Today I present to you GOT7 in an undercut -- a thread

@GOT7Official #GOT7
Mark (2)
Undercut + braids + bandana. He rly wants to kill us with his visual
JB (2)
minsan gusto ko na lang maging bote ng tubig

@GOT7Official #GOT7
plus i lowkey miss blonde jackson

@GOT7Official #GOT7
he looks like the univ boyfriend that only exists in our fantasies 😣

@GOT7Official #GOT7
Youngjae (1)
he's my bias but undercut youngjae is also my bias wrecker???

@GOT7Official #GOT7
Youngjae (2)
bluejae + undercut y'all can bury me to the ground now

@GOT7Official #GOT7
Bambam (1)
aka king of undercut i said what i said

@BamBam1A @GOT7Official #GOT7
plus those specs!!! i die

@GOT7Official #GOT7
let me just put this latest youngjae undercut under this thread skskafjdk

#GOT7 @GOT7Official
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