#Lockdown #coronavirusInSA hasn't been kind to jobs or employment. Thinking of starting a business probably so here's a tip:
1. Go online to the website of CIPC and register a new company for R175, registration is R125 and the name is R50.
- Go to your nearest internet cafe with your certified ID copy in USB, have an active email address or use your smartphone.

The money you will deposit via their bank details found on the website.
They will do BBBEE for you for free and all other business documents.

2. Go to SARS, do a tax clearance for free.

3. Go to FNB do a business bank account for R500. Or ABSA they even have R250 option.
4. Go to your nearest Seda ask them to do a business plan for you, for free. Plus other trainings that might be relevant to your field.

5. Go online, registered on the CSD, for free.
6. Go to your municipality and ask them to register you on their database as a supplier, for free.

7. Go to your nearest NYDA, attend their financial management short course for a minimum of 5 weeks (once a week), for free.
8. Apply for the NYDA funding for free. They can give you equipment of up to R50 000, for free.

You don't pay it back.

9. Hire people and register for COIDA, Letter of good standing at the Department of Labour.
10. Do your business and upgrade it with marketing and branding.

Logos, Letterhead, business email, website, landline. software of

11. Apply for tenders.

12. Live in financial freedom.

13. Don't give up and don't lose focus.
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