A refutation of this thread-

So this time an attention seeker Junaid who have no knowledge about Dharma took some translations from internet and tried to defame Hinduism, let's see https://twitter.com/Gumnaam_Rehnuma/status/1269173082389770242
First allegation is "Blasphemy in Hinduism"

Rigveda 6,72,1 - now see his Stup!idity, translation he provided itself says drive away unjust revelers and hypocrites. None of these words mean Blasphemy.
Rigveda 6,52,3 - the word used is ब्रह्मद्विषे It means a person who "hates knowledge", as Vedas literally mean "Knowledge" translators wrote "Ved knowledge". No blasphemy here too.
Atharvaveda 10,5,25 - it talks about "Enemies" it do not talk about Blasphemy anywhere. If I say India should destroy Paxtan am I talking about their Blasphemy?
Next claim - killing of Infidels in Hinduism

Rigveda 9.13.9 - he gives translation by Wilson. Words used are अपघ्नन्तो अरावणः, अराव्णः dosent mean infidel it's made from रा दाने Hence it means Selfish or parasite.
Rigveda 9.63.5, exactly same words hence no infidel here too.

Next Yajurveda 13.12
Here translator means Adharmi, due to limitation of english he translated to irreligious, it talks about punishing Adharmis who harm others.
Hence second allegation is wrong too, I will continue adding to this thread.but till now it's clear that all his allegations are wrong in a similar way.
Next allegation, about killing Dasyus, Dasyu DO NOT mean Infidel, it means an u.civilized person who commits injustice and harms others
Next he talks about slavery in Hinduism, the word used in Sanskrit is Dasa, it DO NOT mean slave as some later translators have translated it. Dasa Means servant here, Dasa also means Fisherman ot it can mean other things according to context.
True Indology has given historical evidences for this, No slavery existed in Ancient India. https://twitter.com/TIinExile/status/1269496368864747521?s=20
He attaches various news articles too, that do not mean anything, 1 or 2 local incidents or medieval practices do not define Sanatana Dharma unless mentioned in our texts.
I would like to point out that yesterday he claimed he referred to "Hindu Scholars" but he gives translations by Wilson, since when Wilson is a Hindu scholar? And news articles? Written by Hindu scholars?

Lying and decieveing just to defame Himduism
Now to justify Flat earth in some Kudrati Kitaab, he says earth is Flat is Vedas.

The mantra he provided is Rigveda- 10.58.3

The word used is चतुर्भृष्टिम् , it DO NOT mean four cornered as he claims, it means (चतुर्दिक्षु भृष्टिः भ्रंशो यस्याः) earth bends in 4 direction.
This means Earth is ROUND, not flat or 4 cornered. Earth goes down in all 4 directions from the point we are standing. Its visualization of curvature of earth.
Next from Shatpath he says earth is 4 cornered like a brick.

But there it talks about 4 directions on earth.

There making of Yajnavedi is mentioned, and direction is very important in Yajna. Those who have performed it know what I am talking about.
Next he gives a mantra which talks about sunrise and sunset. How does that even proves Flat earth? Sunrise and sunset are natural phenomena which we see everyday. It do not mean Earth is flat .
Even People with below average IQ understand that.
Next mantra is Atharva Veda 6,77,1 It nowhere says Earth is Flat. Nor it saysearth is stationary.

The word is अस्थात् Its means Stable. "स्थिर" It do not mean lack if motion. Earth is stable and firm on its orbit, it do not randomly changes its path.
Next disgusting claim on P*dophilia. Well Hinduism do not allow it in any case.

ब्रह्मचर्य्येण कन्या युवानं विन्दते पतिम्
-Atharva Veda

Girls should follow Brahmarcharya and then marry to a husband in Youth.

Ayurveda says Girls should marry o ly after 16 years of age
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