In the earliest stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of transit agencies stepped up to protect their operators and the public at large by suspending fare collections and changing boarding protocols. #GOPCThread 
As the pandemic developed, transit agencies quickly pivoted to provide links to community services for vulnerable populations. Through novel partnerships, transit agencies have been delivering meals and packages around Ohio. @HHWPRides #GOPCThread 
. @BCRTA is doing about 60-100 deliveries a day right now, taking deliveries that are put together by the food bank and delivering to people’s front step. They are also working with local officials in case they are asked to help transport COVID patients. 
Transit agencies like @COTABus have also provided relief to families who may be feeling isolated during lengthy stay-at-home periods resulting from the pandemic response. #GOPCThread 
As the state begins to open-back up, transit agencies like @PortageAreaRTA, many of which had to reduce or cut some services, began to prepare for increased ridership once again, ensuring both operators and riders are well protected and safe #GOPCThread 
Even in the midst of economic uncertainty due to the pandemic, voters understand the need for public transit. Issue 7 passed in Hamilton County last month, the first significant change in transit funding for the region in 50 years @cincinnatimetro 
Voters in the Toledo area also approved a transit renewal for @TARTA_Toledo #GOPCThread 
The work of transit agencies and staff has not gone unnoticed, as recognition has come in from state leaders like @GovMikeDeWine#GOPCThread 
And the national media @Time ... #GOPCThread 
Public transit has been and will continue to be an essential service. Thanks to all our transit agencies and operator for all you have done in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic #GOPCThread
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