Ever wonder how we got here?

Why our current world events seem outrageous?

Let me introduce you to a theory of generational patterns, most likely first expressed by the Islamic scholar Ibn Khaldun.

History seems to move in four acts.

Each one corresponding with a generation.
First, we have the revolutionaries.

Then, a generation that craves order.

The following generation has barely any connection to the revolutionaries, they're not passionate.

Finally, the generation that finds society to have lost its vitality, confused what to replace it with.
The revolutionaries start off the cycle with a break with the past.

They establish new values. Create chaos. Cultivate leaders that leave their mark on the revolution.
The second generation emerges, and still feels the heat of the revolution as they grow up, spending their early years on earth experiencing the chaos.

Now they want to stabilize society, establish conventions & dogma.
The third generation has lost its touch with the revolution.

They become pragmatic.

Problem-solving and making life comfortable are now priorities.

Ideas don't interest them, they would rather build something.

Individualism and materialism takes reign.
The fourth generation begins to question the values that they inherited.

They are confused though, "what do we replace this with".

Beliefs fade, trust erodes. A crisis is looming.

The cycle is about to restart, with a revolution.
There are variations to these patterns and it is not exact science.

But we can all agree that the fourth generation is mostly the most painful to live in.

Humans always had a need to believe in something.

Questioning the old and creating a vacuum of values drives people mad.
This is a time where frauds and anarchists thrive.

They start spreading dissatisfaction and naming scapegoats, knowing full well the masses will fall for this.

Playing in on our human tribalist tendencies, tricking people with emotions of belonging and affinity.
No doubt, some of you will see this is exactly what is happening today.

This is the same shit that led to the French revolution, and the October revolution.

Dethroning royalty, and installing degeneracy in its stead.
Another phenomenon is that subgroups during crisis periods like these start to take shape.

They resent this collapse of order.

Usually because the approaching chaos is threatening what they've taken for granted.

They want to hold on to the past and prevent the revoltion.
The subgroups are fated though. Nothing can turn the tide.

The new generation is hungry. The transitory period does not last long.

We can't see how close we are to the end of a period, but those never last longer than 20 years.

New values are breeding, and we cannot see them.
At the centre of this cycle we can see a cosistent rhythm of new generations reacting against the disparities and errors of the previous generation.
Let's go back 4 generations.

Children growing up during the Great Depression, adults growing older during WW2, these people became more conservative and prudent.

Then the boomers, trying to break free from the quelling of their parents, valuing adventure and personal expression
Then came Generation X.

Cursed by the chaos of the 60s and the subsequent political scandals.

They grew into adults by the 80s and 90s and began to value individualism.

This generation acted against the hypocrisies in their parents' idealism.
Enter the Millenials.

Traumatized by terrorism. Inhibited by the financal crisis.

They went against their parents' individualism, longing for more leftist ideals. Security and collectivism being important. Complaisant and weak behavior.
What can we learn from this?

- Our values will depend on where we are in the cycle and how our generation reacts against the previous generation.

- We almost religiously follow a script, basically always opposing the values of our predecessors.
This doesn't mean it's all bad.

Imagine if we always carried forward the values of the previous generation.

We would most likely destroy ourselves.

Just imagine the roaring 20s, and now drag it across a century. Not sustainable eh?
Sometimes the changes a revolutionary generation brings, merely last within that cycle only.

But in certain instances, a revolution forges new standards that last for centuries and represent more rational or empathetic developments.
Observing this historical pattern, we should acknowledge the human spirit that surpasses ages and keeps us growing, advancing, evolving.

God forbid the cycle took halt, froze and dragged on.

We'd be doomed.
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