I'm making this thread because many people have shown interest in learning about the different European subraces. My goal is for people to realize how diverse and unique Europe is and how globalization is threatening to destroy that diversity.
The first thing I want to say is that I don't believe any individual to be pure in the modern times. Most Europeans are the product of the mix of at least two or more of the subraces I'm going to talk about.
That's why my aim is not to portray any subrace as superior or better. Anyone can make their own assumptions based on the facts I present. I'll be citing the sources at the end of the thread.
The second thing I want to point out is that, in order to analyze a race, we must pay special attention on my different physical features.
1. Physical constitution: Whether an individual is prone to be thin, fat or muscular.
2. Eyes: Not only the colour, but also the shape. I have to clarify that the only pure eye colours are blue (light and dark) and brown. In this picture you can see many of the mixes that can occur.
3. Nose: It can tell us a lot about a race's adaptation to the environment.
4. Skull and teeth: Really important in forensics to determine a person's race and it's of vital importance to recognize the different skull shapes within our own race.
5. Skin: Different shades in the colour of skin tell us the degree of adaptation of a race to places where there's a lack of sub vs. where it's typically sunny. Lighter skin absorbes more sunlight in places with not much sun and produces the Vitamin D needed to survive.
1. White Nordid Race (also called Teutonic Race):

At the beginning of last century, all these faces were just classified as "Nordic", even though in many of them you can observe some degree of racial imput from other subraces.
One could argue that they are, in fact, mostly Nordic because they display more or less all the traits to fit in this race.
1.1. Features:
- Stature: Tall (probably the tallest race along with dinarics) as the pure individuals were said to be more than 2 metres tall.

- Body: A very athletic build (the famous Greek and Renaissance sculptures are based on WN bodies). Slender, well-shaped +
and although typically "thin", they can develop musculature pretty easily with the right diet and exercise.

- Nose: Straight (adapted to the cold climate of the north). The famous Greek sculptures also had a nordic nose (both on the front and profile).
- Eyes: Different shades of blue, although pure individuals were said to have ice-grey eyes (this tupe of eyes allow the most sunlight through the iris). Also, the eyes tend to be in very "deep holes".
- Ears: Thin and long (almost Elvish-like).

- Mouth: The lips are thin and well-shaped, typically a darker shade of pink.

- Teeth: Not much difference of shape and height between the teeth.
- Hair: Different shades of blonde. Thin soft hair that "tends to stick to the head" like the man in the picture.

- Skin: All the way from ivory to rosy skin. Contrary to popular belief, WN can tan pretty well and they obtain a golden shade when they do.
- Skull: Dolicocephalic (elongated with little width and narrow temples). The forehead tends to be really straight, broad and almost vertical. The jaw is prominent, well-developed and harmonious.
1.2. Nature and character:
White Nordids are honourable and loyal and they have great respect for nature and order. They are typically warlike (heroic) and disciplined.
1.3. Distribution:
Scandinavia has the main concentration of WN types (with the south of Sweden being the purest) but also Finland, Iceland, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Great Britain and France have many individuals of this race.
However, they can be found in all of Europe. Plus, with fairly recent migration to the New World, WN can be found in North America, Oceania and other former European colonies.

In this picture, the distribution of White Nordid "blood" per country.
The distribution of White Nordid blood coincides with the rates of blond hair and blue eyes in Europe.
1.4. Psychology and spirituality:
Although very intelligent, they can be really innocent to the point where they can be manipulated easily (the myth of the trusting and naive Siegfried).
They believe in a short but glorious life ended with a triumphant death. They have an eagerness to explore and they are racist and family-oriented by definition.

This is probably the most disputed part of the history of any race.

I personally believe White Nordics (and Red Nordics of which we will talk later) descend directly from Neanderthals.

In the pictures, reconstructions of Neanderthals.
And, of course, this race is the product of thousands of years of evolution and deserves to keep thriving and continue its evolution in its natural habitat.
2. Red Nordid Race 🔥
This man from Southern England is probably the perfect example of an individual that belongs to this race. We must compare him with the White Nordid examples I gave earlier on this thread and see the stark differences between the two Nordic races.
Compared to White Nordid types, this race is more robust, stronger both physically and in character. Also, a really passionate and "fire" race which matches their red pigmentation.
2.1. Features:
- Stature: Medium-low.

- Body: Massive with strong and broad bones. Very prone to gain body mass. Short and powerful legs. Short, strong and wide neck.

- Eyes: Dark blue. One thing very characteristic of this race is the small distance between the eyes.

Nose: Shorter and wider than that of WN types. The tip of the nose tend to also be wide and generally rounder.

Ears: Thinner and smaller than WN types.

Mouth: Big. With really thin lips. A narrow or almost non-existent philtrum.
Teeth: Lined-up teeth, similar to WN.

Hair: Orange-red tones. Tends to be a very "rebellious" hair in the sense that it doesn't fall and tends to "stand up" and it isn't as straight as White Nordids' hair.

Skin: Pure types aren't able to produce melanin +

so they can't get tanned. Skin colour varies from pale, rosy and almost red (pink). People who get a blush when they get angry, embarrassed or when it's hot, have some degree of RN ancestry.

They have a high risk of skin cancer due to the fact their ancestors almost never received sunlight due to living in northern climates (Northern and Central Eurasia).

Skull: Brachicephalic. As seen in the picture, this man has a very vertical profile, a straigh forehead +
and a strong and squared jaw. Along with a prominent chin that ends in a "ball".

Other feature worth mentioning is "neoteny". Red Nordics tend to mantain a youthful even when older and often they look way younger than they are.
It's worth noting that freckles and auburn hair (or brown hair with red undertones) are both the product of a mix between this race and Dinarics (of whom I will talk later). The girl in the picture is a very good example.
2.2. Spirituality and psychology:
Very connected to nature. Fire cult. Patriotic, attached to the homeland, impulsive, unpredictable personality, prone to fits of fury and sudden uprisings and they are considered "blood" tempered individuals.
2.3. Distribution:
This race has its main concentration in Scotland and Northern England. If we consider this race's haplogroup to be R1B and from a anthropological point of view, this race has a stronghold in sub-Pyrenean zones and also zones of France and the Atlantic.
The distribution of redheads could be related to blood types 0 and -Rh (frequent in Western Europe).

In the picture, countries were RN traits can be found. Notice how there are infiltrations in North Africa and even zones of South and Estern Asia.
This is related again, to the capability of some Asian to "blush" or "get red" so to say when in certain situations.

We must also remember the red-head mummies found in China and presence of R1a lineages in Mongolia.

In the picture, an Asian man with what I believe is +
a very strong (and ancient) Red Nordid influence, that we can observe in the tone of the skin, the ability to store more fat than the average Asian in certain zones of the face and even its shape. Although I would need more photos of the individual for a proper classification.
2.4. Origin and habitat:
The origin of Red Nordics is probably the glacial mountain ranges of Central Asia, which acted as natural barriers, blocking communities from going escaping southwards and thus meeting with avery hostile environment.
This hostile environment (cold and confined) created this "supernatural" race. They can survive in places where there's almost no sun. They are probably more adapted to extreme conditions than White Nordids due to their pigmentation and strong build.
Red Nordids are often linked to "Celtic heritage" which makes the zones marked in this map a stronghold for this race. As I said before, Atlantic zones. This race is an example of nomadic peoples, whose origin was in Central Asia but ended almost entirely in West Europe.
3. Dinaric Race
I have to begin by saying the man in the picture is not European, but an ethnic Armenian from Syria, hence why the individuals of this race are also called Armenids.

It's impossible to deny the influence of this race in the European racial make-up.
In Europe, pure individuals of this race are probably almost non-existent (the Balkans and Italy would be the purest European cores). However, the majority of Europeans are "dinarized" to some degree.
3.1. Features:

- Stature:
* Medium-low in origin (Middle-East and Armenia).
* Due to evolution and a change in diet and habitat, one of the tallest races along with White Nordids (Europe)

In the picture, the Dinaric Alps (in the Balkans) where this race evolved.
Dinaric ancestry in the Balkans have made it one of the zones with the tallest people (especially men) in the world.
Constitution: Slim, Gracile. Resistant to scarcity. Fibrous, lean and vascular.

Eyes: Brown, medium-sized pupil, short distance between eyes (similar to Red Nordids).

Nose: Big, tall. Typically called "aquiline" because instead of being straight it has a "bump" on the bridge.
There are two theories about the biological function of this nose. The first one is that it allows them to dampen the dry desert air before introducing it in the lungs. The second theory is that they developed larger nasal passages to increase oxygen intake in the mountains.
- Ears: Large. More elongated and rounder than the two Nordic varieties. Tendency to stick out.

- Teeth: Small mouth, narrow set of teeth and irregular outline. Their bite looks like a "V".

- Hair: Black, thick and straight. Very greasy. Tendency to receding hairlines. +
Very bushy mustache.

Skin: Light brown, tendency to tan.

Skull: A variant of dolichocephalism. Very high cranial vault and a receding forehead. The profile has the shape of a wedge with its tip at the nose.

Jaw: Thin, small. Normally receding in pure individuals.
Nature and character:
Calculating, predisposed to materialistic intelligence, commerce, diplomacy and search for the "personal benefit". Easiness to "read" people and grasp their weaknesses.

Cult to a prosperious and long life.
Distribution 🌍:
This race was successful in spreading itself through the world, extended all over Europe, North Africa and from the Middle East to India. The pure strongholds of this race are the Caucasus, Syria, the Balkans and Italy.
Origin 🌍:

Dinarics correspond to the first civilizations in the Near East that migrated to Europe, the so-called "Neolithic Europeans". When they entered Europe through the Mediterranean reaching Central Europe. That's why the concentrations of this race are in those areas.
In the last picture, J2 is the first haplogroup believed to belong to this race, the Dinarids. On the other hand, White Nordids are associated with I1 and Red Nordids with R1a and the most predominant haplogroup in Western Europe, R1b.
You can find more information on these three races considered the main ones in the European phenotype here: http://europasoberana.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-new-racial-classification-i.html?m=1 (an amazing and redpilling blog).

Also, thanks to @einedelweiss for sharing her own work, this is her Tumblr blog entry: https://hollas-blog.tumblr.com/post/617123168012910592/european-races
I'll continue researching about the other European subraces, although the information and sources can be scarce. At some point, I will continue this post. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something from it, that is my goal 🌸
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