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At 18, Jungkook didn’t have his own room like most people would. He shared a small room with six other guys. They had two bunk beds and three mattresses on the floor. Like most men at his age, he found it hard to have any sort of private time due to-
People being constantly at home. He would use the shower for his needs but they tended to rush him if he started taking too long - he understood, they had bills to pay and the less they used the less it would cost.
But sometimes he just got pent up, you know? It was only natural-
For him. Maybe what /wasn’t natural was his growing obsession with one of his group members. He looked up to Namjoon for sure, and Taehyung was easy to talk to, all his members were amazing in their own way but one in particular stood out more than anyone else.
Yoongi hyung was-
Straight out of his dreams. He was pretty, in and ethereal yet sharp way. He was smart, in a silly yet scholarly way. He was extremely kind, in a soft yet tsundere way.
He didn’t like to be the center of attention but blushed whenever he was praised. Someone like Jungkook, he-
Was still a little shy to outright compliment his hyung. He wanted so badly to blurt all his feelings to him, have him turn that pretty pink hue just at Jungkooks words.
Maybe it was selfish of him to want to surround himself with Yoonfi and vice versa, maybe that’s why he would-
Get jealous whenever the others members found it so easy to tease and touch Yoongi. Jungkook couldn’t do that. Didn’t have the courage to.
So he had to do it secretly. He had to show his love for his hyung in a different, hidden way.
It was currently the middle of the night and-
Jungkook laid awake in his bed. He had a bottom bunk under Hoseok. Yoongi was peacefully sleeping on one of the mattresses on the floor, Seokjin and Jimin on either sides.
He crawled out from under the covers, slowly inching his way to Yoongi. He had done this a few times before-
So he knew how to. He shuffled over Yoongi, eyes locked onto his delicate face and his messy orange hair. Oh Jungkook just thought he was /such an angel. Jungkook applied no pressure as he kneeled on either side of Yoongi, to avoid waking him up. He stuck a hand down his front,-
Pulling out his cock that was already half hard. It really didn’t take him too long to get horny from just the sight of Yoongi these days. And nothing was better - not even a shower in private - than having the real deal laid out in front of him. Jungkook pulled the collar of-
His shirt to his mouth, biting it to muffle his groans as he jerked himself off. His mind race different whenever he did that. To fantasies of Yoongis hand doing this instead, his mouth, his thighs. But tonight Jungkook was imagining himself fucking Yoongi, fast and hard. His-
Hyung would make the sweetest first noises, all for him. Jungkook hissed between clenched teeth, thumbing at his tip and squeezing so he didn’t cum just yet.
He didn’t get to do this every other day, he needed to favor it tonight until the next time.
He bucked into his hand,-
Continuing with the images of Yoongi bent over, ass spread, hole wide as he begged Jungkook to fuck him, to fill him up. Jungkook would do such a good job, would do the /best job for his hyung. Jungkooks hooded eyes gazed at Yoongis soft eyelashes, the part of his pink lips.-
It was too much too soon as he felt his orgasm cumming. He quickly aimed over to the side of Yoongis pillow and came. He quickly wiped himself, and leaned over to use his shirt to clean up the ready of the mess. He fondly remembers the first time when he didn’t calculate how-
Fast he would cum and ended up spilling right on Yoongis face. He trembly wipes him with shaking hands, praying he didn’t wake up. But luckily for him, Yoongis a heavy sleeper. Jungkook gave himself another minute or two just to admire Yoongi. He hoped one day he would be able-
To do this with Yoongi conscious. But until then, he’d cherish him at night with no one else to witness. He pushed himself to go back to his bed going under and finding sleep easily. He loved sleep, that’s when he got to dream of Yoongi in ways he could have him.

Yoongi snapped-
His eyes open in the dark. Seriously he must be dreaming. There’s no way that Jungkook just - on top of him - and - there was just no way. Yoongi valued his sleep but when he felt the brush of fabrics against his lips and his cheek one time, he wondered what that was. Was he-
Sweating and one of the others decided to wipe it for him? Did he have something on his face and don’t realize? He was too nervous to ask any of them to get confirmation. But then he found substance on his pillow when he woke up one day. It was clear what it was and Yoongi-
Grimaced at the sight. It was nearly gone, like someone had attempted to wipe all of it away but Yoongi caught it. He assumed his pillow got switched around and he didn’t blame any of the boys, they were all growing up. But he was a little disgusted and had washed it right-
Away. Still, he had thought. Someone wiped the pillow and someone wiped his face. It was just a coincidence, it had to be. But when he was having trouble sleeping, he didn’t think he’d found out just who did /both.
He willed himself to knock out but it wasn’t coming. He chose-
To lay on his mattress and relax, let his mind empty and wonder soothingly. He would fall asleep eventually. And that’s when he heard the shuffle of someone getting up. To his thought, everyone was already asleep. They probably were going to the bathroom or getting some water so-
Yoongi ignored it. Then he felt someone’s presence near him. He didn’t feel any pressure on him but someone was definitely towering over him.
Yoongi didn’t move. Who was on him and what the hell were they doing? Should he pretend he was sleeping? Or figure out what was going on?-
He favored the latter but as he was about to open his eyes, the person groaned quietly. Yoongi toes curled as he tried his best to keep still. What was happening? Was someone really - even by the voice being muffled, Yoongi could tell it was Jungkook.
And when the younger leaned-
Over and wiped his pillow, Yoongis stomach dropped. He waited for Jungkook to climb back into bed. Yoongi lay awake the rest of the night, this time on his side, facing away from the pillow he pushed to the floor.

Jimin’s bladder was waking him up. He frowned, putting up a-
Fight until he couldn’t hold it any longer. He peeled his eyes open, about to hurry up so he could return to bed and catch whatever remaining hours of sleep he could. But an action caught his gaze. Jungkook was on top of Yoongi. Jimin rose his head to get a better look at what-
They were doing at this time. His eyes widened, destroying his sleepiness in a single moment when he realized that Jungkook had his dick out, touching himself on top of a /sleeping Yoongi. What the hell? Jimin curled back into himself, unable to tear his eyes away and not-
Knowing what to do. Yoongi was clearly, sleeping right? He didn’t know this was going on. And Jungkook was just doing that? Jimin understood the struggle of dorming with a group and having near to no time to maturbate but wasn’t this a bit much? He wouldn’t have thoguht twice-
If he caught Jungkook groaning in his bed. He thought night was the right time to do it, Jimin would’ve left him alone, but what the fuck did he need to be on Yoongi for? It was obvious that the youngest was touching himself while staring down at Yoongi. Did he like the older?-
Was he using him as maturbation material? Either way it was wrong. Jimin didn’t feel right about this. He should stop Jungkook. When he was about it make a move to get up, the maknae came. For a second Jimin thought he came on Yoongi, but it looked like he did so on his pillow.-
He watched as Jungkook cleaned it up, stared at Yoongi in silence for longer, and returned to his bed. Jimin was shaking, wondering what that was.
Should he confront Jungkook or tell Yoongi? Maybe he should get Namjoon or Seokjin involved to handle it. He jerked when Yoongi-
Opened his eyes. The older stared up at the ceiling, unmoving. Jimin bit his lip. Was Yoongi awake the whole time? Or did he just happen to wake up? Did he see Jungkook? Did he know Jungkook was doing that? Jimin shut his eyes when Yoongi starting to turn on the mattress. He-
Had so many questions but who did he ask? If this was an arrangement between the two, Jimin didn’t want to get into their personal lives. Though if Jungkook was the only one initiating things, Jimin didn’t want to leave Yoongi alone.
He didn’t go to the bathroom and sleep didn’t-
Come back.
Not until morning came and Jimin scurried out of bed after Seokjin had woken up and left. He quickly used the bathroom, feeling relief for once, and hurrying to the kitchen to find the eldest. Seokjin had startled in surprise at seeing him.
“Hyung,” Jimin started, “I-
Have to tell you something.” The words came out before he could truly think.
Seokjin raised an eyebrow, “Okay, what is it?”
Jimin opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. He didnt know the whole of the situation. Telling Seokjin could embarass or anger the other two if it was-
All consensual. But if it wasn’t, Jimin should at the very least try to secretly help. “I was thinking, maybe we should move,” He suggested, “Like to a bigger place, with our own rooms.” That way, they were free to do whatever they wanted and wouldn’t get caught again, or Yoongi-
Could lock his door and Jungkook would have no choice but to stop whatever it was he was doing.
“That sounds like a good idea,” Seokjin smirked, “But where on earth would we afford such a place? I know it’s tough sharing a room for years but we make the best out of it.”
Didn’t mind the room, happy to share, but he wasn’t doing this for him. “I know but...”
“Why don’t we talk about it with Namjoon later, okay?” Seokjin suggested and Jimin nodded, accepting some breakfast in silence. When the rest came in, Jimin kept his eye on Jungkook who was-
More entertained with Taehyung. He made sure to watch Yoongi too, who didn’t seem out of place either. Maybe it was all Jimins imagination.-
Surprisingly, Namjoon was also for moving dorms. He said he would talk with Bang about it but no promises it would be anything near as extravagant as having seven separate rooms. Jimin took what he could get and when their leader got a confirmation a few days later, he was-
They had sat down all together, Jimin taking the spot next to Yoongi who was pressed to the arm of the couch.
“So, I’ve been told that the new dorm will half four rooms.”
“Four?” Taehyung gasped.
Namjoon grinned, “Yep, meaning one of us will have their own room.”
Do we decide?” Jimin asked, a little nervous. So two to a room right? And one alone? If Yoongi or Jungkook could get that room alone, Jimin would be at peace. He had stayed up the past few nights to see if Jungkook would do anything again. He hadn’t, leaving Jimin to-
Believe he had imagined everything in the first place.
“The classic,” Namjoon laid his first out, “Rock, paper, scissors.” The boys immediately got into competitive mode. Each of them doing their best to win that solo room. Except for Jimin.
It was down to Seokjin, Yoongi, and-
Jungkook. Jimin watched nervously as the three had their fists ready to be thrown. Seokjin couldn’t win that room no matter what because then the other two would be stuck together and if Jimin or anyone wasn’t there, who knows what could happen.
The choices were made.-
“Jungkook!” Taehyung cheered, “Congrats! Of course the room would go to our maknae.”
Jungkook smiled, eyes on his hand symboling paper that got him the win. “Thank you but,” His eyes traveled to Seokjin, “Shouldn’t the oldest get it?”
Jimin stiffened when he felt Yoongi next to-
Him tense. So something was wrong, wasn’t there? Yoongi wasn’t one to mind sharing with any of them, even Namjoon who snored loudly. He shouldn’t have a problem with Jungkook unless -
“You won fair and square Kookie,” Seokjin laughed, “Congratulation.”
“Aww but hyung,” Jungkook-
Whined, “I’m not used to being all alone.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it,” Seokjin threw an arm around the maknaes shoulder, “And if you ever feel lonely, you can come sleep in our room, Yoongi wouldn’t mind.” He spoke for the two of them.
“Really?” Jungkook gasped,-
“Thanks hyung!”
Jimin felt Yoongi sink closer into the couch, not speaking up and rejecting the offer. Jimin pursed his lips, sadly. Did he just make things worse?
Jungkook took up Seokjin's words right away, spending his first night in their new dorm in the same bad as the oldest. That left Yoongi to stare at the wall, back turned away from the other side of the room.
He didn't confront Jungkook and it hadn't happened again, though they-
Were all busy moving and exhausted at night.
Even Jungkook seemed to knock out as soon as he landed in Seokjin's bed. Yoongi had eyed him for a few minutes until the other came into their shared room.
"Goodnight Yoongiichi." Seokjin yawned, laying in his bed with the maknae.-
"Goodnight hyung." Yoongi said quietly, flinching slightly when Seokjin turned his lamp off, leaving the room pitch black. Yoongi huddled himself with his blankets, on his side.
And that's how he was for the past hour, raking in the darkness and silence. He could catch a break-
Tonight right? He - He could be wrong on what Jungkook was doing. He didn't /see, he didn't /ask so Yoongi just had the wrong idea. He snuggled into his pillow, content with how warm he felt and tried to get a good nights rest.
Tried is the key term here. He tried because in-
What felt like a few minutes later, the creak of a bed startled him. Yoongi slowly blinked his eyes open, waiting to hear more because the noise came from the other side of the room.
"Hyung?" Jungkook's voice whispered. Which hyung? Him or Seokjin? Who was he calling for? What-
Did he want? "Hyung?" Jungkook's presence was suddenly behind him, a hot hand on his back. Jungkook couldn't see his face but Yoongi squinted his eyes just in case.
What was he doing? Shouldn't he ask Jungkook what he needed? Why was he pretending to be asleep again? He should-
Say something, shouldn't he?
He would've, if Jungkook wasn't sliding into his bed, pressing himself right against Yoongi.
Yoongi's bottom lip trembled as he kept still like a statue. It was evident that not just /Jungkook was against him, but something hard too.
The youngers-
Hand found his way to Yoongi's hip, holding it as he shamelessly rubbed himself right into the rappers ass.
Yoongi swallowed down his gasp, fingers clutching his pillow as Jungkook worked himself.
Jungkook's breathing was lowly rigid, his clothed cock getting the friction it-
Needed from Yoongi.
So, he wasn't imagining the last time. Jungkook really /was using him to - to -
Why? Was Yoongi's question. Why couldn't he just use his hand or watch something to get him off? Why did he have to - on top - or from behind - why did he have to -
Yoongi had to-
Relax himself or his bubble would break. He should say something, get Jungkook away from him but that confrontation was not something Yoongi wanted to go through. Especially with someone else in the room.
Jungkook leaned closer, nuzzling into Yoongis nape, almost, affectionately-
And Yoongi cringed.
He just wanted to understand Jungkook's thoughts.
He could tell when the younger was at his point, his fingers tightening on his hip, pushing closer and shuddering. Yoongi idly waited to see what would happen next. This time, Jungkook came in his pants,-
Meaning there was no mess to clean up. Jungkook gave one last squeeze to Yoongi's middle before sliding away. Yoongi felt like he could breathe again as he heard Jungkook return to the other side.

Jungkook wasn't stupid, he knew what he was doing and how wrong it was, but he-
Couldn't help himself. Busy with packing and then unpacking, he wasn't able to have the free time he did before. But now that they were moved in and Seokjin had graciously let him use his shared room with Yoongi, he would have the time.
He gave plenty of leeway for the two to-
Fall asleep before he made a move.
He crawled out of Seokjin's bed, making sure not to disturb him. "Hyung?" He asked, in case. Yoongi usually fell asleep fast, but Jungkook was checking, "Hyung?" He whispered. Yoongi didn't give any indication he was awake. Perfect.
Licked his lips, sliding onto the others bed and wasting no moment. He flushed himself against Yoongi's back, already mentally groaning as his crotch touched his hyungs ass. Jungkook could happily stare greedily stare at Yoongi's ass for the rest of his life and right now it-
Was just what he needed. He quickly held Yoongi by his hip so he could hump him from behind. He felt /so good, Jungkook was in awe how amazing this felt. It could be from being pent up or because it was his Yoongi hyung. Jungkook preferred the latter, surging forward to get-
Closer. His nose tickled the back of Yoongi's neck and he got the urge to /bite, to mark his hyungs pretty, pale skin. He would suck and kiss every inch of his perfect body, make sure to appreciate it all over. But Jungkook knew he couldn't risk waking Yoongi up. So he rubbed-
Himself until he came in his underwear. Good thing he did too, it would be hard to clean up now that they moved rooms. Satisfied with his orgasm but a little sad to leave Yoongi, he squeezed his hip once, loving the body heat. He forcibly pulled himself away, returning to-
Seokjin's bed. He'd make sure he showered as soon as he woke up, but for now, he wanted to go to sleep with the fresh feel of Yoongis ass against him.

Seokjin heard it before he saw it. A breathy, "Hyung?" He ignored it, lost in sleep but then another, "Hyung?" It was Jungkook-
And Seokjin made a face. He let this brat sleep in his bed and now he's being disturbed? He opened his eyes, ready to scold the maknae unless it was an emergency but found his bed empty. He frowned, turning over to see where Jungkook had gone. The moonlight barely streaming in-
From the window gave him enough to see the two. So the /brat decided to sleep with Yoongi instead? Seokjin felt betrayed and he'd make sure Jungkook would hear his cries before he noticed the movement. Jungkook was making little airy noises, ones Seokjin wouldn't be able to hear-
If their dorm wasn't dead silent. What was he doing? Seokjin couldn't see that well but it sounded like Yoongi was sleeping. The slight noise of rustling was repeating with Jungkook's little puffs of air. Seokjin felt slightly uncomfortable, not completely knowing what was going-
On. It suddenly felt intimate like Seokjin had walked in on the two of them doing - whatever it was they were doing. Or what Jungkook was doing.
Seokjin waited, to see if they would finish and it happened once the sounds stopped and in a pause of silence, Jungkook came back to-
His bed. Seokjin didn't move as Jungkook occupied the space next to him, easily falling asleep. Meanwhile Seokjin eyed the maknae and then threw a look at Yoongi. From what he could see, Yoongi was motionless. Seokjin cupped his hands on top of his stomach, thoughts intruding-
About what he should do.
It was difficult to go back to sleep, but he did his best, waking up a few hours later. As usual, he was the first one in the kitchen, making a pot of coffee. He defiantly needed a cup after his restless night.
A few minutes into his hot drink, Jungkook-
Emerged into the room. Seokjin tensed, trying to play it off.
"Good morning hyung." Jungkook mumbled, rubbing at his eyes. He reached out for Seokjin's cup and the older hesitated before handing it over. Jungkook took a sip and then instantly wrinkled his nose.
"Still don't like-
Coffee huh?" Seokjin attempted to joke, "I'll make you some tea." Jungkook sleepily nodded, heading to sit at the table. Seokjin bit his lip in decision. It was now or never. "Hey, JK," He called for his attention and got a grunt in return, "I woke up last night and you were in-
Yoongi's bed for a while.. Why was that?" His hand was on the kettle but his eyes were on Jungkook, awaiting his reaction.
Jungkook blinked, looking tired as he face Seokjin, "What are you talking about hyung? I never left your bed." He answered. There was no nervousness like-
Jungkook naturally was or any sort of tell that he was lying. Seokjin felt a chill run up his back. Jungkook didn't lie and he certainly wouldn't be able to in front of his hyungs.
"I'm pretty sure you did," Seokjin recalled, "I didn't dream that."
Jungkook shrugged, "I was-
Asleep all night hyung, maybe someone else came to share hyungs bed with him."
"No," Seokjin frowned, "I-" The kettle spout went off and Seokjin flicked the stove off. He wasn't finished talking to Jungkook but Namjoon and Jimin walked in, announcing their good mornings. Seokjin-
Muttered back. He didn't know if he should keep pestering Jungkook. He said he didn't do it and Seokjin's source was mostly darkness but, it didn't reel right just letting it go.
When Seokjin hold told Jungkook he wasn't allowed to sleep in their room anymore, Yoongi felt more relief than he ever had so far. Jungkook had whined but Seokjin assured the maknae that to get used to his own room, he had to sleep in it. Jungkook didn't distrub them again and-
Yoongi went nearly a year without another incident. He excused it; Jungkook was a growing boy, he needed release and Yoongi - he just didn't want to bring it up, couldn't really not to the youngest or any of them. It was a one or two - or three - time thing and now it's over-
With. Jungkook had turned 19 and Yoongi had slowly begun to let him hang out in his studio and go out for dinner and it was nice, Jungkook was wonderful, Yoongi really appreciated being with him. So he excused the past.
It was when they were brought to their first Bon Voyage-
Trip that Yoongi didn't see it coming.
They were randomly being assigned rooms on camera and when Jungkook had pulled his room, he happily hugged him. Yoongi had laughed, squeezing the maknae back with the same excitement and missing the looks Seokjin and Jimin threw at him.-
Jungkook felt warm against his back when he didn't let him go, and he felt warm in the bed they were sharing.
"G'night hyung.." Jungkook mumbled, cheek pushing his face where he pressed on his pillow.
Yoongi chuckled at the tired maknae, "Goodnight Kook ah." He said back. They-
Were exhausted from the flight and activities they had to do. He watched Jungkook fondly for a little longer, smiling to himself before letting his eyes shut. He needed to get some rest too after all.

Jungkook knew it would be easy to fool his hyung into believing he had fallen-
Asleep. Jungkook gave it some time because if he didn't calm himself down, he would jump Yoongi. It had been /too long since the last chance he had to share a room with his hyung. When Seokjin had told him to sleep in his own room from now on, Jungkook was absolutely shattered.-
He was angry, upset, confused. Why couldn't /he share the room with Yoongi? Why couldn't he sleep with him if he wanted to? All he wanted was to be with him and no one was letting him.
Like a good boy, he listened and stayed in his room. Yoongi, amazingly, had grown closer to-
Him, inviting him over to his studio /alone, going out for lamb skewers /alone, Jungkook had never been happier even if he didn't have his secret anymore. Until tonight.
When he pulled Yoongi's name, he knew this was his moment. He would finally feel pleasure unlike the amount-
Of times he had to jerk himself off to images of Yoongi. Now, he had the real deal again. And he would for the next few days, Jungkook had to make the most of this.
Once Jungkook was sure Yoongi was asleep, he reached for his pants. God he was so hard already, just from sharing-
The bed. Jungkook grinned shamelessly, a little in love with the thought that his hyung got him pent up so easily. His cock was red and stiff and he had an idea. Yoongis hand was out so he carefully reached for it. He clasped it in his own, appreciating the heat as he dragged it-
Towards his hard on. He groaned, cutting off half way, just from how /soft Yoongi's lithe hand was. He had to wrap his own hand around it to keep Yoongi's around his dick but he didn't mind. It was - intimate. Like they were doing it together and it made Jugnkook feel all tingly-
On the inside. He slowly trailed Yoongi's hand up and down his length, biting his lip to keep his noises down. It felt so good, to have his hyung doing this for him, imagined Yoongi was awake for it.
Yoongi would use both his hands to stimulate him since Jungkook was so big and-
After some practice, Yoongi would start using his pretty mouth to please him. Jungkook huffed at the thought of Yoongi's lips around his cock, sucking him off desperately. It would be so perfect, /he would be so perfect and Jungkook couldn't /wait to have him.
The fantasy alone-
Left his orgasm growing and he came, spilling on the bed in between them. Jungkook was gasping in air as quietly as he could, chest heaving from such a divine dream. He was about to let go when he felt the smallest squeeze to his cock. His eyes widened and he looked at Yoongi,-
His face slightly illuminated by the low lamp they decided to leave on. He was breathing lightly and he looked peaceful. Jungkook waited a total of four minutes before he moved Yoongi's hand off of him. He scooted out of the bed in search of tissues. He tsked when there weren't-
Any in the room and had to leave to fetch some.

Yoongi flinched when he heard Jungkook open the door to the bedroom and his eyes widened to the cum stain next to him. His hand, the one that Jungkook had used, was shaking and he was too worried to move. Just why was Jungkook-
Using him like this? He understood if - if Jungkook got caught getting off or couldn't hold it in. It's tough living with seven guys for as long as they were and it wasn't like they would be moving on any time soon but, Jungkook had his own room in the dorm now. He had all the-
Privacy he could wish for. Did he really have to do it during the trip - and using /his hand?
Yoongi recalls when Jungkook grinded behind him in Seokjin and his shared room. He was sleeping with Seokjin, he could've simply - not that Yoongi wanted this to happen to anyone else,-
It just meant Jungkook wasn't targeting anyone else /but him. And why? Why why why? Yoongi's head was thumping with uncontrollable questions. His hand felt dirty like he had found out a secret that he wasn't supposed to know about. Yet, he had the right to know about this one.-
Because Jungkook was, doing those things, with Yoongi, who supposedly wasn't aware. Yoongi shudders, wonder how many times Jungkook did it before he felt him that one night.
He tensed, clutching his eyes closed again when he heard Jungkook come back. He was wiping the mess off.-
Yoongi evened out his breathing, making sure he didn't show any sign he was awake. But when he felt the wetness of a towel on his cheek, he flinched uncontrollably. He didn't dare open his eyes or let Jungkook know he was up. It was silent and the towel was moved away but Yoongi-
Knew Jungkook was still standing there, /watching him.
"Hyung," Jungkook whispered, going closer to him. Yoongi would deny it, he was /not awake, he was unaware, he wouldn't let him /know. A press of lips to his cheek halted his thoughts, "I love you." Jungkook murmured, and-
Then he was gone to wash off the towel.
Yoongi's breath hitched and he quickly turned over so when Jungkook came back, he didn't need to face him. He had the dirtied hand outstretched, unable to do anything about it now.
Yoongi just tried his best to fall asleep, to will all of-
This to the back of his head like he did with the other times. He wasn't meant to deal with this - it couldnt be happening to him of all people. Jungkook was the sweetest thing, their golden maknae who behaved and helped his hyungs. He was there for Yoongi when he was stuck on a-
Song and there for him when he wanted to share food with someone. He was there when Yoongi didn't want to be /alone but right now, as Jungkook returned and crawled into bed, leaving space between them, Yoongi wished he had gotten paired up with anyone else.
When he woke up and-
Washed his hand under running water for twenty minutes together, it was the first time he couldn't let it go. Unlike the other incidents, this one was eating him inside, probably due to the fact that it was their first night of their trip. He would have to sleep with Jungkook-
Again tonight. Would he do it once more? Would he use his hand? Or would he use Yoongi in a different way? Yoongi squeezed the handle of his coffee mug tightly, his fist turning pink. What was he supposed to do in this situation? Confront Jungkook? Tell someone like Namjoon? The-
Youngest would get in trouble, wouldn't he? Or would they tell him he's overreacting?
"Hyung?" Yoongi jerked, turning to see Namjoon standing over him, "You okay? I was calling you."
"I'm fine," Yoongi said too quick to be casual, "What's up?"
"Just asking if you ate yet..."-
Namjoon stared at him, "Did you sleep? You look exhausted."
Yoongi opened his mouth to lie, but he didn't want to. Something was telling him to tell Namjoon /something to get him out of that room, "A-Actually the bed it um, it's bad for my back."
"The bed? Did Jungkook not sleep-
Either?" Namjoon questioned.
"He did," Yoongi spoke, "It was just me."
"Hmm," Namjoon took the seat across from him, "I think all the beds are the same here. I didn't have any problems. You want to sleep with Hobi hyung? It might not make a difference, but maybe the bed will-
Feel different."
"No," Yoongi shook his head, "He won that room to himself.." The last thing he wanted was to bother any of them for his convenience.
"He wouldn't mind." Namjoon looked confused as to why Yoongi was pushing away the idea.
"Good morning." Jimin yawned as he-
Entered, scratching at his stomach. His attention snapped when he saw Yoongi, "Hyung," He paused, "How'd you sleep?"
"Huh?" Yoongi perked up at the sudden question. How terrible did he look if even Jimin noticed? "F-Fine."
Namjoon frowned, "Yoongi hyung said the bed was hurting-
His back."
"The bed?" Jimin repeated, nodding to himself, "Do - Do you want to switch? You can have the couch, it was comfortable last night."
"Oh yeah," Namjoon hummed, "That's a good idea," He smiled at Jimin, "Switch with me too, Jungkook can handle my snoring more than Jin-
Hyung can," He laughed by himself, "That way everyone can sleep well."
"Okay," Yoongi relaxed, "You're okay with that?" He asked Jimin.
"Of course," Jimin put a hand on Yoongi's back, offering him comfort, "I'm here for you." Yoongi smiled, a little tense from Jimin's words.-
Jimin noticed to and he moved to slap their leaders back too, "And for you too hyung!" He boosted.
Thankfully, Namjoon took it as a friendly gag and they got into it.
Yoongi genuinely smiled, taking a sip of his coffee. Here's to a goodnights rest later on - hopefully.
"What do you mean your switching rooms?" Jungkook had only found out during dinner that there seemed to be a rotation. Now that Taehyung was here and would be sharing with Hoseok, Jungkook was even more fascinated that he got Yoongi hyung all to himself. Then Namjoon had-
Casually told everyone at the table that Yoongi was sleeping on the couch, Jimin was sleeping with Seokjin, and Namjoon was sleeping with him now.
"The bed hurt hyungs back," Namjoon gestured to Yoongi who continued eating without a word, "And my snoring bothers hyung." He-
Pointed to Seokjin.
"Your snoring bothers me too." Jungkook frowned.
Namjoon snorted, "Yeah, that's why you sleep like a baby whenever we share." He went back to his food as if he /didn't just break Jungkook's heart. His eyes were glued to Yoongi, upset that he didn't say-
Anything about the matter. Jungkook slept fine and even though Yoongi complained about his bad back at times doesn't mean he needed a mattress made of swan feathers so the poor excuse had Jungkook raging on the inside.
And when it came to sleep, and Namjoon was snoring away in-
Ear, he couldn't be more annoyed. Irritated and bothered, Jungkook obviously couldn't sleep, especially since it wasn't Yoongi hyungs soft breathing next to him. He wanted to be near Yoongi, he wanted to hear him, see him, /taste him. It wasn't fair. He was so antsy, fingers-
Twitching uncomfortably. He needed release - he needed Yoongi.
He got out of bed, Namjoon completely undisturbed and made his way to the living room. Yoongi was outstretched on the couch, too small to fill it up and hang off like Jungkook would've if he got stuck to sleep there.-
He was already so cute, Jungkook felt tight in his pants. He kneeled down, in front of Yoongi, just taking the moment to admire his pretty face. The pale light coming in from the window was enough to leave Yoongi with a spotlight. And he would always be in Jungkook's spotlight.-
Licking his lips, Jungkook untucked himself, pressing his thumb to his cock that was leaking with precum already. Yoongi just got him /so riled up.
This time, it wasn't Yoongi softly sucking his dick or offering his hole to him with a sweet smile. This time it was Yoongi bounded-
To the bed with cuffs and being pounded into the bed. Jungkook wouldn't hold back, wouldn't show him mercy even if he was begging him to be more gentle. It was Yoongi crying as he was denied orgasm by a cockring Jungkook had placed on him as he made the older ride him. It was-
Yoongi covered in spit and bites, eyes rolling in his head as Jungkook used him like a doll; his own beautiful, little toy. It's what Yoongi deserved, getting him go aggravated, like he was doing it on /purpose. Jungkook never stopped to think of that. Maybe Yoongi /liked it-
Rough sometimes and wanted Jungkook to push /more. The thought had Jungkook cumming, spilling right into his hands. He took in shallow breathes, Yoongi fast asleep in front of him. Jungkook wiped his hands on his pants, leaning his head on the little room left on the couch so he-
Could watch Yoongi for a minute longer. This was enough for tonight, but Jungkook was owed a few more after this. Its only what he deserved, right?
He covered himself once more, sighing quietly and standing up to leave. He didn't expect Namjoon to be standing in the doorway back-
To their room.

Namjoon only stirred from sleep for the bathroom. It took him a few seconds to realize Jungkook wasn't there and most likely in the room he needed to go. So he waited. And waited. And Jungkook didn't return. Namjoon rolled himself out of bed, going to the-
Bathroom and finding the door open, lights off. Namjoon squinted, wondering if Jungkook was in the kitchen. He took a quick leak, humming lowly as he walked down the hall towards the living room. Hopefully Jungkook wasn't being too loud to wake Yoongi up.
He froze, taking a step-
When he saw Jungkook on the floor in front of Yoongi. Sleep was in the way of Namjoon's vision but he could make out Jungkook fisting his cock as he puffed breath of air, Yoongi sleeping in his place.
What the fuck was going on?
Namjoon blinked repeatedly, like the image he was-
Looking at would go away. He even rubbed at his eyes to distort the truth. Why was Jungkook doing that in /front of Yoongi? Couldn't he just go to the bathroom and masturbate like the rest of them?
Not that he wanted to wait, but he also didn't want to interrupt - in a way.-
So he stood there, eyes on the floor, until Jungkook finished. This was going to be awkward but if anyone else saw this, Namjoon was sure they would say something to the maknae at the very least.
He expected Jungkook to clean himself up and walk away like nothing happened, but-
To Namjoon's surprise, Jungkook leaned in closer like he was fondly watching Yoongi sleep. That was, creepy, wasn't it? Namjoon really needed to get to the bottom of this before they had to get up for their schedule. Jungkook turned and they locked eyes, and Namjoon could see-
Jungkook press his tongue to his cheek, showing off that he was displeased.
Namjoon made a gesture for him to follow him, and they returned to their shared room. Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed, like he was waiting for his nagging. And Namjoon crossed his arms over his chest-
While standing in front of him. "Would you like to tell me what you were doing?" He simply asked. The quicker they addressed it, the quicker his mind would be at peace. Jungkook's gaze was to the floor and he remained silent, "No? Should I get Yoongi hyung?"
Jungkook snapped his-
Face up, set with a deep scowl, "Don't."
"Then tell me," Namjoon tried him, "What exactly you were doing."
"It's," Jungkook hissed, "It's not any of your business."
"What do you mean?" Najmoon raised an eyebrow, "Does hyung know? That you're doing that?"
A pause before Jungkook-
Answered, "Yes."
So they had an arrangement of sorts? Namjoon wasn't one to judge and what his group members did within their own relationships really /wasn't any of his business. If Yoongi knew what was going on then, it wasn't Namjoon's place to comment on anything. And-
Jungkook had never lied to him before, he didn't have a reason to now.
"Okay," Namjoon nodded, trying to make sense of everything, "Let's go back to sleep."
Jungkook let Namjoon flick the lights back off and in the darkness, they laid awake next to each other. "Hyung?" The-
Younger spoke small, unlike before.
"Yes?" Namjoon acknowledged.
"Please don't bring this up to Yoongi hyung," Jungkook mumbled, shyly, "He's really embarrassed. I don't want you to make him uncomfortable."
Yoongi /did have problems talking about his feelings, even to Namjoon-
Who he knew the longest.
"Okay Jungkookie." Namjoon hummed.

Yoongi woke up on the couch just like when he went to sleep. The sunlight telling him it was morning. Did he really sleep throughout the entire night without any interruptions? Did switching rooms actually work?-
He sat up, something he never did as soon as he woke up, stretching contently. He smiled, the corners of his mouth twitching up. He could smell food cooking in the kitchen, assuming someone was already up making breakfast. He teetered in, Seokjin at the stove, Namjoon at the-
Table with a cup in hand.
"Good morning." Yoongi blossomed at them, very much going to get his own cup of coffee from the machine.
"Good morning Yoon," Seokjin beamed back at him, "Hungry?"
Yoongi nodded brightly, matching Seokjin's energy. Namjoon watched him, "You look a lot-
Better, sleep well?" He asked.
"Yep," Yoongi sat down on the other side of the younger, "Thanks to you." He expected Namjoon to grin back, encouraged by Yoongi's rare glow in the morning. But the leader tapped his fingers on the top of the table.
"So it really was the bed that-
Wasn't letting you sleep?" Namjoon questioned.
"Yeah?" Yoongi tilted his head slightly. Why was Namjoon asking?
"It wasn't... Jungkook?" Namjoon carefully brought it up.
Seokjin flipped around to them, "What happened? Did Jungkook do something?"
"What?" Yoongi's shoulder squared-
As he sat up, "No, nothing happened, it was the bed that was uncomfortable," Why were these two staring at him like he should be saying more? "I-I don't mind sharing with Jungkookie, I didn't lie to get to sleep alone, I swear." Technically, he /did lie, but they couldn't know-
About the real reason.
"Oh no hyung, that's not what I meant," Namjoon finally cracked a smile, "I believe you. Just want to make sure the problem is solved."
Yoongi forced a grin, "It is, thank you." He switched his gaze to Seokjin who didn't look away until the food was-
Calling for his attention.
Yoongi suddenly felt nervous from the pressure of the two. Why would they ask if Jungkook did something unless - unless they /knew.
Yoongi had given them the benefit of the doubt, and decided to drop their sketchy attitudes. He wasn't bothered the rest of their bon voyage trip. He just didn't want this to be his problem - what Jungkook did on his own wasn't his business and if this was a weird way of him-
Growing up, Yoongi hoped it would end soon.
He hadn't woken up to anything since, but that didn't mean he was off the hook yet.
Because it just so happened that on a rare week that they had a clear schedule, Taehyung was having trouble with the fact that Jimin had gone to visit-
Some friends for a few days. Seokjin and Hoseok went to visit their families and Namjoon was out on a day to day basis visiting new exhibits at museums or riding his bike around. A homebody like Yoongi preferred to stay home and Jungkook, whose similar to his hyung, agreed.-
Taehyung just became clingy as he didn't have his best friend with him and held onto Yoongi for comfort. It's like Yoongi minded, it wasn't necessarily annoying to have the younger pressed to his side when he watched tv on the couch or have him laughing at silly videos with his-
Head on Yoongis lap while the older worked on his laptop. He didn't mind. Only a little when Taehyung had whined until he convinced Yoongi to let him sleep in his bed. Namjoon was still out, and Seokjin was gone, so both of them were alone in their rooms. Jimin wasn't there to-
Keep Taehyung company either. Yoongi agreed so he would get left alone and seeing the singer happily jump into his bed wasn't all that bad.
Then Jungkook had complained that /he didn't want to sleep alone either and since more than half of the bedrooms were empty, he was-
"My bed isn't big enough for three people.." Yoongi mumbled.
"We can cuddle!" Taehyung exclaimed, already snuggling into Yoongi's pillow, "No one should be left alone."
Yoongi sure enjoyed being along and he would rather not share a bed with - no. Jungkook hadn't done-
Anything for weeks now. He was getting along with Yoongi again and he was a precious group member. The least Yoongi could do was make sure the two youngest were able to get a good nights rest.
"Fine." He sighed and Jungkook beamed, quickly climbing in after the other. He left-
Space in the middle, meaning Yoongi would be between them. That satisfied Yoongi as he liked to be warm when he slept. It really wasn't all that bad.
He was on the brink of sleep, eyes heavy when there was a touch to his hip. He was facing Taehyung, who had his back towards him,-
Arms tucked by his legs. The hand on his hip dug it's fingers into his side and Yoongi bit his tongue to keep quiet.
"Hyung," Jungkook whispered, dragging closer to his ear, "Hyungie." There was clear joy in his voice.
Yoongi panicked, eyes staring into Taehyung's back. Should-
He pretend to be asleep again? Or maybe let Jungkook know he was awake and it wouldn't happen again. He turned his head, acting blunt, "Yes Kook ah? Something wrong?"
Jungkook had this stretched smile on his face, almost like the one he had when he turned 19, but instead of-
A touched smile, it was more - menacing.
"Hyung," Jungkook grabbed Yoongi's arm, pulling him to lay on his back and hiked up legs, squeezing in between them, "How good to see you awake."
"J-Jungkookie," Yoongi hated how nervous he sounded, "What are you doing?" He got the-
Courage to ask.
"What do you think I'm doing?" Jungkook's grin was anything but cute like Yoongi usually saw.
"I-" He couldn't find the right words to speak. The room felt hot and the way Jungkook was pushing his hips into Yoongi's was entirely too much.
"I know you were awake-
That time too hyung," Jungkook leaned down, "When we shared a room the first night."
"What?" Yoongi flinched back, "I don't know what you mean Kook ah."
"I felt it," Jungkook hummed, his hands greedily feeling Yoongi up with no shame, "When your hand tightened around me, I know-
You were just pretending."
"No Jungkook I-" He gasped, the maknaes hands slipping down to cup his ass.
"You knew what I was doing," Jungkook cooed, "And for how long, hyung? How long did you put up with it without saying a word?" His hands grabbed the edge of Yoongi's loose-
Pajama pants.
"Jungkook don-" He was too late as the younger pulled off his pants and boxers. Yoongi's skin grew pink and heated from being so /exposed. "Ju-Jungkook, Taehyung is sl-sleeping right here." His eyes glanced to the other, making sure he remained asleep.
Hand wretched his chin forward, "Don't look at him, pay attention to /me, /I'm here." Yoongi quivered from his strong tone and hold, "You know what that must mean right?" He briefly let Yoongi go to push down his own clothes, to release his cock. Yoongi coward at how hard it-
Was - and he won't mention the size. Jungkook seemed to momentarily lock onto Yoongis's little penis that was completely soft. Jungkook then ignored it, throwing both of Yoongi's legs right over one shoulder.
"Jungkook please." Yoongi squeaked, trying to stay quiet.
"It means,"-
The maknae situated himself, grabbed his dick and pushing it between Yoongi's supple thighs. Yoongi whimpered but Jungkook didn't worry about it, "It means you must've liked it hyung." Jungkook sighed satisfactorily.
"N-No." Yoongi choked out, Jungkook's cock hitting his own.-
He couldn't possibly get hard from this, no matter how long it'd been since he last touched himself. But once Jungkook began to pull out and Yoongi could see his red cock appearing between his pale thighs, Yoongi felt tingly everywhere. He clenched his teeth, trying to ignore-
The feeling pulling at the pit of his stomach. But his body didn't have the same idea as his mind did and his pink, little dick hardened on it's own.
Jungkook noticed, "You see that," He grunted, "See how much you like it," He snapped his hips, the friction making Yoongi moan-
Out loud, swallowing it quickly, "You're just a slut hyung, made for this."
Yoongi's toes curled in the air, legs still in Jungkook's grasp, "I'm not," He asserted, "Stop it Jungkook." He tried to sound angry but the heat coming from his thighs and his length getting rubbed were-
Making him very weak.
"Stop?" Jungkook repeated, squeezing Yoongi's legs together to get him to tighten up, thrusting his dick through, "Are you sure you want me to stop? You look ready to cum."
Yoongi couldn't believe that the youngers foul words were true. He had never done-
Anything like this with anybody before but he knew he was quite sensitive so it didn't take long for his orgasm to reach. "J-" He tried to suppress it, "/Ah Jungkook, s-sto-hgnh." He came, arching his back off his bed. With semen on his shirt, Yoongi dropped down, shoulders-
Shaking as Jungkook continued his quick pace until he came. His cum coated Yoongi's skin more, leaving him to pant for air.
"I'll clean that up hyung," Jungkook tiredly and carefully set Yoongi's legs down so he could lay straight, "Be right back." He cooed, brushing a thumb-
Against his cheek. Yoongi whimpered when Jungkook leaned and pressed a kiss to his forehead, disappearing from the room.
Yoongi's eyes shakily found Taehyung's broad back. He hadn't moved the entire time. I'm sorry, Yoongi thought, I'm sorry that you had to be here.
He brought-
His hands to wipe at his eyes, tears gathering smally in the corner of them. He felt ashamed to have let that happen with someone else in the room - in the /bed. He sniffled as quietly as he could into his hands.

Taehyung had never gone to bed. He was laying on his side, but he-
Was thinking. That's how he eventually fell asleep but tonight he was thinking /too much. He was wondering what Jimin was doing and how Seokjin, Namjoon, and Hoseok spent their day. He thought of Yoongi who was so kind to let him sleep in his bed, and Jungkook who joined along.-
All in all it was a great day for him. He was so content, a little too much so his giddiness wasn't letting him sleep. Still, he didn't want to bother the other two so he kept to himself.
"Hyung." He heard Jungkook say in the quiet. "Hyungie." He called again. Taehyung smiled-
At the maknaes voice.
"Yes Kook ah? Something wrong?" Once Taehyung made sure he wasn't the one being called, he settled to stay in his spot and try to get some sleep. Hopefully Jungkook didn't bother Yoongi /too much. He knew how much the elder loved his sleep.
He heard-
Shuffling followed by, "Hyung, so good to see you awake."
Taehyung stuck his tongue out to himself. It hadn't been that long since they got into the bed but still, Yoongi usually knocked out.
"J-Jungkookie," Taehyung picked up the shakiness in Yoongi's voice, "What are you-
Taehyung's eyebrows furrowed - what /was Jungkook doing? What did he want from Yoongi?
"What do you think I'm doing?" Jungkook's voice was laced with teasing. A little strange. Jungkook still had trouble expressing himself and even if he had gotten closer to them - and-
Yoongi, he wouldn't exactly poke fun at any of them without others around. He usually joined in when someone was being teased, not start it.
"I-" Yoongi's voice cut off.
"I know you were awake that time too hyung, when we shared a room for the first night." Jungkook spoke softly-
But thanks to the room being so quiet, Taehyung could clearly hear their conversation.
"What? I don't know what you mean Kook ah." Yoongi sounded very unsure of himself.
"I felt it," Jungkook mumbled, "When your hand tightened around me, I know you were pretending."
Taehyung was-
Tempted to turn around and see what they were doing, what they were talking about.
"No Jungkook I-" Yoongi gasped and Taehyung - he really didn't know what to make of this situation.
"You knew what I was doing," Jungkooks words went hazy, "Without saying a word?"
What? Taehyung-
Didn't catch all of that. What did Yoongi not say a word about?
"Jungkook don-" Yoongi's words were cut off and Taehyung felt the bed creak from a swift movement. "Ju-Jungkook, Taehyung is sl-sleeping right here."
At the mention of his name, Taehyung perked up. Would he be-
Included in this? He was beyond curious to knew about what they were whispering of. How long had they been hiding something from him anyways? He would sure like to know.
"Dont look at him," Taehyung was shocked at hos dark Jungkook could sound, "Pay attention to /me, /I'm here."-
Jungkook /was possessive in nature, he was probably upset that Taehyung had taken most of Yoongi's time today. Taehyung smile fondly as he thought the maknae was being bratty for his hyung. He would reluctantly give Yoongi up tomorrow so Jungkook could spend time with him.
Know what that must mean right?" No, Taehung had no clue what that must mean.
"Jungkook please." Yoongi's voice pitched and Taehyung frowned.
"It means you must've liked it hyung." Liked what? Taehyung was too tempted to know what they were talking about - to see what they were-
Doing behind him.
"N-No." Yoongi sounded like he was in pain and Taehyung had every right to turn around.
But when Jungkook spoke up, saying how much Yoongi /liked it and the oldest was letting out a moan, Taehyung stayed rigid. Jungkook proceeded to call him a slut.
Yoongi's pleads were muffled to Taehyung and ignored by Jungkook.
Taehyung felt sick to his stomach at hearing two of his members - doing something dirty. He felt like he was prying and he didn't mean to. But Yoongi had let him into his bed so why would they do it with him-
There, even if they /did believe he was sleeping. It felt awkward and out of place and Taehyung wouldn't have bothered them if he knew they wanted some private time to do whatever it was they were currently doing. "J- /Ah Jungkook, s-sto-hgnh."
Shaky breathing was heard for a-
Few passing seconds until Jungkook spoke sleepily, "I'll clean that up hyung," A small kiss, Taehyung heard it, "Be right back." The bed shifted, signifying that the maknae had left. He felt eyes on his back and he decided not to move.
Whatever relationship these two had, it-
Wasn't any of Taehyung's business. If they wanted to keep it hidden until they were ready to tell the others, that was perfectly fine. Though, they should probably be more discreet. Taehyung wonders if anyone else had caught them in the act. And obviously, he couldn't keep it-
To himself so after an inner fight of going to sleep - trying his best to ignore when Jungkook came back, he woke up and called Jimin immediately.
Thankfully he was awake, "Good morning Tae." Jimin yawned on the line.
"Hey," Taehyung spoke hushly even if he left the couple in-
Bed and Namjoon wasn't in the kitchen, "I have something to tell you."
"What is it?" Jimin asked, curiosity leaking from his voice. He had only been gone a few days from the dorm.
"Last night I shared Yoongi hyungs bed with him and Jungkookie," Taehyung grinned, "I guess they-
Thought I was asleep, so they," How should he put it? "I think they had sex? I'm not exactly too sure what happened but they were definitely doing something naughty."
Jimin was completely silent, unlike Taehyung who expected him to freak out. "Are you sure?" His voice came back-
Shaky as he asked.
"Yeah," Taehyung scowled at the kitchen wall, "I didn't see anything but I heard it all. I was right there..." He considered Jimin's reaction, "Did you - Did you /know?"
Jimin sighed, "I saw it."
"What?" Taehyung gasped, "And you didn't tell me?"
"I never-
Spoke to them about it. I don't know what they are and I didn't want to go spreading anything around.." Jimin sounded less excited than Taehyung was about it.
"But I wouldn't have told anyone else," Taehyung whined like a child - well his best friend /did keep a secret from him,-
"I'm telling you the morning after I found out."
"I know Tae, I'm," Jimin paused, "Happy you're telling me, I actually have a favor to ask."
Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "What is it?" He asked. His eyes caught movement in the corner and he turned to see Jungkook sleepily stepping-
Into the kitchen, eyes more closed than opened. He noticed Taehyung, giving him a nod.
"Please, try to keep Jungkook away from hyung," Jimin's voice was in one ear as Taehyung continued to stare at the youngest, "I can't explain it, but I have a bad feeling about their-
Jungkook gave him a questioning look as Taehyung felt his breath hitch at Jimins request.

Jungkook woke up to the sunlight streaming in, Yoongi curled up right next to him. He smiled fondly, quickly shooting a glance to Taehyungs side who seemed to be gone. Good.-
Yoongi was soundly asleep and Jungkook reached up to stroke his cheek. The images of last night had him grinning ear to ear. Yoongi and his supple, sweet thighs that drove him /wild whenever he wore shorts, he finally got to use them. The amount of dreams he had of thigh-
Fucking Yoongi and he was able to do it. He couldn't wait to do /more. Yoongi stirred, eyebrows narrowing in his sleep for a split second before his face neutralized again. He must be dreaming. Jungkook hoped it was about him. The thought alone made him giddy and he leaned in to-
Press a kiss to Yoongi's nose. Unwillingly, he got himself out of bed, making his way to the kitchen. He could start to make a fresh pot of coffee for Yoongi when he woke up.
"I'm telling you the morning after I found out." He heard Taehyung's voice already in his destination.-
When there was no reply, Jungkook assumed he was on the phone. "What is it?" He asked when Jungkook walked in. He nodded tiredly at the elder, too sleepy to start a conversation and it looked like he was busy anyways. Probably talking to Jimin. Jungkook gave Taehyung a confused-
Look when the older kept staring at him.
Jungkook waited but Taehyung cupped a hand over his mouth to say something to Jimin, excusing himself out of the kitchen. Jungkook didn't care, going to find the coffee pot to get it started. He couldn't wait for Jimin to get home, so-
Taehyung would stop bothering Yoongi. He wished Taehyung had gone too, and Namjoon, so he could've had Yoongi all to himself for a couple of days. Jungkook lavishes at the thought of having Yoongi in his hands whenever he wanted. Too bad his members were always in his way - not-
That that stopped him, clearly. Namjoon switched their rooms? Fine, he'd go to Yoongi. Taehyung whined to sleep in his bed? Fine, he'd do it with Taehyung there. Jungkook's urges were too strong; his love for his hyung was too much to hold back all the time. He deserved to let-
It out every now and then. And he could tell Yoongi was warming up to the idea too. He didn't fight Jungkook off last night - maybe because it would wake Taehyung up - but eventually, Jungkoo knew Yoongi would fall for him too.
The coffee was set and pouring and Jungkook heard-
Footsteps behind him. "Oh, hyung I made-" He pauses when he looks over his shoulder and sees Namjoon, "Coffee." He continued, trying to cover up his hesitation. He had forgotten about them. In a perfect world, he would live with Yoongi hyung only.
"Jungkook," Namjoon's tone was-
Strict, using his leader voice, "Taehyung told me."

When Namjoon crawled out of bed after a long night out, visiting places and ending it with dinner with some friends, he expected to sleep in, but he was used to waking up earlier than he wanted to. He didn't expect to open his-
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