stop paying cis people to write about trans issues challenge 2020 😠
this is exactly what GCFs really are - gender cops 👮‍♀️
love this 🌈
🧵 on situation for trans Americans 💔
my fucking bank just sent me a new debit card with my deadname on it despite my current card having my correct name on it - WTF is ur problem u banker wankers 😡
this limerick is in the sin bin
it doesn't mention trans people
i've been going on about this harmful statistical misunderstanding since i came out as trans. please listen to Raquel and Serena if you won't listen to me.
[CN: death]

statistical mythbusting: *if* the average age at death of murdered X people is 35, this does *not at all* imply that X people's general life expectancy is 35. that would only be true if every last X person died by murder. don't spread harmful myths, this costs lives.
if someone with a stronger command of the relevant literature wants to argue this statistical point with me, i am happy to open my DMs to them.
To Survive on this Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults [US] 
the sheer coordinated violence of fascists coming for trans people in so many countries around the world makes me hopping mad 😡
it seems the cis journalists at CBC need this graphic i made 😑
Please follow this recommendation:
(that's most of why I'm not a fan of the slogan "Racism is small dick energy" that i saw on several signs on the street today)
PRISM: Human Rights issues relating to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) in Aotearoa New Zealand - A report with recommendations
i don't understand queer/trans people who RT @womensart1, which refuses to feature art by trans women. @womensart3 is trans inclusive, maybe follow and RT them instead?
oh brother. (🧵 re: CBC nonbinary podcast)
fuck Tracey Martin and everyone else involved in this betrayal of the trans community by the Ardern govt
great, a speaker giving a women in STEM equity talk is bringing the term "hermaphrodite" into her preamble discussion, which isn't pertinent to her main topic. i'm betting she's cis.
glad the rest of that talk was great. and the whole session went really well.
guess what. my fucking bank just sent me a new credit card too and it's ALSO got the wrong name on it. WHYYYYYY 🤦🏼‍♂️
oh this is marvellous, two different arms of a bank are passing the buck for a transphobic fuckup between themselves 🤦🏼‍♂️
hi hello my bank, how about jumping on the True Name credit card bandwagon?
had another lengthy conversation with a bank person who promised to look into the cards name fiasco. they're making real efforts to improve, but still have a ways to go yet
as a trans nonbinary person i find it frustrating that in 2020 Ontario health records use a single sex marker to decide all sorts of things about our health care, like say breast cancer screening. why not have pertinent checkboxes in our health record instead, like "has boobs"?
turns out my bank has reissued all my cards for reasons that make little sense to me for 2 of them and got the embossed name wrong on all 3 so is having to make 6 new cards when 1 would have sufficed. i'm making sure it takes more of their time than mine to fix things. :P
i didn't realize the bank had reissued one card because it was sent to my work address and i doubt the mail has been cleared there in 3.5 months. there's going to be SO MUCH MAIL to sort through when we are finally frequenting our university offices again - kg & kg & kg of it. 😧
gotta say though, the bank employees i patiently explained my trans predicament to on the phone were receptive & non-argumentative, & responded gracefully when asked to call me by my chosen 1st name & honorific & proper pronouns, & didn't fuck up on anything twice. i respect that
of course it would be much better if none of these phone calls had been necessary in the first place, but damn, it's so much less annoying when people you deal with over shit like this really want to make things right. i tend to like people who fix unfairnesses.
so if someone informs me i can fix something unfair for them, even if i'm running low on spoons, i'll do my best to fix it. sometimes the joy from fixing it and seeing their eyes light up gives me bonus spoons.
wait what it's pride weekend so that means it's my 7th anniversary of figuring out i'm trans! holy shitballs! 🎉⭐️☺️🌈
surprisingly readable article from CBC
i imagine 2SLGBTQ+ youth might engage in this more than some groups ❤️🌈
*sobs* 😭🌈
if a cis woman wants a C-section, as a trans person i support her right to freely decide on her own health care without pressure from oppressive doctors.

cis women should support trans people's right to freely decide on our own health care, surgeries included.
don't use these terms on my TL either. (transmisandry doesn't exist any more than misandry does. and as for that second term, it sounds like something a bunch of angry white afab enbies made up at the pub specifically for cloaking transmisogyny. we need to be better than this.)
i hate facebook
fucking murderer
fuck, Buck really really REALLY sucks. 😞
if it takes cis women getting mistaken for trans women by transantagonists who would do them harm for you to "care about trans women", you don't actually care about trans women, you care about cis women and ensuring that the borderline between them is clear to you.
beautiful, soaring. a piece to bookmark and keep returning to.
paging Kiwis of conscience ⬇️
good mini-thread 🌈
cis people tend to believe enjoying Drag Race on TV is tantamount to doing something about transphobia. i'm not so sanguine.
a lovely thread ❤️🌈
please do not gush that you love some flavour of Drag Race in my presence. i'll ask why you like RuPaul's transmisogyny and his involvement in fracking.
[sign: if i die without a G.R.C. then the 'F' on my death certificate will stand for "F**K THE SYSTEM"] 🎯
agreed -- they really really don't. i tried not to be trans for longer than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's entire lifespan.
another super thoughtful thread.
i'd add that parents with fertility dreams for their children (white ones especially) need to get a better hobby. what a child of yours does with their reproductive system is 100% their call, it's fundamentally not your business. if they invite you to opine, only then you may.
any cis person who takes on a role acting a trans character is a rubbish human being. regardless of what else they've done. trans roles should be acted by trans people, period.
good to see
if you're cis and strive to understand why trans people are so pissed off by that goddamn open letter today, here it is in one tweet:
"free speech for me but not for thee" 🌲
ancient trans proverb: scratch a TERF, find a Nazi
thread 🧵
love this 🙃
*narrows eyes* 😈

Do. Not. Negotiate. With. Cis. Terrorists.

How do I say this en français?

Ne Négociez Pas Avec Les Terroristes Cisgenre? 🥺
i don't know who needs to hear this but cis gushing about an episode of Drag Race doesn't make you a trans ally. please add a hashtag or use some other consistent word to allow muting
signal boost the voices of trans women over the voices of trans-adjacent cis women challenge 2020
happy Nonbinary [aka enby] Awareness Week
🔘 enby is not a 3rd gender halfway between woman & man
🔘 medically transitioning doesn’t make your nonbinary gender binary
🔘 some enbies use they pronouns, some don’t
🔘 enby clothes vary way beyond a thin white androgynous look
do cis people who like Drag Race on TV realize they are getting a thrill from watching a strictly limited deviation from cisheteronormativity?
i think this is all fair comment. it's kinda like arguing for gender reform rather than gender abolition
Ru Paul's transmisogyny deserves to be more widely known.
this explains some puzzling blocks.
getting surgeries that we need was already super hard for trans people before the pandemic. delays to procedures are massively increasing the burden that trans people bear. if you're abjectly refusing to wear a mask in public you're no friend to trans people. be a better ally!!
the movie that did the most to keep me in the closet was Boys Don't Cry. seeing it led my late 90s boss to ridicule me socially in front of all my coworkers because he could see parallels in my gender expression. i later made him apologize in private. he later won a Nobel Prize.
so many movies and TV series that supposedly aren't horror movies are anti-trans AF, which makes them horrific for trans people to watch. the vast majority of those are transmisogynistic specifically. example: mr robot (😡)
*typo: not horror movies, horror genre 🙄
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