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Don't use Teflon. It should be illegal. People should be jailed for what they have done.

Material ranking:
1) Borosilicate Glass
2) Clay
3) Ceramic
4) Cast Iron
5) Everything else
You have neurons in your gut, interacting with your microbiome.

This is where you get your gut feeling from. It is imperative that you trust it. The brain does many things well, but it can never be trusted above the Gut.
You have Neurons in Your Heart.

Your Heart Intelligence is not slow, like your Brain, for it knows truth near instantly.

Listen to Your Heart is an old saying, but more importantly you must Learn to Ask it Questions.
If you habitually listen to Your Heart and Gut, the Neurons in Your Brain, Heart and Gut form perfect coherence — meaning that you can No longer distinguish between these three, for you are finally a complete human being.

This is another side of the coin: "Integrate Your Shadow"
A random, single person's consciousness can have a measurable impact upon the world. Anyone with a large online following wields fantastic power, but rarely use it for anything, serving milquetoast content, only when someone is dying they ask for prayers.

Could Have Ended Wars.
Food should have Life, which everything has initially but factory processing where they irradiate to high Heaven with UV, douse in Hexane and God knows what else, almost completely Robs the food of Life energy.

It's not just about nutrients — Life is a pre-material energy
Food with Life can be brought into Coherence with Your own Body.

There was an experiment where food had a stress reaction when consumed, but if the food was blessed with a Prayer, there was no stress reaction.

Our interplay with food before it's eaten is important.
Water should be welcomed into your Body. Assign it purpose: I want this glass of water to join me in Battle against small-minded men.
There are many fantastic stories about water performing miracles when asked.
Everyone talks about 15 minutes of barefoot in Nature being good because you are literally charged with electricity.

Few speak about grounding sheets which yield the same electricity for 8 hours every night.

Intuitively we know this — You need to "charge your batteries"
Feelings and Urges must be expressed, your only alternative is to use your muscles to counteract the movement, resulting in permanent muscle tension — called muscular "armoring"

People who won't speak their minds are literally "tight-lipped" as an example
Muscular Tension is Trauma and the other way around. Energetic Stagnance. "Armoring"

You can physically release it with rough massage called Rolfing.
Sometimes muscular armoring is not so obvious. If your eyes are stagnant, you likely have some crying to Catch Up on, friend.
Filter your water. In the shower, too. It's easy and cheap — downright stupid not to do it.
Paramagnetism is a word everyone must know. It's the property of copying the behavior of a larger magnet — Earth.

This is the Main reason why soil becomes more fertile when you add Granite, Lava sand etc.

We are magnetically disconnected from our Mother but we can fix it.
You should strive to be able to express any feeling in public. Walk through the streets with a heavy Heart without feeling like you're hiding something — and on a happy Day, smile towards everyone you see.

When you have the full spectrum, you have reached full self acceptance.
I don't read too much — my truth is larger than the word of any One Man.
Rain Dancing is real. There is a great interplay between consciousness and clouds, and I invite you to participate.
Microwaves are terrible. Induction stoves are bad. Real fire is ideal, especially if the material was alive — your food will be imbued with remnant life force from the firewood.
You need more plants in your home. There is 0% probability that I'm wrong.
Open your windows more. Get that ozone, baby.
"The Law of Attraction" is backwards.

The future is the reason you are feeling the present. We are all but Souls in Stories — and you're not being a very good protagonist if you're trying to re-write the movie.

You don't see Bruce Willis buying gumroad ebooks mid-Die Hard
I feel like I just peaked with the previous tweet
The only dignified mindset is the expectation that your surrounding should is grateful for the opportunity to have your presence.

Plants - Yes - Even bacteria is happy to have you in their vicinity.

You are appreciated and welcomed everywhere you go.
Life Energy can be directly measured with an Orgone meter; LM4 from Heliognosis is the gentleman's choice.

You are able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy plants, humans and animals with it. When you are present in Nature you are charged with Orgone i e Life Energy.
The present is the only thing that truly exists, and how you choose to interpret it is your entire life's story.

Get it right and you will find bliss, no matter your life's circumstances - consider the men reflecting upon years of imprisonment without regret or anger.
Every Life story is about growth.

You must learn which kind you are here to learn.

Some are here not singularly to learn but to perform as well - but the order is important - one must be spiritually ready to perform.

If you don't get the last half of this tweet - that's ok
Most celebrities are crushed beneath the ill intentions of the many millions disliking them. Materialists believe that this happens because they read gossip online - metaphysical OGs know that the synchronized wishes of the many has real life consequences
Human consciousness affects decisions of technology. For proof beyond even unreasonable doubt; see the Global Consciousness Project.

You can harness it - if your path is true, tech provides the way - I'm speaking important words, and the algo's willingly delivered them to you
Technology is bad in the same sense that porn is bad.

Me, helping you over Twitter on your Life's Journey, is good. Purposeless tech use is bad.

Making a sex tape with your wife is good. Pornhub is bad.
Don't just focus on just your favorite things. For instance, the more you exercise, the more important the hunt for the muscles you've missed becomes.

The more you live, the more important it is to find your missing pieces, and they sure ain't where you're always looking
You must always look to learn what every interaction is trying to tell you. Think of the effort film nerds put into interpreting movies — ask your Gut about even mundane interactions with people — it will accelerate your spiritual Ascension ten-fold.
Salt is an underutilized nutrient — avoid synthetic NaCl — eat plenty of high quality salt — Himalaya, Dead sea, Celtic, Losalt are all great, they all have different benefits so combine and rotate.
Let your gut decide what to eat. This is a subtle process, which many miss — "I couldn't stick with diet X" — many think this is because of self-discipline but it's your Gut forcibly overriding your Brain.

Try listening to your body next time instead of forcing ideas upon it.
The best way to build an online asset is a free email list which you engage with often. This is 10x more powerful than building an online following on social media, or trying to establish a "brand". Build mass-relations instead — you can literally build an online empire like this
Salt Lamps have a very calming effect on your home, and provide beautiful mood lighting at night. You should aim to have many, keep them on 24/7
You can buy old timey light bulbs online — fluorescent and LED bulbs are trash. Search Edison lamp on Etsy, thank me later.
You don't need to slather yourself with chemicals to be clean or hygienic. Strive to replace every synthetic chemical you use with natural alternatives — you're never done with this, there is always something that can be improved.

This builds knowledge you will pass to your kids
As soon as you get kids, you will regret not having them earlier.

Think of how Beautiful life is with someone you Love by your Side — Women and Children give purpose to the world simply by existing.
The Dynamic of Love is the Unbridled Emotions of a Wild Woman Expressed Freely — Brought back to Earth with Grounding Masculine Love.

This Cycle is Unending

The Great Murderer of Romantic Love are Men Unable to Handle Female Emotions. No Thing More Tragic Than a Silenced Woman.
Schools are the Steppe of the Child.

They must be encouraged to Resist Conformity, Embrace the Challenge of Disregarding Rules while still Achieving what feels relevant and self-chosen by the Child.

Focus should ideally be to develop socially, the knowledge is superfluous.
One of the greatest Unknown ills of modern society is the global mass synchronization. Synced thoughts is a breeding ground for ongoing coherency — driven by news, but the effects remain unknown..

I believe this Hyper-Coherency is what has given us armies of NPCs
You must have noticed that many NPCs pick up "virtuous" behavior even though they are barely connected to the actual propaganda.

This Network of Connected Consciousness is the obstacle we must topple — either break the sync or we use it for betterment
Just wait until tiktokkers are CGI — that's when the real weaponization begins.
You can effectively shield yourself against EMF with silver fiber clothes. I buy all underwear, socks and most t-shirts from Organic Basics.
Shungite is the best mineral in an urban environment — it mimics the grounding feeling you get in Nature, while also giving you some protection against EMF.
EMF has some short-term beneficial effects — it literally yields more electrical charge in your body and Brain — so you can lower reaction time by taking a phone call, for instance.

EMF is BAD for you — but take away your phone and you will get electrical withdrawal symptoms.
Figs are incredibly nutritious.
"Anti-Gravitation" was invented at least 100 years ago, likely sometime in the second half of the 1800's.

Google "Thomas Townsend Brown" for science and patents, and "Sonora Aero Club" if you want to read more about 19th Century UFO tech.
Zero Point Energy has been invented many, many times. I hope humanity can all partake sooner rather than later.
You can generate precipitation with a "Cloudbuster" - if you have a natural source of water, like a river, lake or sea nearby - you connect cables between the water and long metal rods and point them toward the sky. Expect large amounts of rain/snow/hail

Acupuncture For Your Sky
If you do not have nearby natural water, you can have a large piece of Orgonite attached to metal rods.

This is the more common type of Cloudbuster. You can buy one for a few hundred bucks.
Deserts are caused by stagnant expression of emotion. Water is distributed across the Earth with purpose - if Life has met a dead-end, the water ceases. It will return when either Happiness does, or a man with a cloudbuster arrives.
Inflation is theft from everyone to the people getting large loans. Every "benefit" from this is a lie. It's just theft.
This beautiful little device can charge your body with electricity - generating Orgone. I put it inside a sock when I sleep. It feels so good I'm thinking of buying a second so I can have one on each foot.

It's called a "Terminator Zapper"
Qanon is a joint effort of the Trump admin and ETs. It really cannot be explained in any other way. This is but one example: https://twitter.com/NgoloTesla/status/1266278171483049987?s=20
Racism is DNA Materialism. You're first and foremost a Soul - your blood is only what you call "home" at this moment.
Before you go to sleep, you should take 3-5g of Magnesium Glycinate + 200mg Theanine. You'll have excellent sleep and wake with a clear head - no Brain fog.
You should eat at least 5 raw eggs per day. Start with 1 and work your way up, otherwise you may feel sick through a Herxheimer reaction.
You should eat more Omega3 — practically no one is getting enough. I eat 5-10 grams of Algae oil daily — not capsules, a glass Bottle from Norsan. When you eat enough EPA+DHA your skin will glisten from the optimal sebum production.
Iodine is a common deficiency — unless you're eating seafood all the time you could benefit from supplementation.

Expect heightened metabolism, increased connection with Nature, heightened Spiritualism, better visualization through a decalcified pineal gland.
Selenium is another common deficiency, which needs to be in balance with Iodine. The best way to get it is by eating 1-2 organic brazil nuts daily.
The information I outline for you in my water thread cannot be underestimated. Much of it cannot be found anywhere else. You must read it more than once. https://twitter.com/NgoloTesla/status/1227599974197846016
I've been getting many DMs about how good the Flaska bottles mentioned in the water thread are.

There really is no better investment you can make — permanently improving the quality of all water you drink for like $30-40 is ridiculous.
You can program any glass item at home to become like Flaska bottles.

The $2k Mandelay Orgone Cannon is what Flaska use themselves.

Some business ideas for you: Orgone eyeglasses, glassware, light bulbs, windows (!), mirrors.
I just gave you multiple world-changing business ideas that are laughably easy to implement. The only challenge is marketing. Just do some basic sprouting experiments, have some showmanship, buy ads on FB & Google. I want to buy so plz do it.

I'll happily help if you DM me.
Your consciousness alter the external physical world - How much can you alter your OWN BODY?

You are familiar with the placebo effect - limited by the strength of your beliefs, or a better word would be FAITH.

Going to the Gym strengthen your Faith in Gainz. Now do u see?
Your cranium never fuses together. The shape of your skull, face, and teeth are all freely moveable. It takes time but try to find the nearby muscles and try playing with them and you can make any change. If you change your jaw posture, it will become a new natural position.
People talk about "hunter eyes" and try to look menacing. How your eyes look are simply an outward depiction of how you see the world.

You know who has the "ideal eyes", Eyemaxxing Grasshopper?

Every depiction of Jesus.
When your body is injured somewhere, your body will emit a larger amount of light there, to heal it.

Oh - if you didn't already know - your body always emits light. We are literally beings of light.
You know when a child gets hurt, you blow on it — they stop crying?


This is the Ideal Health Care. If you are sick you injured you need Love to heal, good food and some rest.

The above will cure anything. If it doesn't work, u need even MORE Love.
Some say that can taste with their balls (actually any part of the body)

Scientists™ say "noooo because the right place in the Brain doesn't light up"

Yours truly figured this out.

When you taste something, the taste is in your mouth
(... cont)

When you taste with your Body, the taste appears directly in your Mind.

I would assume that you can train your Body taste sense to be correctly located, but the pathway is much different than food taste, which makes sense.

You already exactly know how your soap taste.
Hair is said to store emotional energy. This is why people cut their hair after a breakup, why monks are bald, etc

Long hair can be Good or Bad, it all depends on what you've been through, and what you want to carry with you.

Use this knowledge for your benefit
People commonly have Near Death Experiences when clinically dead.

Did you know that it also happens even when there is Zero Brain activity?

The Brain is but a receiver, it's a radio, not the origin of consciousness.
I am too emphathetic to enjoy being out in crowded places daily.

You feel similarly? Instead of connecting with the people you see, focus on the plant life present. The roadside Trees are always looking for a Friend. I barely notice People in parks anymore, it's Me & the Trees.
Parent Tip: Teach your kid that eating food heals injuries. Show them how the food goes into the stomach, out to where they got bruises, and repairs it from within.

The benefits from this worldview are *staggering*
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