Regime change is GO!

Matthew Elliott- is behind the reputation grooming of Sunak.

Montie - Elliott's Partner in Crime/ Architects of Brexit 15 years - Today publishes Boris must Go piece in Spectator.

See Beneath The Mask
#TheDevilWillComeDressedAsASaviour https://twitter.com/Steven_Swinford/status/1270828640444526593
All the bad boys are pushing it.
Everyone is being played for fools here.

Awful to see people say how great this is. You have been played. Manufacturing your consent to usher in THIER man.. I know. ( How worse can it get)

This is on the terms of the people who engineered NoDeal Capitulation to Deregulation USA
This is true.

All that gushing praise re covid budget....polish to that thin veneer of decency...

Deception is breathing to these people. https://twitter.com/Philsbodydouble/status/1271053852255666176?s=19
And like Clockwork.

Shore capital is massive Tory Donor btw. (Of course)

This is pure snake oil.👇
If anyone is interested.

Monster thread here I did in 2018 giving context to the history of this very long con. It's written scruffily, but facts are all there.

I'm starting with Shore Involvement. Partway down the thread. Scroll up to read in full https://twitter.com/NarcAware/status/1011452249355309056?s=19
further context. @williamnhutton hits nail on the head here.

Howard shore btw was conservative events chair. 2014.
Tories funded by hedge funds and oligarchs rather than people & business. Disaster capitalists took control. https://twitter.com/NarcAware/status/1181183818532868096?s=19
Geopolitical ramifications of awakenings in USA & UK, covid, racism.
Removing Trump
Commitment of FBI to revisit 'influence' of 2016 involving Brexit figures.
Reigning in Facebook.

May scupper the Brexit endgame.

Extraordinary things may still happen. https://twitter.com/The_ChrisShaw/status/1271174878251626496?s=19
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