In your debate about Indians not wanting to rent out to Kenyans (Africans, people of dark skin color) as stated by rapper Khaligraph Jones. It is better to remind you that In the religion of White Supremacy, Indians are in the same category as Blacks.


Indians also have their own discrimination system; they discriminate based on castes (for Hindus) and also on skin color. Darker Indians are 'hidden from view' The whole world loved light skin color. And so I'm going to introduce to you a concept known as #WhiteSkinSupremacy

Not all Indians are Hindus. But Caste system is a very wide topic, & for purposes of not throwing words, I give a Definition: a 3k yr old "division of Hindus into rigid hierarchical groups based on their karma (work) & dharma (the Hindi word for religion, but here it means duty).
The #HideTheDarkerBrother movement has meant that your TVs, Adverts and movies coming from countries which are not predominantly white either (1) show whites more or (2) show light-skinned people more.

Before we move on, there's a color coding system developed by world renowned psychologist Dr Frances Cress Welsing

Black – Get back

Brown – Stick around

Yellow – you’re mellow

White –you’re alright

NOTE: Everyone else is black except those of European ancestry

Moving on, there are many countries which have indigenous black people/ people of black skin color. But they are mostly hidden, some have done a good job at that but other nope.

Media reports sometimes broadcast wrongly that those black people came from Africa. NOPE...

...that's their original land bro.

Examples of Countries with hidden indigenous blacks
6. South Africa

I have to start with this because, some documentaries that talk about this country have shown white people only, in the entire length of it.

e.g. African Reports (I cant find the exact episode these days

Countries with hidden indigenous blacks


5. Tasmania"
Countries with hidden indigenous blacks!


4. India.

Countries with hidden indigenous blacks


3. Phillipines."

Countries with hidden indigenous blacks:


2. Australia

Countries with hidden indigenous blacks:


1 China
NB: Most of Asia have indigenous black people, some have refused to come out of their original hiding, where they have stayed true to their customs and not literally 'white washed' off their colors.

On the shows of Americas, black tribes were found before Genocidaire Colombus
BONUS #HideTheDarkerBrother

Countries with hidden indigenous blacks:


Successive govts of Kenya have always formulated & implemented policies that are anti-black Kenyans, their models & advertisement is always geared at attracting white people. BRAND KENYA outdid itself
In the ongoing protests in the USA. Other races want to identify as whites. It is a laughable, but understandable. Somalis say they are Arabs, LMAO. Those are blacks too bro.

Nonetheless, never mind, when whites become minority, they often expand the definition of whites 😄

MORAL of the story Re: Rent

All the other races or color of skins buy/transact from their own, they retain the money within their circles, only Africans/Blacks buy out of their circles. STOP.

But in the end, Melanin is NATURE and it will triumph in the end.
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