Reasons to love Johnny Depp, A THREAD :
johnny depp is the best adviser.
Johnny Depp spent £40,000 on coats from his own pocket to keep the pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides crew warm. He splashed out the enormous sum on 500 waterproof hiking jackets costing £80 each for those on the set of the movie, to protect them from the cold weather.
Johnny depp is a genius and this is from 1993.
Johnny Depp surprises 9 years old Beatrice Delap at her school after she write him a fan letter asking him to help her stage a "mutiny" against their teachers, she was smart enough to give him the name of her school, he whispered to her: "Maybe we shouldn't mutiny today... (cont)
Bc there are police outside monitoring me." He gave Beatrice a hug, joked with the whole classroom about eating lots of candy and not brushing their teeth, asked for a big round of applause for Beatrice. He then strutted out of the room and back into their imaginations. 😭❤
Johnny Depp made a voice message for a 17-year-old British girl sophie who had been in a coma for 5 months; parents of the girl asked him to tape a voice message because he was the favorite actor of their daughter & they hoped playing the message everyday would help wake her up.
No one can keep johnny depp away from his fans (i mean relatives ♥)
The 3 times oscar nominee & 10 times golden globe nominee has made an art of disappearing into his roles. The "GOD OF VERSATILITY".
There's the name betty sue tattooed on your upper arm.

Johnny depp : my mum

Are you a namby pamby?

Johnny : No i wanted to show my father that I'd never leave my mother alone, also the name of your mother would never embarrass you. ♡
Well no caption required, johnny depp the man the myth the legend.
Johnny depp talking to his little fans.
Yeah well, johnny depp kept his promise.
Johnny Depp has brought cheer to the final days of a young boy’s life.

He sent 8-year-old Mark Westwood an emotional video as the boy fought a progressive brain tumor in 2006.

“Keep your chin up, All the best & lots of good luck for the future.” 💙
Well, idk a better man ❤
Johnny Depp talked to locals, held their babies and posed for photos for three hours despite having just spent 15 hours on set filming. Depp also played along with many of the crowds' whims, shaking hands with young and old, getting in photos with disabled people.
Johnny Depp launched his own private investigation into assistant director kevin thomas roy who ran base camp, putting him in charge of all trailers, bathrooms and changing areas for the crew who may have targeted penelope cruz, scarlett johansson with cameras in on-set toilets.
Johnny depp offered a woman to pay her electricity bill for her, the woman was amazed by this kind gesture & politely declined his offer by saying that she had already paid it.
Johnny depp confronted a location manager who berated a black homeless woman with racial slurs because she was in his way. Depp immediately stood up & said :
''You can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you? Who do you think you are? How dare you?''
A makeup artist billie watkins who lost her toes after contracting sepsis and meningitis received a £5,000 donation from Johnny Depp, he donated the sum towards prosthetic toes that will help Billie to walk again, after hearing she had been struck down with the illness.
Johnny Depp turned superhero on the sets of 'Public Enemies', after saving a group of 6 extras who were standing with their backs turned, when an out-of-control car skidded towards them, Johnny slammed into the group with arms spread, shoving them all back before they got hit.
Johnny depp invented fashion since 80s.
It was raining & a little old lady came up to johnny depp & said "I'm such a big fan" He noticed she was soaking wet & asked "where's your umbrella?" She said "it's no big deal i live a few blocks away" He got up & walked her home under his umbrella & then walks back. 😭❤
In 2009 Nicolas Cage was in financial trouble & in a true “that’s what friends are for” move, johnny depp said he will front “whatever he needs” to get him out of this crisis.
Johnny Depp wears the signature silver skull rings to remind himself that life is short and he needs to live every moment to its fullest. 💀
Johnny Depp was one of the stars who donated his earnings to Heath's daughter, Matilda. They were so heartbroken by the young actor's death that they donated their wages for the film to his daughter, Matilda, so that she couldn't suffer any financial issues.
Sometimes, it seems like the only thing Johnny Depp is missing is a damn cape. Apparently, if Johnny Depp had a superpower, it would be "being Johnny Depp."
In 2018, Johnny Depp gave Zoë Kravitz his jacket at the Crimes of Grindelwald premiere, what an actual gentleman he is.
Johnny Depp has paid tribute to the London hospital that saved his daughter’s life who almost died of a severe e coli infection - by donating a massive £1 (some sources say it’s 2 million in total) million out of his own pocket.
Later, while Johnny was filming “Public Enemies”, he took a break to help his friend and director Terry Gillian to play a role in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, due to the tragic death of Heath Ledger. Gillian only had a day and three hours of Depp’s time.
While filming Public Enemies in Chicago, johnny depp struck up a friendship with Mohammaed Sekhani, a waiter at Gibson's Steakhouse. Back in Chicago for the premeire, Depp showed his appreciation by leaving an extra $4,000 tip on top of the $4,400 bill.
Johnny Depp has been getting inked since the early '80s and has more than 32 tattoos mapped out over his body. He said :

"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story."
He (johnny depp) even signed autographs for crowds at the airport while carrying luggage," says editor Steve Cyrkin.
Johnny Depp hires homeless as extras for his movie.
Those high cheekbones, those soulful brown eyes, it's no wonder why Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean costar Keira Knightley calls him "eye candy."
The world record for "Highest Paid Actor" shifts every few years, but in 2011 the distinct honor fell to Johnny Depp. He took in $75 million between June of '09 and June of '10, landing his name in Guinness' big book.
A boy told Johnny Depp he loved his Fedora hat & would like to have one like it. After filming finished, Depp sent a package in the mail. It contained the vintage tan and gray fedora hat and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” paraphernalia for the rest of the family.
Kyla’s mom explains the touching interaction:
“He got down to her level and had a full interaction with her. She looked right into his eyes.

Then he gave us each a hug with a little tear in his eyes and whispered, ‘You know, she’s beautiful.'
-BC Children's Hospital
Last year at a friend's wedding, johnny depp gave a lady who is freezing because of cold weather, his own coat. Whenever a person around him is in need of something or shivering, he never hesitates to give that person his coat to make them feel comfortable.
After filming of sleepy hollow, a one eyed horse called golden eye was going to be killed, when johnny depp found out this he stepped in & adopted the horse in order to save this innocent creature.
Johnny Depp gives gift of hearing with Hollywood Vampires In Portugal, with his friends from the band, they went to do charity work while touring. They helped fit and adjust free hearing aids to 30 patients in Lisbon and Brazil.
In an interview with US Magazine in 1989, johnny depp called his motjer his best friend & acknowledged her hard work & said,
"Her whole life she's been a waitress but i won't let her wait tables anymore"
THIS whole things makes me wanna WEEP. THIS MAN his beautiful HEART & MIND & WORDS. I love him so much.
Johnny depp talking about #GeorgeFloyd murder & #BlackLivesMatter on his Instagram account.
Johnny depp really said fuck toxic masculinity. 💅🏻
Johnny depp visits children hospitals dressed dread to toe as Captain Jack Sparrow. He spent more than five hours talking to every sick patient one-on-one from newborns to teens.” Depp spent four hours at the hospital telling bedtime stories to patients.
Johnny depp was so worried about sweeney todd filming when his daughter Lily was admitted to hopital that he told tim burton to recast another actor for his role but it wasn't needed the schedule was readjusted.
Jed Baker meets Captain Jack Sparrow on film set of POTC 5
Then out of nowhere came this voice ‘Is that Captain Jed?’, It was Captain Jack Sparrow in full costume. They chatted being attacked by an octopus with bad teeth! (Cont)
Jed said : "I will never forget you Captain Jack and hope you always remember me as your number one First Mate you will always be mine.”

Johnny depp invited five Great Ormond Street doctors and nurses who saved his daughter lily rose depp from deadly ecoli, to the party for London premiere of his film Sweeney Todd. ♡
Johnny depp is the god of goth characters.
Johnny depp is the only man on planet (along with brad pitt & tom cruise) who has won people's sexiest man alive TWICE.

Y U P. T W I C E... 💥
Kate Winslet about Johnny depp's behaviour in finding neverland sets. 💛
Thompson died in 2005 and the $3 million funeral was funded by Depp. His ashes were launched from a giant cannon, high over the heads of his family and 280 friends, It was Thompson’s last wish. Johnny confessed have spent $5 million to shoot Thompson’s ashes to the sky.
Johnny Depp joins film project for teen living with stage 4 cancer, make a film foundation premieres zombie film created with johnny to fulfill wish of kid with cancer, depp appears to be playing a doctor who gets attacked by flesh-eating zombies, a role he no doubt relished.
When he rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with kids in Shanghai.
A security guard caught johnny depp vandalizing a 21 Jump Street billboard and was about to report him until he saw that it was the actor himself, defacing his own, well, face. Depp apparently didn't agree with the message that the billboard, featuring his image, was bad.. (cont)
to kids, billboard featured Depp holding a gun with the slogan, "Other Kids Pack Lunch" He saw that and didn't like it, so he and his buddy decided to paint over it with some brushes and rollers. They ended up painting over the gun and turning Johnny into Groucho Marx. 😌💞
Throwback: April 3, 1995 | Johnny Depp arrives to the premiere of his film Don Juan DeMarco, already 10/10 over everything and everyone, some savage sass & ZERO FUCKS WERE GIVEN.
Johnny Depp makes a lot of friends, and when he makes them, they're friends forever. He takes care of those he loves. He said, "If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them."
Johnny Depp who barely ever speaks of his charity work because he doesn't do it for attention, made an exception to deliver a heart-felt message for all children's in hospital and for their parents.
To top it all off, that beautiful moment in which Johnny depp referred to his fans as being his soldiers in venice 2019 : "Its beyond touching. These people have kept me alive for a long long time, they've been my soldiers, i adore them." 😭
johnny depp's hands & rings are in league of it's own. NO COMPETITION. PERIOD 🤤
Johnny depp is the most prettiest 90s icon and thats on period 💘
Johnny depp in his 50s still puts 20 years old models to shame. We have no other choice BUT TO STAN 🔥
Johnny depp's versatility level isn't just limited upto his filmography, have a look at his fashion sense & hair styles.
The way Johnny depp respects & adores children, women, pregnant women, older women. 💚
After scenes in which Gilbert was cruel to his mother, johnny depp would call darlene cates at her hotelti apologize. "I thought it was so funny,” says Cates, ‘What a tribute to his kindness that he would take the time to consider that I might be hurt by what he said."
"School is a weird thing, I’m not sure if it works. There are a lot of teachers who don’t care about teaching, and it’s impossible for children to learn when they’ve got a teacher who’s just there for the money."

Johnny Depp is my mentor ♥
Johnny Depp was part owner of the Viper Room, he performed a heartbreaking tribute to his friend River Phoenix after the his untimely death. Depp would close the Viper Room every year on Halloween night as a memorial for Phoenix.
Johnny depp melts my heart with his kindness 🥺🖤
In 2019, Johnny Depp buys & signs expensive champagne for couple returning from Paris anniversary trip,

"He wished us a happy anniversary and a happy new year, he even gave me a hug and posed for pictures. It was a perfect end to the anniversary celebration."
Johnny depp managed to help 3 strangers that were imprisoned for a murder they didn't commit
"If there was the tiniest sliver of doubt of their innocence, I wouldn't be here," he said this after being asked why he supported them.
Johnny Depp received the "Courage to Care Award" for their commitment to children & children's charities.
Johnny Depp actually has a fossil named after him. A British scientist David Legg found a 505 million-year-old fossil that reminded him of Edward Scissorhands even down to its large, scissor-like claws. Being a fan of Depp, he decided to name the fossil Kooteninchela deppi.
Johnny Depp spent his 54th birthday by visiting a hospital, he's too good for this world, is he even real?????
Johnny Depp was a co-owner of the Viper Room, while he was still the owner, Johnny would randomly give out $50 & $100 bills to homeless people outside of the club for food and basic needs.
Johnny depp is way TOO precious for this world.
Johnny depp draws cute hearts 💓💕💖💗💘💝💞
Johnny depp with Captain Jack Sparrow lookalike costume shop owner George Prince.

"Everyone was calling out that I should be his double and he said 'I would love him to be my double'."
The way johnny depp humbly sits to reach the height of his little fan.
Johnny Depp bottle feeding an orphaned cute baby bat in Australian Bat Clinic helping us raise awareness for bats asking the caretakers all the details surrounding the animal's adventure. The bat was wrapped in a green blanket and took sips out of a teeny tiny yellow bottle.
Even more adorable, johnny depp is actually sponsoring lil pal who is named Jackie Sparrow, he seemed to be taking his daddy responsibilities very seriously. "There's a little bit more in there sweetheart," "There's a little bit more."
This is Denise Pearson, a female Johnny Depp look-alike who has been impersonating Depp & his various characters since 2003. Thank you @AndyKrolock for pointing it out, i mixed up 2 stories 😅
"The actor appeared to offer assistance to a woman struggling to manage two children and all of their luggage" (dec 2019) 🥺🥺💛
Johnny Depp accepting People’s Choice Award for ‘Favorite Movie Icon’ 2017 :
"I came here for one reason tonight & one reason only. I came here for you, the people who through whatever good times or bad, you know, have stood by me, trusted  me" ♥
"The people choice’s, the one and only and one of my personal favorites, Johnny Depp.” 💜
Johnny depp has been nominated for people's choice awards 18 times out of which he won his 14 nominations, people's favorite for a reason :)
The way johnny depp is comforting this lady in an Italian tv show ce posta per te early this year is just so beautiful. Imagine not stanning this guy, can't relate.
Johnny depp kneels in front of two siblings whose father died in an accident last year and took two of his own bracelets & wrapped around their hand 🥺🥺♥
“These bracelets are very important to me, when I’m in dark days and I’m sad, I look at these bracelets offered to me by my fans and I remember that I’ve a whole army behind me. It gives me courage.”
— Johnny Depp on Ce Posta Per Te 2020
Johnny depp gave the two orphaned kids special gifts, a university scholarship for girl and a professional course for the boy to learn the barber profession in ce posta per te 2020.
Johnny gives another of his bracelets placing now on mother of two kids' wrist in ce posta per te 2020.
In venice film festival 2019, johnny depp sweetly greets a disabled lady who had been waiting for him outside, the way he holds her, I'm not crying my eyes are sweating i swear to God.
Johnny depp making a fan feel special in deauville 2019
Johnny depp's dedication & devotion for his film roles is something else. Woah!
Johnny depp appreciating his fans in berlin 2020 :

"It ain't the billionaires involved. It ain't the studios involved. It ain't all that. The real power, it's with these people They're the ones that keep u afloat & they've kept me afloat for a long time."
Irony how he's holding a thing that says stop violence against women but if you look clearly at his finger which was chopped off because of a woman's violence that resulted in MRSA contraction & surgeries for repairing. Hope his name will be cleared & justice will be served.
Throwback to oscars 2004, when johnny depp brought his mother betty sue to the red carpet when he got his first oscar nomination. Mama's lil boy 💛
Johnny depp to a fan who waited for him since 8 am : “Oh you’re freezing. I’m so sorry angel”

Every single time johnny depp had to be pulled away from signing for fans (RIP Jerry Judge)
Johnny Depp donates signed guitar for The Hope Foundation, raising €4,800 for street and slum children in Kolkata, India.
In December 2019, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper signed an electric guitar for Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding, who help get teenagers off the streets and teach them the arts.
I don't know a better human being, I'm proud to idolize him, so in short, stan johnny depp for good luck, clear skin & good grades ✨
Amidst chaos the true treasure of a person johnny depp is he not only keeps his words & signs autographs for all fans but stops when he see any kid become frightened. He saves a child from being trampled at Transcendence LA Premiere.
'It was the best experience of my life' aussie mum who's gradually covering herself in johnny depp tattoos has a dream come true when he signs her leg so she can get it inked. Bending down on his knees, johnny took the time to sign the portrait.
Johnny Depp puckered up for a kiss at the ‘Transcendence’ premiere in LA, delighting a fan who had written ‘Kiss Here’ and drawn a circle on her cheek by planting a smacker on her face.
"Sure i find it touching honestly but awards are not as important to me as when i meet a 10 years old kid who says I LOVE CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW, that's the real magic for me." - johnny depp 🌈
A fan "maria", was waiting for Johnny depp outside the Hotel Eden in Rome but when he exited the building he was held back by his security team. However the actor decided to return to meet Maria, where he kissed her on the hand, took pictures and gave her a hug.
If smoking is art, johnny depp is the picasso of it
Johnny Depp rescues little girl from paparazzi, A little girl began crying when she was shoved out of the way, but Johnny made his way through the crowd to put a protective arm around her. He chewed out the photographers & made sure she was alright. He posed for a photo with her.
Johnny depp gets a big hug from his youngest japanese fans who were dressed up as chipmunk at Narita International Airport 😭❤
Johnny Depp met his Japanese doppelganger when he arrived at Narita International Airport. The lookalike was lucky enough to get Johnny's autograph as he stopped, shook hands, posed for photos and chatted with the huge crowd adoring fans for 15 minutes.
"During six months of my first pregnancy, I spent every day with him while we shot Pirates of the Caribbean. My husband & I will never forget the sweetness, protection & kindness he treated me with during every single step of that process." ♥
- Penelope Cruz on johnny depp
Whitney took the next step with Johnny Depp & gave him a big kiss on the cheek, which left her with a big smile on her face & he stunned!

“Oh, bless your heart,” Depp said to her. She told newspaper : “He is one of the most handsome, gentle, caring celebrities I have ever met.”
An aussie reporter waited two days in the cold to grab the attention of Johnny Depp on set, "Oh my goodness, you have made my day," she gushed. He tried to steal her microphone & walk her down the dock, despite the close eye of security escorting the entourage to the boat.
Johnny depp being extra cute at dark shadows London premiere
Johnny depp met a paralyzed fan, encouraging her to fight the cancer. NOTHING CAN TOP THIS
Johnny depp makes his fan feel special 💛😭
Johnny depp meeting fans in Australia 2015.
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