Let's get into this,

Let's travel country by country and ask ourselves why the african continent hasn't collectively declared a state of emergency over male violence that girls and women are enduring

12. Welcome to the republic of Namibia where a total of 3164 rape cases were reported since last year and 1 121 cases are child molestation.

So why hasn't @hagegeingob declared an emergency state over rape? https://www.namibiansun.com/news/our-rape-crisis2019-11-07
14. Welcome to Zambia, where 10 girls are at least raped every week within a culture blaming women
.Last year, total of 6,139 cases with 583 cases of child molestation

Why hasn't @EdgarCLungu declared a state of emergency?

Read the police report:

20. Let's stop in the pearl of Africa. Welcome to Uganda where not so long ago women were in the streets protesting over high femicide cases. 34% increase from 13118 to 17567 cases.

@StateHouseUg When is @KagutaMuseveni declaring a state of emergency?

21. Now we just landed in Tanzania where 5500 girls were expelled from school because of pregnancy. And teen pregnancies continue to double.

A recent report show rape cases stood at 7645 cases.

When is @MagufuliJP declaring a state of emergency? https://pesacheck.org/is-sexual-violence-becoming-more-prevalent-in-tanzania-64617740bbd3
24. Welcome to Togo where child marriage is a way of life. During my recent work on Togo, I learned girls in Togo have to get married after first periods. More than 45% of girls under 18 are married

When is @FEGnassingbe declaring a state of emergency? https://borgenproject.org/tag/child-marriage-in-togo/
27. Welcome to Lesotho,where 90% of all male inmates are in jail convicted of rape, according to Gender Minister
61% of women are reported to have experienced sexual violence

The prime Minister himself is accused of murdering his ex wife so who do I @?

38. Welcome to the republic of Sudan when last year 9300 cases of GBV were reported: yes 25 women per day are abused

During the recent revolution, military used rape to silence women

@SudanPMHamdok when are you declaring an emergency state for women? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-africa-48634150
39.Welcome to Cape Verde where two women were recently raped there while on vacation. 18% of girls live child marriages, 34% of women live with sexual violence from intimate partners

@PresidenciaCV when are you declaring an emergency state for women?

40. Welcome to Central African Republic where rape is the first used weapon of war used on women. 1 in 3 women is raped every hour and her genitals destroyed.

@FirminNgrebada do you know when the government is declaring a state of emergency for women? https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/06/21/central-african-republic-wars-most-forgotten-victims
42. Welcome to Djibouti where 93% of girls went through FGM and 30% get married before the age of 18.

When is @IsmailOguelleh declaring a state of emergency for women and girls in Djibouti? http://www.peacewomen.org/node/99195 
44. Welcome to the Kingdom of Eswatini where 2900 rape cases (at least 6 women are raped per day) were reported last year with 2067 cases of domestic violence

@EswatiniGovern1 when is the government declaring a state of emergency for women and girls? https://allafrica.com/stories/201905240504.html
46. Welcome to Mauritius where incest is a way of life. Every year, 500 cases of incest rape are reported and many are kept secret bcz of family secrets

@MauritiusPM when is the government declaring an emergency state for women and girls?

49. Welcome to Equatorial Guinea with 76% of women endure sexual violence with their intimate partners. 45% of girls endure child marriages

When is @PresidentObiang declaring a state of emergency for women and girls? https://www.peacewomen.org/node/101832 
50. And this is the end of our african continent tour. We didn't stop in 4 islands (for another day). We did 49 countries and one thing remained constant: AFRICAN WOMEN ARE IN DANGER.

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