BP, one of @GMPF_LGPS's two biggest investments is basically saying that some $17.5Bn of its assets are stranded. It's also a highly indebted company. SHares falling, dividends at risk. Time to #Divest
This problem of stranded assets that we've been warning about for years, is getting ever closer. It's a financial risk for GM's councils who'd have to bail out their highly fossil-fuel invested pension fund.
And then there's the small matter of the #climateemergency that every GM council has recognised.
"Emergency" doesn't mean kicking the tin down the road til 2050.
So we again call on @GMPF_LGPS to get on with the sale of their fossil fuel holdings. Start with coal, the dirtiest holding with greatest stranding risk, and then move on to oil and gas.
There's no time to lose.
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