Just read a story about a woman who had a stroke near her brainstem and almost died. She did not fully recover and lives with dysautonomia, vision problems, and partial paralysis. Her neurologist diagnosed these symptoms as conversion disorder.
She believes this, her husband believes this. Her symptoms “perfectly fit” the symptoms of conversion disorder. However, managing her anxiety “hasn’t helped the way it does some people.” They trust their doctor.
It’s just a small reminder that #MECFS is a *subset* of a larger problem. I want to believe that one day, some young turks will come along and revolutionize neurology, but I think medical students just keep being indoctrinated into the same BS.
After my conversion disorder diagnosis, I kept pushing for answers. It’s important to remember that a lot of people don’t. A lot of people trust the expert, go home, and just try to live with it, when their symptoms may be treatable.
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