You don’t have cancer, because I don’t have cancer, I’ve NEVER had cancer, I don’t SEE any cancer, where is your proof? I’ll need to see more evidence than that. What did you do to CAUSE your cancer? You must have done SOMETHING. Cancer didn’t attack you for NOTHING.
We need to see your record first. Didn’t you smoke a cigarette one time when you were 12? Don’t you think THAT is what caused your cancer? Well in that case, you DESERVED cancer, DONT you think? You should have respected cancer more. Idk what you want from us, you ASKED for it.
All I know is IVE NEVER had cancer, and I don’t know anyone with cancer, none of my family has cancer, none of my friends have cancer, so it’s REALLY hard for me to BELIEVE you have cancer and your medical records prove NOTHING to me. I just don’t see it.
I don’t SEE cancerous cells, I just see cells. I don’t SEE malignant cells or benign cells, I only see CELLS. Even if you DO have cancer, it can’t be THAT bad, becuase I’ve NEVER had cancer.
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