The Bloodlines who control the globe PART 1

DELUXE H.K.B. THREAD (Short Story)


OGs and real people - Take a seat, buckle up, and prepare for a Belvedere brain bomb blast Bonanza
Planet earth currently has a population of over 6 billion people (and counting) However the concentration of money and power falls into the hands of far fewer "humans" when you get to the bottom of the murky rabbit hole. After over a decade of DEEP level research and personal -
Experience as an occultist, I have come to the solid conclusion that around 2 or 3 thousand people actually control every major facet of our lives and how we perceive reality, those people are members of or linked directly to 5 major bloodlines who run the whole show -
Let's get into these families and what they do -

First up - The Rothchild family. The famous banking family that started in Germany in the late 1700s (they really are descendants of the tribe of Dan from Israel) But that's a side issue. Mayer Amschel Rothschild had 5 sons -
He sent each one of his sons to every major European city to set up banking operations in each nation. They quickly gained huge wealth and influence and become the number one bankers in the whole globe, lending vasts amounts of money to governments who used the cash to fund many
Wars and conflicts throughout the 18th,19th, and 20th Centuries. The family fortune today is well into the trillions and despite having a lot their power broken up since then, they still yield MASSIVE clout and influence (probably more than any other family in the world)
The 3rd born son out of the 5 "Nathan Rothchild" established the banking house in London. He famously bought up every single stock in the English stock market back then after his agents spread the false claim that Napoleon Bonaparte defeated the British at Waterloo -
The prices plummeted instantly as investors dumped their stocks rapidly on the basis of false information. A few days later when the official word came back that in fact Napoleon Bonaparte did surrender and the British were victorious, the stock prices pumped to record highs -
Only now, the crafty Nathan had already bought them all up for pennies on the pound, this was the day when the Rothchild family took control of the British Empire, the most feared superpower in the world at that time. He famously said -
"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."
The Rothchilds went from strength to strength after the cunning acquisition of the British Empire's major funding vehicles. They went on to become instrumental in creating the Bank Of England and the Federal Reserve in the USA. They are the banking top brass of the world
and they also created the bank for international settlements which is regarded as the highest banking authority in the world, this is the above the IMF and all major global central banks.
The bank (pictured above) is designed to resemble the tower of babel from ancient Babylon. This is a tip of the hat to their very long and deep occult roots. These families are OBSESSED with ancient cultures and their symbolism is EVERYWHERE.
Let's take a look at some pictures that were leaked from a Rothchild party in France from the early 70s - As you can see, they have a very dark and macabre taste and even use dissembled baby dolls as table ornaments, these people are very dark and into some very weird stuff -
This is Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild pictured here with a very blatant and wicked-looking devil chain on. This picture has confirmed as real as she has been pictured with the same one on in different photos.
The Rothchilds (like of a lot of elite bloodlines) Claim to be of the Jewish faith, on paper they are, but it has become apparent they are Luciferian in reality and this is why is dangerous to go down the whole "Its the Jews" Path - Its simply not true, its a red herring.
Another distraction from the ultimate truth in what we face, which is a spiritual battle between God and The Devil, even if your an atheist, that does not matter, these people are NOT , they believe this stuff and are on board with the dark side, not God.
The du Pont family is another prominent bloodline of the Illuminati. Founded by Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours when he left France during the Illuminati funded French revolution. He set up shop in America and the family went on to become one of the richest families in the USA.
They obtained their fortune from selling gunpowder and then later moved in the widespread chemical market, they have produced countless chemicals, from washing detergent to brake fluid for cars, you have probably seen their logo before and never thought much of it -
Hidden in plain view (prima facia) The family has vast lands and estates all over the USA and Europe and is heavily involved with the global cabal. One of their members, Sophie du Pont drew this picture as a little girl
Looks kind of like a devil yeah? Indeed, you see, the more you look into these families and what their really into and all about, it ALWAYS leads back to the same place - Lucifer, Satan, the devil, the occult, sick rituals involving kids, its all connected, this is the glue that
Holds them all together. This is one common denominator that you will find in them all. I promise you, once you find this information out, it WILL never leave you, life won't be the same again, one little "snip" and the illusion is ripped away FOREVER. So be careful when you go
down the rabbit hole, because it runs deep and its VERY dark. I stumbled upon this information in late 2009 and then went on a very lonely and difficult journey, digging into this subject very deeply and being mentality tortured the whole time, it's not easy trying to live life
normally when you know everything you were taught was a lie and you have been mugged off your whole existence, it takes a certain type of person to be able to cope with and process this vile information.
I was hoping to add more to this thread but there appears to be a limit sadly.

So we can call this part 1 for now......

The Bloodlines who control the globe PART 2

Moving on from part 1 - Let's dive into another ancient and powerful bloodline - The Merovingian Bloodline - This is the genetic lineage of all the major Royal Families of the world including the most powerful to this day -
The British Royal Family - Headed up by Queen Elizabeth - She is the biggest landowner on planet earth and comes from a very long line dating back to the middle east, then Romania, into Hungary, Germany then finally into the UK. This family is VERY powerful to this day and the
Queen Is still the official head of state for the UK and all the commonwealth nations. She has SERIOUS clout (some in writing, some not) But tends to take a back seat in most political affairs. The family are direct decedents of the notorious Vlad The Impaler - The ruler who
the Dracula legend was based on. He was infamous for impaling his enemies and would feast on their flesh and blood as they would slowly die from blood loss while stuck on a huge metal spike, this guy was next level savage.
Vlad was from the House of Drăculești and ruled with an Iron fist. He kept the mighty Ottoman empire from breaching eastern Europe - In one dark tale, it was said he had a whole village impaled as he and his army were retreating from a lost battle against the Ottomans -
Several weeks later, the battle-hardened Ottoman army attempted to move into the town, but their soldiers could not tolerate the horrible stench or sight of the rotten corpses. It demoralized them so much, they had to turn back, which allowed Vlad to regroup.
His castle today is still in his native Transylvania In Romania. Prince Charles of the UK Royal family spends around six months of the year there and has a very close relationship with a local children's orphanage. Charles is very open & proud of his ruthless ancestor -
He has featured in many UK mainstream newspapers speaking about his admiration for his blood guzzling Great great great grandfather. Small world eh? - Here is a link -
Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma - This is another prominent member of the UK Royal Family, he was Prince Phillps Uncle, Prince Phillip is Princes Charles's Dad.
Mountbatten was very influential to Charles & his brother Prince Andrew while they were growing up. He was also the member of the UK Royal's who got Jimmy Saville (the disgraced ex BBC TV presenter who is now infamous for being a prolific & serial child abuser)
Into the inner circle of the very tight-knit family. Strange how a random working class DJ from Scarborough just happened to be good friends with a Lord from the Royal Family, a very small world with these people.
Prince Andrew (Brother of Charles) Recently had some bad press in relation to a Mr. Jeffery Epstein - now dead after hanging himself in an NYC jail (allegedly) I guess the Royal family must just have seriously bad luck to be involved with all these rabid child abusers.
Andrew was a very close friend of Epstein's partner, a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell - She was a personal friend of Andrew and grew up with him. Andrew admitted this in his car crash panorama interview he done late last year for the BBC
Here is a recently leaked photograph of the 3 of them plus other guests at a horse racing event in the UK in 2001. Again, at that level - its a very, very small world. Very tight-knit indeed.
Ghislaine Maxwell - was the daughter of a big media mogul named Robert Maxwell - She was his favorite daughter and spoke on his behalf sometimes at important meetings and events.
She has not been seen for several years, but is reportedly wanted by the FBI in the USA for questioning but appears to be AWOL. My high-level insider source informed me she is allegedly in hiding in the UK at a Rothchilds family estate. They appeared on part 1 of my thread.
So what does Jimmy Saville, Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell & Her father Robert all have in common? I reckon they are blackmailers, that procure underage kids for abuse by elites. This is how they maintain power, corruption works by getting EVERYBODY as dirty as possible.
This way, everybody has something to lose, so they are blackmailed into silence, this means they will carry out the agenda of the elite dark controllers without question because there will be VERY compromising footage of them doing very grim stuff to young kids.
It is a very dark and underhanded world at the top, the general public is still to this day very naive to it all, but recent exposures and a global mass awaking have brought this vile information to the public domain at last, but we still need to go deeper into the rabbit hole
Before we actually get to the endgame of what these bloodlines and their cronies wish to achieve and who they answer to, who controls the controllers? In part 3 I will dive super deep into the abyss and touch on my own personal theories about this and where its all leading to...
The Bloodlines who control the globe PART 3 -

Now, Ladies and Gentleman - I could name many other bloodlines and their prominent members, but I wish to move on to the bigger picture, if you want to dig deeper into that side of it, I recommend you pick up the book -
"Bloodlines Of The Illuminati" By Fritz Springmeier - He was a trailblazer at the tip of the spear fighting these people way back (he was set up and jailed/tortured for publishing that book) So please, don't take this information for granted - Its risky to speak about this stuff
Before we go any further, I would like to take you all back, to several points in history and what many ancient cultures believed - We will start from the source.

Ancient Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq) This was where the first know civilizations in human history started
This region was home to the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. They all had records and legends of a non-human force who they looked up to as Gods, they named them the "Anunnaki"
The cave drawings of these deities are very bizarre indeed, they tend to be winged serpent or bird-like beings & very tall creatures, a lot taller than the humans in the same drawings.
Now I understand a lot of this stuff is based on legends, but where did these ancient tablets with these fascinating carvings come from? Where did they get the idea from? It opens up a big rabbit hole indeed, is the human race really in charge of the planet we call home?
In ancient Islamic culture, the Jinn are mentioned 29 times in the Quran. The Jinn is the Islamic version of spirits/demons The Jinn were also serpent/demon-like entities according to the ancient texts and drawings.
The ancient Aztecs were a civilization that is now in what we call Mexico. Snakes and serpents were very important in their culture and they worshipped them, the pictures below show some of their drawings and monuments.
They also took part in HUGE human sacrifice rituals, where the priesthood class would demand the firstborn son of each family or the Gods would punish them. Tens of thousands of innocent kids were sacrificed in this way, not just by the Aztecs but by many other ancient cultures.
In the book of Genesis from The Holy Bible - Adam and Eve were the first humans in the garden of Eden, Eve was tempted by a serpent who encouraged them to eat the apple which did give them some more knowledge but it also caused God to banish them from the garden.
In South African Zulu traditional religion, they speak of a non-human force they call the "chitauri" These are once again serpent-like beings. They believe these entities hollowed out the moon from another part of the solar system and brought it nearer the Earth.
Credo Mutwa - A Zulu faith healer from South Africa claims to have had physical encounters with these entities, he drew what he believed he saw and this was covered by the popular author David Icke several years ago in his groundbreaking book "The Biggest Secret"
Let's move to ancient Chinese culture. Again we see several references to flying serpent-like creatures, this time they are called "Dragons" There are countless references to them throughout all the periods of history in ancient China - I ask again, where did this come from?
The Jinyiwei - was the world's first secret police force based in China - Their logo is pictured below. Can you see the serpents/dragons on each side? Another amazing coincidence maybe? Who knows, is extremely bizarre when you really have an open mind to this topic.
The city of London is the financial capital of the world, all the major world banks are based there and pretty much every transaction goes via this small area within Greater London. The city (also known as the square mile) Is home to the Bank Of England, all the commercial banks
Headquarters, the Rothchild family's London branch, and many other major fiscal policy institutions. The city also has many dragons/serpent-like monuments & statues.
It's very obvious now there is clear and provable link between all human history and these serpent-like beings that ancient cultures all seem to either worship outright or at the very least - are heavily influenced by them. Now we must discuss what they want for us in the future
In part 4 I will dig into the end game of what these entities wish to achieve and how they will use their agents and collaborators in the human realm to achieve this. They have a wicked plan for humanity and they may well be successful.
I will discuss what methods I believe the cabal use to interface with these non-human entities, you see, these beings don't like to operate within our very limited range of what is called "visible light" they prefer to be outwith this frequency, so they can remain hidden
And ultimately continue to carry out their heinous plan, because they know, the average person must be able to see it to believe it. This gives them a very distinct advantage. I will also share where the whole reptilian theory came from (David Icke was NOT the first person) that
covered this incredible topic, other people broke it to the public several years before he started to mention it in his own work, The original sources have just been suppressed so much it's very hard to find them. I will inform you all so you go and check them out.
The next section will be the final part of this thread/short story and I want to really break it all down and lay it out nice and clear for you all, so we can understand it and more importantly -

learn how to defeat them!

The Bloodlines who control the globe PART 4 -

Ladies and Gentleman - It is here, the final part of the bloodlines thread.

In this section I will inform you guys of some great sources to look into, and where the cabal is looking to take us.
Going back to the reptilian topic. Most people think the author David Icke invented this theory, he does have a unique narrative on it, however, he was not the first person to talk about a reptilian race. The first trace I found of it was from a man named "Alex Collier"
Alex claimed he was abducted by another alien race named the "andromedans" and they informed him of a wide range of very outlandish information. This was back in the mid-1990s when Alex went public, so you can imagine how taboo this was back then. A lot of his content went AWOL
Over the years but there still some really good videos on youtube.

This one from 1994, Alex speaks about the Reptilian race and their collaborators.

A little warning, this information is extremely "out there" and graphic, please approach with caution

I don't take anything as gospel, I am just sharing the information so others can make their own minds up, if you think its nonsense, then fair enough, I shall not judge. I just like to keep an open mind, the truth is stranger than fiction
Another source in reference to this - William Tompkins - Tompkins was a US navy high-level special operations, researcher and has also gone public about the Reptillians and many other races, his work is not well known, but I have found a video of him talking about this -
Skip to 2 mins 20 seconds and you will get to the part about the Reptilians. He also has a very cool book you can purchase on Amazon if you're interested -

Moving on now, what is the end goal of all this? Why are these bloodlines and their masters carrying out this heinous plot against the human race? Simple, they want more control. Every empire in the history of the human race tried to take over the world, the greeks, the Romans,
The British empire, the Anglo/American empire, all throughout history, a small group of people always run these systems and they always want more power and control, it's not about money, they are beyond money,
They want what the previous empires could never obtain - One world government, one world currency, one world military. Complete control of every facet of human life in a highly surveilled AI police state. Where total compliance is brutally enforced on all citizens.
The currency they wish to use will not be normal money, it will be some kind of digital currency that is stored inside a tiny nanotech chip which will be inside your body, Microsoft has already patented the technology for this
They also wish to reduce the world population by around 90 percent of its current levels, this is to "cleanse" the earth for the return of the antichrist or Lucifer, These people are seriously deranged and sick. The Georgia Guidestones erected by insider Ted Turner lays this out
It all sounds pretty scary, and it is, we are now entering a post-human phase, and you will now see a RAPID push to strip down the world economy, replace the police and military with AI/Drones/Robots and also replace the human workforce with AI/Robots also. So we cant be free
To work or earn an independent income, the world governments will pay people a "Universal payment" each month to get by, this is what the "furlough" scheme is really all about, its a pre-curser to having the government pay people to NOT work. All a drip, drip, drip towards
total state dependency, which of course, eventually will come with several stipulations for you to receive the money - So what can we do about this? believe it or not, we have options and solutions if we are first willing to admit there is a serious problem.
Acceptance is the first step to dealing with any issue. I recommend people start growing up fast, because we don't have long left to turn this around now.

I recommend you do the following -

- Do not watch mainstream news/buy newspapers etc (the cabal own them all)

- Inform
start getting vocal and telling people about this, be the weirdo, be the brave one

- Educate yourself, we still have a pretty much-uncensored web, use it while it remains this way

- Don't wallow in fear - They feed on our fear more than anything) Raise your energy up.
- Get fit, get healthy, this gives you a solid foundation to defeat fear and be self-confident

- Get active, write about this stuff, alert people, stand up, and take part in the true battle for the future.

- Have kids, don't be scared out of having kids, bet on the future.
If we don't take action on mass now, we are going to go into a period of extreme difficulty and the whole human race will suffer for generations. I believe we can beat this, and I believe even if we don't win this round, we will win eventually as long as we keep fighting.
One thing I have noticed from deeply studying history is - When big empires get to a point, they become so arrogant and out of control, they tend to push too far, and the people hit a breaking point and snap - then the collapse starts.
They take so much, and then they start to fight back, but it's a never-ending battle, we can never defeat ALL evil but if we don't consciously fight it, it WILL take over and keep coming back again and again. We must become warriors of the mind and take our perception back
These elites and all their complex system have us under the FALSE impression, they yield all this power over us, but the truth is - They don't, they only have the intelligence to make us BELIEVE that they do - so many fall for this time and time again.
We need to now, light the fire of the human soul again, we need to use our far GREATER power to put a stop to this degenerate culture, the constant lies and disinformation, the manipulation we are under just now is INCREDIBLE, its never been more over the top.
I have faith in the human race, I know God is real and I know this is all big test. So I'm calling for you all, to stand up and get right with God (or Allah etc, whatever you relate to) and take the fight back to these disgusting energy vampires and banish them from our minds!
Thank you for reading this 4 part deluxe thread.

THE END..................
This 4 part monster thread.

Has never been more obvious.

The prophecy of Belvedere!

Spread the word fellow Sages!

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