MINNEAPOLIS: Several MPD police cruisers drive by peaceful demonstrators and pepper spray them from moving vehicles for no reason. #BLUEFALL
cw: blood
LOS ANGELES: LAPD officers shoot a homeless wheelchair user in the face with less-lethal ammunition. He leans over in obvious pain, blood pouring from his face. The man was not part of any protest. #BLUEFALL
NYC: Heavily tattooed NYPD cop with his badge number covered assaults a woman, @soooanastasia, who was filming him. You can hear other demonstrators calling the cop out.
SAN FRANCISCO: Heavily armed men kidnap a young woman, refusing to identify themselves before throwing her into a minivan and driving away.
The preceding video is shockingly familiar to how the police “disappear” protestors in Chile. In this video from January, witnesses record secret police kidnapping and throwing a man into a minivan.

Witnesses cry out “Shout your name! What is your name?”
SEATTLE: Police lose their cool and chase down a nonviolent demonstrator who was walking away, then beat them mercilessly for no reason.
cw: vehicular assault, strobing lights
FLORISSANT, MO: @FlorissantPD officer deliberately hits fleeing man with an unmarked SUV, then jumps out and beats him as he screams in pain.

Detective suspended pending investigation. His name has not yet been released. 📸 @RealStlNews
PORTLAND: Photojournalist films the police. Office responds by beating him with a baton and spraying him several times with mace.
SEATTLE: Seven Seattle police vehicles swoop in for a targeted arrest of one man — the man who last week filmed a Seattle PD officer pepper-spraying a 9 y/o girl.

Police accuse him of shining a laser pointer at cops. These types of arrests happening frequently now — retaliation. https://twitter.com/maggieangel19/status/1269509357072289792
SEATTLE: Live stream from @Omarisal earlier today captures Seattle police advancing on a peaceful crowd, pushing barricades into the protestors.

@SeattlePD launches stun grenade after stun grenade into the crowd, as a trapped wheelchair user tries to escape the onslaught.
SEATTLE: @Omarisal captures @SeattlePD pepper spraying peaceful protestors before launching tear gas grenades and flash bangs into the crowd.

From Thursday.
BUFFALO: Cops tackle and arrest Br. Myles Carter, a pillar of the Muslim community, as he gives an interview with hands up.

While in custody, someone targeted his home, breaking his windows and slashing his tires. Legal fund here: https://www.launchgood.com/project/legal_fund_for_myles_carter_peaceful_protestor_arrested_by_police_1
AG Barr, facing backlash over Federal law enforcement’s attack on peaceful demonstrators in DC with rubber bullets and pepper spray, tries to deny that pepper spray is a chemical irritant.

This lie directly contradicts the DOJ’s own published guidelines. https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1269649093392990208
WASHINGTON DC: Peaceful demonstrators chant “YOU ARE THE THREAT” at a huge formation of DC police, federal law enforcement, and military police.

The police suddenly charge the demonstrators, knocking them to the ground and firing tear gas and flash bag grenades. #BLUEFALL
SACRAMENTO, June 1: @SacPolice officer uses an illegal chokehold on 18-year-old Tyzhon Johnson. You can see Johnson panic and slap the wall in agony as the officer refuses to let go.

Bystanders repeatedly scream “YOU’RE CHOKING HIM!”.
PHILLY, Jun-1: @PhillyPolice Ofc. Joseph Bologna (white shirt w/ baton) provokes demonstrators, then clubs Temple student Evan Gorski to the ground with his baton.

PPD arrested Gorski and held him for 2 days on false charges of assaulting an officer, before this video surfaced.
PHILLY: 2nd angle of @PhillyPolice Staff Inspector Jos. Bologna assaulting Evan Gorski.

PPD lied about this incident, saying Gorski pushed an officer who fell and broke his hand. Yesterday, Bologna was charged with aggravated assault. 📸 @Peopledelphia
PENNSYLVANIA: In separate news, Delaware County FOP Lodge No. 27 VP Sgt. Robert "Skippy" Carroll, an officer with the @MediaBorough PD, has been removed from active duty pending an investigation into online threats he made.

Petition to remove him is here: https://www.change.org/p/media-borough-police-chief-and-delaware-county-council-fire-delco-lodge-no-27-fop-vp-robert-skippy-carroll
RICHMOND, VA: @RichmondPolice officers randomly assault pedestrians walking home using pepper spray.

A witness calls them out from inside his own home, police pepper-spray him through a 2nd floor window. [IG: @/mikhailsmith1] @LevarStoney @CityRichmondVA
FORT MYERS, March 11: @fortmyerspolice officers assault 19-year-old Terrence Williams outside his home for asking questions. They violently threw him to the ground for “taunting them”.

@sammywatkins’s aunt Jacquelyn McMiller is running for mayor. Donate!
SEATTLE: Last night, after announcing they would stop abusing tear gas and pepper spray against peaceful protestors, @SeattlePD unloaded a barrage of tear gas and concussion grenades into a peaceful crowd, causing several injuries.
cw: people shot (unconscious?)
SEATTLE: Last night, the @SeattlePD continued their unchecked assault on demonstrators.

Police caused multiple grievous injuries to protestors by shooting them in the head and chest with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.
cw: possible death
SEATTLE: Last night, police shot a young woman in the chest with a canister.

She was being treated by civilian medics when @SeattlePD stormed their tent with flash bangs. Medics escaped with her on a cot. Her heart stopped, requiring CPR. Condition unknown.
SEATTLE: The young woman who was struck in the chest by Seattle police with a projectile survived after medics revived her with CPR. She is alive & conscious.

@TeresaCMosqueda @CMLGonzalez: Another instance of attempted murder by Seattle Police last night. https://twitter.com/spekulation/status/1270114467024642050
HOUSTON: Helmeted @houstonpolice officer headbutts the phone out of a witness’s hand to prevent her from filming the arrest of her friend.

📸 @DomSkyeRN
BAKERSFIELD: The man who deliberately murdered #RobertForbes, a Black demonstrator, is revealed to be a neo-nazi.

Timothy Keith More has several Nazi tattoos including “14 88” on his chest, and has a rap sheet.

@Bakersfielddid not handcuff him, letting him smoke a cigarette. https://twitter.com/heresysquad/status/1269456001025093637
MINNEAPOLIS, May 29: Before any riots, peaceful demonstrators gather outside the Third Precinct, where George Floyd’s killer worked.

Cops on the roof fire flash bangs into the crowd for fun.

Third Precinct was described as “a playground for rogue cops.”

MAINE: Portland police are currently outside this journalist’s house threatening to arrest him for tweeting about police abuse. https://twitter.com/c_milneil/status/1270348066307145729
NYC: Jun 3: Five ICE agents jumped out of a van with guns drawn & threw a US citizen to the ground. They cuffed him, illegally searched him, tried to search his phone, and accused him of having a gun.

The victim is a military veteran with his military ID. https://twitter.com/ImmDefense/status/1268937547561959425?s=20
DES MOINES: @DMPolice officer in a tank fires rubber bullets and tear gas through the windows of cars passing by.

At least one woman is injured and bleeding, her phone shattered by a rubber bullet. No word from @DesMoinesGov @cowniefordsm @Senator_Hatch on this incident
DES MOINES, June 1: @DMRegister reporter Katie Akin is covering a protest when police charge, screaming at her.

Despite holding her press badge and identifying herself as press 17 times in 30 seconds, she is pepper-sprayed in the face by the @DMPolice as she walks away.
DES MOINES: @DMPolice assault and arrest a group of people in the elevator of their own apartment building, forcing a mother carrying her baby to the ground as she cries "I have a baby with me!"

Source: TikTok/[@]balleralert
RICHMOND, VA: @RichmondPolice break up a group of peaceful demonstrators holding up signs using tear gas and pepper spray.

A cop breaks ranks and runs across the street to pepper spray one demonstrator in the face.

Source: TikTok/[@]ny.tinah
cw: blood, brain injury
AUSTIN, May 31: Austin police shoot 20yo college student Justin Howell in the base of the skull with a beanbag round, fracturing his skull and causing permanent brain damage.

Medics try to carry him to safety, but APD opens fire on them point-blank.
cw: gore, massive head injury
DETROIT: Police shoot peaceful protestor in the back of the head. https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1270870836245868545
MIAMI, Jun 10: Multiple @MiamiPD cops jump out of a car and tackle a demonstrator, swinging wildly at anyone nearby.

[source: @spoiledflor]
NEW YORK, Jun 4: Peaceful march in the Bronx is blocked by a group of officers, some on bikes.

Cops kettle demonstrators into a tight group and then beat them with clubs, climbing on top of cars to rain blows down on trapped demonstrators. @AOC
[source: https://instagram.com/p/CBD4uFsjjBU/ ]
MINNEAPOLIS, May 28: MPD officers drive by a group of peaceful onlookers and casually mace them from a moving car for no reason.

MPD, through their countless senseless acts of police brutality against citizens, turned the entire city against them.
MINNEAPOLIS, May 27: MPD officer pepper sprays a group of nonviolent Black teenagers.

There was no curfew in effect, and no justification for using force on these kids. @MplsWard9 @MplsWard10 @MplsWard8 @MplsWard5 should call for investigations.
cw: blood
LONG BEACH, CA: @LBPD officer Jason Delgado posts a picture of himself holding his baton over a blood-splattered sidewalk during May 31st protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd.

He captioned his baton "Bro getting his". After a media outcry, Delgado was fired.
cw: blood, mild gore
NYC, Jun 1: The NYPD brutalized 16 y/o Jahmel Leach as he walked home in the Bronx.

Several cops jumped him and slammed him to the ground, breaking his jaw (it is now wired shut) before tasing him in the temple. They locked him up with adults. #BLUEFALL
AUSTIN: Brad Levi Ayala, 16, recovers in the hospital from a 7-hour emergency surgery after Austin police shot him in the forehead with a lead-filled beanbag round.

The round pushed the boy’s skull into his brain, damaging his prefrontal cortex, doctors said. [📸 Dicky Grigg]
cw: death, shooting
ATLANTA: Last night, police officers shot to death an unarmed Black man who was running away. The entire incident is caught on several videos in this thread.

They let him bleed out, offering no aid as he writhed on the ground dying. https://twitter.com/jeremiahjw/status/1271671618532634626
NEW YORK: Nassau County deputies deliberately step in front of this demonstrator and throw on the brakes, using the contact as an excuse to beat him to the the ground and illegally arrest him.

Nassau County has long resisted bodycams for its officers. https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1271659130781130759?s=21 https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1271659130781130759
MINNEAPOLIS: This is the last photo that journalist Linda Tirado ( @KillerMartinis) took before MPD officers illegally shot her in the eye, permanently blinding her. https://twitter.com/KillerMartinis/status/1272198287823642624
Amnesty International has just released a short film documenting how police use tear gas to maim and kill demonstrators and to make freedom of assembly impossible. https://twitter.com/amnestyusa/status/1272227553562910723
BETHEL, OH: Peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protestor is surrounded by a violent mob.

A cop witnesses the protestor being sucker punched in the back of the head, hears the protestor report the crime, but the officer does nothing. [📸 @TCalvv]
PHILLY: Nearly 100 heavily-armed, white vigilantes have staked out a statue in South Philly at Marconi Plaza.

They assaulted a journalist, threatened his life, and slashed his tires. @PhillyPolice threatened the *journalist* and tried to force him to leave. Attn @PhillyMayor https://twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/1272395051616866305
CALIFORNIA: Three Black men are now dead in the high desert region.

May 31st: #MalcolmHarsch is found hanged from a tree in Victorville.

June 6th: #RobertForbes is murdered by an avowed neo-Nazi in Bakersfield.

June 10th: #RobertFuller is found hanged from a tree in Palmdale.
cw: gore
AUSTIN, Jun 1: @Austin_Police illegally shoot demonstrators in the face with lead-filled beanbag rounds.

A woman is severely injured when a beanbag round gets lodged in her face. cc @MayorAdler @iGiveYouMoore @GregCasar @NatashaD1atx @JimmyFlannigan
OHIO, Jan 23: Garfield Heights PD illegally detains Kenta Settles, a mentally ill Black man, w/o probable cause or explanation.

Cops beat, tased, and mocked Settles, charged him with a felony, and imprisoned him for 5 months. Charged were dropped after bodycam footage surfaced.
OHIO, Jan 23: 2nd video from Garfield Heights PD's illegal detention and assault of Kenta Settles.

Cop: "All you had to do was stop and talk to us"
Settles: "You didn't ask me to talk"
Cop: "I wasn't even here"
Settles: "That's right, you weren't here" https://www.cleveland.com/court-justice/2020/06/mentally-ill-man-spent-nearly-5-months-in-jail-before-body-cam-video-revealed-garfield-heights-officers-beat-tased-and-mocked-him.html
TACOMA, March 3: @TacomaPD beat, tased, and suffocated to death an unarmed Black man named Manuel Ellis.

He was walking home from a 7-11. Some of his final words were "I can't breathe, sir."

Police responded "shut the f**k up" as they murdered him. https://twitter.com/dgeigs/status/1272580425601474562?s=20
TORONTO: Canada is not without its own racist police brutality incidents.

This 2018 police brutality case in Toronto has just been cracked wide open by the release of new footage. Toronto PD has threatened witnesses and tried to prevent release of footage. https://twitter.com/MuhammadLila/status/1272551254594596864?s=20
FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta, Canada: Wood Buffalo RCMP officers conduct a false arrest of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam, brutally attacking him and severely injuring his face without provocation. https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral/status/1271321050408607745?s=20
RICHMOND, VA: @RichmondPolice attack non-violent demonstrators with tear gas, flash-bang grenades, and pepper bullets this week.

[📸 @Ninja__3x thread here: https://twitter.com/Ninja__3x/status/1272428971142021124?s=20]
FORT WAYNE, Indiana, May 29: @FortWaynePolice officer illegally pepper-sprays a non-violent demonstrator in the face when she tries to take a picture of his badge.

@MayorTomHenry has been criticized for FWPD's brutality, but has offered no concrete plan. @wane15
[📸 @kaceebabee]
LOS ANGELES, May 28: Police brutally attack nonviolent demonstrators with clubs and . One of the violent officers can be seen with blood on the exterior his helmet and visor.

[📸 @kendrick38]
DENVER, May 30: @DenverPolice officer deliberately throws a photographer into a fire. You can see smoke and embers falling off the photographer's body as he stands up.

[📸 @KDVR]
KILBURN, S AUSTRALIA, Jun 14: Police stop a young Aboriginal man for riding his bicycle without a helmet.

Cops pin the man with his head and neck pressed into a raised concrete foundation of a fence while punching him in the face.

Witnesses scream “LET HIS HEAD OFF!”
BETHEL, OH, 15-Jun: A young woman @rywriggs, bravely demonstrates alone with her #BlackLivesMatter sign.

Armed men from a motorcycle club assault her & push her against a wall, ripping up her sign. The cops look on and do nothing. Vid 1 of 2

Mayor Ausman: [email protected] https://twitter.com/rywriggs/status/1272354224152731648
BETHEL, OH, 15-Jun: A young woman @rywriggs is assaulted by armed bikers as she marches with her #BlackLivesMatter sign. They rip up her sign & push her up against a wall.

This is the 2nd unprovoked assault in the last week witnessed by Bethel police. https://twitter.com/rywriggs/status/1272353892165132288?s=21 https://twitter.com/rywriggs/status/1272353892165132288
LOS ANGELES, 30-May: LAPD officer takes deliberate aim at the upper floors of a DTLA apartment building and shoots at a Black man filming the police from his own apartment.

The shot breaks the glass and sends it flying into the apartment. Video angle 1 of 2 [📸 @Sarah_Mojarad]
LOS ANGELES, 30-May: Photos from inside the DTLA apartment where an LAPD officer fired a beanbag round at a man taking photos, breaking the window.

[📸 @tracemeYo]
LOUISVILLE, 15-Jun: @LMPD police fire less-lethal rounds into a crowd, sending them running.

A witness records the incident from within his upstairs home. A cop fires a round (pepper spray or rock-salt) directly at the civilian’s face, hitting the glass.

[📸 @kenjiboijoi]
JACKSONVILLE, 14-Jun: An off-duty @JSOPIO officer violently assaulted a man who was grocery shopping with his wife and young child.

The cop was “working in an off-duty capacity while in uniform providing extra patrols in the area” when he broke the man’s nose and arrested him.
cw: blood, traumatized child
JACKSONVILLE, 14-Jun: An off-duty @JSOPIO officer violently beats a father in front of the man’s wife and toddler at a store.

The cop broke his nose and arrested him for not following commands. The father, who speaks only Spanish, did not understand.
DENVER, 31-May: Zack Packard was attempting to kick a teargas canister away from his friends when Denver police shot him in the back of the neck with a rubber bullet, fracturing his skull and several vertebrae.

He was hospitalized with a brain bleed. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-support-zack-packard?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
Two days ago, LA County Sheriff’s deputies pulled up to a shop without being called, shot an unarmed 18 year-old student working there in the back 7 times, broke all the security cameras, took the DVR, and then got a warrant for it after the fact.

His name was Andrés Guardado. https://twitter.com/el_tragon_de_LA/status/1274118743661047808
TULSA, today: A woman wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt is refused entry to the Trump rally despite having purchased a ticket, then forcibly arrested by @TulsaPolice for “trespassing”.

The BoK Center is owned by the City of Tulsa and is public property.
“[T]he possibility of disorder by others cannot justify exclusion of persons from a place if they otherwise have a constitutional right (founded upon the equal protection clause) to be present.” — Wright v. Georgia (1963), unanimous Supreme Court decision https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1274398945981067264
FORT WAYNE, 14-Jun: A small group of protestors are legally and peacefully standing on a sidewalk.

@FortWaynePolice SWAT pull up in an armored vehicle, threaten arrest, then violently chase them, firing rubber bullets while shocked restaurant patrons flee.

THOUSAND OAKS, 13-Jun: A #BlackLivesMatter sign was vandalized on at least 3 separate occasions, including by a sheriff’s office employee AND a district attorney’s office employee.

The sheriff’s employee, Darrin Stone, is a service technician at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility.
RICHMOND, 20-Jun: An off-duty police officer carrying a firearm was arrested for trespassing after witnesses saw a man staking out a position on the roof of an empty building overlooking the Lee Monument the morning before a scheduled demonstration. https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/1274387329059176449
NEW YORK, 21-Jun: NYPD officers pin a Black man to the ground in Far Rockaway using a banned choke hold on him.

Bystanders repeatedly scream “STOP CHOKING HIM!”, as the victim is clearly unconscious.

NYPD has seen the video, which it calls “disturbing”.
COLUMBUS, 21-Jun: Police struck a young man, knocking him to the ground and macing him before stealing his prosthetic legs so he couldn’t escape.

Video shows the aftermath, after demonstrators retrieved his legs from police. They call for a medic as he writhes in pain.
COLUMBUS, 21-Jun: More context and eyewitness accounts on the incident with @ColumbusPolice assaulted and maced a young man and stole his prosthetic legs.

Protestors rushed the police to grab the man’s legs back, and got maced themselves doing it. https://twitter.com/laurennmcc/status/1274888858660937728
RICHMOND, 21-Jun: Police pepper spray journalist Andrew Ringle despite him shouting “I’M PRESS!”

They deliberately covered his camera and then later threw him to the ground, injuring his arm. https://twitter.com/aeringle/status/1274898298923606017
PORTLAND, 21-Jun: @PortlandPolice arresting legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild who are there to monitor police behavior. https://twitter.com/45thabsurdist/status/1274929108535767042
COLUMBUS, 21-Jun: CPD officers violently assault and mace peaceful protestors who are legally exercising their First Amendment rights on the sidewalk.

[📸 facebook:bubblewest]
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