I'm happy to officially announce that HarperCollins will, on June 30, publish my new book, "Apocalypse Never"

And I'm proud to report that the book has received very strong pre-publication reviews from leading scientists and scholars

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The book was initially focused on nuclear energy. I decided to broaden its focus last year in response to the increasingly apocalyptic claims being made about climate change, deforestation, and species extinction.
"An extremely important book. Shellenberger rescues with science & lived experience a subject drowning in misunderstanding & partisanship. His message is invigorating: if you've feared for the future, take heart”

Richard Rhodes, winner of Pulitzer for "Making of the Atomic Bomb"
“Balanced and refreshing... This may be the most important book on the environment ever written.”

— Tom Wigley, climate scientist, University of Adelaide, fmr sen. scientist National Center for Atmospheric Research, fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
“Shellenberger advocates a more constructive environmentalism that faces our wicked problems and shows what we have to do to solve them.”

— Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and author of Enlightenment Now @sapinker
“Shellenberger is a bold, innovative, and non-partisan pragmatist. You must read 'Apocalypse Never'."

— Jonathan Haidt, author, Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion @JonHaidt
“A wonder: a research-driven page turner that will change how you view the world”

— Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist at MIT and author of More from Less @amcafee
"In this engaging and well-researched treatise, Shellenberger exposes the hypocrisy in painting climate change in apocalyptic terms while working against nuclear power.”

— Kerry Emanuel, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Shellenberger reveals how environmental zealotry inhibits real solutions to climate change & makes the poor collateral damage. A must-read call for environmental justice”

— John Gamboa, civil rights leader, founder of Latino Issues Forum, The Two Hundred, Greenlining Institute
"No one will come away from this lively, moving, and well-researched book without a deeper understanding of the very real social challenges and opportunities to making a better future in the Anthropocene.”

— Erle Ellis, "Anthropocene: A Very Short Introduction" @erleellis
"From Amazon fires to ocean plastics, 'Apocalypse Never' delivers current science & sympathetic humanism to runaway panic. You will not agree with everything in it, which is why it's urgent that you read it"

— Paul Robbins, Nelson Institute for Env., Univ of Wisc. @PaulRobbins15
“A tour de force of science journalism that offers a path away from hysteria and towards humanism. Superb."

— Mark Sagoff, author, The Economy of the Earth, Professor, George Mason University
"We environmentalists condemn ignorance of science but too often are guilty of the same. Shellenberger offers tough love: a challenge to entrenched orthodoxies and rigid, self-defeating mindsets. Well-crafted & evidence-based”

— Steve McCormick, fmr CEO, The Nature Conservancy
"In this refreshing chronicle, Shellenberger rescues environmentalism from sensationalism. Brought to life by rich personal experience & science, 'Apocalypse Never' is a must-read for those seeking pragmatic solutions”

— Samir Saran, Pres., Observer Research Fndtn @samirsaran
"Shellenberger proposes an optimistic vision for a future in which human flourishing & environmental protection go hand in hand. 'Apocalypse Never' carves a new pathway for environmentally conscious leaders."

— Claire Lehmann, founder, Quillette @clairlemon
“Shellenberger provides a master class in rigorous reporting and unapologetic humanism. 'Apocalypse Never' is a timely & important book that will make you feel optimistic about the future of people and the planet.”

— Robert Bryce, "Juice" "A Question of Power" @pwrhungry
"Shellenberger deftly demonstrates how our environmental challenges are better confronted with pragmatic realism than ecological fear-mongering. Must-reading for those who care about human welfare & conservation"

—Jonathan Adler, Cntr for Env. Law, Case Western U. @jadler1969
“'Apocalypse Never' will leave you hopeful, inspired, and eager to build a better future”

— Robert Stone, Oscar-nominated filmmaker, “Chasing the Moon,” “Pandora’s Promise,” “Radio Bikini" @RobertStoneFilm
“'Apocalypse Never' is a seminal book. Without alarmism or denial, Michael Shellenberger has broadened the discussion and changed how we think about climate change and the environment.”

— Dr. Charles A. Casto, Regional Manager (ret.) U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
“The environmental movement desperately needs intelligent self-criticism. Shellenberger provides it, training the light of science on core tenets, revealing where they do not reflect reality. Required reading for open-minded lovers of nature.”

— Martin W. Lewis, Stanford U.
"Shellenberger brings cool reason to our hothouse of emotionalism. 'Apocalypse Never' is a triumph that will take its deserved place in the canon of serious literature of environmentalism."

— Steven F. Hayward, Institute of Gov't Affairs, U. of Calif., Berkeley @stevenfhayward
“If you're open to having your beliefs challenged, this book will not disappoint. It's not always a comfortable read, but our planet's future is too important to not put our assumptions to the test”

— Michelle Marvier, Prof., Env. Studies, Santa Clara University
“'Apocalypse Never' is an eye-opening journey. This is refreshing, highly readable, reality-based environmentalism.”

— Jon Entine, Executive Director, Genetic Literacy Project @JonEntine
"'Apocalypse Never' will make some green progressives mad, but I see it as a useful and even necessary counterpoint to the alarmism being peddled.”

— John Horgan, science journalist, Stevens Institute of Technology, author, "The End of War" @Horganism
“Defending science and reason against end-of-the-world sensationalism, Michael Shellenberger’s 'Apocalypse Never' is a must-read book.”

— Michael Lind, author of The New Class War, Land of Promise, The Radical Center
“Apocalypse Never asks us to consider whether the apocalyptic headline of the day gets us any closer to a future in which nature and people prosper.” — Peter Kareiva, Director, Institute for the Environment, UCLA, fmr. Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
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