Laws of jungle are simple but brutal. Dragon ( Cobra), Lion (Tiger), Eagle, Polar Bear, Wolves, Hyenas and Vulture co exist in this Jungle. A moth infection has made the jungle volatile. Dragon has put the Eagle's nest on fire. Dragon might try and put...continued..
Lion's den on fire. Dragon wants to drink water from a lake which Lion wont like. Lion must learn from history. If Dragon tries to drink water from the lake, then Lion must statisfy the hunger by hunting the Wolf down...continued.. #astrology
Dragon's underbelly is weak. Lion always attacks the prey by choking the wind pipe. Lion never hunts alone but goes in a pack. Eagle will soon extinguish fire of the nest and take the aerial route for the kill. Lion's roar can make the Polar Bear wake up from Hibernation..conti..
Lion should indentify the weak part of Dragon's underbelly and strike at place and timing of its chosing..Do not let the Wolf run away in this delibrate confusion. Always remeber, there are no permanent enemies or friends in the Jungle.
Dragon is a myth but Tiger is real.
Sarwatobhadra Chakra Indications:
Dragon might try 'Pearl Harbour' like trick to suprise or shock the Eagles and Lion.
Lion must stay alert.
Dont trust Dragon.
You shall roar and eagles shall fly in victory.
Long ago, Dragons had a 'Sparrow Killer' as thier leader. This leader wanted an Empire of Dragons. Such jungle empire is only possible when Eagles and Bears, destroy each other with perpetual cold wars.
Dragons were covert and smart to make Eagles and Bears fight...cont
Dragon made allies with Wolves and Hyenas for strategic gains.
Elephants were smartest to not get fooled, completley by Dragon.
Lions did not learn anything from 1958 and got stung by Dragon in 1962.
Dragon got a moth infection in its territory in 2002. Dragon being dragon...con
saw a strategic oppurtunity in this moth infection and started working on controlled spread of the infection.
Elephants sensed the move and became cautious henceforth.
August 2019, Dragon decided to unleash the fear of moth infection in Lion's land. Plan failed! Relaunch happend
..later in Jan 2020. Now Eagles, Lions and Bears were finally convinced of the apprehensions and warnings by Elephants...
The Elephant.
India Stands with Israel. https://twitter.com/IsraeliPM/status/1287734654599077888?s=19
Polar Bear tried its best to make the Dragon understand ground reality.
Last chance for Dragon to stop spitting fire and pull back the moth infection.
Within days to come, Polar Bear will give up and then Dragon will be at the mercy of Lions, Eagles and the Elephant.
महा रुद्र श्री पशुपति नाथ की जय...
Lord of the Jungle (Pashupati Nath) is with Lions and Eagles and Elephant..
Let's talk about Jungle and future. The fear of moth infection will fade away after Nov 2020.
Dragon has crossed the 'Red Line'.
2026 - First elections in Dragon Land.
2020-2026 - Lions, Elephants and Eagles will hunt down Dragons, Wolves and Hyenas.
Jungle is Kurkukshetra
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