ICYMI we have a rogue embassy problem big time. Revisiting Mattis' resignation DEC 2018 is making a lot of sense and further confirms this entire sh*t show about globalism, Syria, Libya + Ukraine and always has been @BenKTallmadge @SidtheKidd87 @BabeReflex_8
The first time I noticed was when special envoy to Syria was offended 45 "did not consult him" about drawing down troops in Syria.... https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1269421187299450881
The Washington Post's article re the resignation includes a video and just in the first 30 sec we have
-pet lovers (Coons)
-regime change deluxe crew (Kaine)
-Spygate hoaxer and gatekeeper (Warner)
all in a panic about Mattis who must have been a firewall
COONS down with the pets. On April 16, 2019 he traveled w/Lindsey, McCaul + Sasse to Italy to check on the pets as Haftar began Tripoli offense https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1124520091935227904
Regime change deluxe new management edition https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1094674395807780864
WARNER https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1044694572130086912
“We must do everything possible to advance an ➡️international order⬅️ that is most conducive to our security, prosperity and values, and we are strengthened in this effort by the solidarity of our alliances,” Mattis wrote.
Rex mentioned "interagency" when fired too https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1196590273775706112
Same deal with Ukraine: 45 "interfering" with "interagency" 🤨 https://twitter.com/Avery1776/status/1269421736254201856
December 11, 2018
The very day that Google lied their asses off before the rats in Congress their not so secret AI Lab's building caught on fire 🤫 https://twitter.com/PMBreakingNews/status/1072705722746585088
December 13, 2018
Ecuador joins belt and road and sent home with millions
FARA #6168 CHP
December 13, 2018
Meeting with CSIS Re 🦃

December 14, 2018
CHP Re 🦃 Attended ceremony for 🤫Col. Richard Outzen at Regime Change Deluxe Dept
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