Police literally aren’t here to protect you.

Like, it is literally not their job to protect you.

Seriously. It’s so much not their job that their have been cases all the way to the Supreme Court affirm how much it is not their job to protect you.
1981: Warren v. District of Columbia - Court of Appeals

Police fail to investigate two 911 calls about a violent break in. The men who broke in beat and raped three women for 14 hours. Court says the police and operators are in no way at fault.
2005: Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzalez - Supreme Court

Mother has restraining order against her ex who subsequently has restricted access to kids. Ex abducts the children & mother calls the police 4x and visits the precinct. Officers refuse to investigate.
8 hours after abducting them the Ex shows up a the precinct and opens fire. He dies in the shoot out. Police find the bodies of the children in his car. Court finds the police innocent of any culpability or fault. Not their job to prevent harm.
2018: Broward County & Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS - federal judge ruling

Case is demissed against the resource officer at MSD after he failed to engage w/ the active shooter or to protect students in any way, as students are not in custody and not under protection.
Courts have ruled repeatedly that police only have a responsibility to protect people in their custody.

Otherwise they have no duty to prevent harm.
“Neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm — even when they know the harm will occur” - Darren L. Hutchinson, professor & associate dean at the U. of FL School of Law
Police are not here to protect you.

They aren’t at the protests to protect people.

The system is broken.
This is gaining some traction so let me correct my final tweet.

The system isn’t broken—it was built this way & has functioned perfectly since.

It was built to protect white power and authority.

It needs be broken & razed to the ground. #AbolishThePolice #DefundThePolice
In the meantime #EndQualifiedImmunity https://twitter.com/finchymonger/status/1270016822218285065
The officer at MSD hid when the shooting happened, & judge dismissed the case based the on the precedent of the other cases.

Lozito v. NYC: attacker stabs people on subway. Bystander tackles him. Nearby cops watch it go down. Court says they had no responsibility to intervene.
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