Thread: Who is Kim Olson? It's time for the truth.

1. Let me just start by saying, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck; it's probably a duck. When I saw let it burn was trending on Twatter, I decided to see what' going on.
2. It was then that I learned about Colonel Kim Olson. A Democrat candidate for congress in Texas. I won't lie, I had never heard of her before. What I do know is: Texas has always been a primary hub for drugs and human trafficking.
3. The Democrats always try and control border states and especially cities or districts with ports. It's no secret why. They funnel in drugs, people and God only knows what else.
4. Anyhoo, amongst the controlled daily stream of socialist propoganda and hate for America, I saw this tweet.
5. Being the patriot and digital soldier that I am, I decided to weigh in. I pointed out that @POTUS had ended the war on Terror by annihilating ISIS. The terrorist group that Obama had created and funded.
6. That he had done more for the military and vets than any other president. I also pointed out how the Democrats had profitied from the heroine trade and human trafficking in war torn countries in the middle east.
7. NTM the millions Dick Cheyney pocketed with contracts to rebuild Iraq. (at the time, I didn't realize that was the nerve I hit).
8. I mentioned that Obama pussy footed around with terrorists for years. Well, she instantly blocked me. Unbeknownst to her, it's bad idea to piss off an Anon. If there is any dirt, we'll find it.
10. It was then that I learned she is running in the 24th district. Boom! That is smack dab in the middle of the area controlled by the Zetas drug cartel. They like to place their stash houses in hispanic communities. They wont snitch because they fear the cartel.
12. As you can clearly see in this image, those are military grade weapons that were seized. Remember the fast and furious case? From previous research I know that Democrats are in bed with the cartel. The main reason they want to turn Tx blue.
13. The cartel pays them off to look the other way. They also supply them with slave labor and children. At this point, I knew she was dirty and had to dig deeper. If she is one of [THEM] I would find a scandal that she profited from.
14. I knew it had to be connected to her time in Iraq. Following a lot of digging I learned that she had been forced out of the Air Force via a plea agreement rather than a court martial, she got an article 15 discharge.
15. I knew from previous research that I had done on corrupt military officials, an Article 15 punishment is protected information under the Privacy Act and not part of the public record. I had to dig deeper. Someone, somewhere, had a source that leaked them the information.
16. BOOM! I eventually found it! To get off as easy as she did, she had to have friends in very high places that were probably complicit in her illicit activity. Is the oval office high enough? You guessed it; George Bush Junior via none other than Dick Cheyney!
17. After a lot of searching with a multitude of key words, I found an old L.A. Times article from 2006 that nailed it! It turns out that Pentagon investigators alleged that while on active duty as one of the most powerful figures in Iraq,
18. Olson established a U.S. branch of a South African security firm after helping it win more than $3 million in contracts to provide protection for senior U.S. and British officials,
20. If I find out anything else on Colonel Olson I will add it to this dig. I am heavily censored on Twatter, so if you want to see any additions to this dig, or my future digs, go to my page and click on the lil bell to receive notifications.
21. If you live in Texas, please help inform the citizens of who she really is! #WeAreTheNewsNow
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