🆘Mayday🆘: Putin is taking over the world by working with other ruthless autocrats to install puppets in all democratic countries.

This thead details Putin’s plan to take over the USA using two puppets over whom he appears to have complete control: Trump and Bernie Sanders
Putin already had his plan in place to take over the USA when he took office in the year 2000. He had several compromised Americans under his complete control thanks to the efforts of the Soviet-era KGB. Two of those compromised Americans were Trump and, it appears, Bernie.
Putin’s plan hinged on controlling *BOTH* candidates in a US Presidential election. That way, he could cheat to get them both elected in the primaries (which no one pays as much attention to), but then cease cheating in the general election to avoid detection.
Putin did not care whether Trump or Bernie won the election. Putin has no ideology. He’s fine with a right wing autocrat or a left wing autocrat, so long as he is an autocrat. Had Bernie won the election, he too would be trying to install himself as a dictator as Trump is doing.
Alas, Bernie couldn’t beat Hillary, so Putin had to scramble to cheat in the general election by calling in a host of shady characters, which he knew was very risky. Guys like Manafort were going to make it obvious that he was cheating, but he had to go for broke.
Trump’s long-standing ties to Russia are well known and well documented. He was compromised by the Soviets on his many trips there in the 1980s.

What is less well-known is that Putin has scripted everything that has happened with Trump since Putin took power in the year 2000.
In 2000, Putin’s top operative in the US was Felix Sater. Sater appeared to be a low-level Russian mafioso, busted by the Feds in 1998, who then became a confidential informant, providing US authorities with info he claimed to obtain by infiltrating Russian military intelligence.
In reality, Sater appears to have been a Russian military intelligence operative, and the info he gave the Feds was to help them bust the Italian mob and so the Russian mob could control NY. Sater also gave the Feds info on Al-Qaeda, mostly to distract them and gain trust.
In 2000, Trump was both broke and compromised by Russia. Sater visited Trump in 2000 and went into business with him, funneling Russian money into Trump tower projects and golf courses to make him appear to be a successful businessman and enhance his chances of winning election.
That show never happened, but Burnett’s next big project was The Apprentice, which was designed to whitewash Trump’s image and, again, make him appear to be a successful businessman and strong candidate for POTUS.

Investigation would be required to determine what Burnett knew.
Note: There are never any coincidences in a Putin op. Everything that appears coincidental is staged to look like a coincidence but is really part of the plan. We’ve covered three so far: Manafort, Sater, and The Apprentice. All were meticulously planned to look coincidental.
Because of his ties to Russian money, Trump has had to carefully hide his finances and refuse to turn over his tax returns. We need to see that information immediately because it will prove Trump is controlled by Putin.
Bernie’s ties to Russia are less obvious because he does not have the financial ties required to make Trump appear to be a successful businessman. Bernie is a left wing extremist who likely needed little convincing to join a plan to install him as a left wing autocrat.
Investigation is required to determine exactly how Putin came to control Bernie. And it seems Bernie is in fact under investigation. Mueller established that the Russian’s actively supported Bernie’s 2016 campaign.
We know from the Mueller Report Manafort also was focused on voter data, and funneling it to Russia. It cannot be a coincidence that Manafort and Devine worked for Trump and Bernie, and appear to have focused on weaponinzing voter data. There are no coincidences in a Putin op.
Moving on to 2020, US Intelligence briefed Bernie in January 2020, telling him Russia was trying to help him win, and maybe even telling him he was under investigation. When Bernie sat on the info, US Intellligence went public with it on February 21, 2020. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/21/us/politics/bernie-sanders-russia.html
US Intelligence keeping Trump in the dark on Russia’s Bernie plan also tells us US Intelligence knows how to keep Trump out of investigations. And that means they likely kept Trump out of their counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. We’ll get to that.
Russia’s interference in the 2020 Dem primaries almost certainly involved using puppet candidates to crowd the field, take votes from Biden, and attack him in the debates, all to help Bernie win. Hillary told us that Gabbard is a Putin puppet. Putin likely had others.
Bernie dropped out of the race and gave a lukewarm endorsement of Biden. It’s not clear whether Bernie did that because he’s now cooperating wirh US Intelligence or if Putin decided he needed to maintain Bernie’s credibility to use him again in the future. My guess is the latter.
Bernie’s 2020 campaign and media surrogates attack any suggestion of Russian election interference and suggest it is a hoax. They also spread disinformation in the same ways Russia does. Bernie’s campaign and media surrogates should be investigated. https://fair.org/home/tips-for-a-post-mueller-media-from-nine-russiagate-skeptics/
Mueller told us in his July testimony the FBI counterintelligence investigation was ongoing and covered areas beyond his scope of investigating criminal interference in the election. Mueller did not investigate whether Trump was compromised. The FBI did.
The FBI counterintelligence investigation is over. The Senate Intel Committee completed its report on that investigation and submitted it to the Director of National Intelligence for declassification on May 15.

We must see that report.
Putin appears to realize that the counterintelligence investigation is a big problem. Many efforts were made to shut that investigation down and, once it was completed, Putin appears to have executed a plan to take America by force.
There are no coincidences in a Putin op. Russia almost certainly helped orchestrate the execution of George Floyd. It’s also not a coincidence that Trump held a rally in Minneapolis in October 2019 and worked to inflame tensions and radicalize the Minneapolis police.
The plan appears to have been to incite and inflame race riots, have Trump invoke the Insurrection Act, and take the states by force. The military didn’t go along with it, but this may cause Putin to stage false flag terrorist attacks in the US to make the military engage.
As a second back-up, Russia and Bernie may have used puppets in the 2018 midterm elections as long range candidates for POTUS in 2024. Radical left wing candidates supported by Bernie in 2018 should be investigated.
I intend to remain anonymous and this will be my only tweet. It is now up to you to spread this info here and elsewhere.

You’ve been wondering what you can do to help. Now is your chance. Do it!

This account will be deleted in about a week, so work fast.
P.S. There appear to have been coordinated plots to paint Biden as a groper when he announced his campaign April 2019, and as a sexual predator when he became presumptive nominee. Tara Reade once proclaimed allegiance to Putin and she used Bernie surrogates to spread her story.
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