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Bill Gates.
Elon Musk (+ family as relevant)

Elon is a South African tech guy who runs a bunch of companies (Paypal/Tesla/SolarCity/Boring/SpaceX/+)

He took a "red pill" so everything's fine :/
Elon went to Wharton (Trump), Stanford (like many tecnocrats/cabal/fake tech) but made a company instead with his brother Kimbal. Called Zip2. 
Compaq paid US$305 for it (because all the money is fake). It of course has a bolt logo.

Paypal used all the usual Silicon Valley dirty tricks to get market share. Paypal sold to eBay. There is a Paypal mafia that Elon is somehow not a part of (lol). Paypal sells for $1.5B–2014)
This group unleashed a lot of crap on us all.
Mother Maye Musk 

She "models"
Brother Kimbal Musk

Kimbal mostly echos his brother. We'll get back to him later. Thinks he is a cowboy or something.

In December 2012, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel handed Musk's nonprofit $1 million to install 80 Learning Gardens in Chicago city schools.
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