⭐ teen top doing teen top things ⭐
chanhee's birthday party: a mess
chanhee's birthday party: a mess pt.2
ricky being afraid in a haunted house
teen top iconic, legendary random play dance
ways to get a girl
honestly just teentop wanting the members to strip and threatening one another to spread videos of them showering and pooping. it's a lot i know

cr: @onlychanhee
literally got back at the fans that told them they're noisy 🤣🤣
at this point Cleopatra would come out of her grave if they keep on screaming her name

cr: @onlychanhee
a mess 😆
it's a teen top's party if there's a house on fire.
teen top were ahead of their time. social distancing masters in 2013
istg i- i have no words
istg this wasn't a fake sub
it's sudden death if you mess up the choreo for teentop
changjo and ricky's remaining brain cells.
the violence never stops
desperate time calls for desperate measures.
he's not dead, they just decided to dump cap into the pool. the disrespect for their leader. 💯💯 jk
guys, it's just a card game..... it's just a game
chanhee legit getting pissed at minsu for making noise during vlive. that level of transparency. 💯
can't believe teentop's torturing a member to celebrate their win. 😂😆
teen top trying to be cool. i died when cap said "I'm still not famous!"
every angels know there's this unwritten rule where you don't watch teen top's vlive so loudly with earphones on... or you're gonna hurt your ears 😆
it's apo-capo not avocado. also not affogato 🥑🥑
teen top's peak chaotic energy: ABC Game
fighting for the front seat like their life depended on it.
teen top hiding and holding their breaths because they thought they were getting complaints at the hotel for being noisy

that's all there is to say
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