Thread: Part 2 - Hidden Knowledge in Plain Sight

A #TribeOnQuest Team Effort to Bring Dark to Light

Be sure to read Part 1 before continuing.

The last post in that thread will bring you back here.
2) What do you see when you look at this?

Notice the top of the pyramid is separated from the rest and appears to be glowing with the eye inside it.
3) What do you see when you look at this?

Notice how the top portion appears to be a different color?

Who told us the pyramid capstones were gold? Who told us there were capstones at all?

[They] did.
4) Take a look at these as well...

Hmmm... the top of each appears to be different.

We know parts of our history have been hidden.

What if there was no capstone to begin with?

Added later as physical & literal 'cover'?
5) Let's take another look at this one.

The 'capstone' here is not a physical capstone.

Yes, it glows - but it is a separate form from the remainder of the pyramid.
6) This is a Tesla lighter - a spark gap lighter.

It creates fire/light by way of the gap between the contacts.

Without the gap, there can be no spark.
7) The 4 contacts in that image are directed straight up.

If these contacts were angled - like the 4 corners of a pyramid - would they meet to form a single beam of fire/light?
8) And... if indeed these 4 contacts met to form a single beam of light, would that look similar to this?

A smaller pyramid of light, glowing at the top of a 'flat' pyramid?
9) The 'all seeing eye' at the top of the pyramid on U.S. currency is called the "Eye of Providence".

Let's take a look at the definition of 'providence'.

Interesting, right?
10) If a single beam of light could be created from the top of a pyramid, would it touch the sky?

Would it go further?

Could that be a spiritual (light) bond between Heaven and Earth?
11) Things that make you go hmmm...
12) Again - this thread is not to pretend we have all the answers.

It is to bring dark to LIGHT. This tech is what they've killed for. Keeping this tech hidden is part of their control system.

When they control THIS - they control US. No more.
13) The Tribe welcomes ALL input.

When we ALL have knowledge, we ALL win.

WE are all parts of a whole.
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