GRAND BARGAIN: In Nov. 2019, at a NATO officers’ briefing on Russian subversion, this slide was shown.

I want you to review it carefully.

As Putin’s employee, Trump is marking these “consistent Russian aims” off his checklist 1 by 1.

His time is limited, the damage, malignant.
CASE STUDY: The United States

Consistent Russian aims:

▶️Reduce US role in providing European security✅

▶️Weaken Transatlantic links✅

▶️Undermine faith in US security commitments✅

▶️Weaken US Intelligence Community✅

▶️Challenge and undermine Western liberal values✅
▶️Erode US world leadership and global respect✅✅

▶️Weaken US society; undermine social cohesion✅✅

▶️Show the US as the enemy of Islam✅

▶️Establish post-truth, post-fact information space✅

▶️Discredit independent media✅

▶️See Russia treated as (equal) partner✅
And last but not least:

▶️Reach a grand bargain to ensure stability.🤷🏼‍♀️

A la Molotov-Ribbentrop, dividing Europe into spheres of influence where Russia gets one half, US/NATO gets to keep the other.

In other words, throwing the front-line states under the bus to appease Russia.
Curing this malignancy by truth and reconciliation.
We need truth and reconciliation between the Republican party and the people.
Lest we forget.
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