Difficult to express disgust every time MSM attempts to portray this rustic criminal #LaluPrasadYadav, convicted of many scams as Bihar’s Nelson Mandela.
A shame that we have to remind people about his #JungleRaj! But we shall do it every time there is such an attempt.

A THREAD: https://twitter.com/CNNnews18/status/1270938305354362880
There are not only tweets and subtle references, but a range of full-length articles whitewashing the truth, full of lies and propaganda to cheat this generation and to absolve #LaluPrasadYadav's nightmarish #JungleRaj regime of the grave charges.
Ask any #Bihari who grew up in that period in Bihar... a LIVING HELL. Moving out of the house after dark was scary. The scams for which #LaluPrasadYadav is convicted are nothing compared to the #JungleRaj... organized crimes flourished, all under the close watch of CM House.
The dominance of "MY" and suppression of upper-caste Hindus was the primary political objective of #LaluPrasadYadav. Who can forget his blatant notorious proclamation that defined what he had set out to do, “भूरा बाल साफ करो (eliminate Bhumihar, Rajput, Brahmins, Lala).”
It was during this time dreaded criminals like Mohd. Shahabuddin, Surajbhan Singh, Prabhunath Singh, Pappu Yadav, Daddan (Pahalwan) Yadav, Reetal Yadav, Bindi Yadav, and all flourished. #LaluPrasadYadav gave a clear passage to them, who invoked fear and havoc in Bihar.
#LaluPrasadYadav's notorious brothers-in-law, ‘Sadhu and Subhash Yadav' also became the epitome of crime, terror, and hooliganism. The duo had even assumed pivotal political positions.
Their famous electoral punch-line: "जहाँ ना हो वोट अप्पन, वहाँ रख दो AK-छप्पन"
During #LaluPrasadYadav's time, only the 'kidnapping' industry proliferated in Bihar. Almost every day, cases of kidnapping regularly made headlines across the state.
ToI Survey: 1992 to 2004 - 32,085 reported kidnapping cases.
Bihar Police Site: 2001-2005 - 18,189 murders.
Remember Abhishek Murder Case? Friends, who accompanied Abhishek & Ragini (Lalu's daughter) at Dasham falls, where Abhishek had drowned in mysterious circumstances, claimed that the couple were in love and planning to get married.
Last Day - Abhishek with Ragini at the waterfall.
When Lalu's daughter was getting married, Sadhu Yadav allegedly forcefully took away more than 100 Maruti cars from the Mithila Motors, Tata Safaris & Sumos from Telco stockyard to ferry wedding guests. Loads of jewelry picked up from Alankar Jewellers refusing to pay the bill.
The matter escalated when Champa wrote a letter to Governor Sunder S Bhandari claiming she had undergone an abortion & sterilization "to avoid pregnancy due to repeated rape." She feared that disappeared Kalyani + 2 maidservants may have been murdered. The case never concluded.
1999: Dead bodies of SHILPI & GAUTAM were found in a Maruti in the garage of MLA Quarter. Police claimed an accidental death. Viscera report - both had been poisoned. Postmortem report - semen samples of more than 1 person were found from Shilpi's body. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=kyHC2RFwV7U&feature=emb_logo
The blood sample of Sadhu Yadav could not be obtained as he "refused to cooperate" and got a clean chit.
Incidentally, the brother of Shilpi Jain was kidnapped a few years later when he was trying to get the case reopened. The case is shut till now.
#LaluPrasadYadav's govt machinery ensured all elections were rigged. Majority booths were captured. Malpractices with ballot papers, miscounting of votes, were normal. Only with the emergence of EVM Lalu lost in 2005. Remember clearly, how people of Bihar celebrated a reliable EC
Every time a person started a new business/bought property/vehicle, "RangdaariTax" was mandatory. I recall a cousin came from Belgaon, flashing a gold chain. The other cousin passed a joke: "जबतक कोई माँग नहीं रहा है भैया, तबतक झल्काईये, नहीं तो बैग मे रख लीजिए."
There was hardly any crime left that wasn't committed in Bihar during #LaluPrasadYadav's time. IAS used to have nightmares about midnight transfers, were beaten, murdered, so much so that they would prepare "Khaini" (tobacco) for criminals and Netas who were running the state.
A noted filmmaker from Bihar, Prakash Jha made two movies #Gangajal, and #Apharan on the state of Bihar during #LaluPrasadYadav's time and another one #Shool also came out in the same decade. They were not mere Bollywood flicks, but a literal depiction of the state of Bihar.
Patna was normal like any other city before the 90s. Then we started to witness 10 days (not 10 hours) power cuts. In our village, we would have 6-7 hours of power cut during the daytime before #LaluPrasadYadav #JungleRaj. During this period, it just never came back.
Soon, Electric poles and cables started vanishing. So much so that when power used to be restored late night in cities like Bhagalpur and Muzaffarpur, people cheered. It was #LaluPrasadYadav who forced us to live the stone age.
Every monsoon, the open sewers, and drains were de-clogged. When it rained, the roads were like swamps, the shit (literally) would flow on to the roads. We grew up struggling with a miserable life that was forced on to us by none other but #LaluPrasadYadav.
Mass cheating became an industry and the education system was completely dysfunctional. I appeared for my 12th under BSIC in April, received the results next Feb. We all lost a year. No national outrage like re-exam of one CBSE paper. We had to live with it without making noises.
A mass exodus of students from Bihar for simple graduation to Delhi, UP, MP, and even places as far as Pune, Banglore, and Amrawati. Biharis were found in every state of India, as students, laborers, pullers, engineers, traders etc. Not because they wanted to, they had no choice.
All Biharis were perceived as corrupt & criminals by people of other states. We were looked down and sadly, being a Bihari became an abuse, an insult, and was being identified with #LaluPrasadYadav. Many I know started hiding their identities. We have seen it all.
When #LaluPrasadYadav was thrown inside the jail after the first fodder scam case, he put his wife Rabri on the Chief Minister's chair. She wasn't a politician but a housewife. "साहेब चाहे हैं तो हम मुख्यमंत्री बन गये हैं, जैसे अब तक घर चलाते थे वैसे ही प्रदेश चलाएँगे."
When Nepal released waters and entire North Bihar was flooded with major loss of life & property, a rustic, arrogant #LaluPrasadYadav said: "It's good, now all the fish will come to their house which they can cook and eat happily." That is how insensitively brazen he always been.
Recently confronted by a @republic reporter on corruption charges, #LaluPrasadYadav lost his temper n said “अपने बाप से पूछो” “दो मुक्का मरेंगे की यहीं गिर जाओगे”.. all this inside the Parliament. The irony is, the same media fraternity finds his rustic behavior, cute and funny.
Political opposition or even hate for a politician for personal reasons aside, how can one glorify one of the biggest criminals of the country? The history shall remember #LaluPrasadYadav’s era as the #JungleRaj regime that took Bihar into the dearth of darkness, a living hell.
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