Accomplishments and other info about our ancestors ☆moors☆you may not know about, a thread
The combination of the languages latin and arabic created the "spanish" language witch the Spaniards claimed for themself.
A man called ziryab (the blackbird) made significant contributions to music, fashion poetry and moor.he introduced the three-course meal. Invented strong deodorant and toothpaste, as well he introduced dressing by the seasons.
It is also said that we moors invented chess, although its debated the indians and persians had a game thought to be an old form of chess. What we had in iberia is close to the modern version.
We brought algebra and the advanced mathematical formula to the world,so much so we could make astronomical devices that could measure the altitude of objects above the horizon, determine the exact time of day and time of year, and calculate position on the Earth.
We had the greatest schools of learning in the world from Cairo,Baghdad,to the universities of Seville or the many we built on iberia. The wisdom we had was so great we created if not improved upon the first steam engines, water clocks and so on based on older egyptian knowledge.
George g.m. james states that the moors are the custodians of ancient egyptian knowledge and in fact to say moor is also to say ancient Egyptian because at one point they where known in egypt as wise men
While some say the word moor in egypt refers to priest of sumerian anu some point to anubis. Do with that what ye will.
Our cities were the most advanced on the planet. The cleanest and most civilized. While roman cities dumped trash in the streets and washed clothes with peoples pee(seriously). We had street lights and a love cleanliness among other amazing innovations
In a book called, "the book of ingenious devices" by banu musa many inventions that were later destroyed by conquistadors for being "evil , witch craft etc" included concepts for the first cameras used to view eclipses.mind you this is all before Columbus was even born.
Our schools where so advanced people from all over the world came to our empire to learn. Mainly because the moorish bloodline was spread all over the world in every royal house. Let me show you a few
We appear in european coats of arms because our blood line was extremely spread out. Along with having diplomatic relations with europe many if not all of the nobility of old europe was moorish.
In fact queen Charlotte Sophia of england was a moor. Light skinned and mixed but still of prominent moorish blood
Should I keep going with the coats of arms because there are alot.
So then the question arises" what happened?" Over the civil wars of europe the original bloodlines left europe for america or other moorish territories alternatively some where sold into slavery in america and labeled as negroes. This was a common practice.
The man known as Beethoven was a moor infact he and his teacher were noted for having "negroid features (book 100 amazing facts about the negroes )
A Malian moor and brother of the richest man who ever lived sailed to america. His name was mansa abu bakari. And when he arrived to america the people looked at him as quetzalcoatl, for it was a prophecy that he would return from the east.
The moors had a vast empire in america and the oldest of the native americans are moors do to the fact that moors traded between egypt and the washitaws of Louisiana among others. So much a empress of the washitaw was buried in a sarcophagus that was "lost" by the Smithsonian
Rameses III: Father of Ancient America by R. A Jairazbhoy speaks of ancient contact and trade between between the two continents . Return of the ancient ones. Written by the previous washitaw empress says the same . I
If you dont believe me ask the current crowned prince of the washitaw @DrAlimElBey who is well versed in oral and written history of his people who my mother comes from.
The royal head dress of the moors is the fez witch appears around the world from easter island , asia even in modern times as a hairstyle unbeknownst to most.
Even in modern day you can see moorish genetics showing through. You cant tell me these arnt @DeStorm @kingtutweezy @DaBabyDaBaby and @UglyGod
Books used here and some not for further study
The golden age of the moor
African presence in early europe
(Both by ivan van sertima)
When nations gather by sultan Abdul latif
The negro question part 4 and 6 by Lee Cummings
100 amazing facts about the negro with proof
By j.a. Rodgers
Moors in America by najee ullah el
Africans and native americans by jack d Forbes
They came before Columbus by ivan van sertima
What your history books failed to tell you by azeem Hopkins bey
Nature knows no color line
Sex and race both by j.a Rodgers.
Othello's children in the new world by Jose v pimenta bey
The golden trade of the moors by bovill
Rameses III: Father of Ancient America by Jairazbhoy
Isonomi the great Masonic secret master Keys by mahfuz el bey
We are the washitaw by umar Shabazz bey.
We come from greatness.
In reference to the maurs of egypt possibly being the high priest of the sumerian anu as some theorize, the royal fez also shows up here as well as melanin rich skin .
The connection between America and moors of africa predates Islam and christianity by many centuries. The explorer hanno came to America and annexed it to Carthage. Saying in writing "A proclamation of annexation. Do not deface. By this Hanno takes possession"
So many inscriptions and artifacts have ben unearthed. Some from stranded ships some that say "trade ships from phonecia" noting ports for foreign trade. Most of these artifacts after being sent off for testing come up "missing"you can find these and more in these two books
why I mention all these people when speaking of moors is simply thus; the moorish people go far back through history and many regions. From the royal headdress to the name moor taking many forms such as Muur in the native american washitaw, to blackamoor meaning any dark person
moorish connection to america runs so deep that as we understand it the moorish Americans, everysingle one has some sort of tribal lineage,"I got indian in my family " or when our grandmas told us we from the___tribe is common among us even those that still think they are Black
There is an abundance of moorish architecture and place names here all throughout the Americas. Many places they would have you believe were built by europeans, were actually built by moors and many predate Columbus.
California is even named after a moorish kalif named In History as queen califa. Our society's in america was always matriarchal, because the woman carries the blood line.
The alamo in tehas. Also known as tunis, also known as texas, was built by moors of the ALMOhad Caliphate
Speaking of tehas/texas it is and was known that the cowboys are moorish in origin so much so that the texas long horn is the andalusian cattle. The dark skinned moors who traveled from Iberia to the americas are our ancestors @LilNasX cowboys are probably in your Gene pool
Lecturer is hose v piementa bey . The south of America was known as the vice royalty of new Granada. Where moorish artifacts have ben found aside from fezzes
The word indian was used as a substitute for the word moorish in thoes days to separate the history. Because at the time of Columbus sailing over here india was called hindustan.That entire section of history is a lie .they got the maps to america from the moors when they fell.
People know this information
Yes some among these people spoke Arabic. In those days bi bilingual was the norm in fact in iberia if you only spoke one language you where considered an idiot or at the least unlearned.
In a letter George Washington sent to the sultan of Morocco he thanks the sultan for allowing him to use the sultans dominions. As in america on paper was the empire of Morocco and the colonials owe allegiance for being allowed to come here
Al magreb al aqsa also known as the farthest west. Al aqsa became Alaska. This place was also known as and still is the al amarukanos estados .
This is aseer the duke of tiers the current sultan of the moorocan empire giving a brief verbal dissertation on some of the history of the moors here in americas.
This is Dr. Umar abd-Allah speaking on islam being in the americas long before Columbus and how islam was the hidden religion of the original peoples of america
This man whose name I was not able to find unfortunately gives historical information on how the dark skinned moors where kicked out of there own tribes here in the americas
Our prophet in these days is noble drew ali who brought back to us our knowledge of our nationality birthright and history. He also brought back to us the original version of islam practiced in moorish iberia. He founded eye old cananite temple in 1913 in Newark new Jersey.
People dont know that the nation of islam,5% nation of gods and earths, Father divine and other movements came from the moorish american divine and national movement; only movement that teaches you how to correct your nationalityand the use of treaties @icecube did you know this?
The sundry free moors act 1790, the treaty of peace and friendship 1777. Rights of indigenous peoples are all things we can use to protect ouself from things like police brutality. Because it specifies that we are not nameless negroes but have a land,history and culture
Back on the historical side the moors brought civilization to europe. Our people civilised the pale skinned people. Introducing them to soap, deodorant, bathing, mathematics and the arts. We sparked the renaissance. @icecube thought you might find this interesting.
Freemaysonry was given to these people to civilize them. The name on the front of the fez denotes ownership of the person. The tassle is tied down because they did not have access to 360° of knowledge. They later betrayed us but many shriners still owe aligence.
Share this threat and get the discussion going even if you disagree;our people need to know this information. Mexican and "black"
Symbols appear on original americans that come from the moors. Again this is Jose v pimienta bey
Again the moorish connection to America is so strong that moors in Americas predate iberia. In fact when alandalus was established moors sailed from america to live there.
So what about the red moorish flag? It has alwase ben here in america. Infact the bunker hill flag is the continental flag and it has a cherry tree ontop. The straight red flag with a green star was also called the cherry tree.
The chopping down of the cherry tree was washington cutting down the moorish flag and betraying us.
The speaker Peter moon goes into greater detail about the deal made that we could be freed from slavery if we declared we were moorish americans however Washington hid this from everybody and it became the great Masonic secret. We can still free ourselves to this day.
Many mexican people dont know that their ancestors look exactly like us.however if you were known as a moro or Morisco they would kill you and force the children to mix. the few that survived the purge are called "afro mexican" look that term up when you can.
Cant forget morenos witch was just another way of saying moors. (Correction This title would get you killed not Moreno)((at least to my knowledge)), hence why such places exist in mexico like matamoros(moor killer) look up the morismas festival as well.
The mosques that the moors built in mexico were converted to churches but the architecture gives them away. Domes and arches.
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