Something super gross is happening in Denmark. People and particularly the media is viciously attacking the leader of Black Lives Matter Denmark, Bwalya Sørensen as a way to shut down the entire conversation. She is being called a racist towards white people. It’s embarrassing.
She is being attacked for saying that black people should be organising the BLM protests and that they should walk in front of white people. (OBVIOUSLY CORRECT) She is called ‘too angry’ and that ‘her tone is damaging to the cause’. It’s 101 racism.
Denmark’s racism is gross. One of the biggest comedy channels is called ‘Zulu’ and the logo is a racist, stereotype of an African warrior (?). In the last big comedy gala, the host did blackface AND a tribute to Michael Jackson and R. Kelly.
In the super markets, tea and sugar and those sort of groceries are referred to as ‘colonial products’. The fact that so many Danish people (including Danish media!) call a black woman racist for pointing out their racism is so disgusting.
I am leaving the replies to this open - not because I’m dying to hear Danish white people say ‘actually I am pro the cause but she is just too angry’ - but just in case a journalist wants to cover this. I can put you in touch with someone who can talk about it.
There is a general feeling in Denmark of ‘omg we are so progressive, we don’t even have racism or sexism anymore which is why we’re better than everyone else’ and most people genuinely believe that we are beyond criticism.
I am 100% fully supporting Bwalya Sørensen and Black Lives Matter Denmark. She is saying nothing that I haven’t heard from hundreds of the most prominent black activists in the UK and US. Danish people were just. not. ready. for. it.
Here is a screenshot of some of the many headlines in Danish media. I took it from Yancé-Myah who posted about this in Danish. It’s ALL negative about Bwalya. Including the gems ‘the fight against racism is colourless’ (?!) and ‘she scares young Danes with baseless accusations’.
The blackface performance at the biggest Danish comedy show. The first 5-6 rows of the 1200 seater opera house are full of Danish celebrities and comedians. It’s televised.
Here we have the TV channel’s logo and an advert they had saying ‘Zulu Summer Cinema Loves Black Balls’ as they were partnered with an ice cream shop.
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