Stop taking photographs of protesters. Fuck local media. And fuck Fedbook.
If I weren't sitting on my ass in the middle of nowhere doing nothing, I'd be a ghost on social media these days.
Also, *cover any distinguishing tattoos at all times*. From the second you leave your damn house til the second you get home...
Everything even remotely identifying in the indictment came directly from social media (the accused's own and protest voyeurs). There's nothing from alleged pig bodycams or surveillance cams produced (doesn't mean they don't have it, they just didn't use it in the indictment.)
More #Crackdown/ #CourtSupport News: [h/t @DubJ]
A thread from Philly. Starting to detect a pattern?:
They got some prettttttty identifiable surveillance photos splashed on their website...
A bail/legal defense/commissary fund for the political prisoner, Marge, at the top.🔝
St. Louis/Ferguson #Crackdown #Fedbook
Philly | “Social media has fueled much of the protests, and has also become a fertile ground for government surveillance. I think people have lost awareness of that.” #Crackdown
More from above |
U.S. Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey presser on political persecution in Trenton, NJ. | "bystander video" and "social media"
Repression ramping up daily.

It took something like two weeks for the LAPD to snatch up the "LA Four" in the Reginald Denny incident in 1992. And everyone didn't have snitches in their own pockets back then [just helicopter news footage].
Threading this. Another arrest in #Minneapolis yesterday. Law enforcement claims to have matched surveillance with a tiktok video and cellphone data pings for their ID.
They're still going hard after two women for the Wendy's fire (and according to Fox5 Atlanta, several more people as well.) Good thing there's *plenty* of video and everyone shared it all 500k times in case they missed any of it.
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More snitching - this time actively - by videographers and another Federal case in #Minneapolis | #Crackdown
Louisiana | 3 facing federal arson charges [added to previous, state charges] after string of fires in Baton Rouge; suspects allegedly motivated by protests against police #Crackdown
[ABOVE: Every arson of a business gets Federal charges added on based on their "interstate commerce," apparently. I thought it might just be police property, but every fire is getting Federal enhancement.]
If they catch all the people involved in burning the Wendy's down in Atlanta, they're going to catch a Federal case, too. Good job, everybody!
This thread feels like Nightmare Oprah releasing bees, but instead it's Federal cases... #GeorgeFloydProtests #Crackdown #FuckTheDOJ #FreeThemAll #AmnestyNow
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