For those recently awakened:
How do you deal with that?
I see many struggle, so I’ve decided to make a thread about it.

1st: Welcome to The Great Awakening
2nd: The truth will set you free, but at first it will make you
Here are my tips after being awake for 15+ yrs
1. Make sure to work on yourself, whatever issues you have, clear them out with therapy or whatever works best for you
Being in tune with yourself makes you stronger, so it will make it easier to deal with the truth. Don’t stop doing that as we never finish working on that.
2. Throw out your TV! It’s toxic, it hypnotises and keeps you distracted from what matters. You’ll find anything online. The more you learn, the more you realise that the Tell-A-Vision is not helping you, and will stagnate you to move through the 5 stages of The Great Awakening
3. The 5 stages on Awakening:
Denial: Refusing certain truths
Anger: Realising it is all true
Bargaining: Still hoping it is all not true
Depression: Sadness and despair knowing the truth
Acceptance: It is what it is….

4. Another few of these stages if you’re not prepared for the following:
You'll loose friends and family, they think you’re a conspiracy theorist, while in reality it’s conspiracy facts, they’ll think you’re nuts and eventually
They’ll walk out of your life or you out of theirs
5. You'll feel lonely, maybe isolate, but don’t worry it won’t take long if you do the following:
Find likeminded people online, Interact with them
Join research with others, make new friends.
We support each other WORLDWIDE. This movement is huge, bigger than you can imagine
6. Soon you’ll find that you don’t want to go back, ever!
Many of us are veterans in this, here to guide you too
You’ll find people in your city now that are awake
Change is always difficult, this one is life altering in a good way and soon you’ll find stability in it
7. You cannot wake friends and family up in the beginning of your own awakening
(Exceptions excl.)
So reconcile that you are in a different world now than they are. Keep doing research as it will further give you understanding of what is happening and it is all good
8. When waking up you’ll encounter all sorts of rabbit holes. Most are not fun and downright horrific.
Talk to others in the movement about it, don’t shut yourself off.
KNOW that you are NOT the only one experiencing this, therefore no shame in voicing it
9. You may be confronted with yourself while researching, trauma’s come to the surface, take time for to process that , it's important. In order to keep doing this, personal healing is a constant process and big part of this too. The truth is changing your paradigm. Share it
10. Finding new friends:
Find chats were we all frequent. You Tube Live show chats
Twitter, Gab, discord, Telegram groups (search for keywords) and you’ll find many more along the way.
Soon you’ll discover you have a whole new family and friends worldwide!
11. Always use discernment!
Keep using logic to know if something or someone is genuine
Don’t take everything for truth, but research and verify if you can, or stick with friends you’ve made and trust.
That will go pretty fast. There are gatherings worldwide to attend too.
12. Laugh, laugh a lot. I can’t remember laughing so much since I’ve joined this movement, despite the horror you’ll encounter.
This is because you start to accept what is. So you have room to laugh again and feel freer overall, and even joke about the things you find
13. This does not mean we give up fighting it
We fight with humor (Memes) , love ( prayers) and perseverance (Exposure)
Once awakened you have one goal, fight what is wrong in this world
If you do not follow Q, I recommend to start. It’s the most sane & loving movement on earth
14. If you’re not into Q, that is fine, we all have the same goal
But it will be a lot faster to process if you get to know it. Always use discernment, think for yourself, use logic
All we want is truth, a better world and sanity.
Uniting is essential and infighting avoided.
15. Do not react aggressively to shills, bots or liberals on Twitter, they will get you booted very quick.
We share these accounts amongst each other to block
so keep eyes on other accounts.
That way you will always find the people back, since most people follow these accounts.
16. If you are Christian, just spiritual or anything else, we do not judge. Those that do are not awake enough to deal with those differences. Step away and find likeminded people. Differences are inevitable. We are still humans after all.
Stay united!
17. Grounding: In order to keep dealing with research and the truth, Ground yourself!
Make sure to monitor yourself. Don’t overdo it, take time out from the internet, unplug for a few days (the truth doesn’t walk away), go in nature, recharge. this is a long battle, stay sane!
18. Surround yourself with positive people!
This is a must! Keep your vibration/energy high, and keep yourself happy.
Many amongst us are/were loners, hermits, traumatised or addicts in the past. This is probably why we woke up in the first place. Stay positive
19. Many of us became sober in this movement and/or found God. We know it’s the way to go in order to stay strong and sane. We all have weaknesses, helping each other is key. We are a collective of people searching for truth and freedom, the way it was always supposed to be.
20. If you doubt, get frustrated, angry, impatient,
know that it will all be fine as long you work on those emotions. Don’t let emotions be your guide, use logic.
I’m sure you’re not alone with it, and many have been through it before.
Accept it, trust the process.
21. Work on your spiritual development, both go hand in hand.
We develop our brains and learn to think logic again. with that we also develop our spiritual views. This movement involves all topics.
Learn with us online as we go through this journey together.
22. Learn to discern, to put ego aside, to not judge others
We don’t need to fight each other because one believes the earth is flat and the other doesn’t.
Dialogue is essential.
Remember: We all have the same common goal, finding out the truth.
Differences are to be expected.
23. Don't fall back into lazy mode, stay alert when it comes to truth. This is a jungle with all sorts of people trying to distort truth, infiltrate to divide or plant false information. We are big enough now to collectively catch it. but some will fall for the traps. Use logic
24. On my channel , you may find more topics on tips and tricks, and updates about patriots. I unite Patriot, and help navigate this jungle and heal.
We are after all healing at the same time we’re learning truth. Both go hand in hand as well
25. Your brain is being stretched
Take care of your body and mental health.
A good indiction it’s time to unplug is when you get easily frustrated, snapping at others and quickly irritated. Take that break, don’t be afraid to miss out.
We support each other there too
26.Why would we support each other in everything, you may ask
Simple, if we want a better world, we may as well get along.
Stay the course, help someone up who is down. Many have woken up during this lockdown. So it will only grow bigger and faster from here, help those too
27. Unplug when the news is getting really overwhelming , like now with the riots.
It will pass, too much negative news will throw you off balance. As the impeachment passed this will to
Knowing that, it's wise to not immerse yourself in the constant onslaught of negative news.
28. Are you one of those that always thought you were crazy? Or didn’t fit in?
KNOW that this is why you woke up.
The good news is:
It wasn’t you who was crazy this whole time!
We are the light and we are the ones that could handle the truth first to help others after us
29. Trauma’s, disease, addictions, losses all led us here, suffering made us wake up in
the first place. Cause we are able to handle it better due to the suffering. Now it’s
our turn to shine and to eventually help others recover from their trauma after waking up to the truth
30. Don’t forget to have fun and participate in our Meme and hashtag wars here on twitter.
Learn from others, but don’t hesitate to offer your own knowledge. It will make you useful and gives more balance in your journey too.
Soon I'll share another relevant thread!
Be patient, don't lose hope and Trust the Plan
#WWG1WGA #PatriotsAwakened #PatriotsUnited #InItTogetherWorldWide


(next thread will be helpful too)
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