There was no lie in/around my story of Sept13th2019. I just gave old friends one last chance & a no. of them have been paying via spiritual attacks for continuing injustice. That's OnG

If you want the backstory, halla, I'll send it your way #CoercedRevenge #CoercedRevengeIndeed
@DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE @InsecurityKE @DPPS_KE @ODPP_KE

It seems The Fix is in Ladies & Gentlemen. May we NEVER forget this one tweet exists. If you still won't acknowledge that there is a whole lot more going on, then my fren, just go through the following pics again & again
.. & again! I guess this the state of affairs in our beloved #Kenya our beloved #Africa (or AfriKKKa depending on who u ask), our #World


@kot @KenyansOnTwitta @Kenyans @Tuko_co_ke @HagueInstitute @ICCT_TheHague @ChoiceRadioKE
@HomeboyzRadio @IJM @amnesty
.here's the tweet that i posted on my iG story, tagging all possible @DCI_Kenya accounts before one of them responded. Read the conversation. That's not just some parody account. If plain clothes cops exist, u honestly think that 'Online' is a freeworld ?
.And if somehow someway ANYBODY is still doubting the authenticity of this

Well i present to u the final exhibit @DCI_Kenya have so graciously offered me for ur enjoyment.
"Jkuat, ADMI" ?!

Pls see the pics attached then revert to the tweet linked herein
the drama/saga finally comes to an end.

Amen to that & Thankyou G-d
🙏🏾 Evil Never Wins 🙏🏾
and that's ,

RT the fuck out of this thread if u come across it. I think it's only fair that during this #COVID19 situation, we do some spring cleaning for lack of a better terminology
Oh no. They just had to add 1 more. Even if @Twitter @TwitterRetweets @TwitterOpen @TwitterSupport somehow look into this

It should b more than crystal clear that they should not have temporarily paused my account & delayed #TruthFreedomJustice even late last 2019

The tags are still #Justice4NeilNamu #CoercedRevenge #CoercedRevengeIndeed

enter those in your search bars alongside my handle (@ ...) and enjoy the show
@AmnestyKenya @amnesty @UN @UNHumanRights @IJM @WMutunga @TheJusticeDept @HagueInstitute @ICCT_TheHague @IntlCrimCourt @dkmaraga @NelsonHavi

I may be wrong but a number of people you are highly interested in might just be attached and involved in the Big Case here, directly/not
They are so generous with these gifts 👇🏾
.. and still..
.. and even more 🤣

It's highlarious
.Ayyyooooo @kibeandy
There's this post you made on iG juzi juzi about some cops being nini nini yes? Sasa ona hawa muthachods wananiambia nini tena. Cheki tu these pics 18. I'm positive they'll convince you to look through the rest of this thread. Cheki ufala highest class ever
.. na bado yaaani

Anyone coming across: Read the fucking room. Rather chat in this case. That account isn't just some bullshit account. Even if they're trying to bait me, ask yourself, why would they? Clearly they are trying to cover sth up. Aha, you're starting to see it yeah?
.. and even more still.. 😂🤣🤣
.Anyone coming across this: Read the room. Or rather, read the convo that's been going on in the pics attached to this thread

You can't tell me that you don't see there's a dark deceptive tower that's about to come crashing down. It's been falling
@kot @Kenyans @KenyansOnTwitta
.They've decided to make this official. Sawa baas. Ikam vile itakam. Good to hear the order is out so ofcourse the top of the top at @StateHouseKenya are involved. I think i should make this promise clear, I will be the worst nightmare to all involved. @Tuko_co_ke @WanjikuRevolt
@DCI_Kenya is this a fact ??

My "family" deserves every single last thing that has happened to them and everything coming. Please let's face facts: witchcraft on top of other dark practices which you've just justified by mentioning "dark magic", deception abt my roots, rape !?!
Enjoy the shows ladies and gents

Sit back and relax into your chair/bed/whatever-floats-your-boat

Iss bound to be a blockbuster
unfortunately for people like these @DCI_Kenya who decided to sell their soul for cheap, they can't afford a lawyer who'll be able to save them from the kind of destruction that's going to reign down on them and the really stupid informants & agents they hired. Their families too
unless their people turn them in. Even though that wouldn't make them and i friends. Si ati ni nini ama nini

If this thread plus the two story highlights attached to my instagram account ( @tripl_n) called " Oh Justice Comin " & " #CoercedRevenge "
don't sink them, karma will 😏
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