­čĹëLot of tweet about replication of US violence in India
­čĹëLeftist losers floating statement/tweet to instigate muslim/dalits as usual
­čĹëThis thread will go in detail about the issue n what counter measures Modi has in place
­čĹëWhatever is happening or being tried in USA has already been implemented in India
­čĹëActually it is the reverse. Things tried in India from 2015 is now being implemented in USA
­čĹëSo who tried in India n how
­čĹëPak in 2016 came out with a comprehensive policy about how to stop a aggressive India under Modi. See my Jan 2018 tweet https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/954380981871435777?s=20
­čĹëPak FM also publicly talked about bringing all Modi opposition on one platform
­čĹëMain idea was to bring people on streets citing injustice to them, push own thugs in crowd, resort to extreme violence, force police to fire, then use dead bodies to fuel chain reaction
­čĹëSuddenly well to do caste started asking reservation in different states
­čĹëReservation rallies turned violent in Gujrat/Haryana. Police firing killed 30+ people in both states
­čĹëThen attempt 2 put college campus on fire started with tukde tukde slogans by urban naxals in Feb 16
­čĹëAttempt was to show Modi govt trying to silence students voice. Aim was to wean away students from BJP n use them in anti national activities under the grab of FOE
­čĹëDuring demonization unprecedented fake msg/video were circulate to create unrest n chaos
­čĹëNext was farmers protest. Everyone other than farmer took part in it
­čĹëActivists were airlifted from TN n brought to Delhi for farmers protest
­čĹëDue to trust in Modi none of protest got popular support
­čĹëFrustrated Paki's, opposition n maoist decided to create disturbance n economic paralysis in golden corridor (Ahmedabad-Mumbai-Pune) using Bhima Koregaon issue (Jan 18)
­čĹëThe link thread n attached news link will throw light on ultimate aim of maoists https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/950768247455981568?s=20
­čĹëMaoist caused huge damage in Mumbai, Chakan, Waluj industrial areas, but couldn't spread more due to restrain by dalits
­čĹëAlert security agencies got all vital details with hard proof of Maoist game plan, leaders n modus operandi
­čĹëMaoists wanted dalits to be killed in police firing so that they can milk that issue to turn dalits against GOI
­čĹëMature handling by Fadnavis n Modi govt averted the crisis
­čĹëIn the mean time student leaders of left were made hero by media n paraded in seminars/tv shows/elite
programs/college campus
­čĹëAim was to project them as alternative to Modi n also show unrest in students
­čĹëOne fine morning NIA raided n arrested top leadership of maoists
­čĹëBarring 2 who got bail entire leadership put in jail
­čĹëIn the mean while they saw China as a saviour during Doklam crisis. They prayed for China to humiliate India so that Modi image is dented
­čĹëReverse happened. Modi tamed China
­čĹëChinese ministers openly threatened to use social, regional fault-lines in India to contain it
­čĹëDifferent protest continued, unthinkable lies spread like Rafale, loan waiver for businessman but none issue clicked
­čĹëFrustrated Modi haters gave supari to Pak for Pulwama. This was last chance before election to soil Modi's image, boomeranged
­čĹëTwo surgical strikes n Modi re-election forced Pak to harakiri mode. Last option was creating condition for muslims on street against GOI or else Kashmiri muslims will gave up https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1145230679661133824?s=20
­čĹëMissed some important players. Oil, pharma, defence r world's biggest mafia
­čĹëDue to Modi's nationalist policy all 3 furious with him
­čĹëModi's emphasis on indigenization has infuriated global defence cartel n they have activated all sleeper cells https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1043495377331056640?s=20
­čĹëTight implementation of FCRA guidelines has squeezed cash flow of NGO's, many of them big lawyers firm
­čĹëAll these elements came together. Money, ideas, disinformation platform available, only requirement was people on streets
­čĹëModi in 2nd term was on fast drive
­čĹëFirst he carried out #ISS i.e. Internal surgical strike, biggest den of anti nationals, NGO's sanitized
­čĹëTT, Ram Mandir, abolishment of article 370 happened.
Muslim watched silently from sidelines
­čĹëThen came CAA n clear indication on NRC
­čĹë"All Elements" again regrouped. Muslims were fed all type of fear stories to hit street n resort to violence
­čĹëCAA violent protest absolutely failed, explained in below thread https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1206138429290901504?s=20
­čĹë"All elements" converted it into sit in dharna #ShaheenBagh
­čĹëIt was relayed across nation with 24*7 live coverage, celebrities were sent to maintain TRP
­čĹëAir filled student leaders fertilized in media studio's were sent to different cities/colleges to instigate muslims
­čĹëAfter putting such huge energy they achieved nothing beyond Shaheenbagh
­čĹëIn the meantime GOI was collecting digital footprints of money n conspiracy
­čĹëSudden India was facing corona threat, whole machinery diverted towards fighting it
­čĹëIsn't it interesting when police is overburden, central forces dispatched for their help, still Delhi Police was vigorously pursuing anti CAA protests n riots case
­čĹëModi knew corona will dealt a heavy blow to economy. Crores will be in distress. "All Elements" will not like 2
miss the opportunity
­čĹëSensing urgency all important organizing members of tukde tukde gang n PFI r arrested
­čĹëOne important lacuna of "All Elements" is plenty of planners but limited organizers
­čĹëTodays deep state game or non contact warfare's success depends upon attracting fence seaters by projecting a fighter( created)
­čĹëModi by putting these fighters/organizers in jail n put fear in the minds of fence seaters
­čĹëWhole desperation of ecosystem to bring these organizers on bail is to stop moving away of campus students from their fight
­čĹëMany missed an important thing, 4 female students r being booked under UAPA. First time in our history
­čĹë3 of the 4 belong to leftist org. Stern message is delivered, henceforth it is not cool to be urban naxal shouting against country
­čĹëEven Amulya Leoni, Akhil Gogoi in jail
­čĹëSo many r in line for jail, backbone n moral of tukde tukde gang ruthlessly crushed
­čĹëThis is #SaviourModi
­čĹëModi has ensured country is fairly safe. So please don't get stressed about impotent threat of ecosystem about USA model replicating here
­čĹëModi will go to any extent to save India. Relax n read this https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1232719244581842944?s=20
­čĹëWill end with what I am saying from 2018. Our collective patience will fail them
­čĹëDon't fall for sob stories, instigations. We r safe. End. https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1248631787657367552?s=20
­čĹëNo one absolutely no one dared 2 ÔŁö Chinese excesses, be it spying, stealing, cheating, economic hits, frauds
­čĹëModi captured Chinese land in army action. He has guts/capability, don't mock him 4 sulla/ricebag threats
­čĹëEvery threat to India will be neutralized in strategic
order of priority
­čĹëSome thing is not done in open doesn't mean nothing is happening in background
­čĹëKashmir taming process by going on when hyper Hindus were mocking Kadi Ninda https://twitter.com/a_sandhan/status/1109110345459789824?s=20
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