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I'm sure they switch a lot, but Sabo definitely feel responsible to drive for the most part! he probably lets Ace drive through an exciting part of the trip when he has had plenty of rest. wouldn't want Ace to suddenly fell into a narcoleptic slumber when he's on the wheel!!!
and Ace is a lot more fucking enthusiastic than Sabo (which meant A LOT because Sabo himself can hardly contain his excitement during any shared moment with his beloved), so Sabo feels obliged to let Ace takes a good look at the view.
pssh. Sabo is just making an excuse for looking at that bright awe in Ace's face.

definitely Sabo.

he tries to find what's best to eat in every different restaurant, every different date, every different season, every different occasion. he wants everything to be different cause he wants to add meaning behind every memories.
(he has this tendency after recovering from his amnesia, he'd like to make everything easier to remember, just in case…). but he got nervous, what if it doesn't taste good, what if he was allergic—eventhough Ace had insisted he KNOWS Sabo is not allergic.
so in the end he gave up and chose his usual at every chances. I think Ace finds this endearing, very Sabo like. he knows Sabo always crave pasta or noodles anyways.
fuck. both, i guess????¿

probably Ace, though. because he's just as stubborn as that when it comes the moment he felt like joining in the fight; he wouldn't stop whatever he was doing that got him arrested, until everyone acknowledged his actions and took a mental note about it.
he has zero sense of knowledge when he needed to stop and runaway when the officials are coming to do justice. he simply had no reason to let himself not arrested, or sometimes, probably too cocky thinking he'd never got caught.
(boom, marineford happening in the background)

as long as he's the only one got arrested, he'd be okay, too. boy can get to prison for feral causes or a self-sacrificing emo causes. he's that bad of a case.
both of them are adrenaline junkies so…

maybe Sabo is not as big of a ride fan as Ace—he do get this blurry mixed bad feelings about extreme rides, perhaps it was the forgotten trauma brought from his incident when first setting out to the sea at the age of 10.
he would just stood there in silence, no cold sweat or trembling hands to show an obvious fear, but it was enough to make Ace notice something is wrong with his other half. Ace would ask if something's wrong and made a fast connection with that bombing incident
(yes, our freckled boy is not-so-surprisingly good at picking emotion), and assures Sabo that they don't have to take the rollercoaster ride.
but maybe Sabo was the stubborn one in the relationship. he insists it's okay—as long as Ace kept holding his hand. AHA. ANOTHER CHEESY YANDERE BOYFRIEND REFERENCE TO OUR BELOVED SABO!🥰
definitely Ace.

he has zero defense against cute animals. if it wasnt because he's living with Sabo who is surprisingly strict with what's okay to bring home to and what not. he kept stopping his walk every time he saw one of those poor animals putted in an adopt-me-box.
I can imagine their domestic couple life is filled with messages from Ace, sending his partner pictures of stray animals (varied from cats, dogs, chickens, birds, raccoons—one time a tsuchinoko) with pleading message, saying, can we keep this one????🥺
Sabo learned to say no after the tenth adoption, but in return, the two of them would take walk together every evening to feed the strays. sometimes when they have a time-off together, they would go around their friends' homes to ask if anybody wants to adopt as well.
(Edward and Dragon ended up adopting most of them).
definitely Sabo. he likes to arrange everything to be perfect (eventhough he's also convinced that the perfect factor is Ace himself), and Ace, on the other hand, is more spontaneous.

it's not like Ace would complain or even half-heartedly enjoy the date tho. he loves it too.
he'd go with every little plan Sabo had had managed to arrange for them two; sometimes it's just movie night together, trying new cafe, or even something fancy like a cruise dinner.
both are pretty good with their limbs—but Ace does have occasional accidents due to his narcolepcy.

he'd be eating meals and suddenly having a narcoleptic fits; walking down the stairs; running the bathtub; shaving facial hair; intimate moments.
i read somewhere that severe narcolepcy case can cause body stiffness as well—i am terribly sorry im not expert in this field—but Sabo is fucking concern all the time. sometimes Ace would be overwhelmed with his emotions and suddenly trips to the ground,
unable to move for a few couple of seconds. despite the muscles and strength that Ace has, Sabo has been trying non stop to convince him to accommodate their house with safety needed to cushioned Ace's trips just in case he wasn't there to catch him.
I think it's Ace.

his taste is just a tad bit more rowdy than Sabo's liking, so the blond would probably made a playful complains saying he couldn't hear a damn thing except for that agonizing screamo Ace chooses for them to listen to.
Ace would blush, but he knows that Sabo doesn't mind—heck that boy probably enjoys it as well, given how wide he would grin during the ride. (little did Ace knows, he IS the reason Sabo would grin like a stupid idiot).
but, yeah, I think Sabo doesn't mind at all. he grew liking Ace's playlist as well, since they were almost always with each other.
It's probably Ace!

well, Ace always had this unspoken…regret? embarrassment? because he thought he had never offered Sabo anything when they were younger. Sabo kept giving him the world, yet Ace had nothing back to offer to his beloved.
so once he had enough money, he insists on paying everything. he wanted to accommodate every Sabo's needs. Ace knows very well that Sabo doesn't see material things so much, but, still, it felt good to know Sabo can depend on him.
and Sabo understand very well about this. he knows why Ace tries so hard, and he respect Ace's reasons—simply appreciating the kind gesture. but the blond wants to pay too sometimes! so expect a lot of fight, or surprise buys just so they can return the gesture. lovely.😔✊✊
um… i kinda don't get the question very clearly, but, I'm guessing it means using chemicals or drugs—right?

perhaps… Ace?

he would be very shy about asking, stumbling at his own words and kept saying "but it's okay if you dont want to; like, its stupid right; unless…" 👉👈💨
it's like a little kid suggesting to do something against the rule after curfew—except that Ace did had convinced his brothers to drink sake once when they were kids, so confidently at that. but this is different. he has never consumed any drugs other than the ones …
… Marco has prescribed him for.

Sabo did notice Ace's timidness. boy, he notices everything. and he felt cheeky, maybe teasing Ace a little bit—saying he would take care of him if the ravenette get way too wasted.
i think it's Sabo.

Ace does look like he feeds from horror movies—he probably likes those poltergeist themed ones, and Sabo can handle those kind of horror. but some days, Ace would pick ones with fuckloads of jumpscares just because.
because he can see from the corner of his eyes, Sabo flinches and swallows a terrified scream. he loves peeking the blond gripping the pillows and blanket in a deathly claws. he wishes Sabo would just someday give up and asks Ace to protect him from the evil spirits.
but Sabo would probably be long from doing that. he made sure he watched the whole thing—because these are Ace's favourites. he wants to be able to discuss it later with Ace, he wants to be included in all possible conversation about it.
sometimes he couldn't help but say it's stupid though—acting all 'i dont care, im cool' but actually he just needs a break from horror movies. and Ace understands that. the next movie night will be romance.
Ace definitely talks in his sleep.

he has a godawful sleeping patterns—and when his narcolepcy takes a good toll of him, and he gets cranky when he's awake, Sabo knows Ace will be chatty when he's finally asleep.
he finds it adorable at first, and sometimes. Ace would be speaking a lot of nonsense; sometimes related to his found family within the Whitebeard gang, sometimes complaining about Luffy, sometimes a sheepish admiration for Sabo.
Sabo couldn't bring himself to tell Ace about this—he thought, this was an honest, adorable speech of his lover. he wanted this to be his little treasure. but one day, Ace would sob…pleaded, saying things about fear of abandonment. he starts to hyperventilating.
that's when the guilt stabs Sabo deep in the middle of his chest.

he was so selfish—he shouldve told this to Marco, yet here he is, shaking Ace to wake him up from his cry. in the end, they are trying to treat this.
um… I'd like to make a bold answer and says it's Ace???¿

because Sabo knows very well how sensitive Ace can get when topics about marriage, family—and everything involved—are brought. it's not like Sabo is a fan of the topic either, but he grew a hope he didn't know he has.
he was tremendously happy to be with Ace. they had had overcome a lot of trauma and problems together; but Ace's hatred for his bloodline seemed to be unaffected. Sabo knows his lover still flinches at the topic, so he tries his best to keep his dreams to himself—
not wanting to hurt Ace, but mostly himself. he's not in for rejection.

but Ace is surprisingly good at hiding things. so good that Sabo didn't noticed, that he, had made Ace warms up about the thought of starting a life together. made Ace realized that someone—
Sabo, would stay by his side forever. no matter how far and for how long they might have to separate, it'll be temporary. what will be forever is their love for each other.
it's not like Ace is suddenly jumping on proposing or starts adopting children. it's a baby step like admitting he's deep in love, asking Sabo to stay with him, saying they should grew old together—sometimes he slips, "We're practically a married couple and Lu is our child, Sab."
you know. little things that gathers up and made Sabo realize, maybe his little dream is now a shared dream within their relationship.
most definitely Ace.

though Ace was quicker to lose temper and bites at anyone's throat when they were younger, he surprisingly grew calmer. not to the point he won't do unnecessary stupid dumb bar fight, but at least he managed to held back a lot stronger than Sabo.
Ace had to keep his eyes very closely on Sabo whenever they went out on a date—well, it's not like it's an obligation. he enjoyed the view, but he really has to keep his eyes on Sabo to make sure his lover is kept on his leash. whether it was fist fight, verbal,
or even the nastiest kind of street. fights in which you grab anything you could find to murder your opponent—Sabo would always jump into that. he has zero self control, and has no idea of limit.

Ace had to be quick with his hands, to drag Sabo out of the fight.
sometimes when he's as fucking calm as Marco would be, Ace would manage to drag the two of them completely out of fight. but most of the time he just fight the fight in place of Sabo, knock them out quickly and neatly because otherwise,
Sabo would insist to join and that means there'll be possibility of incidental murder happening.
this sounds like what both of them would do…😭😂

they're both equally anxious, the difference would probably Ace has innocent purposes and Sabo, too, but he prone to be a little…obnoxious about it??¿
I imagined Ace only came up with the idea of the big ass cardboard sign because he's simply excited about meeting Sabo again after being apart in so long. he'd like to make sure he can make himself founded very easily by his lover's eyes
(though he could go with bare minimum effort to get noticed tho. Sabo ALWAYS found him). so Ace kind of go around asking his older brothers for advice, and some of them are teasing jerks though so so kind. but, yeah, jerks. they would tease and told him to hold out a massive
cardboard sign, expecting Ace to be mad blushing—but boy is he innocent and simply just adorable. Ace would nod and comply, thus explains why he's standing, waiting for Sabo with a 2 metres square sign above his head. Sabo is happy, tho.
Sabo on the other hand, is a bigger jerk than any of the Whitebeards. he's so so kind, too, and just drunk in love with his freckled angel. but, yeah, the worst jerk to mess up with. he gets that the rest of the Whitebeards were toying with his lover the other time
Ace picked him up from the airport—though personally Sabo would consider heeding thanks for each one of Ace's older brothers, he has to get them back for making poor lovely Ace the centre attention last time. (nobodys checking out the Chief's boyfriend. NOBODY).
so the next time Sabo had to pick Ace up from the airport with the rest of Ace's crewmates, Sabo made THE HUGEST BANNER hanging on the ceiling saying "MY BOYFRIEND COME THIS WAY. THE OTHER DUMBOS come that way BOO BOO >:P"
so, yeah, they both did it. the difference is that Ace is innocent, and Sabo is a jerk not to mess with.
definitely Sabo.

please prevent that boy from doing anything in the kitchen. (though he might have had done Ace more than a few times on the counter👀).
Sabo is an okay person in doing house chores, but he will never be as good as Ace and there will never come a day when he'd be able to serve a sunny side up without the firefighters doing a visit to their place.
he's great at making tea and coffee tho, he knows how much milk and sugar to put on Ace's coffee to not made the boy spit it out. but don't expect him to heat the water using stove, or it will goes like the sunny side up again.
sounded like Ace to me.

he doesn't have a squeaky chair of his own tho, gods above and the whole Whitebeard Pirates forbid that boy to have one because they know how it's going to end. everytime Ace's personal chair in his own personal, private room got squeaky,
Thatch and Haruta would replace it in a heartbeat. sometimes even Jozu or Marco do the job for him, because, dear neptune, THAT SUGAR JUNKIE BOY CAN GET SO GODDAMN ANNOYING ABOUT IT. the squeak could never stop in his room. it crept through the hallways,
and continues like a claw beneath your skin.

Sabo's place on the other hand… he loves working, probably even in a lot more extreme level than Ace loves his freedom as a pirate. Sabo is obsessed with working. he barely stays in his room for more than one day,
never really spent one full day in that room, that is until Ace decided to visit him. he knows one of the chair that's usually vacant and is only used as a spot to place his layers of clothes, so he never bothered to replace it with a proper one. but one day,
Ace visits him and Sabo can't exactly abandon his paperwork—it took a lot of self control to do the papers instead of his boyfriend. but Ace is understanding. he knows Sabo's importance in the army and he respects Sabo's work ethic as well; its no biggie,
he's grateful enough to be there and watches his boyfriend's muscles moving ever so slowly between flipped papers.

and it squeaks. the chair Ace was sitting and leaning on squeaks beneath every little subtle shifts. Sabo felt like apologizing, but he got caught up by the work,
and time passes, he only realized he hadn't apologize for the lack of comfort when he snapped at his boyfriend—becAUSE OH DEAR LORDS ABOVE. HE'S BEEN SQUEAKING THEM FOR MINUTES NONSTOP ON PURPOSE.
by the time Sabo snaps, tho, Ace already got bored and had had his share of being ignored. he wanted more attention so he squeaks the chair some more, purposely irritates his lover in hope the next squeaking sound comes from the bed.
It's obviously Ace and his narcoleptic ass.

I'd to think it occurred even from when they were only small children when Luffy hadn't come to company them yet. the first time Sabo saw this, they were washing dirts off of their clothes by the riverbank.
Sabo reads something about an endemic water scorpion that's deadly poisonous, Ace asked were the scorpion certain colour, and before Sabo could ask where did he knew that from, Ace was suddenly falling into the water unconscious.
the stream wasn't really that big and speedy, but it was still enough to drown an unconscious child body—and Sabo had never in his entire life felt that PANIC.

Sabo kept screaming Ace's name, running and swimming to get his friend's body. when he managed to get Ace to safety,
he was frantic and began looking for any wounds but his sight was blurry from the tears he didn't he cried of. but when he checked Ace's chest, the weirdest thing was, he realized that the ravenette was snoring.
Sabo got very mad at Ace when he woke up, he was upset for like a week. and Ace was still so stubborn, he got impatient as well and said "its none of your concern if I'm dead, stop making a fuss" and Sabo hits him with a pipe. Sabo got all teary again, but they fought for awhile,
and Ace lost, got pinned under his crying friend.

and that was the day where the two of them promised not to keep any secret from each other.
when they met again after years separating (yeah they are reunited in my head❤️), Sabo was wondering if Ace still got that narcoleptic fits going on. he never asked, but got the answer anyways since Ace would occasionally sleep mid conversation, mid eating;
he found almost every convenient chance to fall onto Sabo's chest, and Sabo had found almost every convenient chance to catch his sleeping beauty. Sabo is always so gentle about this condition, but it just wasn't easy to be gentle when he was left asleep during intimate moments💦
I think it's Sabo!

it has always been that way. Ace was always insecure, he had almost everything slipping away from his grasp since he was very young so he tend to be possessive about certain things or people that he really loved.
and Sabo would probably be on the top of the list. he wouldn't let go of Sabo, his embrace would always remain there just above the blond's hips—though he packs an admirable amount of muscle, Ace is surprisingly gentle about his touches.
he would be pressingly close to Sabo, but there's no pressure in his touches, it felt almost like a question—like a plead, asking Sabo to stay with him.

and Sabo, when he was a child, he was just really happy to found a new place where he actually belongs in after running away.
Ace's embrace around him made warmth surge in in his body again. and when they're older, it's just a place called home to him. Sabo grew up to be a little more agresive than Ace, but he's still clingy and love to be pampered by the freckled one.
so he would always lean in into Ace's embrace, sometimes pushing with more force than Ace's hands would actually give.
UHHH—it would probably be Sabo???¿

i feel like the bomb from the first time he sets out to the sea take a good toll on him. like, it affected him almost permanently, he still suffers from the trauma and anger even after he regained his memories and be reunited with Ace.
Sabo hates loud noises. he stiffened everytime somebody raises their voice a tad too loud, he's drenched in cold sweat everytime he goes on a mission, to engage himself in the middle of a war. a lot of his comrades notice this, but they couldn't do a thing to help him ease.
at least Sabo wouldn't let them.

but Ace is different. he has always been Sabo's only exception. he would tug on Ace's clothes everytime the sky got clouded, everytime the atmosphere sends him bad signs, everytime he got scared. he leans into Ace everytime he needed comforts.
and Ace understood with just one look of the way Sabo frowned; he would pull the blond into his arms, letting those bouncy golden locks rest upon his calm heartbeats. every plan should be dropped right away. today's schedule would be snuggles until the rain and thunderstorms stop
or, perhaps, until Sabo asked him to. he wouldn't mind if Sabo still clung onto him even when it gets sunny again outside.
both would love to do this to the other — but I think Sabo would wake up earlier than Ace, so I'd like to manifest a bed haired Sab shuffling quietly to the kitchen as he hums a tune of a song Ace told him about the night before.

he knows how incapable he is in cooking,
so he wouldn't try anything too complex. he's embarrassed to admit this, but they might preferably choose quantity over quality for this matter. or at least what his cooking skill allows them to.

he'd brew some tea (God blessed Sabo with the best knowledge of tea),
and made some toast. on lucky days he wouldn't burn any, but even if it does, the jam could add taste to cover. and Ace would woke up to the smell of sweet tea and burnt toast; already smiling, enjoying the view that is Sabo's tall figure minding business awkwardly about
in the kitchen. Ace never complained about Sabo's fail attempts at cooking — even when Sabo himself couldn't finish the meal, Ace were always grateful to eat them all up. it's almost nostalgic and a reminder of what funny twist of fate was brought upon them
(I'd like to think Sabo was originally the one that's better at handling housework when they were younger, and he taught Ace a lot of things. but Sabo become rougher after the bomb and Ace become more delicate after years of raising Luffy alone).
Burnt toasts and tea couldn't keep them full to lunch, tho. so Ace might as well reward his blond bf a second breakfast in return. He usually goes with his infamous fried rice he'd learned from Thatch. Sabo is more than happy to chow them down.
I think that would be Ace!

during the time they spent separated without a the other's company, Ace found himself falling deeply in love with nature. he'd used to explore just to try get himself distracted, but as time goes, he realizes it really helps with soothe himself down.
Ace admitted it started as a self-therapy, but after he sets sail, he might have becomes addicted. Ace always made sure to explore every small islands he and the rest of the Spade pirates visit, and always got the permission from Edward when he joined the Emperor's crew.
Once Ace and Sabo are reunited and had had enough quality time to make up for the lost time, Ace asked if Sabo wants to know what he had been into for the last couple of years. Of course Sabo was eager to know, yearning for more of him.
So Ace started with Sabo to his first expedition. He took his blond bf to East Blue, to the very starting point of his adventure, where they were supposed to go together in the first place. They went to Sixis.

Ace was quite worried whether Sabo would enjoy the journey,
heck, he worries if they could even made it to the shore safely. He remembers getting stranded a few years ago, and it took so much effort to get out with Deuce, too. But Sabo's navigating skill made his jaw drops.
That's the very man once promised to taste the whole world with him, after all. Of course Ace can rest easy with his other half beside him.

Their hike was unsurprisingly easy, despite Sixis being an odd kind of island to explore.
Almost all of Ace's worries melt with how smooth their trip goes, Sabo could easily mark every nook and cranny without Ace leading him. It felt nostalgic, just the two of them, and the moonlight. Except for the change of colour in Sabo's whole energy.
Ace felt something was different, but he dared not ask because he was the one that convinced them to go in the first place. It was during dinner (a specially prepared salted venison) that Ace asked, eventhough Sabo could handle the journey very easily, if he was enjoying it.
And Sabo showed Ace the softest smile for the first time after they got to Sixis that day. It was by this time Sabo sincerely expressed time spent with Ace could never be replaced, and the air they breathe together would forever leave him in euphoria.
But separating from Ace, joining the Revolutionary, has been a bigger part of him today. And that means almost everything that he and Ace used to enjoy together, has now become a training habit, a mission report, for Sabo the Revolutionary Army's Chief of Staff.
Sabo felt bad, because he was enjoying the time spent with Ace today, but not the journey. But not the adventure. But not the strange island. Apart from Ace, everything about this whole thing is a mandatory challenge for Sabo.

And Ace's heart sunk.
Not because he finds out Sabo wasn't enjoying the journey Ace himself had a very good time with. Not because he finds out Sabo wasn't the same kid with gap tooth that he used to race to the top of the mountain with.

It was because Sabo reluctantly agree to go out of his way,
just to company him, doing something Sabo didn't even find exciting. And maybe that night Ace becomes a little more clingier than usual, burying his face a little deeper onto Sabo's nape than usual.

And they spent the whole time smiling, giggling, just like they always did.
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