a note of caution: there will be many who try and sweep up this grassroots upsurge to abolish / #DefundThePolice into reformist bullshit. don't let them!

three ways that can happen: watering down, cooption, and over-egging
WATERING DOWN: many (e.g. liberals) may look to shape this sea change in a new direction, by shifting the meaning of "abolish" e.g. claiming the weak #8CantWait as abolitionist. don't let them!

đź–¤to all doing the grunt work of educating people new to this
A classic example why we need abolition, and why reform is a dead duck:

Despite banning chokeholds in 1993, the NYPD still killed Eric Garner with one in 2014. the law can't constrain people who live above the law every day.

Who polices the police? No-one, if they don't exist!
a crucial concept in this justice work is "divest/invest": abolition as a strategy (including the call to #DefundThePolice) asks us to shift resources from harm-creating structures to liberatory and harm-reducing projects (cf. #8ToAbolition)
COOPTION: we are already starting to see many politicians pivot towards language less friendly to police. do not get your hopes up -- they are still 99% careerist scumbags, and 100% working in unsaveable institutions
politicians change their language at times like these: but very few of them attempt to change their deeds, and even fewer of them make any progress

never make the mistake of thinking that good words => good actions
when politicians adopt abolitionist language, they will always speak as if the ~political arena~ is the space through which you can make abolition happen. that is a TRAP!

they fear our power! so keep building power.
be wary of weird political sects trying to siphon off #BlackLivesMatter energy into their horror shows: a prime example in the UK is Stand Up To Racism (an SWP front - google "Comrade Delta" if you're not aware of their abuse-enabling rape culture)
OVER-EGGING: it is refreshing to see the Minneapolis council saying they will "begin the process of dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department"

But don't uncritically boost this without reckoning with what that means
when you see phrases like "end the current policing system" / the "existing system of policing", you should see red flags.

This is where WATERING DOWN and COOPTION can creep in; there is a long struggle ahead to shape this change, and stop our vision getting lost along the way!
I love a victory as much as the next cutie, but it's crucial to be honest with ourselves about:

what these steps forward means (politicians are scared, keep the threat up!)

and what they don't ("we are on the home stretch!")
impossible to tweet about keeping "abolition" powerful without mentioning this super-useful @C_Resistance resource on how to tell abolitionist steps from reformist ones https://twitter.com/C_Resistance/status/1268712313634209794
postscript: https://twitter.com/CunninghamMPLS/status/1270020100003897344
for #DefundThePolice strategy, look to our history. my learnings from #BDS:

* isolate the fuckers: target govts, but also companies that supply govts
* choke supply chains; many local targets => many points of entry
* pick targets carefully: power mapping / strategy is key
wish I'd remembered this link before, could have peppered this thread with lovely @justseeds pieces! https://justseeds.org/graphic/all-power-to-the-people/
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