Imagine the kind of political will it would take to dismantle the Pentagon and put that money into national health care. Sounds hard, right? That's #DefundThePolice basically.
Except we're trying to do it in every city at once where in most cases the politics is dominated by some vestigial Dem Party machine powered by a corrupt stew of real estate money, bail bondsmen, and whatever the dominant local exploitative industry is. (In our case tourism)
That's a lot of entrenched power and money with a keen interest in maintaining a heavily armed and manned police force.
So just.. it might feel like there is momentum right now but there is a long way to go and the fundamentals pretty much dictate nobody with any power will help
What I'm saying is on order to defund the police you also have to flip a majority of every city council, defeat every mayor, probably a few meddling governors as well. Also for it to be a meaningful or sustainable change you would have to abolish capitalism.
So, I mean, I'm definitely for it but also that's a tall order
Anyway the point of this thread was to say that the particular brand of Democrat currently holding office in every city is capable only of doing this
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