OK, I'll stop there - I'm sure there are more.

And this is not a 2020 phenomenon. A couple of notable cases from the not-so-distant past: Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt and gave execs up to $68M; Sears went bankrupt and gave execs $25 million, etc.
Why do companies reward execs for leading them into bankruptcy? The short answer is because they can.

These "retention bonuses" are entirely legal if done before bankruptcy. So often a company hands out the bonuses then immediately files for Chapter 11, sometimes the next day.
Modell's: closing all 153 stores after going bankrupt. All 3,600 employees have lost their jobs.

It is paying its remaining 12 execs $211,000 in bonuses right before it turns off the lights https://www.crainsnewyork.com/finance/modells-seeks-bankruptcy-bonuses-retailer-prepares-liquidation
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