UKGOV Crime Against Humanity Confirmed

In the latest Genetic Study, it is confirmed that the primary cause of higher UK rate vs similar country of
1. increase in #Coronavirus Growth
2. Deaths due to #Coronavirus
has a single common factor.

Airport Dispersal of #Covid19
The latest genetic study from the University of Birmingham confirms the majority of infections can be traced back to 1356 individuals (not a patient zero) who travelled to the UK from European Countries.

Roughly 1/3 of the cases each came via IT and Sp, 20% from FR
The infections themselves can be traced to a specific period.

90% of the infections entered the UK between the dates of 28FEB - 28MAR.

This is the period in which UKGov undertook a PR Campaign to say Airport Checks were not needed.

This did not follow science advice.
Notable also from @pathogenomenick was that very few of the infections can be traced directly from China.

As many pointed in March, cursory checks of Chinese planes did nothing to mitigate planes full of infected Italians landing who we UKGov chose to let disperse.
After the sources I'll add some easier to follow explanations. If you're coming in fresh it can be hard to understand.

The relevant study from COG-UK is here


Before we go any further, I get it. A Twitter account you've never heard of makes a wild accusation:

UKGov made a pandemic worse than it should have been and in the cover-up killed more.

Conspiracy theory! So let me first deal with that, I've been there.
1. Conspiracy theories (CTs) are all conspiracy, no validity. The explanations here are scientific and can be verified, including by you.

2. CTs always have an unnamed THEY DD IT.
Here we know it was UKGov, and that they ignored WHO science advice multiple times
3. CTs never have verifiable sources, scientific papers or radio interviews. This one has all those for you to verify.

Moreover, it has context from your memory. Almost everyone remembers those planes from Italy landing just as this all kicked off.


Current estimate 70K total deaths

90% of which are explained by the 1356 airport imports

So 63,000 would have lived. But let's say 5% could not be traced or slipped through.

That's 60,000 who should have lived.

Apply South Korea?
69,000 should have lived.
I'll cover
A) what happened in sequence.

B) based on precedent, why UKGov must stand down today to be replaced by a Non-Partisan Emergency Government

Will not cover C) why -> CT territory. The Hague can ask WHY if UKGov do not stand down.

Between the end of January and end of February WHO issued multiple letters of science advice that covered two topics.

1. Air Travel needed increasingly URGENT checks and controls
2. Air Travel need not be stopped. https://twitter.com/BylineTimes/status/1262741644035538946?s=20

All the WHO links are attached here ( https://twitter.com/atatimelikethis/status/1262081211633106945?s=20)
Additionally, @Otto_English excellent @BylineTimes article on the whole Policy is here ( https://bylinetimes.com/2020/05/19/the-coronavirus-crisis-no-checks-were-british-indefensible-uk-border-policy/)
Note multiple Ministers incriminated themselves on points 1&2 WHO advice.

Defence: "WHO Advised Air Travel could continue"

They said, and the same letter says "provided airport checks are carried out from infected areas"

Knowing one part of a letter means you know the other
UK PM Johnson announced on 12th March that containment HAD ENDED. Since the primary activity of any containment is active prevention of early viral spread, and no containment measures had been taken at airports, the only conclusion can be that containment NEVER STARTED.
Postscript 1 Lies, Damned Lies and Scoiopaths

I'm outraged at the continued misrepresentation of science. If Mr Johnson told people to fly in a plane with insufficient fuel which he simply chose to assert was sufficient, would he be culpable? No better⏬ https://twitter.com/atatimelikethis/status/1276798259801939968?s=19
Postscript 2 Sagely Advice
Good spot from the SAGE minutes. Which of course we're just repeating two explicit warnings about airport checks UKGov had already received by then. https://twitter.com/rcacciola2506/status/1277870817188216834?s=19
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