Hot for Teacher

Rating: Explicit

Content Warnings: Quirkless AU, Sex (oral and anal), drug use, manipulation

Trigger Warnings: Age gap (8 years), Underage (17 "and three quarters!"), student/teacher relationship

Pairings: Shinsou Hitoshi and Kaminari Denki
Disclaimer: I am not aging Kaminari up to 18 in this thread. If you are offended by this, if this is a trigger of yours, please feel free to not read it. Mute the thread if need be, but do not interact with it if it's upsetting for you. All characters are FICTIONAL.
Kaminari fails epically. Not at school. He's kind of decent at that. More so than his friends believe him to be. But, he fails at coming into the classroom quietly. He's late. Like, "need a pass to get into class late" and to top it off, he's high off his ass and giggling like
a moron as he pulls open the door to his English class. He's not expecting the substitute to /actually/ be teaching. He's also not expecting the teacher to be so fucking hot.

"Holy shit balls," Kaminari's hand slips on the door and it bangs shut behind him.
"Excuse me?" The hot teacher pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Am I in the wrong class again?" Kaminari looks around the room and upon seeing Mina and Sero he shrugs. "Guess not. Who are you?"

"Shouldn't I be asking that question?"
Kaminari chews on his bottom lip, pushing back a giggle (stupid Sero and his dank ass weed) and with his finest finger guns blazing replies, "Shoot."

The teacher sighs heavily and points to an empty desk. "Sit. Quickly. Before I send you to the Principal."
"Bet." He plops down into his desk, which is conveniently located behind Mina, and pokes her in the back, whispering rather loudly, "Who's the hot piece of ass?"

Before Mina can respond, the teacher turns around and address Kaminari,
"My name is Mr. Shinsou. If you're going to continue to be disruptive," he pauses as he looks at the class roster then raises his eyes to stare at Kaminari, continuing, "Denki, you're more than free to leave the class."

Kaminari straightens up in his seat, shaking his head.
"English is my best subject and there's no way in hell I'm walking out of here know what, never mind Mr. Shinsou. I'll be quiet." He makes an exaggerated display of "zipping" his mouth shut and folds his hands on his desk.
"As I was saying, before I was interrupted, I'll be your student teacher for the remainder of the school year."
Kaminari raises his hand, waving it wildly. Mr. Shinsou sighs loudly before nodding in his direction. "Yes, Denki?"

"What's a student teacher?"
"That's--actually not a bad question." Mr. Shinsou tucks a stray strand of lavender hair behind his ear. "It means that I'm on the final leg of my graduate program and this is what I need to do in order to become certified in teaching."

Kaminari raises his hand again.
"Yes, Denki?"

"So like, how old are you?" He props his elbows up on his desk, leaning forward, and places his chin in his hands.

"That's not an appropriate question."

"Do you have tattoos and piercings? You look like the type."

The entire classroom giggles softly, except
for Iida. Never Iida.

Mr. Shinsou actually blushes and clears his throat before responding, "Also not an appropriate question. Does /anyone else/ have any questions?"

Kaminari's hand shoots up again and he doesn't wait for Mr. Shinsou to call on him. "You low-key answered."
This time it's Iida who responds on behalf of Shinsou. He turns in his seat and glares at Kaminari over his glasses. "You are being /highly/ inappropriate Denki. This is unacceptable behavior and as senior class president--"

The stress is apparent in Mr. Shinsou's voice when he
says again, "Yes, Kaminari?"

"Do you have a boy--"

"No more questions," Mr. Shinsou practically shouts as he turns his back to the class and approaches the white board.

"Dude," Sero whispers, "What are you on right now?"
Kaminari arches an eyebrow as he stares at Sero with a confused expression. "You /just/ smoked me out at lunch. What the /fuck/ are you on?"

Sero's mouth falls open and he closes it slowly, nodding. "Right. Right. Never mind."

Kaminari turns his attention back to Mr. Shinsou.
In all of his many years, he's /never/ seen a man as beautiful as him. Mr. Shinsou has to be over 6 feet tall. His hair is a beautiful shade of lavender and it's gathered in a sloppy bun. It looks like he rushed to pull his hair up. It looks good. Kaminari stares a little
harder and when Mr. Shinsou gestures, the sleeve of his button down creeps up a bit and lo and behold, there's a peek of color on his wrist.

Kaminari nods his head, a small smirk playing on his lips. He was right about the tattoos. Probably right about the piercings too.
He would also bet money that Mr. Shinsou doesn't dress like this on his days off, but wears tight jeans and boots and band t-shirts, maybe with a flannel tied around his waist...

"Denki? Denki?"

Kaminari shakes his head, clearing the fashion montage of Mr. Shinsou from his
mind and stares blankly at him.

"Can you please give us your summary on The Great Gatsby?"

"The what? Oh! Shit, yeah. The Great Gatsby. So it's like really sad right? That green light he sees, that's legit envy. And he loved Daisy, but she was a bi-" Mr. Shinsou coughs
politely and Kaminari catches himself. "My bad, a cunt. She really set him up to die and that was tragic."

Mr. Shinsou drags a hand down his face and rubs at the back of his neck. "Please, see me after class Denki."

The entire class, except for Iida, never Iida
let out an "Oooh" in unison.

"Sure thing, Mr. Shinsou." Kaminari winks.
After class Kaminari stays seated, eyeing his classmates with a small smirk.

Mr. Shinsou sits on the edge of his desk, crossing his feet at the ankles and rugs at his tie before beginning. “Look, Denki. You seem like a bright kid. I want the rest of this year to go well.”
“Same.” Kaminari nodded in agreement.

“Then can we agree that you’ll cut out the shenanigans?”

“I’m sorry.” Kaminari holds his hand to his heart. “Did you just say the word ‘shenanigans’ in the year 2020?”

Mr. Shinsou blushes and Kaminari finds it endearing.
“Can we just agree to it?”

“On one condition, teach.”

Mr. Shinsou rolls his eyes and huffs a small sigh. “Which is?”

“Answer one little question for me.”

“Is it appropriate?”

“Depends on your definition of the word.” Kaminari smiles brightly at Shinsou.
“Ask it, then go.”

“How many piercings do you have? I know at least one of your arms is sleeved. The problem with ill fitting dress shirts is they always rise up when someone gestures.”

Shinsou’s mouth falls open, he closes it, and opens again before sighing loudly.
“Teach high school, they said. It will be rewarding, they said.”

“My guess is,” Kaminari hums while he taps a finger to his lips. “Hmm not counting your ears, cuz obviously—“

“Obviously,” Shinsou echoes flippantly.

“I’m gonna count sets as one piercing.” Kaminari counts
on his fingers. “I say 6 but dear gods am I hoping for 7.”

“8. Now leave.”

“Eight?! Where’s it hiding? Ooh, can I search for it tomorrow?” Kaminari wiggles his eyebrows at Shinsou.

Shinsou points to the door and Kaminari stands to his feet, his pierced lip in a full pout.

“I’m not your friend, Denki. I’m your teacher.”

“Only for three more months,” Denki sing-songs as he walks out of the classroom.

Sero and Mina are posted up against the lockers opposite the classroom waiting for Kaminari.

“So?” Mina is the nosiest of the group.
“He has eight piercings and I’m in love.” Kaminari clutches his chest as he swoons, falling into Sero.

“Didn’t you /just/ swear off love when you saw Tetsu making out with what’s her face?” Sero throws an arm over Kaminari and the trio walks down the halls.
“I’m fickle Sero. Wishy washy. Sometimey. You’ve known me since first grade. Why are you surprised now?”

“Hey! Burnouts!” Bakugou yells at them from the entrance to the school. “Hurry the fuck up or I’m leaving your asses.”
“Can anyone tell me how we ended up adopting a jock and his puppy?” Mina whispers loudly, her voice carrying.

“Fuck you Pinky. Maybe someone can tell you how to do a proper smokey eye so you don’t look like a goddamn raccoon half the time.”
Kirishima bounds down the hallway, coming to a skidding halt in front of Bakugou. “Sorry babe. Had to stay after to set up my tutoring schedule. They’re giving me more students this last trimester.”

Kaminari eyes his found family and quips,
“A jock, a nerd, an entry level dealer, a homecoming princess, and a self proclaimed whore all walk into a bar...”

“Am I the princess?” Mina asks as she threads her arm through Kirishima’s.

“The way you always seem to touch /my/ boyfriend makes you the self proclaimed whore”,
Bakugou snaps, his words gentle and joking as he eases Mina away from Kirishima.

“Which one am I?” Sero pushes his long hair out of his eyes and finds four pair of eyes staring at him in disbelief.

“I’m starting to think maybe you’re just an idiot,” Kaminari yelps as
Sero throws his backpack at him.

The five of them trade insults back and forth as they pile in Bakugou’s R/ange R/over.

Kaminari’s house is the first stop. He crawls over Sero to get out of the car. “When someone calls shotgun, the rules /need/ to be respected!”
“Ei has shotgun for life.” Bakugou shrugs nonchalantly.

“Aww, babe,” Kirishima coos. “That’s the sweetest shit you’ve said to me in the 4 years we’ve been together.”

“How gay,” Kaminari gags.

“Says the dude devising a plan to woo our new teacher,” Sero laughs.
“Jesus Christ. Did we somehow travel back in time? What the fuck is it with everyone using outdated language? ‘Shenanigans’. ‘Woo’. Next thing you know Eiji is gonna start describing our behavior as ‘tomfoolery’.”
“That would be Iida,” Mina points out.

“Damn. You right, you right. Anygay, see you assholes tomorrow?” Kaminari closes the car door and takes a step back looking at the bunch.

“Hey, discount off brand Pikachu,” Bakugou leans over Kirishima and points a finger at Kaminari.
“Am I discount or off brand because usually off brand items are /already/ discounted...”

“Repeat after me. I will not try to fuck my teacher.”

Kaminari smiles widely, flashing the little piercing nestled in his frenulum and repeated,
“I will definitely fuck my teacher.”

“You little ass—“

Kirishima pushes Bakugou off of him and smiles at Kaminari. “Do the right thing.”

“Is that Mr. Shinsou’s full name?”

“Whore!” Bakugou yelled.

“Love you too Blasty!” Kaminari blows four kisses and watches until
The car turns the corner.

The next three months are going to be fan-fucking-tasting.

📖 📚📖
Kaminari hasn’t told any of his friends that he has two dreams for after the hell-hole known as high school. The first one: he’s going to a university. Like, already received early acceptance to his dream school going. The second: fashion design.
Oddly, his major is English and fashion design will just be something that hopefully pays the bills and gets him laid by models, so it’s a total win-win!

Since his house is the last stop before school, he has time to try on a shit ton of outfits all with enticing
Mr. Shinsou in mind. His eye for color and pairing odd patterns together always ends up with him looking amazing, but today he’s keeping it a little low key.

He’ll save the high waisted lolita skirt and cat face faux thigh highs as a last resort.
Kaminari decides on a pair of vintage white short overalls that he might have, kind of, definitely “borrowed” from his eldest sister and a baby doll tee (also “borrowed” from the same sister) that had a graphic of bright red lips with a cigarette
hanging from them and rainbow smoke trailing from the cherry.

He dances around his room as he gets ready and just as he’s putting on the finishing touches, a thin leather choker with an o-ring, Bakugou is texting him.

//Blasty: I’m outside twat waffle//
//Pika Pika: Can’t believe you suck Eiji’s dick with that mouth//

//Blasty: Don’t talk about my boyfriends dick. Hurry up or I’m leaving your ass//

//Pika Pika: Empty threats dude. Empty threats//

//Blasty: I swear to god I’ll dump out your unicorn pink bi disaster drink//
Kaminari opens his window and yells, “Don’t you dare or I’ll tell everyone about what happened in 8th grade!”

//Blasty: You little shit. Hurry the fuck up!//

Kaminari - 1, Bakugou - 0!

He thuds down the stairs, screeching to a halt in front of the shoe rack.
In his experience, he has about five more minutes before Bakugou actually comes to the door and drags him out of the house. So more than enough time to decide which shoes go with his outfit.

He settles on a pair of white chucks that have Jesse and James painted
on them, courtesy of their favorite stoner Sero, and is slipping them on when there’s a knock on the door.

“Hold your horses Blasty! Unless you want Ei to know about—“

“—Know about what?” Eijirou is on the other side and Kaminari should have known.
That knock didn’t sound like a battering ram nor did it come with colorful expletives whisper shouted.

“Nothing! Good morning Eijirou! You are looking quite dapper today!”

“And you look like the 90’s threw up on you. Why won’t you guys tell me about 8th grade?”
Kaminari reaches up to pat Eijirou’s shoulder. “We’ll tell you the night before the wedding. That way it’ll be too late to leave.”

“I can always leave him at the altar,” Eijirou shrugs a shoulder as he opens the passenger side doors.

“I’ll kick your ass and then sue,”
Bakugou grunts.

Eijirou giggles and kisses Bakugou’s cheek. “I’d never leave you at the altar.”

“You would if you found out what happened in 8th grade,” Sero mumbles sleepily.

Bakugou turns up the radio, drowning out any chances of continued
conversation on the way to school. They pull into the parking lot, specifically Bakugou’s senior spot that Sero also painted for him, and four out of five of them freeze.

“Dude, is that fucking Shoto Todoroki waiting outside by your spot?!” Kaminari squeaks.
“Oh. Yeah. Forgot to tell you guys.” Sero yawns loudly and pushes his hair out of his face. “I sold him weed like, 3 months ago and we kinda fuck before school starts.”

Four heads whip around to stare at Sero.

“What? He only bought like a gram.”
“He’s an idiot. Like a certified idiot,” Mina whispers.

“See you guys at lunch.” Sero yawns again and pushes open the car door, sliding off the seat and taking long strides towards Todoroki.

“How did /none/ of us know that?” Kirishima stares after the pair.
“The drug dealer and the valedictorian. Emphasis on the dick.” Kaminari holds up his hand and Mina high fives him. “Kind of reminds me of those shitty 80’s movies my sister goes on and on about.”
They all exit the car and split off, going to their separate classes. Kaminari is vibrating with anticipation and hoping that he bumps into Mr. Shinsou in the halls. Instead...

Kaminari groans loudly and rolls his eyes when he sees Tetsu leaning against his locker.
“Move.” Kaminari shoves at him, but the silver haired traitorous fuck is immovable.


“Go fuck yourself?”

“Only if you watch.” Tetsu grins.

“Okay, first of all, ew. Second of all, ew.”

“Come on Denki,” Tetsu whines. “You know it didn’t mean anything.”
Kaminari sighs and shrugs his backpack off his shoulders. “Move Tetsu.”

Tetsu scoots a bit to the left, giving Kaminari little space to push his backpack in the locker. He shuts it and leans against the cold metal, staring up at Tetsu.
“If it didn’t mean anything, why were you kissing her during lunch yesterday?”

Tetsu’s finger slides along Denki’s choker and hooks on the o-ring, lifting it up before letting it fall. “You know I can’t.”

“Bakugou and Kirishima—“

“Are the exception. We’ve gone over this.”
“And I’m done going over it. So go /fuck/ yourself.”

Tetsu yanks on the o-ring, pulling Kaminari forward. “Watch it or—“

“Or else what?” Mr. Shinsou stands in front of the pair. “Pretty sure threatening a student is grounds for detention.”

Tetsu straightens his back
and plasters a fake smile on his face. “We’re just fucking around. Aren’t we Denki?”

Kaminari glares at Tetsu, remaining silent.

“I suggest you take your leave. The first bell will be ringing in several minutes,” Mr. Shinsou smiles warmly at Tetsu before turning to Kaminari.
“Denki, are you okay?”

Kaminari rubs at his neck and nods. “Yeah, I’m good. Asshole!” He yells at Tetsu as he walks away.

“I’ll see you in 7th period.” Mr. Shinsou starts to walk away, but he stops and calls over his shoulder, “Oh and nice shoes.”
“I’m /definitely/ going to fuck my teacher,” Kaminari whispers to himself.

“He did what?!” Bakugou practically roars as Kaminari recounts the debacle from earlier.

Sero inhales deeply and passes the blunt to Mina. “Dude, you missed the most important part of Kaminari’s story.”

“Thank you!” Kaminari claps his hand in excitement. “Mr Shinsou—“
“Mr. Shinsou liked the shoes I did for Kaminari!” Sero interrupts, smiling proudly.

Mina lets out a harsh cough that turns into a giggle. “I think the most important part of this story was—“

“—The part where I decide I’m going to kick that silver haired fucks ass.”
Bakugou takes a huge hit and grips Kirishima’s chin in his hands and slowly blows the smoke into his mouth, kissing him softly.

“You guys!” Kaminari whines. “No one is listening!”

They’re hiding out in the theater, smoking in the sound booth, and sharing
Bakugou’s impressive lunch (brisket, mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus, you know, rich kid shit).

Kirishima is several shades brighter than his hair due to a combination of the weed and the shotgunning, but as per his usual, he’s the voice of reason.
“You can’t kick Tetsu’s ass babe. Believe me, I’d rock his shit, but then we couldn’t become Trojans.”

“Why would anyone want to be a condom?” Mina giggles.

“I—Mina—never mind.” Kirishima shakes his head continues, “Sero, your art is hella dope like all the time.” He pops a
piece of brisket in his mouth and chews as he points at Kaminari. “I’ve told you since sophomore year that Tetsu is a massive dick. But you insisted. And it’s Mr. Shinsou’s /job/ to intervene. It doesn’t mean /anything/. Am I the only one with a brain here?”
“Surprised Bakugou hasn’t fucked it out of you yet,” Kaminari mumbles, pouting.

“Why are you obsessed with our sex life you little pervert?” Bakugou glares at Kaminari.

“It’s because he hasn’t gotten laid since August,” Sero chirps as he pops a couple edibles into his mouth.
“I told you that in /confidence/!” Kaminari smacks Sero’s arm.

“And I’m confidently sharing it with the group. No secrets, remember?”

“Except for 8th grade,” Mina points out.

“Always 8th grade,” Bakugo agrees.

“Not fair!” Kirishima whines. “It’s not my fault I moved here +
the beginning of high school. What happened in 8th-“

“ANYGAY!” Kaminari shouts. “Mr. Shinsou is totally into me! He saved me /and/ complimented my shoes. I bet I can make him blush in English.” Kaminari takes another rip from the blunt and hands it back to Sero.
“Oh this is definitely going on the s/nap,” Mina mumbles.

“Ye’ of little faith. Guys, it’s operation time!”

“Fuck that,” Bakugou scoffs. “If this anything like ‘Operation Ditch Day—“

“—Or ‘Operation Free the Frogs’”

“—Or ‘Operation hook up Bakugou and Kirishima”
“—Which it took 6 months for my eyebrows to grow back in,” Mina scowls.

“Then count us out,” Kirishima finishes.

“How am I friends with your unsupportive asses?” Kaminari glares at all four of them.

“We support you babe!” Mina speaks up. “Just not your dumb ass ideas.”
“Your tomfoolery, if you will,” Kirishima adds.

There’s a short pause before they all dissolve into laughter.

“I hate you all,” Kaminari chuckles as he stands. “Let’s go you two. Class starts soon and I want to get a good seat!”

“I thought it was assigned seating,”
Sero’s brow furrows in confusion.

“It is, but what Denki means is he wants to get to class early enough to flirt with Mr. Shinsou while no one is in the room,” Mina states, clearing up the confusion.

“Bingo!” Kaminari points to Mina. “See you after school losers!”
Kaminari skips down the stairs and rushes through the dark auditorium. He’s never been early for class, but today seems like a good day to create new habits.
He arrives in the classroom early and finds Mr. Shinsou writing notes on the whiteboard. His back is turned to Kaminari and the view is spectacular. His white button down fits way better than the one he had on yesterday and as he writes, the muscles in his back flex.
He's wearing black slacks that hug his ass and thighs /just right/ and Kaminari lets out a low whistle, which causes Mr. Shinsou to drop the dry erase marker.

"Holy Moses," Shinsou places his hand on his chest.

"I didn't mean to scare you," Kaminari smiles sweetly.
"It's fine. You're early Denki. Class doesn't start for another ten minutes." Shinsou starts to bend over to pick up the marker, but changes his mind and squats instead.

Kaminari stands in front of Shinsou, looking down at him with a small smile on his lips.
He sucks on his lip ring, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth and lowers his eyes even more, staring at the toes of his shoes. "So, uh, thanks for saving me earlier."

"You mean, intervening, right?"

"Tomato, potato."

Shinsou stands and Kaminari's eyes follow him. He's
taller than 6 feet tall, Kaminari estimates, given the fact that Kaminari comes to his shoulder.

"The saying is--never mind. Intervening when I see bullying is a part of my job, Denki." Shinsou places the marker on the white board and side steps around Kaminari.
"Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"If I guess where the piercings are, will you answer another one of my questions?" Kaminari leans over Shinsou's desk and stares intently at his face.

"Is the question going to be appropriate?"

"You answered the last one."
"That's not what I asked, Denki." Shinsou folds his arms over his chest and leans back in his chair.

"Two in your nose, snake bites, nipple piercings, a tongue piercing, you look like you have your belly button pierced, and sweet baby jesus please let it be your di--"
A deep flush moves quickly into Shinsou's face and he holds up a hand, interrupting Kaminari. "I'll answer your question, more."

"You'll answer any question?"

"Any question as long as it doesn't involve my body parts."
"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Shinsou hangs his head, huffing an exasperated sigh. "No, Denki. I do not have a boyfriend."


Shinsou lifts his head and narrows his eyes, staring at Kaminari with an intensity that makes heat pool in his stomach. "I have a question."
"Oh, 21 questions! Shoot!"

"Do you ask /all/ of your teachers highly inappropriate questions?"

Denki hums, "Hmm. If they were as attractive as you, I would have, but I mean have you /seen/ the other teachers? They kinda like decrepit."
"Look, Denki, I'm going to be honest with you." Shinsou leans forward in his chair. "I remember when I was 17. I remember having a crush on my teacher, but knowing that /nothing/ would ever happen."

"You didn't shoot your shot?"

"I couldn't. He-they-were too old for me."
"So what you're saying is, you're gay?"

Shinsou removes his glasses and pinches the bridge of his nose, exhaling slowly. "I'm saying, your crush will fade."

"And if it doesn't, then what? I look you up on whatever social media you millennials use when I'm 20?"
"Shouldn't you be fucking with somebody your age?" Shinsou asks, a bit of irritation on the edges of his voice.

"Gods it's so sexy when you swear."

"Denki..." Shinsou warns.

"/Mister/ Shinsou."

"Oh shit! He's blushing!" Mina squeals loudly.
"Go take your seat Denki." Shinsou points in the general direction of Kaminari's desk and places his glasses back on.

"What the hell did you say to him," Sero hisses as he passes by on the way to his seat.

"Whatever it was, his ears are still bright red. Look." Mina points
over at Shinsou, who is busy awkwardly greeting each senior that enters his class.

Indeed, his ears are a fiery red and his cheeks slightly splotchy.

"He's so cute," Kaminari whispers to Mina.

"Class, will you excuse me? I need to step out for a drink of water."
"What the hell did you see dude?" Mina turns in her seat, a wide eyed stare on her face.

"I guessed, or tried to, where his piercings are. I told him he was attractive, cuz I mean, duh. I asked if he was gay--"

"--You what?!" Mina hissed loudly.

Kaminari waves her off.
"He's gay. And then I called him Mister Shins-oh fuck." Kaminari's hand claps over his mouth. "I bet that was it."

"You bet what was it?" Sero asks slowly.

"Guys, our hot as fuck teacher has a power-play kink."

[Reminder to QRT, do not reply directly to the thread!]

“Listen up dipshits!” Kaminari begins, attempting to launch into sharing Operation: Get Fucked (it’s a working title).

The five of them are in Bakugou’s bedroom and Ei and the gremlin are cuddled up on his large bed
while Mina and Sero are rifling through his things doing their best to stifle giggles.

“Remember when—“

“—I swear to god you fucking stoner, I will /end/ you,” Bakugou yells from across the room.

“C’mon bro. You and Eiji have been together for four years. It’s time.”
Sero smiles sleepily at Bakugou.

Kaminari’s eyes widen as an idea hits him. “Bakugou. If you don’t help with Operation: Thot Pocket (still a working title), then I’m telling Ei what happened.”

Bakugou sits up in the bed, jostling Kirishima from his chest. His red eyes
narrow dangerously and he hisses, “You wouldn’t.”

Mina spins in a desk chair and sing songs, “He will.”

Kirishima slowly rolls over onto his side to stare at Kaminari with bloodshot eyes. “You know he’s not gonna agree to help.”

Kaminari paces the large room, humming softly.
“Sero, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he have one of those bunk beds that had a desk underneath when the ‘incident’ happened?”

“You little shit—“ Bakugou growls.

Mina interjects, “Yes! And it was on the opposite side of the room.”
“Alright so, boom.” Kaminari pauses for dramatic effect, smirking at a seething and quickly reddening Bakugou. “It’s his 14th birthday right? His lovely mother—“

“—Fucking hag,” Bakugou spits out, cutting across Kaminari.

Kaminari rolls his eyes and continues,
“She goes out of her way to text us individually, probably because she has no clue how to do a group text but I digress, she tells us that she would like us to come over to surprise Bakugou. We agree.”

“I swear to gods I will /end/ you, you pocket sized prostitute.”
“Empty threats dude. Empty threats.” Kaminari squeals as Bakugou flies from his bed, tackling him to the ground. “Tag in Sero! He can’t stop us all!”

Sero rushes to the opposite side of the room, shouting excitedly, “We get here at the same time and his mom lets us in.”
Bakugou straddles Kaminari’s thighs and points at Sero, “I will k/ill you.”

“Babe, I swear on my life if you don’t let them finish this story you’ll be without sex for so long you’ll start believing you’re a fucking eunuch.”

Mina nods her head and whispers, “Nice.”
Bakugou clenches his jaw, but remains quiet, glaring at Sero.

“We decide to surprise him. Just burst in his room and yell, ‘SURPRISE!’ or some shit. Who knows.”

“What else would you yell?” Kirishima sits up on the bed, fully engrossed in the story.
“I’m multicultural so I wanted to yell ‘feliz cumpleaños’,” Mina cuts in, “but these two monolingual bitches...” she rolls her eyes and continues scrolling through her phone.

“Anyway, we burst into his room, right?”
Kaminari continues the story, very cautiously, seeing as how Bakugou was still sitting on him, “And he yells, ‘get out! Get the fuck out!’ But we’re already in here. And it’s Sero who asks—“

Mina drops her voice an octave and speaks painstakingly slowly, “Dude +
where the hell are your pants.”

Kirishima’s eyes are wide with intrigue. “Where /were/ his pants?”

“Around his ank—“ Bakugou’s hand covers Kaminari’s mouth, muffling his response.

“But that’s not the worst part Eiji.” Mina grins. “The little horndog has Y/ouTube +
playing on his TV.”

“So he was watching porn?” Kirishima crosses his arms over his chest, pouting. “That’s not worth keeping a secret for four yea—“

“How to auto-fellate on the first try with five easy steps!” Sero interrupts, laughter peppered in between each word.
Kirishima claps a hand over his mouth, swallowing his laughter. “”

Kaminari licks a long stripe across Bakugou’s palm, effectively removing his hand from his mouth and yells out, “We caught him trying to suck his own dick!”
Mina is laughing so hard, her mascara is leaving pink streaks down her cheeks. “But-but we were so shocked, that we just stood there a-and he was trying so hard to pull up his pants while yelling at us to leave that h-he /fell/ off the bed.”

“Holy shit...” Kirishima’s
shoulders shake with silent laughter.

“Oh it gets worse Ei,” Kaminari informs him.

“How can it get /worse/?”

Sero, doubled over from laughter, gasps out between breaths, “He hit the floor so hard, his mom came running up the stairs. Mind you, his little dick is still out—“
“Fuck you, ‘little dick’. It’s massive,” Bakugou grumbles.

“You’re goddamn right it is,” Kirishima agrees.

“Ew. God you guys are gross,” Mina gags.

“Finish the story Sero! So this fat ass can get offa me.” Kaminari pushes at Bakugou, failing to move him an inch.
“His dick is still out when his mom gets into the room. She starts yelling at him, asking him why he’s ‘indecent’. He doesn’t answer. It’s Kaminari who points out that Bakugou looks unusually pale.”

“More than normal,” Kaminari shouts from the carpet.

“He sits up, holding +
his arm by the elbow and when his mom starts screeching, ‘LET ME SEE IT, LET ME SEE IT’, he drops his hand and his arm is /broken/ dude.”

Kirishima’s mouth falls open. “You...broke your arm...trying to suck your own dick?!” He falls over, clutching his side, laughing loudly.
“We all go with him to the hospital and the whole way there his mom is asking what happened. She’s trying to piece together enough information to tell the doctor, but Blasty here isn’t giving her any info.” Kaminari giggles loudly.
“So when the doctor asks what happened, he’s still refusing. Mitsuki is /fuming/ because she has no clue what’s going on right?” Mina continues the story. “The Doctor casually reminds Mitsuki he’s a mandated reporter and steps out of the room for a call or some shit. +
Mitsuki turns on him and threatens him within an inch of his life and when the doctor comes back in, Katsuki spills the beans. You should have seen his moms face, bro. The doctor brought in the nurse that was gonna take him to get x-rays and asked Bakugou to tell the story +
Again.” Mina’s howling with laughter.

“My favorite part was when the doctor signed his cast. What did it say again?” Sero asks Bakugou.

“Fuck off asshat.” Bakugou pouts angrily.

“C’mon babe! Don’t be like that.” Kirishima straightens up again, wiping his eyes.
“Fine... it said ‘practice safe sex’.”

Palpable silence fills the room. Kirishima is the first to break, laughing loudly. Soon all five of them are laughing hysterically.

“You shitheads. Fine! I’m in,” Bakugou’s laughter dies off as he catches his breath.


Kaminari straightens out his yellow plaid skirt, adjusts his black midriff tee, and smooths down his hair before taking a deep breath and pulling open the door to the classroom.

It’s lunch time and this is phase 1 of “Operation: Pocket Prostitute” or “OPP” for short
(Bakugou picked the title).

When Kaminari pulls open the door, his breath is punched out of his lungs.

Shinsou is sitting at his desk eating, long hair loose and wavy around his shoulders. The sleeves of his button down are rolled up to his elbows and /both/ arms are
covered in tattoos. Kaminari has to hold onto the door jamb when Shinsou looks up at him, glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose...that still has piercings in.

“Ruin me daddy,” Kaminari whispers.

“What was that?”
“I have a question about homework,” Kaminari lies.

Shinsou looks at his watch and then at his food before gesturing to the desk nearest his own.

Kaminari quickly crosses the room and eases into the desk, crossing his feet at the ankles.
“I’m surprised you still have your piercings in.” He points at Shinsou’s face.

“Oh, yeah. Well,” Shinsou shrugs and drags a hand through his hair, pulling it away from his face.

Kaminari grips his thigh tightly when he notices the flash of yellow gems on either side of
Shinsou’s mouth.

“What did you need help with Denki?” Shinsou leans forward on his elbows.

Any thought that was in Kaminari’s mind is long fucking gone.

“Answer me, Denki,” Shinsou’s voice is low and deep, commanding.

“I—the uh, reading!”

“You need help reading?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I had a question about the plot.”

Shinsou tilts his head slightly to the side, brows furrowing. “You don’t understand Oedipus Rex?”

“There’s a part that’s—“

Shinsou moves from his desk and stands behind Kaminari. “Show me.”

Phase 1 isn’t going as
planned. Kaminari needs reinforcements, but they agreed to wait until class starts.

“Uh, I don’t have my book with me /Mister/ Shinsou,” Kaminari whispers, swallowing nervously.

Shinsou squeezes Kaminari’s shoulder softly and clicks his tongue against his teeth.
“That’s too bad. Guess you don’t really need the help then. Do you?”

Okay, pause.

Just yesterday he was rushing out of the room flustered and now he’s acting like goddamn Don Juan?!

“I prefer to have my lunch time to myself Denki. If you’re going to stay +
I insist you make yourself useful.”

Kaminari holds back a smirk when he sees his opening. “Yes sir.”

A bright flush creeps into Shinsou’s cheeks.


“Here are today’s notes. Please write them on the whiteboard, neatly.”

Kaminari reaches out, fingers almost
grasping the papers. Shinsou pulls them back a small fraction.

“I’m not stupid Denki. I know what you’re doing.”

Kaminari sits back in the desk, eyes wide with feigned innocence. “What do you mean Mister Shinsou.”

“Don’t what? I’m being respectful. Or would you prefer your first name, Hitoshi?”

The papers crumple in Shinsou’s hands. He exhales slowly, averting his gaze from Kaminari’s. “You’re 17.”

“And three quarters. You’re what...27?”


“Okay. So?”

“Boys your age...”
“Are sloppy and stupid. Have you seen the dating pool here?”

“I’m not interested in the other boys—“

“Oh, so which boy /are/ you interested in?” Kaminari pulls his bottom lip between his teeth.

“I can have you transferred from my class.”

“It’s too late in the year.”
“There are exceptions.”

“This is the only AP Lit class.”

They stare at each other, tension thickening between them.

Shinsou stands in front of Kaminari’s desk, looking down at him.

Kaminari’s heart races in his chest and he swallows thickly.

“Denki I—“
The classroom door is pushed open and Iida comes rushing in.

Fucking Iida.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Shinsou. Am I interrupting?”


“No Tenya. Denki and I were just discussing last nights reading. How may I help you?”

Kaminari scowls over at Iida.
The oblivious fool sits down next to him and pulls out his copy of incest—Oedipus—and flips through to a highlighted section.

He quickly launches into a diatribe about the ‘inappropriateness’ of the story and Kaminari tunes out, staring openly at Shinsou.

Fucking Iida.
“How’d Phase 1 go?” Mina whispers as she slides into her desk, body turned to face Kaminari.

“Ask Sir Blocks-a-lot.”

Sero shakes his head as he passes. “Fucking Iida.”

“This week is the last week before Spring Break and if I don’t get dicked down before then +
I’m gonna riot.” Kaminari moans loudly as he slumps down in his seat.

“Well, what’s next for phase 2?” Mina pats Kaminari’s arm, trying to comfort him.

Kaminari remains silent.

“He didn’t think that far ahead,” Sero fills in the blanks.

“I wore a skirt today!”
“And you look lovely,” Iida butts in.

All three of them glare at Iida.

“Class. Your last test before finals is this Friday. It’s slightly comprehensive, so it will be addressing the most recent required reading. If any of you need help or have any questions, +
I’ll be available for tutoring after school.” Shinsou smiles at the class, his eyes lingering on Kaminari before sliding away.

Kaminari sits up straight, placing a hand on his chest and whispers, “Did he just initiate phase 2?”

“We have finals?!” Sero chokes.
“How on the goddess’ green earth are you in AP Lit Sero?” Mina Starr’s blankly at him.

“I’ve had a 4.0 since elementary,” he shrugs nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry, you /what/?!” Mina shouts.

“Miss Ashido, is everything okay?” Shinsou glances over his shoulder.
“My entire friendship is built on lies,” Mina bemoans.

“Be that as it may, now is not the time to decipher the truth. Since you’re so graciously volunteering, you’ll be reading for Oedipus today.”

“This is all your fault,” Mina groans, pointing at Sero.
Class goes by smoothly. Kaminari barely pays attention, seeing as how this isn’t his first time reading through Oedipus Rex. When the bell rings, the class shuffles out quickly, leaving Kaminari and Shinsou alone. Again.

“I need tutoring.”
“Your last test scores would disagree.” Shinsou perches on the edge of his desk and folds his arms across his chest.

“The Great Gatsby has so much symbolism in it, what if I miss something?”

“Your paper on the symbolism of the text was beautifully crafted.”
“Why are you making this so hard?”

“Are you easy, Denki?” Shinsou arches an eyebrow.

“You wanna find out, /sir/?” Kaminari smirks.

“I’d ruin you.”

“Oh god yes, please!”

“You wouldn’t be able to enjoy college.”

“Fuck college.”

“Language, Denki.”
“I’m sorry, Mister Shinsou.”

Shinsou sighs heavily and pulls the hair tie off his wrist, quickly gathering his hair into a ponytail. He yawns, without covering his mouth and...

“Oh. My. God. Your tongue...” Kaminari is practically salivating. The Snake eyes piercing on the
tip of Shinsou’s tongue has a purple barbell threaded through it. But, Kaminari almost missed the flat black stud in the middle of his tongue.

“That’s, how many,” Shinsou counts aloud, “1 in my nostril, 1 through my septum, you said you count my lip as one, the tongue +
I assume are two separate.. so five.”

Kaminari’s mouth falls open.

“Like I said. I’d ruin you for anyone else. And that’s not fair to you. If you fail this exam, I’ll know it’s on purpose and I’ll pass you regardless. Enjoy your spring break, Denki.”
Shinsou’s tone is dismissive and Kaminari is so enamored, aroused, whatever the fuck, that he can’t say anything. He quietly gathers his things and leaves the class.

“Phase 2?” Sero asks as soon as Kaminari steps out of the class.

He shakes his head, stammering,
“Fuck the plan. We need Camie.”

Mina gasps. “Not Camie?!”

“Yes, Camie.”

“Jesus Christ dude... are you sure?” Sero is worried and it’s apparent by the small hitch in his voice.

“We’re gonna take a road trip to visit my sister guys.”

“Goddess help us,” Mina crosses
herself, muttering softly.

Bakugou shakes his head emphatically. "Absofuckinglutely not. I am not driving four hours to see that hot ass mess masquerading as a barely functional adult. Fuck that."

The squad is huddled together in Sero's room the next day, listening to Kaminari hatch a terrible plan.
"Please? Pretty please! If you don't I'll--"

"HAH!" Bakugou shouts, pointing at Kaminari. "You have nothing else to blackmail me with you dick weasel."

"Where the hell do you get your insults?" Mina types furiously on her phone. "I'm saving these for future use."
Kirishima, the nerdy savior, pipes up. "I do, though."

Bakugou's head whips over to Kirishima and he squints. "You wouldn't."

"I would, love." He finishes packing the bowl and leans over so Sero can light it. He inhales slowly and holds his breath for a pause, coughing

"Inquiring minds want to know, homos!" Kaminari gestures between the two.

"He's been asking me to bot--"

"I'LL DRIVE US!" Bakugou yells.

"You're welcome Denki," Kirishima smiles sweetly at him. "Now, why is your sister a, what was it again babe?"
"Hot ass mess masquerading as a barely functional adult," Sero responds.

"Yeah, that."

"She's just--" Mina waves her arms around.

"She's..." Sero shudders.

"She's a magnificent human being who always had our back, you ingrates!" Kaminari takes a hit from the pipe and
passes it to Mina.

"I don't count giving me alcohol poisoning as having my back," Bakugou grumbles.

"You're just a light weight dude," Kaminari disagrees.

"She almost k/illed us," Sero points out.

"That was once!"

"By my count, it was five times," Mina objects.
"God I can't wait to meet her!" Kirishima happily states.

"We're leaving tomorrow after school. If you're planning on going with me, your ass needs to be on leather at exactly 3:20 or you can find your own goddamn way home." Bakugou gripes.
The next school day passes by with incident. Kaminari is rather quiet in class, his mind swirling with uncertainties as he watches Shinsou intently. None of his piercings are in, his hair is pulled back in a neat ponytail, and his sleeves are pulled down to his wrist.
Tricky bitch.

Kaminari is the first to finish the exam and he places it on Shinsou's desk quietly.

"Denki, can I speak with you after school?" Shinsou softly asks.

Kaminari wants to say no, but, he also needs to present his sister with as much as evidence as possible.
"Sure. I'll hang back."

"Thank you," Shinsou nods in his direction and begins to grade his exam.

Kaminari sits at his desk with his hands folded, his foot tapping out a nervous rhythm on the linoleum floor. At 3:05, the bell rings, dismissing the class for the next week.
Mina and Sero stand, waiting for Kaminari and he shakes his head. "Tell Bakugou I'll be a few minutes late."

Sero nods and grabs Mina by her arm. "Let's go, Kettle."

"Kettle?" Mina asks, confused as she's dragged out of the classroom.
"Cuz you always come out when there's tea. We'll wait for him out here."

"I hate you so much Sero," Mina laughs.

Shinsou waits until the door closes before he speaks. "I owe you an apology."

"For...?" Kaminari trails off.

"My behavior was highly inappropriate."
"How so?"

"You're not going to make this easy for me, are you?"

"I'm not as easy as you think, Mister Shinsou." Kaminari winks.

Shinsou lets out a genuine laugh. "I'm proud of you."

Kaminari twitches a bit, cursing under his breath as heat creeps into his cheeks.
Shinsou quirks an eyebrow and continues slowly, "You did really well on your exam Denki. My best student out of all of my classes."

Kaminari gulps and nods, stammering, "Th-thanks. I appreciate it. I gotta go. Bakugou is waiting for me." Kaminari stands and moves toward the

"Denki," Shinsou calls out.

Kaminari's hand hovers over the door. There's something different about the way Shinsou calls his name. Something that makes Kaminari's skin feel hot and his stomach tighten.
He gradually turns around and is surprised to see Shinsou standing in front of him.

"Ye-yeah?" He looks up at Shinsou, taking a step back so his body is pressed against the door.

Shinsou steps forward and places a hand on the side of Kaminari's head, staring down at him.
"Have a wonderful Spring Break. Congratulations on passing your exam again." He reaches to the side of Kaminari and opens the door for him. "I'll see you soon."

Kaminari walks backwards out of the class, his breath coming out in small bursts.
Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero, and Mina are eyeing him suspiciously as he walks quickly past them.

"Are you okay Kami?" Kirishima asks.

"Nope. Nope. Nope. Not okay. Need my sister ASAP!"

"What the hell happened?" Sero looks back at Mr. Shinsou.
"He's going to ruin me, that's what the hell just happened."

Kaminari is sandwiched between Sero and Mina, as he is every trip because he’s “the smallest”. However, about an hour into their drive, Mina yells out, “I can’t take it anymore!”

Kirishima is the one to answer, looking in the rear view mirror like a seasoned parent,
“Can’t take what Mimi?”

“If his leg bumps into mine one more goddamned time, we’ll be telling Camie to pay her last respects!”

Kaminari squints at Mina, “Shinsou just pulled the ultimate power move on me and you expect me to /sit still/?! I would expect that from Blasty, +
but not you. Traitor.”

“Traitor?! You tiny—“

They start squabbling loudly, insults being flung back and forth. Sero yawns loudly, waking up due to the commotion, and puts a halt to the fighting by saying, “I asked Shoto to prom.”
Mina has Kaminari in some sort of headlock, Kirishima is leaned over the passenger seat, trying to pry them apart and Bakugou is at 10 and 2, eyes on the road, letting loose a rather impressive string of expletives.

“What the fuck is going on between you and that +
candy cane motherfucker? And why are we the /last/ to know?”

Sero blinks sleepily at the quartet. “Shouldn’t Shoto have been the first to know? So he has time to get a suit?”

“Can we leave him in the desert?” Kaminari asks. “Is that allowed?”

“I think it’s sweet,” Mina
says softly. “I, uh, was thinking about asking Uraraka.” She blushes furiously and releases Kaminari.

“The homecoming princess and the queen of the nerds? Are we in a high school rom-com?!” Kaminari crosses his arms and pouts.
“She’s just, really really cute and smart, and totally a feminist.”

Kaminari sticks his finger in his mouth, pretending to gag.

“Who’re you going to prom with, Denki?” Bakugou gently asks, knowing this is a touchy subject.

“Tetsu asked so I’ll probably just say yes. +
Since all you sons of bitches are already paired up. Troglodytes.”

A long, weary, collective sigh is huffed.

“What?! You just expect me to go alone? It’s senior prom! And I can’t ask Shinsou to go with me,” Kaminari whines loudly.
“I’m telling Camie about Tetsu,” Mina says under her breath.

Bakugou, Sero, and Kaminari gasp.

Kaminari narrows his eyes and hisses, “You wouldn’t /dare/.”

“Would too.”

“Then I’ll tell Uraraka that you’re pretending to be an otaku.”

Mina gasps loudly.
“You crafty little fun sized bitch.”

They start squabbling again, but this time it’s Kirishima who interrupts.

“Did you actually do it babe?”

“Do what?”

“Y’know..suck your own dick?”

Sero pops up, sitting up straight, pushing his hair out of his eyes.
“In the many years since that’s happened, why did /we/ not ask him that?”

Bakugou remains silent, but Kirishima needles a little more. “C’mon. If you did thats hella impressive and I would love to see it in person.” He wiggles his eyebrows.
“I’m going to be sick,” Sero groans.

“Not in my goddamn car,” Bakugou snaps.

“Answer the question babe,” Kirishima pouts.

“I’ll answer it if you guys share something you’ve been keeping from the group...assholes,” Bakugou mumbles.

“I’ll start!” Kirishima claps excitedly.
“I’m salutatorian! I found out last week but couldn’t believe it.”

The car erupts in congratulatory praises, each one of them expressing how they “knew” Ei would be ranked second in their glass.

“I’ve been offered an internship at an animation studio—“ Sero starts,
But is cut off by more cheers and praises.

“—In Japan.”

“YOU’RE LEAVING ME?” Kaminari wails. “We’ve been together since First grade. And you’re LEAVING me?!”

“Dude, you have a passport and a grandma in Japan...”

“Damn. You right. You right. But still!”
“I’ll be leaving two weeks after graduation. And uh, Shoto is coming with me.” Sero turns his head to hide the rose tint that blossoms underneath his cheeks.

“You guys are dating,” Kaminari states.

Sero nods. “It’s been about a month, but I really like him so...yeah.”
A loud chorus of “aww” and the sound of retching (Bakugou).

“Since we’re talking about leaving...” Mina trails off.

“Not you too?!” Kaminari cries loudly.

“Yup! I’m going to C/UNY. Got accepted into their performance arts program.”
“Way to go Pinky. Your performance in the spring play was great.”

Kirishima, Sero, Mina, and Kaminari look at Bakugou with eyes wide and jaws hanging open.

Mina bursts into tears and squishes Kaminari into Sero as she lunges forward to hug Bakugou.

“Get off of me! Are you trying to kill us before Camie does?! Jesus fuck,” he gripes as he turns a soft shade of pink.

“Mine isn’t as exciting as yours,” Kaminari pokes his bottom lip out, grumbling.

“We’re doing this shit because my boyfriend +
wants to know if I’ve sucked my own dick. Spit it out.”

“Spitters are quitters,” Kirishima sing-songs.

“Swallowers get followers!” Sero adds.

“Ya nasties,” Kaminari scolds.

“Says the man who wants to suck the soul out of our teacher.” Mina rolls her eyes.
“Anyway! I’m going to B/erkley. Scholarship style, bitches.”

It’s so quiet, Kaminari has to snap by his ears to make sure he doesn’t have sudden onset hearing loss.

He doesn’t.

“What’s your GPA?” Bakugou breaks the silence.

“My what?”

“And he got into B/erkley.”
“Just fuckin with ya! It’s a 3.98. My S/AT scores weren’t as impressive. 1450.” Kaminari shrugs.

Kirishima quietly says, “My score was a 1375.”

“Way to go Ei!” Kaminari claps him on his shoulder.

“We all thought you were kinda stupid,” Sero points out.
“It’s part of my appeal.” Kaminari smiles brightly and leans against Sero. “Your turn Blasty. Did you, or did you not, suck your own dick that day?”

Bakugou burns bright red and grumbles, “Yes and it wasn’t the first time.”

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Mina shouts, laughing loudly.
“God, I am so in love with you Katsuki. Marry me?” Kirishima looks over at Bakugou with stars in his eyes.

Sero and Kaminari are whispering heatedly about Bakugou’s flexibility and Mina just keeps on whispering, “what the fuck.”
The last half of the trip is silent, thanks to everyone but Kaminari and Bakugou falling asleep.

“What’s the end game, Denki?”

“The what?”

“You fuck Shinsou, then what? That’s it?”

Kaminari hadn’t thought that far ahead. “We maybe date? I don’t know?”
“He’s 25. You’re 17.”

“I’ll be 18 in 2 months and 25 days.”

“And then he’ll be 26, with a career.”

Kaminari sighs and slumps down in the backseat. “I know.”

“So, what’s the end game?”


“We’ve been friends since 6th grade. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
“Why are you so fucking soft today? It’s a little unnerving...”

“You didn’t let me finish! I don’t want to see you get hurt cuz I’ll kick his fucking ass and then I can’t go to school with Ei. So figure out your shit. And remember, his livelihood can be at risk too.”
“Yes zaddy.”

“Fucking pervert.”

“Group dad.”


“Love you too Blasty.”

When the car comes to a complete stop, Kaminari crawls over Mina to run up the sidewalk. He throws open the door to the tattoo studio and bellows, “My good bitch!!”

He hears loud squealing, followed by pained whimpers. “You’re alright. Wash it three times a day +
yada, yada, yada. My best bitch!!” Camie comes flying out from the back, pulling off black latex gloves. She hugs Kaminari tightly. “Does mom and dad know you’re here?”

Kaminari grimaces. “That’s what I forgot.” He steps to the side to text his parents and his ear drums
are near ruptured when Camie squeals again.

“All my babies are here!” She rushes forward and tries to pull Bakugou, Mina, and Sero in a hug but Bakugou is successful in fighting her off.

“Don’t touch me you hot ass mess. I almost died last time I saw you.”
“Aww baby, you still mad about that? I said sorry!” Camie smiles over at Bakugou, winking. “But, who, are you?! Jesus. You look like a high school boys wet dream.” She turns to Kirishima, who is as red as his hair.

“I love her. I love you. I’m Eijirou, Bakugou’s boyfriend.”
“Way to go Kitty Kat!” She punches Bakugou on the arm. “So, who’s getting their dick pierced today?”

“Put your hand down Eijirou!” Bakugou hisses.

Kaminari places his phone back in his pocket and rushes forward again, jumping onto his sister. “I’ve missed you.”
“I missed you too! You want another piercing? Tattoo? Hey! Inasa!” She yells toward the back. “My kid brother wants a tattoo!”

“I actually really want your help with something—“

Inasa yells, hella loud, “If it’s the size of a quarter, it’s on the house!”
“Shinsou can wait!” Kaminari’s face is bright with glee as he skips off to the back.

One lightning bolt tattoo, a belly button piercing (Kirishima), one lonely nipple piercing (Bakugou), and an actual dick piercing (Sero) later...

“Who’s Shinsou?” Camie passes
the bong to Sero.

“Our teacher!” Mina answers as she flips through Inasa’s portfolio.

“Denki....” Camie grins. “You little ho.”

“Learned from the best.”

“Can’t believe you guys are proud to be slut buckets,” Bakugou huffs.

“Hey, Kitty Kat, we don’t shame sex in here.”
“Yeah, Kitty Kat!” Kirishima giggles.

“Tell me all about him!”

Thirty minutes later and they’re all baked, listening intently to Kaminari. Camie nods slowly and points at Kaminari.

“He definitely wants to fuck you little brother.”
“Should I though? Like, what if he gets in trouble?”

“Snitches get stitches.” Camie points to script on her forearm.

“Help me,” Kaminari flails his arms, whining.

“How have you lot helped him?”

Sero answers for the group, “We came up with Operation: Pocket Prostitute.”
“Pocket, what?” Camie rubs at her eyes, squinting at Sero. “What the heck is that?”

Mina speaks for the group next, “We told Denki how to behave coquettishly, but he’s a disaster and was too blatant.”

“Am not!”
“You kinda are, brother bear. Listen kid, if I’ve learned anything in my thirty years of life, men like the chase. Isn’t that right Kitty Kat?” She winks at Bakugou.

“Bitch, I am GAY. A homosexual. Leave me be.” Bakugou glares at her from Kirishima’s lap.
Camie throws her head back, laughing loudly. “Pull back a bit. But, kick up the sex appeal a notch. A bit more skin. Not too much, but just enough! Wear a bit of mascara too. Your eyelashes have me peanut butter and jealous. Play hard to get.”
“Only one problem with that,” Kirishima interrupts.

“He’s really easy!” The squad says in unison.

“Fuck you guys!” Kaminari flips them off.

“Aww I missed my babies!” Camie smiles as she looks at the group.

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Kaminari wakes up Monday morning excited and a bit scared if he was being honest. Which, he’s pretty honest, so he’s scared shitless.

On the way back from Camie’s, they agreed
that Kaminari would enter into Phase 3 of OPP, which is simply lowkey but horny (thanks Camie!).

Kaminari rifles through his closet, moving past ripped denim, shorts, graphic tees, and stopping at his arsenal of Kami Kouture (it’s a work in progress guys).
Today’s outfit is simple: a black high waisted skirt that /barely/ passes dress code, strategically ripped yellow fishnets, muted rainbow suspenders, and a soft pink sheer top with a black camisole underneath.

He can’t decide on a choker, since there’s so fucking many,
and snaps a pic of himself in his outfit, sans shoes, to his sister and then sends pics of the chokers.

//Killa Cam: Yasss bitch! I am LIVING! Look at you, my little ho-tege//

//Brother Bear: Which choker?//

//Killa Cam: Obvs the black crushed velvet//
//Brother Bear: You sure? Cuz I’m really liking the pink spikes...//

//Killa Cam: Have I ever steered you wrong?//

//Brother Bear: When I was four you convinced me Mouse left chocolate presents in the kitty litter//

//Killa Cam: ABOUT DICK! Have I ever steered you wrong +
when it comes to dick?//

//Brother Bear: You convinced me that Sero was into me in 7th grade and that was hella awkward...//

//Killa Cam: Bitch.//

//Brother Bear: The black one it is!//

//Killa Cam: Good luck my little tater-thot! Love you baby!//
A few short honks of the horn and Kaminari is running down the stairs to pull on his black iridescent boots. He takes a moment to look in the hallway mirror, run his fingers through his hair, and yanks open the door to yell, “I’m coming!”
“Not yet!” Mina yells back, head out of the window. “But when Mr. Shin-“ Sero’s hand flies over her mouth and he pulls her back in the car.

Kaminari chuckles as he skips out of the door, ready to start the day and possibly secure the D before May!
“You look like a fucking skittle,” Bakugou grunts as soon as he crawls over Sero to sit in the middle seat.

“Think Shinsou will wanna taste the rainbow?” He wiggles his eyebrows wildly, flashing finger guns.

“What if he’s a diabetic? And can’t eat candy?” Sero seriously asks.
Kaminari blinks over at Sero and shakes his head. “Just...go back to sleep little buddy. Let’s go guys! I’m ready to suck today’s dick!”

“I thought Mr. Shinsou’s name was Hitoshi?” Kirishima peeks in the rearview mirror, holding back a laugh.
“Can we just /go already/?” Kaminari whines as he bounces in his seat.

“Only time you want to be on time is when there’s a hot teacher,” Bakugou grumbles.

“And your point?”

He’s subdued as they drive, going over the plan again in his mind. Either it will work or
he’ll get expelled.

He’s willing to roll those dice.

He’s slipping out of the car and rushing toward home room before he notices the commotion.

In slow motion (not really, but he’s hyperbolic) he looks around and gasps, “Promposal season.”

Sure enough, there are
awkward teens rushing around with V/ictoria’s S/ecret bags and helium balloons that their parents purchased for them to give to their significant others.

Egos of the rejected litter the hallways.

No locker is safe as the Scrapbooking and Collage club had a special before

“Hello, God? It’s me, Denki. Please, if you love me at all, even just the slightest /bit/ let me be exempt from a stupid ass promposal. Awoman,” he mutters as he side steps a wailing girl.

He approaches his locker with trepidation brewing in his heart
and upon seeing it blank, exhales a sigh of relief.

All day, he watches as couples confess their love, people get rejected, and new couples are formed. He dodges the bullshit expertly, slipping past Tetsu’s goons whenever he spies them.

Not today, silver Satan!! Not today!
By 7th period, he’s an anxious ball of energy, even more so than usual, and it shows as he slips into the AP Lit early, shifty eyed and restless.

“How was your spring break?”

Kaminari almost jumps out of his boots and whips around, wide eyed and terrified.
“Jesus Christ, Shinsou. Do you make it a point to traumatize your students?”

Shinsou’s brow crinkles as he stares blankly at Kaminari. His expression changes subtly as his eyes drift over Kaminari’s outfit. “I’m not quite sure your skirt is, uh, appropriate.”
Phase 3 begins!

Kaminari takes slow, calculated steps towards his desk and “accidentally” drops one of his books.

“You dropped your book, Denki.”

He can hear Shinsou swallow loudly as he tucks a lock of blond hair behind his ear. He turns his back to Shinsou, begins
to bend at the waist, but stops part way, clicking his tongue against his teeth. “Ah shit! Almost forgot I’m wearing a skirt! My bad teach!” He bends at the knees and picks up his book, popping up quickly and spinning around to see a red faced Shinsou, looking anywhere
but at him.

“How was your spring break, Mr. S?” He cheerfully inquires as he slides into his seat.

“Uneventful. Yours?” Shinsou’s face is still a bit splotchy as he shuffles papers on his desk.

“Pretty awesome! Saw my big sister. Got a tattoo. A new piercing. +
Sero got his dick pierced, Ei got his belly button pierced, and Bakugou got so fucking baked that we convinced him to get his nipple pierced!”

Shinsou stares over at Kaminari. “You got a tattoo? I thought you had to be 18?”

“My good bitch, my sister Camie, is a piercer +
And the tattoo artist hooked me up! Wanna see?” Before Shinsou can answer, Kaminari is at his desk, a suspender off his shoulder and the waist of his skirt pulled down below his hip. He turns his back to show the tiny purple lightning bolt inked just above his ass cheek.
“Cute huh?” He fixes his skirt and suspenders and smiles down at Shinsou. “Purple is one of my /favorite/ colors.”

“It’s uh, very nice, for a first tattoo.” Shinsou leans back in his chair, putting a bit more space between him and Kaminari.

“It’s not the first!”
“Oh no?” Shinsou quirks an eyebrow, entertaining the teen by engaging in the conversation.

This is where the strategically placed rips come in handy.

He lifts his leg, bending it at the knee, and points to a hole near his ankle. “Squad” is sloppily tattooed in block letters.
“We each tattooed each other last spring break.” He points to a hole in his inner thigh and has to keep from shivering when he feels Shinsou’s eyes slide up from his ankle to the pale skin of his leg. “The cartoon cat is for my cat, Mouse.”
He turns his back again and this time, bends slightly at the waist, revealing the backs of his thighs.

Sunflowers are tattooed on each leg and just under the cuff of his ass is delicate script.

“I-You really need to take your seat or go find somewhere else to eat lunch.”
Kaminari schools his expression before turning around, nodding. “Sure thing!”

On cue, Mina and Sero come in. Mina, the perfect actress that she is, takes a look at Mr. Shinsou and musters up all of the false concern she can, asking softly, “Mr. Shinsou? Are you okay? +
You look a little warm.”

Shinsou jerkily nods his head and pushes back from the desk. “I’ll be back. Forgot my water in the teachers lounge.” He quickly exits the classroom and when the door swings shut, Mina gives herself over to her fit of giggles.
“My mans is legit thirsty as fuck Denki! Did you show him the sunflowers?”

Kaminari nods excitedly. “I know he saw the script under my ass too.”

Sero takes his seat with a slightly bemused expression on his face. “How? You’re wearing boxers right?”
As if the gods are rooting for Kaminari to get laid, he says, “In this outfit?! Fuck no. I’m wearing cheeky panties,” as Shinsou steps back into the class, choking on his water.

“Wasn’t part of the plan but still effective,” Mina whispers lowly.
“I know you three are close, but it’s a good idea to not discuss our undergarments in the class,” Shinsou mumbles as he takes a seat.

“My bad /Mister/ Shinsou,” Kaminari pouts as he apologizes.

“Dude, is that a bra?” Sero points at Kaminari’s shoulder.
God bless the high fool.

“It’s a bralette,” Kaminari corrects. He glances at Shinsou out of the corner of his eye and notices him doing his damndest to appear to not be listening to the conversation.

“But you don’t have enough tits for a bralette.”
“Sero, you uncultured swine! It’s fashion,” Kaminari rolls his eyes and turns his body to face forward. Shinsou is taking large gulps from the water bottle and when he’s done, Kaminari is reading (pretending to) Oedipus Rex.

Students start noisily coming into
the classroom and soon Shinsou is doing that annoying shit that teachers do and asking each person to share about their break.

There’s a knock at the door and Shoji, one of the more pleasant of Tetsu’s friends, is peeking his head into the classroom.
“No, no, no,” Kaminari hisses, looking around the classroom wildly, planning the fastest route for his escape.

“Sorry to interrupt sir, but may we take a moment of your time?”


Kaminari’s hand shoots up and he blurts out, “May I go to the bathroom please?!”
Shinsou looks at Kaminari and back at several of the boys crowding the hallway and a sly smile creeps onto his face. “Are you here for Denki?”

Oh gods, please, no.

“Mr. Shinsou I /really/ have to go. Like emergency!”

“Yes, we are.”

“Denki, don’t be rude. You can wait.”
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Shoji grins behind his signature grey mask (probably) and opens the door wide. Awase and Monoma, Tetsu’s raggedy ass beard, come sauntering into the classroom carrying a large plushie Pikachu, a bouquet of sunflowers, and a sign
that says, and he’s not fucking lying here, “Denkichu, I choose you.”

And to make matters fucking worse, Awase throws a plush Pokeball at Kaminari.

“What do you say, Denki?” Monoma drawls.

Mr. Shinsou’s shoulders shake as he quietly laughs.

“I have to pee.”
Kaminari hops up and pushes past the trio of boys, rushing down the hallway.
He believes he’s out of the woods until he bumps into Satan himself.

“Well?” Tetsu smiles down at Kaminari.

“Have I told you to go fuck yourself yet today?”

“I miss your mouth Denki,”
Tetsu pouts.

“Is that supposed to be a compliment? You Neanderthal.”

“Don’t you miss me?”

“I wouldn’t know, you never lasted long enough for me to miss you.” Kaminari shrugs.

“You’re cute when you’re lying.” Tetsu reaches out and fingers a strand of Kaminari’s hair.
“I’m sorry babe. I’m just not out yet. You know this. But please. Say yes?” He lowers his eyes demurely.

Kaminari sighs loudly and slaps at Tetsu’s hand. “I’ll /think/ about it.”

“That’s all I’m asking for pretty. Let me know by Wednesday. Okay?”

Kaminari steps around
Tetsu and yells as he runs down the hallway, “Sure thing Satan!”

Tuesday, Kaminari pulls out his “come hither” outfit.

Which is really just an adorable above the knee white Lolita skirt, a yellow crop top and his faux thigh high cat stockings with his favorite pair of yellow chucks. He adds a black choker that has the teeniest
little charm of a cat on the neck.

When he gets to school, Tetsu is nowhere to be found thankfully. In class, he’s operating under Phase 3b: quiet and reserved.

He keeps his quips to himself, doesn’t raise his hand when he knows the answer, and dutifully takes notes.
It works like a charm.

“Denki, hang back after the bell please. We need to discuss your homework.”

Mina and Sero shoot him a thumbs up as they exit the class and when the last student leaves, Shinsou lumbers to his feet and sits on the edge of his desk.
“This can’t happen.” Shinsou chews on his bottom lip and Kaminari has to keep himself from imploding.

“What can’t?” Kaminari flutters his eyelashes, grateful for the tip his sister gave him about subtle makeup.

“The overly flirtatious and inappropriate behavior.”
“Flirting? Me? No!” Kaminari waves his hand dismissively. “Before Spring Break mayhaps, but I thought /long/ and /hard/ about you, I mean your words, every day over break.”
Shinsou arches an eyebrow. “You did?”

“Mhm! Well, maybe not because now I can’t remember what you said, but whatevers!” Kaminari hops up and skips past Shinsou. “Are we done here, /sir/?”

Shinsou tugs at the ends of his ponytail before grumbling, “You’re challenging. +
But not hard to figure out.”

“Oh?” Kaminari folds his arms over his chest, tapping his foot.

“You want to be the predator, but you’re really the prey.” Shinsou looks over at him, waiting.

“O-oh?” His arms fall to his sides and he tugs nervously at his skirt.
“See how easy it is for me, Denki? And I didn’t have to carefully choose outfits or wear makeup, or show you my other tattoos.”

Kaminari’s chest tightens and his face falls a bit. “That’s not what I—“

“But it was. It is. You’re only 17.”
Tears sting at the back of Kaminari’s eyes and he hates how small he sounds when he whispers, “But I thought you... before Spring Break you were flirting with me and then you said—“

“I know what I said Denki and it wasn’t okay. You can’t be what I need.”
A tear rolls down Kaminari’s cheek and he swipes it away quickly. “I have to go.” He ignores Shinsou falling after him as he walks quickly down the hallway, blinking back tears.

He knows the squad is waiting for him so he sends a group text.
//Pika Pika: Gonna catch a ride with Tetsu. Go ahead//

//Blasty: The hell you are! Get your ass in the car!//

//Pinky: Noooo don’t go back to that three pump chump!//

//Sero: Tetsu drives?//

//Ei: The important question is what happened to make you want to ride with him//
Kaminari ignores the onslaught of messages as he scours the halls looking for Tetsu. He finds him and his cronies near the computer lab.

“Hey, Tetsu. Give me a ride?” The message is implied, but works like a charm.

His boys also him on his back and wolf whistle as he
saunters forward. “Your place or mine?”

“I don’t really give a fuck. Let’s go.” Kaminari grips Tetsu’s hand and pulls him forward, leading him away from the group.

“I guess you /did/ miss me.”

Tetsu is so self absorbed, so utterly daft, that he doesn’t notice the track
of tears streaming down Kaminari’s face.

“Yeah, sure. Hey, so I’m in for prom.”

Tetsu squeezes Kaminari’s hand tightly and excitedly exclaims, “Seriously? Hell yeah dude! But uh, Monoma will have to pick you up and do the pictures with you and shit.”
Kaminari’s heart breaks a little more as Tetsu’s continues, “I asked Kendo to go too. But she knows I’m really going with you, so it’s cool babe.”

“Totally cool,” Kaminari sighs shakily as he opens the passenger side door and slips into the M/ustang convertible,
buckling his seatbelt.

A knock at Kaminari’s bedroom door rouses him out of sleep.

“Hey Kami,” Mina peeks her head in, smiling softly. “Your mom said you were still sick so I-“

Bakugou kicks open the door, bursting into the room. “We know you aren’t sick. You’ve missed school long enough +
Behind that purple haired, baggy eyed, fuck face. Get your ass out of bed or I’m throwing you over my shoulder and taking you to school as is.” He stares down at Kaminari, eyes narrowed.

“I’m sick,” Kaminari states as he rolls over onto his side.
“No. You’re not. You’re fucking sad and it’s okay for you to be sad but it’s not okay for you to skip class in the last few weeks before graduation.” Bakugou huffs angrily.

“When did Bakugou learn feelings?” Sero whispers loudly to Mina.

“I think Ei taught him,”
She responds.

“Shut up you two. Look, Denki,” Bakugou sighs as he sits on the edge of Kaminari’s bed. “I told you to think this through and now I’m gonna throw away my chance at a quality education because I have to kick Shinsou’s ass. I hope you’re happy.”
Kaminari lets out a tearful laugh and rolls back over to stare up at Bakugou. “You’d really kick his ass for me?”

“Tch. For you? Who said anything about you? I’m kicking his ass based on principle. Who owns that many button downs at 25?”
Kaminari laughs loudly and throws open his covers. The rest of the squad dog piles on the bed with Mina snuggled up next to him.

“We miss you Kami,” Kirishima reaches out and pats his head. “It’s not the same without you at school.”
“Who’s gonna eat too many edibles and then puke later?” Sero smiles sleepily over at Denki.

“That was /three/ times Sero. Let it go.”

“Who’s gonna talk shit about the snobby bitches that can’t dress well?” Mina pouts.

“Bakugou is right here guys!”

“Fuck you Denkichu.”
“Which one of you low budget bastards told him about that?” Kaminari moans loudly.

“We heard from Monoma you said yes to going with Tetsu by the way. So now I guess I gotta kick your ass too,” Bakugou cracks his knuckles.
“No one else asked me,” Kaminari wails.

“I wasn’t going to ask Uraraka so we could go together. But since you said yes... I kinda.. already asked her.” Mina hides her face in one of the many pillows on Kaminari’s bed.

“BITCH!” Kaminari sits up quickly. “What’d she say!”
Mina is muffled when she replies, “Yes.”

“Oh my god! My little lesbian is growing up!” Kaminari coos, clapping his hands excitedly.

“Move your ass. We’re /all/ skipping school today to go shopping for prom.” Bakugou reaches in his pocket and pulls out a black card.
“Courtesy of the hag. I don’t know why, but she loves you fucking morons.”

“Did I /really/ say yes to Tetsu?” Kaminari slaps a palm to his face.

Kirishima nods. “Yup. He’s probably going to want to wear matching jerseys or some shit.”

Kaminari lets out a loud laugh.
“Good thing Monoma is going to be taking pictures with me.”

Bakugou scoffs, “The fuck he is. That little smarmy asshole isn’t getting anywhere near our prom pictures.”

“Our?” Kaminari smiles over at Bakugou.

“You heard me dumbass. Now get dressed. Or I’m letting +
Sero pick out your suit for prom.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Sero looks down at his clothes. “Never mind. You’re right.”

AP Lit isn’t as interesting for anyone else anymore thanks to Kaminari actually focusing on his work and less on Shinsou.

The first day back in class Kaminari keeps his head down as he speeds past Shinsou’s desk, ignoring the “welcome back”.

After class, Shinsou
had the audacity to ask if he was feeling better, but before Kaminari could answer, Mina shoots daggers at Shinsou and pulls Kaminari away.

The second day, Kaminari is a bit brighter thanks to Sero’s stash and his own lunch from Mitsuki (“I told the hag you were sad.”)
Shinsou is a little more antsy than usual, dropping papers, stuttering a bit, and finally letting the class read silently while he asks to speak with Kaminari.

“No,” Sero doesn’t look up from the book.

“I wasn’t asking your permission Hanta,” Shinsou retorts.
“Well good, because you don’t have it.” He dabs his tongue against his index finger and turns the page.

Kaminari smiles fondly at Sero before staring blankly at Shinsou, shrugging his shoulders as if it to say, “Well?”
The day of prom is a half day. They’re watching To Kill a Mockingbird, one of Kaminari’s favorite books, when Shinsou slides up next to his desk and whispers, “I need to speak with you. Now.”

Mina and Sero are fast asleep, as well as the rest of the class, and
Kaminari has no choice but to nod and follow Shinsou into the hallway.

“Let me start by apologizing—“

Kaminari shakes his head. “Don’t. I’m over it. It doesn’t really matter does it? You’re my teacher so...” he trails off.

Shinsou rubs at the back of his neck, shifting his
eyes away from Kaminari. “Uh, I just wanted to let you know I’m chaperoning tonight.”

“Okay.” Kaminari reaches for the door and Shinsou rushes out,

“I don’t want your night to be ruined so I really hope you have fun.”

Kaminari’s stomach tightens and he drops his hand
back to his side. “Why would my night be ruined?”

“It was a dick move of me to let those guys ambush you like that. Monoma doesn’t really seem like your type so I assumed you’re going by yourself.”

Kaminari laughs harshly. “He /isn’t/ my type so I’m not going with him.”
“You said no?” Shinsou sounds almost hopeful.

“No. I said yes to the one that was really asking me.” Kaminari folds his arms over his chest and stares up at Shinsou with a smug expression.



“The guy from that one time?!” Shinsou straightens up
Staring down at Kaminari with an unreadable expression.

“Yup. That very same one. Now if you excuse me, I really love Scout and Boo Radley and I don’t want to miss anymore of the film.” He pushes past Shinsou and leaves him in the hallway.
“What happened?” Mina blinks blearily once Kaminari jostles her awake.

“He seemed upset about me going to prom with Tetsu, that’s what happened.”

“Fuck him,” Sero yawns. “We meeting at Mina’s to get ready, right?”

“That’s the plan!” Mina chirps.

“Alright. I’ll tell
Shoto to meet us here then.”

Bakugou and Kirishima are the first to finish getting ready. They have on matching dark red suits and Bakugou actually convinced Kirishima to not spike his hair, so it’s pulled back in a nice ponytail.

Mina is next, her mother having had already sewn in extensions and completed
her makeup as soon as she got home. She’s wearing a skin tight pink gown with a smattering of shimmers in the material and matching strappy stilettos.

Sero is next, wearing a sleek black suit with his long hair /finally/ pulled back out of his face in a low ponytail.
And in flourishing Kaminari fashion, he’s last, decked out to the nines in tailored slacks that taper at the ankles, a yellow dress shirt, black bow tie, and his hair done up in a pompadour.

“Let’s go bitches! Time to fuck shit up.”

The five of them get into the
R/ange R/over and pull up to the school fashionably late.

Prom is well underway when they arrive. Seniors are gathered outside, taking pictures in large groups, laughing, and squealing loudly as they spot their friends.

Shoto is waiting at the entrance
in the same matching suit as Sero, awkwardly holding an Osiria rose pin that matches the corsage on his wrist.

Sero blushes as he allows Shoto to pin the rose to him and when they’re done, the squad, including Bakugou, let out a loud chorus of “Aww”.
Uraraka meets them inside and Kaminari has to admit that the pair looks lovely together. Monoma is nowhere to be seen, thank God, but Kaminari is looking around for Tetsu.

“Fuck him. Let’s take pictures!” Mina grabs Kaminari by his arm and pulls him over to the
photographer. The rest of the gang follows and while they’re waiting in line, Kaminari spies Tetsu.

He waves, trying to get his attention and Tetsu walks past, ignoring him.

“Don’t worry about it dude, let’s just take our pictures.” Sero throws an arm over his shoulder
And Kaminari relaxes a bit.

They spend several minutes fussing over poses before the photographer yells out “LOOK OVER HERE” and starts snapping pictures. “Thank God you guys are done. Move it,” he jerks a thumb to the side and Bakugou angrily flips him off.
They make their way to the middle of the gym and Kaminari smiles widely as he sees Tetsu sitting at a table with his friends. He makes a beeline for the group, and unbeknownst to him, his friends are close on his tail.
“Hey! I was waving to you earlier but you passed right by me.” Kaminari smiles down at Tetsu.

“Sure did.” Tetsu snorts as he avoids Kaminari’s gaze.

“Oh-Kay. Uh, you wanna take a picture together?” He straightens out his bow tie and shifts his weight on his feet.
“Why the fuck would I want to do that?”

Kaminari’s jaw drops. “You asked me to prom. Did you not?”

“As a fucking joke. Jesus. Get off my dick, Kaminari.” Monoma laughs loudly and high fives Tetsu.

The color drains from Kaminari’s face and the sounds of the gym grow
muffled as his ears start to ring.

He turns to leave the gym when he bumps into Bakugou.

“What are you doing Katsuki?”

Bakugou ignores him as he shrugs out of his coat, unfastens his cuff links and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt. Kaminari looks over at Eijirou
to see him doing the same. They drape their coats over the nearest chair and Shoto gasps,

“Bakugou, Kirishima! No!”

Sero eggs them on, “Bakugou, Kirishima, yes!”

They grin at one another and Kirishima knocks his fist together as Bakugou cracks his knuckles.
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