Pandemics are portals A portal to smashing structural racism, sexism, heteronormativity & ableism?

👏👊❤️to everyone calling bullshit on folks, businesses & institutions that benefit from & are complicit in it—& demanding they step aside! #ExcludedByDesign
Pandemics + protests = a new & chosen family. Sending all the love & solidarity to those folks who choose #BlackLivesMatter over hateful relatives.
👏👊❤️ to @runasand for speaking up & demanding better for all of us. When’ll we stop pretending that ANY business & institution is any better? For those who benefit from excluding women & PoC, these aren’t design bugs—they are features. #ExcludedByDesign
Who’d have believed this’d have EVER happened only 2 weeks ago? So grateful to & proud for #BlackLivesMatter & all the folks who spent years organizing, attending endless often awful community meetings & sacrificing their safety & even lives to get us here
'Cops' Canceled at Paramount Network  remember when we thought things couldn’t happen quickly? & folks would insist that protests, activism & community organizing were pointless & accomplished nothing? #BlackLivesMatter
Good on Siri for finally changing their mind.
Unless mass gatherings have become a thing of our past, this will have a HUGE impact! Plus a lot of folks will write books about it;)

If NASCAR had implemented this ban decades ago...
Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is 'based on a racial stereotype' . If Quaker wasn’t only Quaker in name alone, they’d have called it what it is—racist.....& also retired their preposterous name & branding eons ago.
Mississippi’s former flag now carries another narrative: #BlazkLivesMatter & protests work.
Good on Ian Desmond; how many other MLB players will he inspire to opt out & demand a better & more equitable post-pandemic future?
Planned Parenthood removing Margaret Sanger from NYC clinic  Whenever i add to this🧵, I wonder if I’ll live long enough for our culture to remove the names of misogynist & abusive men too? Or just for not doing anymore? And removing living men’s names?
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