumped him as he rolled the condom down, biting his lip. “Gonna feel even better, baby, gonna feel so so good.”

Taehyung kissed him then, reveling in

everything that was Jimin. Feeling him all around him. He pressed their foreheads together. They breathed.

“If you want to stop, at any point, tell me. Please. Only good for me if it’s good for you.”

Jimin nodded, smiling, eyes shining as he stroked his cheek.

“I’ll tell you.” He kissed him gently, lips curved into a smile against each other. “I trust you.”

“I know you do,” Tae whispered, pulling back and cautiously removing his fingers. Jimin whimpered, eyelids fluttering beautifully. He was beautiful.

He hastily retrieved the lube from his nightstand, rolling his eyes at the look in Jimin’s eyes. “Hush.” Tae laughed, running his thumb over those pretty lips.

“I’m saying nothing.”

Taehyung snorted, flipping the cap open and squeezing the bottle until his fingers were

dripping. Jimin placed his hand around the bottle, taking it from Tae. “Lemme... help.”

After his own fingers were drenched, he took Tae in his hand and slowly circled his cock.

Jimin watched as he shuddered against his touch, entranced by just how big he looked in

his hand. He tightened his grip around the base once, drawing shaky breaths from Taehyung, twitching in Jimin’s hand. Jimin smiled.

Tae’s fingers found him again, making a mess of the lube against him and inside of him, Jimin groaning and thrusting against him.

“Ready for you.” Jimin breathed out, running fingers down his thighs.

Taehyung was ready, too. He wanted every piece of Jimin he could. He wanted to know every crevice. Wanted to get to touch it and claim it and call it his. And he wanted to be Jimin’s.

“You want me?”

Jimin smiled, big and bright, cheeks pushing up and his eyes nearly closing. Jimin brought his hand to his lips, kissing it softly, pressing his love into his skin. “Want you always. For so long. Taehyung... Taehyungie, I /need/ you.”

The words swelled in Tae’s chest,

burning the same need into his heart. He nodded, leaning down and catching Jimin’s lips hard and long. I love you. It didn’t need to be said. They both knew.

When he sat back, he couldn’t help the bundle of nerves that sat heavy in his throat.

Jimin leaned into the pillows, shifting himself so he could angle his ass up more. He was flushed, looking perfect in Taehyung’s bed - /his bed/ - and it was right. It was perfect.

But still, his hands shook as he gripped onto Jimin’s waist. As he lined himself up, his

throat ran dry. The head of his cock pressed against him, and Jimin gasped, body shivering below him, and Taehyung shivered as well.

This felt like the culmination of everything. It had to be perfect. He couldn’t disappoint him.

He met Jimin’s eyes, fond and endeared.


“Gonna b-be the best, baby. Cause it’s you. It’s with you. I get to have you.” Jimin whispered reassuringly, stroking his cheek. Tae leaned into the touch, nodding, and Jimin continued. “Always perfect with you, no matter what. Love you. Everything about you.”

They always had some sense of how the other felt. And just what to say to make it better. To put them at ease.

Maybe they really were soulmates.

“Love you so much.” Tae murmured, smiling, feeling like he could cry.

Jimin’s hips would probably have bruises smudged all over them from the tight grip Tae had on them. But he needed to steady himself. He had to go slow.

Jimin’s cries were stunning against his ears. He eased in, watching carefully, holding back so he didn’t lose himself

completely. The head of his cock was inside of Jimin, pressed tight, and Taehyung was sure he’d never felt ecstasy like this. Jimin sobbed, “yes, fuck, shit, god, oh my g-“ he cut himself off, throwing his arm over his mouth to muffle himself.

Taehyung removed it gently.

“Wanna hear you. Wanna know how good you feel.”

Jimin whimpered, nodding. “So good, I- just. Slow, please.”

Taehyung kissed his shoulders, his neck, his face. “Anything you need, Jiminah.”

“You, you, all of you, just- /shit/ Taehyungah, it’s /big/.”

They both laughed breathlessly. It was so easy, to be with him. No expectations, no obligations. They could laugh and make jokes and be themselves and it was perfect.

Taehyung really couldn’t believe they’d waited so long.

“Tell me if it hurts, my love.”

Jimin nodded, chewing his lip as he adjusted his hips a bit. The movement felt amazing, Taehyung groaned deeply, and Jimin’s eyes lit up. “Hurts a little, baby... hurts good.” And he rotated his hips experimentally.

Tae’s jaw clenched, exhaling heavily. “Fuck.”

“Can’t fucking believe I get to take you.” Jimin moaned, trying to lift his hips again, but Tae’s fingers tightened around him, keeping him in place. He was gonna lose his shit if he kept moving around like that.

Jimin smirked, his hands atop Taehyung’s, running up his arms.

“Been thinking about your cock for years. Been thinking about you fucking me for so long.”

Tae’s hips stuttered involuntarily, head hanging lower, trying to control his breathing. Jimin was egging him on. Taehyung liked it so much.

Jimin’s hand took his chin in his hand,

his words lilting and teasing. “/Don’t look away from me, baby./“ He taunted, and Taehyung gave him a challenging grin.

“ gonna fuck me? Or am I gonna keep thinking about it?”

Taehyung couldn’t believe himself when he actually /growled/.

He sunk himself deeper and felt vindication wash over him at Jimin’s widening eyes, stuttering as he couldn’t quite get whatever he wanted to say out.

Their groans matched as he tested the waters, pushing

deeper. Jimin’s hands clawed at the bed sheets, but he didn’t take his eyes off of Taehyung. Whining desperately under him, nodding, unable to speak but signaling he wanted more. He wanted all of him.

Taehyung was happy to give it, bottoming out entirely.

It was an eternity as they both acclimated to the feeling. Jimin’s hands were everywhere, grabbing, pulling, scratching. Tae had such a rough vice grip on his hips he made a note somewhere in the back of his mind to pay it a lot of tender attention after.

The world was stopped for them.

Finally - “okay?”

Jimin nodded, and Taehyung could feel the tightness around his cock clenching and unclenching, adjusting around him.

“Okay.” He smiled, eyes watery, and Taehyung wiped a lone tear away.

“Kiss me?”

“Whenever you want.”

They sighed happily into each other’s mouths, Jimin’s hands buried into the brunette’s hair, trying to pull him even closer. Tae felt legs wrap around him, and their bodies became flushed together.

Every part of them connected.

“You make me feel so good.” Tae whispered between their kisses, smiling against Jimin’s lips.

“Yeah, I kind of can’t believe this is happening?” Jimin laughed, eyes squeezed shut in happiness, hair sticking out every which way, cheeks splotchy, lips bruised.


Taehyung let out a little unwillingly, cheeks reddening. Cock deep in Jimin’s ass and that’s what got him flustered.

He wiggled his hips, laughing lightly. “Can’t believe it huh?”

Jimin snorted, hands roaming down so he could grab onto Tae’s ass.

“No, not really...” He hummed, trying to look bored. “Especially since nothing’s really happening?”

Tae laughed loudly at that, shaking his head. He leaned up so he was on his knees, hand moving to Jimin’s touch starved cock. His long fingers traced the length of it.

Moaning, Jimin grinded deeper, plush ass pressed against him.

“Baby really wants to get fucked?”

Jimin pouted, nodding begrudgingly. “Waited for soo long...” He bemoaned, Tae’s fingers tightening around the base of Jimin’s cock. His thumb strokes the length of it.

It was messy with precum and Taehyung wanted to make it messier. Wanted to make a mess of Jimin entirely.

“Mm, I think I’ll be good to you.” He formed a circle with his fingers, the head of Jimin’s cock pressing through it.

He pulled his hips back, both of them gasping

at the movement after being inside of him for so long. Taehyung didn’t let go of Jimin’s cock as he thrusted back inside, both crying out in pleasure.

Jimin’s eyes were rolling back, the combined sensation of a hand on his cock and a cock in his ass. “T-t-too much...”

Tae smirked, loosening his grip. “Can’t handle me, beautiful?” He brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking loudly around the taste of Jimin.

Jimin stares back, expression raw. “I can handle you. Want you to focus on fucking me. Fuck me hard. Can you do that?”

“Anything you want.” And his eyes were wild, heart thudding.

Not hesitating, he grabbed Jimin by the waist against him, pulling him back on his cock, pulsing his hips to fuck into him.

He tested it first, slow, fluid, making sure it felt good for Jimin.

And as Jimin responded well, Taehyung thrust harder and faster. His cock was pulsing, Jimin tight and beautiful around him, grunting every time he moved in and out of him.

“A-a-ah!” Jimin’s cries came with every thrust, and Taehyung leaned into his elbows,

overwhelmed. Every thought was just Jimin.

“F-feel so good, Jiminah, baby, fuck, fuck,” He panted, lingering after one deep thrust inside of him. Jimin stared up at him big eyed before pulling him down by the back of his neck to kiss him roughly.


“Wanna?” Tae teased, slowly pulling out nearly fully. Jimin squirmed, using his legs to shove him back inside.

He glared up at him, mouth curling into a smirk. He twisted his hips around his cock, making Taehyung groan. His thighs quivered.

“Wanna ride you, Taehyungie.”

Tae blinked in surprise, mind reeling at the idea of Jimin beautiful, in control on top of him, and he grinned.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

They both giggled helplessly when he rolled them over, Taehyung falling back against the pillows, smiling big and bright up at Jimin.

Jimin covered his mouth as he laughed, unable to stop as he shook his head.

Taking his hands gently, Taehyung brought them to his mouth. “Don’t gotta hide from me, Jiminie. So beautiful. You’re perfect.”

Jimin blushed, refraining from ducking his face away.

“Show me how good you are, pretty.” Tae murmured, his hands sliding up and down his waist.

Jimin smiled, the playfulness returning to his eyes. “Don’t think you’re ready, gorgeous.”

Taehyung was going to retort, but Jimin lifted himself on his thighs, hovering over his


Tae’s thoughts wandered to Jimin’s muscles, then realized exactly what he was capable of due to that dancer strength. How had he not thought of this before?

Jimin was gonna ruin him, truly.

His hands fell into place on his waist, thumbs rubbing over that beautiful

divet, waiting breathlessly for Jimin.

He sunk down halfway onto him, keeping himself up just from his thighs, and oh god that was - that was so sexy.

“Fuck you’re so sexy.” He relayed, eyes big in admiration.

Jimin laughed, panting slightly, and shook his head.

“You’re ridiculous,” he grinned, pivoting his hips down and down until Tae’s whole cock was warm inside of him again.

“N-no,” he moaned, “just in awe.”

Jimin smiled, fond, leaning forward to kiss him. He latched onto his bottom lip. “Just getting started, my baby.”

Tae just watched in amazement as Jimin maneuvered his hips around him. He was on his knees, lifting himself up and down by sheer strength in his thighs. Tae assisted where he could, lifting him by his waist, cushioning his ass with his palms, holding him close.

Mostly, he

just wanted to touch him with any excuse possible.

Jimin’s motions grew rougher and messier, exhaustion catching up with him as he slammed his ass onto his cock, crying out desperately. Taehyung could only moan Jimin’s name over and over, relishing in every motion.

“Tae, Tae, baby, fuck,” He whined, hands finally pressing against his chest as support. Taehyung laced their fingers together, encouraging him.

“Doing so good, so good, feel so /fucking/ amazing. God, you’re incredible.”

Jimin angled his ass, pushing in

and his eyes shot open, hitting his prostate just right. He cried out and Tae realized what was happening, thrusting up into the same spot again and again.

Jimin whined, scrambling above him and staring at Taehyung with his mouth open. “Shit, oh my god,” he sobbed,

“R-right there, yeah, oh-“ and Jimin kept leaning forward, letting Tae take control with his thrusts, holding him in place by his waist so he could reach that sweet spot. “Taehyungie” he whimpered, biting down on his skin, making Tae groan and thrusting in harder.

Jimin was curled over him, panting, and Taehyung took the opportunity to wrap his hand around his cock again. Jimin shouted as he pumped it while fucking into him.

“Come for me, baby.”

He murmured sweetly, lovingly, and Jimin kept eye contact as he did what he was told.

He clenched around his cock, shuddering breaths leaving him as he made a mess over Tae’s hand and stomach. Taehyung didn’t stop stroking him until he had finished.

Jimin took a moment before lifting himself off of his cock, pulling Tae up with him. He followed,

giving him a questioning look.

Jimin turned around, on his hands and knees, and glanced back over his shoulder. “Want you to come, too. Come for me... /in/ me...”

Taehyung was still painfully hard, hands groping Jimin’s gorgeous ass in front of him, practically begging

for him. He kissed his back, lining up again, leaving little bite marks. “You’re sure?”

“Yes, baby, want you to finish in me.”

Tae groaned, pushing back into his abused, red ass. “I’m almost there, Jiminah.”

His strokes were messy, tired, but god he felt so good.

Jimin’s ass in the air, perky against him. Tae was close, but he wanted Jimin closer when it happened. He pulled him up, pressing his chest to his back, lips attached to his neck, crying out his name as he came.

His last thrusts were weaker, Jimin urging him along with

his hands tangled in his hair.

There wasn’t a moment before Jimin was pulling himself off and turning so he could pin Taehyung back down on the bed and kiss him senseless.

They were lazy and sloppy and making a mess on each other from Jimin’s cum still on his stomach, but

it was more perfect than they ever could have imagined.


Jimin giggled as Taehyung’s mouth went to his waist, kissing tenderly along each forming bruise. “Sorry,” he murmured, touch grazing lightly over them.

Jimin kissed his hair, pushing him back down onto the bed

so he could rest his head on his chest. “Dunno what you’re sorry for, I obviously liked it.”

Tae snickered a bit, fingers threading through the pretty blonde. “True. Plus I kinda like seeing you all marked up from me.”

Jimin turned his head to look up at him and Taehyung

didn’t miss the opportunity to kiss him again. He wouldn’t miss that opportunity ever again. He’d kiss him as much as he could to make up for lost time.

“Me too. You can leave some more next time, huh?” His voice was getting sleepy, cuddling closer to Tae.

But Tae

caught up on those words.

“Gonna... be a next time?”

Jimin glanced up, surprised, before laughing loudly, hitting his chest. “I told you I loved you, TaeTae, I wasnt really imagining this as a one night stand.”

Tae blushed, but felt his heart ache in his chest.

“Tell me again?”

Jimin smiled, ear to ear, and kissed him. “I love you.” And kissed him. “I love you.” And kissed him. “I love you.” And kissed him.

“I love you too. So much.”

Jimin smiled bigger somehow, eyes filled with stars.

Jimin yawned, then, causing Tae to laugh. “C’mon, we should probably clean ourselves up before bed. And... change the sheets.”

Jimin sighed but got up all the same, a little shaky on his legs. “Shit that was an intense workout I guess.”

Tae laughed, throwing the condom

in the trash. “Yeah, we won’t need to go to the gym anymore.”

Jimin smirked, taking his hand. “Hmm, good point. If you come shower with me, maybe we can fit in another.”

Tae’s eyes widened, shaking his head in disbelief. “You are insatiable, you little monster.”

“You love it,” Jimin tossed over his shoulder, leading him to the bathroom.

Taehyung smiled, watching him, his whole body filled to the brim with warmth. Adoration. Love.

“I do.”
- the end -
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