So many myths going around about cis women atm, I thought I'd do some #Mythbusting

1. Contrary to what you might think, MOST cis women take little interest in who else is using public toilets, our main goal is to do our business, wash our hands & check our teeth for spinach.
Cis women are usually too busy carrying the emotional workload of all the cis men in their lives to give much thought to the genitalia or history of other bathroom users. In fact IT RARELY CROSSES OUR MIND WHEN USING PUBLIC TOILETS. #WildButTrue
2. The demographic cis women are most afraid of is in fact - cis men! Not members of marginalised communities! You see it is cis men who are statistically most likely to rape, abuse, assault or murder us. So we are rightfully scared of them.
In fact, a lot of cis women identify with the struggles of marginalised communities as we all have the same oppressor - (usually white) cis men.
3.Many cis women recognise that gender is a clusterfuck of messiness. A lot of us are trying to sort our own shit out & therefore have little interest in policing how others identify. We've lived with absurd beauty standards for too long & a lot of us are actually just very tired
4. Many cis women are baffled by the hijacking of the word feminism by certain Right wing elements. Some of us even feel that using it to define a group of people who want to deny the human rights of others is a form of gaslighting. Feminism means equality, not extremism.
5. The majority of cis women would dearly love wealthy white men to stop talking for us, making laws about us and policing our bodies. Many of us know that other marginalised communities experience this as well and in most cases have it worse than we do.
6. A lot of cis women have no interest in becoming the oppressor. We are too busy trying to get out from under our own structural, familial, societal and personal oppressions and whats more, we KNOW HOW SHIT IT IS TO BE OPPRESSED.
So, I hope you learnt something about cis women today.
Just to add some nuance in that white cis women ARE oppressors and benefit from and sometimes prop up racist systems. My point was many cis women don't want to be oppressors.
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