This was funny and sad at the same time.
I am re-watching the first ep. Can you believe my brain? Someday I will forget how to spell my own...

But i. Not complaining about the show. This is the genre I usually watch in dramas.

Also................this is how you do cliff scene, CQL. *Runs aways*
I am already impressed. The intensity!!
This birb be so fake...I cannot! 🤣🤣

Bad CGI is common in all asian drama. Don't even get me started in the CGI of dramas in my country 👀🤣
Since I am terrible with names, I am gonna call him fairy until I remember his name. #NiF
Why the hell did it take me a while to realise who this was?! 😭😭😭
@Fayl77 I am 100 times worse than you!! You guys told and it still tooke me a while to realise this is Xue Quinshan. And I have already watched this ep once?!! WTF
#NiF ep 2 be like: Bagal me chhora, sheher me dhindora 🤣🤣🤣
Shut up, Prince Brat. You're just jealous he looks hot in armour.
I am cryin b🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Even his opponent is like: BRUH

I had to pause to calm down! WTF 😂
These two be at it like mean girls but deadlier version
Dodged that like pro, Sir Su
I kinda like them
Mean Girls: But Deadlier
Aww that was so sweet.
Grand empress notices it all. Others just haven't reached her level.
👀 👀 Entanglement
Excuse me. This is too cute.
Where is the seventh prince? He is played by Wang Kai, he can't be a minor character...also, where is that fairy. I want to see him again. So many things happening, everyone playing their own games.
Fei Liu be air-bending everywhere. He reminds me of Aang but dumber version. I hope I spelled it right.
Whip that mofo, your highness!

Also, Wang Kai's voice 🔥🔥
Too many hotness in one place, how is the set not on fire, already? That kid can soak the badass vibes and rule world, now. #NirvanaInFire
Oh I didn't expect General Commander to know him?? Interesting...
Everyone is like MVP here.
HOLY SHIT XIAO SHU!!! SHE ALMOST OUTED YOU! No wonder he looked quite shooketh. What is happening pea brain needs more processing power.
👌🏻he means you will find out in the later episodes, Bro Meng.
Woaaaahhhh EPIC 🤯🤯🤯
Princess Badass be too badass. Even the emperor is shaking. Nope can't do. Can't let the princess marry like that. Soldiers are loyal to her. She goes, military power goes. WOW
My teacher after grading my test be like "Where have all your studies gone?"
THIS FIGHT WAS AWESOME! I was not expecting this level of choreography woah!!! Episode 3 of #NiF 🤩🤩🤩

Even the slo mo was used in such a way that it complemented the fight moves instead of making them laughable. Good job!
I can't believe it's just episode 3. It's already so good.
Look who's talking, you little shit.
They just roasted the big dude in the most polite manner wtf
This sounds so fishy without context tho
The entanglement of the princess and the scholar. #nirvanainfire
Ooo she gonna tell her about that wine...
Say what? The Lins? Is it related to the fairy? He is Lin something, rt.
What just happened.......
Do not touch, Princess Badass 😭😭😭 plz
OMG so cute, my little air-bender 🤗🤗
👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 I'm just sayin...they look good together.
The. Ship. Has. Sailed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I knew it. That 12 yrs him being gone, his expression when tingsheng said he is 11yo, the prince being interested in the boy in particular. You don't get this much attention from two imp chars unless you're lucky n NiF plot don't feel like it uses luck as a plot point that much.
I like this shot. It says so much about Princess Badass.
He is like Chanakya!
How is this a good disguise? You literally moving around in those BIG robes and a LAMP
Granny, I salute you 🙏🏻
When your bae starts hitting on your brother... #NiF
Yeah shut the F up, kiddos! Big Daddy is getting irritated.
👀 coz you both knew each other when you were children, I am guessing...
Everything in these pics is too awesome to be described in words.
Ikr, your majesty, this is just so fun to watch and you have best seat in the whole country!
You two are not even married and alrdy fighting over children's custody wth
Are you kidding me?! He is chanakya-ing so hard, I love this.
They better not. DO NOT.
I am so angry with what happened next! I am enraged. I am disgusted. I need to calm down first and those shady bitches need to be tortured. I need a moment to calm down or ten. Idk.
TW// attempted sexual abuse and drugging

This shady bitch and his bitch-ass son and that rapist Sima Lei, y'all go burn in inferno. Fucking sick bastards.
I hate them from the bottom of my heart.
I stopped breathing for a moment here. I was in the edge of my seat, literally and figuratively. FFS I was TERRIFIED!!
Yeah beat them up black and blue, Hot prince! You're the man!
The level of cruelty and utter disregard towards lives. A good villainess but is she good enough to survive the whole where everyone is like the MVP of their fields? #nirvanainfire
Do you need me to explain how badass this was? Hot Prince was so hot here, he is the ultimate fire lord.
#WangKai #nirvanainfire
Ik she is playing the game too but at this point I am just glad she saved Princess Badass and Prince Hotness.
LMAO translation "Do u realise how stupid u sound, rn, bro?"
This biitch really be playing game even now. I am kinda impressed but I think it's game over, Raper Queen.
Call him them OUT, Big Daddy!! If the mother is doing something evil, why can't her grown-a$$ adult son stop her? If you really love your momma then don't let her commit crimes.
Is that it? Is this punishment good enough? I don't think so. But he is probably too embarassed... especially at that time...with that many prejudices and all. Plus, it's the royal family.
I knew it. It happens today too. It's so sick and wrong but also how reality works. I hope one day people see that they should be disgusted by the rapist instead of shaming the victim.
Mei Changsu, what is the meaning of this?
I am getting angrier by the minute. Big daddy, u do realise, Prince Hotness was trying to save the Princess from gettin..oh idk sexually abused??
.............I am speechless. The shameless disregard towards Prince Hotness. I can't believe this. Can you believe this? And this Mean Girl got the rewards instead? Gtfo
Yeah, and who could that be. Lol
Prince Hotness deffo needs him, otherwise, he will get Ned Starked so hard. Unlike, GoT, atleast this series will get a good ending. 👀
AMEN to that, bro. He needs to understand that it will never be so straight-fotlrward when it comes to game of thrones.
Jingrui 🥰
I love her "Gotcha" face
😱😱😱😱😱😱 DAMNNNN the tooth got yeeted out.
Again the fight scenes in every ep are so good. I really love it. Thumps up to the choreography team. 💕💕💕
My English vocabulary is so bad, I had to search the meaning of plaintiff on google coz idk what the heck they were talking about.
I think I have re-watch some parts of previous episodes. I am getting confused coz I can't grasp the names 😭
Fairy, your piercing! 💕💕
OMG Fei Liu. Chill #nirvanainfire
Why is she so pretty 😍😍😍😍
#MuNihuang #LiuTao
So...this is definitely not a co-incidence. She must have some gut instinct as to who Mei Changsu is. They were betrothed after all.
Your dad is an a$$. No other explanation needed.
Big Daddy calling his mean girls out. LOL I love it when these three share the screen.
Officer....if only you knew who that man is, you will be shooketh. She even approves of him to be beside Nihuang BUT when she finds out...🤯
Big Daddy with hilarious face 😂😂😂
Why does this suddenly turn into comedy sometimes? LMAO The way he just popped out from behind that doorway 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xia Dong making him shooketh twice. Keep doing it and give him a heart attack, plz.
It just turned into horror, just like that. I dropped the chicken bone I was enjoying...
He is the main character. Y'all wasting your time and energy 🙃
Of course he is scared! You guys discovered skeletons in a dry well!!
WTF what the hell are you psycho assholes doing?! Now u beg for mercy? May you burn in hell and be tortured to death!!!
My boi just playing them mean girls: Deadlier version like this. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Aiyooo this is too wholesome 🥰🥰
They are all so adorable. #nirvanainfire
LOL their faces. Everything they say is still so true in our time too.
Bro Meng....sounds like you ship them too?
Oh I see 🤣🤣🤣
LMAO Bro Meng, plz! 🤣🤣🤣
Use the correct term. The correct term "date".
Nah he already chose his partner, you two are just the side-chics.
I feel really bad for him. He is such a chill guy. Wants to live in peace and just be content. But that's notbpossible anymore.
This drama has left me speechless.....
Baoren, why you be acting like a ghost? If I were him and see a lady in white standing like during that time in the dark, I would scream like a banshee.
They are gonna break heart, aren't they.... #nirvanainfire
Oi Fairy, why didn't you come yourself??
This is probably how my friend wants to react when I keep blabbering to her about Winter Begonia.
Oh u having a headache? Here, take this aspirin. *Gives him cyanide*
Glimpses of their shared past....
Except your childhood friend became 500 times hotter 🤷🏻‍♀️
OMG so cute 🥺
......he kept that all these years..........
Drama, stop. DO NOT. DOOO NOTTTT
Mean Girls: Deadlier Version at it again
The fact that this drama has good action sequences every episode makes me so happy! My action loving fangirl side is satisfied. #nirvanainfire
Putting NiF on hold coz I want to finish Money Heist before my next Netflix payment date but now I can't I have to watch at least 1 ep. Otherwise I will forget the damn names again 😭
Beast, that the correct translation? Why are they not naming the animal? Now I really want to see that beast.
Fei Liu ne admiring the saber in the middle of a fight 🤣
Woah!! How does that work? The blade flew with so much energy 🧐. That's awesome. I really hope they explain that. That's one strong tension release in the saber.
Also, Qimeng that was a low blow, bro. What were u thinking fake attacking Mei Changsu like that. You stupid!

I felt the second hand embarassment, Prince Jing. I understand.
I am loving the armour.
Minister Qi made face and Prince Jing noticed. FINALLY!!! It really bothers me so much when chars are making faces infront of the main lead n he doesn't even notice?! It happens so many time in Sparrow n that was a freaking spy drama!! How do u spies NOT notice the obvious-
-expressions?! Even BZL didn't notice so many times. BZL! The fucking snake-eyes!! Ok back to NiF
Mei Changsu: since I can't decide whom I shall destroy next, imma decide through lottery.

Me: bruh

Aren't you watching him too closely 👀
My skin is crawling. I hate them both.
LMAO at if you cam back horizontally. That's the comment if the day!
What?!!!??! I had the same expression as him.
How the FUCK is he supposed to save you now?! Can't believe they went for the swapping trick 🤭
LOL I love the subs.
So cute the way he shuffled away 🥺
My little air bender
I love his "dis bitch" look 🤣🤣
Is it just me or did Nihuang bow differently for mei mei?
Big daddy isn't big daddy for no reason 🤷🏻‍♀️
MCS said "Y'all stupid!" in the most polite way possible 🤭
This actually got REEEEALLY interesting now....
Ewwwww 🤢🤢🤢🤢
I kinda ship them...I mean they look so good together... 😍
Jingrui 🥺 be careful, my boi
She looks ethereal ❤️
Oh no oh no now I am worried abt his safety. Plz no, not my boi Jingrui 🥺
Such a fucking, stinky bastard!! How dare you raise your hand d on him?!! This man is a scum!!
Prince're basically a bloody terrorist can you do this to your own people
Damn he looks GOOD!!!
Jingli, Jingrui, jingti, jingling, jingyan...nif is really testing my memory power...
In his defence, him doubting mcs makes sense. He doesn't know that's xiao shu. To him, MCS is ruthless, sinister and dangerous.
The palace politics is so good. It's just by the numbers or something, they're playing psychological games here.
LOL mei mei is biting back!
NIF has some if the best dialogues, is2g! Who are the writers? I will kiss your hands ❤️
Mean Girl 1 is losing it and I am enjoying his misery like a sadist hehehe
OMG he is so cute! Meng ge is my teddy bear 🥺
.....hey now...this was kinda cute, don't be cute, I don't want to have feels for these two.
🥺🥺🥺 ok ok, drama I get it. Stop squeezing my heart.
He wants to protect Prince King's morality. He won't let jingyan's heart be poisoned by the darkness he suffered from 🥺
That massage must be god tier level 🤭 jk jk but I am still happy that she got recognised by the big daddy.
The pros and cons of being an emperor....I would still like to be an emperor tho.
Can we just pause and appreciate the language of camera and filming here...amazing...Nihuang is on the clear, the honourable and righteous warrior princess in the light while MCS operates in the shadow, deadly, precise but loyal to his principles and his loved ones.
If only the can leave behind their duties to live a peaful life...the truth is, no hero has ever lived a happy life.
Yo yo yo...what's happening here 🤔
My cinnamon rolls, my little air bender and teddy bear Meng 😭😭😭 omg if something happens to them...plz no!
I LOVE this boomerang sword!!
Oh no..I will miss her. Please, give her more screentime. I admire her elegance and strength so much. Please, come back soo.
Are you really gonna do Jingrui dirty like this, Sir Su...on his birthday??
Too much is happening here. So, Jingrui is actually royalty of the enemy kingdom of the kingdom he grew up in and his adopted dad actually wanted to kill him when he was a baby... And he found it ALL on his 25th b'day?? That's the worst birthday gift ever... Oh god...
Jingrui 25th birthday is unforgettable and in a very, VERY BAD WAY 😭😭😍
Bro...look at him...I can't. This is so horrible. His world turned upside down in a matter of minutes! I am so sorry, Jingrui 😭
He is a BADASS. If you think otherwise, you're wrong.
Oh thank god! I was getting at her inaction. I was like, where is the motherfvcking mother of Jingrui!!
My heart!!! I feel the pain of a family being torn apart and yet somehow they're holding on. Poor Jingrui 😭😭😭

He deserves so much better!
You know what...I RESPECT THAT. He is right, it's not over unless you're alive. Ik that I would love to witness his downfall but I still respect what he said.

Also, does he genuinely love Liyang or is it just his twisted idea of love towards her? I think it's the latter.
No, you're not. Fairy, where are you?! Come back and take care of this man!
Ok, drama ok. His expressions + bgm is a bit too much but I am still not crying. But I don't like how they are playing with my emotions.
Ok, now who is this new big player? He came and punished Xia Dong like that?? Shifu is too he gonna go after MCS...? And he only follows the emperor. Well, damn.
He played him like a pro.
He was responsible for the whole massacre 13 yrs ago but says that it was all for personal gains for individuals?! WTF?! That makes no sense. There has to be much bigger reasons.

Dong also knows now that Lin family were innocent. Finally.
No, Prince Jing, don't cry. I can't believe he said that and just cried. I can't believe this breaking my heart. I can't believe I am getting so attached. This is Winter Begonia all over again, ik this won't end well and yet I am getting attached...fml
Prince Jing, you have no idea how much happiness you have given to the man standing right beside you.
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mean Girls Deadlier Version are so funny sometimes!
RIP Great granny 😔 you were so adorable. You were loved.
How cute!! 🥺
When Emperor gave Jingyan the Captitol Patrols and permission to visit his mum whenever he can, me:
Nothing much...just admiring his everything. Go on, now.
#WangKai #NiF
The conspiracy goes wayyyy back!! OMG So, she is using Prince Yu to ultimately topple the whole kingdom. I didn't think Banruo will turn out to be THIS huge of a threat...
Ummm...I don't think so. At this point, I feel like Jingyan even remembers the way you used to fart...
So much fuss over a birthday gift 🥴
LOL the way MCS got offended over Ping's comment was so cute.
That's one way to celebrate your birthday, recieving exquisite gifts by day and surrounding yourself with beauties by night.
Ep 27 is basically, RIP Crown Prince 😂
This is literally my worst fear! Getting totally wasted infront of my parents and doing and saying all sorts of crazy things. I can't even imagine the embarassment. That's why I always make sure to excuse myself after drinking a little bit.
Wooaaahhhh is this really happening?!!?!! Can he do that to THE CROWN PRINCE? Everyone is losing their minds, heck, I am losing my mind 😱
WTF?! Ep 27 won't let me breath!! Oh he found out!
Saved by a hair's breadth, sir su.
Teddy Meng is so cute 🥺
😂😂😂 These two! Meng can't keep his manly voice down.
Jingyan is definitely suspicious now. That water buffalo remark and all the other things he notices plus how Nihuang and Meng act around MCS. He knows in his heart for sure but his mind still wants to look for evidence.

Ep 27 had me jumping up and down.
Momma Jing knows. She knows. SHE KNOWS!
Finally finally finally!!
Prince Jing, the Noble Prince of third rank, the dark horse, the heroic warrior, the fearless and capable general, the Prince Hotness!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tong Lu, plz 😑😑😑😑
LMAO Emperor's reactions are my favorite
Some things never change. ALL the money that came from the state for disaster relief was consumed by the princes. It's still the truth now.
I would actually be disappointed in the drama if Prince Jing actually won this round. Showing that he lost to Prince Yu shows how naive and amateur he still is when comes to court matters. The drama stays very true to the characters and respect that a lot. Interesting chars with-
- their own strengths and flaws, with their failures and successes. Often, it is shown that the hero lost coz some sinister villain in the shadow plotted against him. If it wasn't for the villain, the hero will never lose, he is the golden, pure son. I really find such chars too-
- annoying. Boring. Here, Jingyan lost coz of his own shortcomings and this makes his char so much more compelling. I don't want a 100% pure, selfless, golden boy who is never at fault...I want well-written characters.
OMG Shen Zhui, chill!
1. Jignyan is a char with his strengths and weaknesses and he knows his limits. I like that.

2. Dat black coat. HOT

3. MCS has the sexiest brain ever.

4. I love these chars more and more with every ep and I hate that coz I just won't end well.
Well played, Sir Su!
Jingyan's moral character + Mei Changsu's foolproof strategies = Very sexy empire

Damn...this is getting more and more dangerous by every ep. Knowing how emotion Jingyan and Emperor are regarding this case. Prince Yu is no side fool too. His gut feeling is alrdy telling him, MCS is here for the same case.
Even Xia Jiang is gonna participate and what's that?! Him and Banruo are connected? So they both did it to avenge the previous fallen empire of Banruo's shifu?

Jingyan has Marquis Yan's support now so, MCS will get more help now.
She is so calm that watching her talk and basically do anything gives off a very comforting and calming vibes. Props to the actor.
Who is the writer, the plans are simple yet effective most of the time from both sides. This isn't just politics, this is like psychological warfare.
Major props to the stunt team of #NirvanaInFire. They are fantastic!
All this is happening...this is...this is just disastrous. It's horrible! So horrible. And it had to happen when MCS was sick and bedridden. What a nightmare!
Calling Prince Yu a poisonous snake is an insult to all poisonous snakes. He is worse.
Ik this serious but big daddy looked so funny during this part
Consort Jing is the silent killer. She is playing him like a pro until now.
Ishhh Fourth sis, how can you be so stupid as to believe this demon lady, Banruo. She is not gonna give up an asset like you just coz you want to live in peace. Nah...
Ughhhgghhhhhh I can't watch it. I feel the pressure building up. It's like I am in the freaking palace and just watching a disasters about to happen.
I am... actually impressed how calm Jingyan was as compared to what I was expecting. He is definitely learning but still.
Would you like....calm down and think for a moment?! Is2g he must be adopted. Consort Jing is so calm and clever, WTF is up with this dude? He got all the anger issues of his ancestors in his handsome head! He is walking into the trap like that's the motto of his life!!
Really. Really?! You're not even gonna listen to him? Jkjlmsjssgsjshs
You tell xiao m-Jingyan! He needs to grow brain for real.

Btw I loved that line 🤣🤣🤣🤣 had me wheezing in the middle of a tense scene
Prince Jing...what would you do without Lin Shu...
You can't let the frustration of your past destroy your future. It's something we all need to learn.
NGL I will miss Mean Girl 1 Deadlier Version, even if the character was a miserable fuck, I still liked this actor a lot.
Prince Yu's temper tantrums have become so frequent that it actually feels off now when he is calm. Seriously, you can't tell me that Banruo doesn't feel like just spanking is whiny ass.
Fei Liu, my precious boi
Seriously...WTF?? How many factions are here? I need to have a separate memory map just for this drama alone. Xiao-xin is one of the deadly sisters too 🤷🏻‍♀️
She is beauty, she is brain ❤️
EXCUSE ME?!?!!! HE HAS A CONCUBINE? Bro...what 🤣
He looks like he has mystic powers or something like that
Dong distracting the executive officers with Marquis Yan distracting Xia Jiang...the plan is put into motion. I feel impatient already
Ohhhh snap! MCS already predicted this. XJ got manipulated like a puppet!
Prince Yu and his buddies sure live using explosives. Huh. These people...they just want to blow everything up like that.

MCS and party did their part, now it's time for Jingyan to be calm and play hus part.
On one hand, I really hate what is happening in front of my eyes but on the other hand, ik that ultimately, all this shouting and kicking at Jingyan by big daddy will result in him favouring Jingyan more after the plan concludes.
Man, the big momma has NO IDEA what resulted in the establishment of that small memorial of Consort Chen and her face is just priceless 🤭
I didn't know she could look this scary. My elegant killer Queen!
I never thought court matters could look so sexy but I guess Jingyan makes anything sexy. Especially, when he is so confident!
OMG He went almost hulk smash on XJ when he suggested MCS be arrested. I am feeling feels over this but...the Emperor will surely doubt them now! 😭 Idk whether to laugh or cry!
This shot is so cool. This shot also means that MCS knew this would happen and he has a plan. I am reassured now.
This drama won't let me sleep! Ik he is gonna be alive but his health will further deteriorate. Jingyan can't do anything about it but wait. And this OST is just attacking me like that! Why you attacking me like that nif? What did I do to you!
He just confessed just like MCS is just toying with xj.
Let his delicate wrist go, you old bastard! 😭😭😭
Prince Ji, I love you. Even though he was set up, the fact that he didn't involve yujin is so sweet. He didn't want to cause him any trouble. So, now, emperor will doubt dong and in turn, he will doubt xj. Ok, but hurry up! You guys need to rescue MCS. He is poisoned alrdy!
LMAO you screwed! But still...what about Dong?
🤣🤣🤣 Fei Liu, my precious boi! You saved him
Me, about my life.
Prince Yu is getting full-on attacked by all sides 😱
I love his victorious, sassy smirk.
NGL it's kinda impressive how much of an expert he is when it comes to court matters. It shows he has his own strengths.
Nooooooooooo someone find the bloody antidote!
Is he really giving up?? Is he?
Consort Jing was what the writers of got series wanted Sansa to be but Consort Jing is just on another level and so are the writers of nif.

The way she subtly manipulates the emperor and basically anyone she wants... She is actually the dark horse of nif.
I still don't get how they will help dong escape. Isn't she a part of the main conspirators against the emperor in his eyes?
Consort Jing let her live and confess to Jingyan so that she can clear the misunderstanding between him and MCS.
Do you feel guilty? Good. You acted like an ass towards the man who is risking everything to help you!
These fancy pills with their fancy names. I want them too.
Jingyan threatening to snap xj's neck for MCS is so sexy. I love it.
We ALL know who is the brilliant one here.
May is present the freshly demoted two pearl noble prince and the freshly demoted bitch here. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Noble Consort Jing 🥰🥰
Teddy Meng and Air bender FL 🥰🥰
I love their precious bond and these precious people
Awwwwww 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emperor is finally favouring Jingyan and Consort Jing, Jingyan and MCS have a good relationship and emperor even advised Jingyan to visit MCS!! Great. Great...BUT....there are still like 20 eps left. I am scared.
Big Daddy was even with Princess LingLong of the Hua Tribe....I was speechless

#LangYaBang #nirvanainfire
The Emperor loves teasing Gao gong
The most intense pulse checking scene I have ever seen
The way both of these monir but impactful characters died holding the door and protecting their loved ones. It feels kinda poetic.
OMG Jingyan 😂
Super Saiyan 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
This scene hits one whole different level of feels after starting Nirvana in fire 2 🥺🥺🥺
The battle scenes in #NirvanaInFire are so goddamn impressive! I felt like grabbing something to fight too. No slo mo shit, no overly laughably fancy moves. No "dancing" (seriously, some dramas do be "dancing" in the name of sword fighting lol)
These soldiers be so excited to go battle, they said "Fuck the helmet!"
Princess Nihuang to the rescue!!! MAKE WAY BITCHES
You's weird but I don't really hate this char anymore. Prince Yu and The Emperor were so broken during this scene. I think, no matter what, he did love Yu way more than his other sons.
The cinematography of this series is so beautiful
So cute 🥺🥺🥺
I had so many questions during this scene that instead of being emotional, I was just like 🤷🏻‍♀️
Prince Yu was too proud and Emperor is too suspicious. In the end, that's what destroyed everything.
When I found out why it's called Nirvana In Fire....omg...
Gong gong, thank you so much 🙏🏻
You saved them!
That's the worst way to find out but it had to happen in the end.
@Faylzz cinnamon troll definitely describes him perfectly ❤️🤣
Oh what's that sound? It's the sound of a ship sailing!
Fairy and General ❤️
Ship ship ship 🥰🥰🥰
It felt so good to see Jingrui again 🥺
#NiravaInFire he kept the bow and the pearl for 13 years...he was probably hoping Xiao Shu will somehow survive and return...
Cinematography is ❤️❤️❤️
This scene is so powerful, i literally had tears falling down!
#DingYongDai is a terrific actor.
Shame, paranoia, ego...he realises his mistakes but he is so afraid to face them. I feel like slapping him and feel pity for him at the same time. But he HAS TO FACE THE TRUTH THAT HE FUCKED UP B A D!!
I bow dow to thy acting prowess #DungYongDai
🤣🤣🤣 this cinnamon troll
They finally did it 😭😭😭
They could have ended it here but naah. At first, I was very mad at the ending. Why won't they let MCS just die peacefully instead of pushing him into this war situation...but now that I think about it, MCS really wanted to be Lin Shu again. He said so himself.
His ending hurt everyone but I am sure that he died in peace and content...on the battlefield, being the brave and dauntless General Shu if the Lin family.
🥺🥺🥺🥺 "TingSheng gege" omg so adorable
Emperor Jingyan will never let Lin Shu or Mei Changsu disappear....he immortalized him in the history of Da Liang.
#NirvanaInFire is the best cdrama I have ever seen. Writing, characters, plot, cinematography, action, humour, acting, directing, editing.. everything was on point.

What I am trying to say is GO WATCH NIRVANA IN FIRE 🙏🏻
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